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On the Ground in PA- chapter 2

My plans for volunteering got a bit sidetracked by a doctor’s appointment for Brook last evening.  It was afternoon before we got to H-burg.  But the office was buzzing.  Everyone is hard at work canvassing or following up with phone calls.  Ok, people are getting sick of the phone calls.  My mom had 4 calls today: 3 from Obama, 1 from Clinton.  There are a lot more hangups this week but so far, Hillary is holding strong.  I was actually a little surprised by the canvassing sheets I read from Harrisburg.  Of course, it was only a small sample but it was encouraging for Harrisburg, which is Obama territory.

H-burg itself is in campaign mode.  There was an Obama rally, featuring the man himself,  on the Capitol steps a few blocks away.  In fact, Obama’s HQ is right across the street from Clinton’s.  I was tempted to go scope the rally but wasn’t sure if I needed an invitation and besides, there were phone calls to make.   Rob Reiner stopped in last night for another pep talk.  The evidence of something going on is everywhere.  It’s getting to be a bit festive.  There are button vendors on the street corners (I’ll see if I can get a pic tomorrow) and people standing at intersections holding signs.

I did phone banking tonight.  Maya and the crew were hard at work.  There are several events tonight and around the state.  My aunt is attending a rally at Renzi Park in McKeesport, there are two rallies for Hillary tomorrow, one at Penn State in State College and one in Bethlehem.  Monday she will be in Harrisburg.  So, our task was to get the word out and let everyone know the details.

I met Peggy and Jeff from Toledo.  She’s in healthcare and that is the prmary reason she’s a Hillary supporter.  She says that in her line of work, she sees young men coming home from Iraq with traumatic brain injury.  There are thousands and thousands of them.  There doesn’t appear to be anything physically wrong with them but some can’t walk or talk.  She says it’s heartbreaking because what might have killed soldiers in past wars is now treatable to the point of saving their lives, but what lives are they left with? They are going to need a lot of care in the years to come.

Peggy and Jeff from Toledo

Anyway, she and Jeff have been working their butts off for Hillary, registering voters and canvassing and phone banking.  They just see the campaign as a historic event and they wanted to be part of it.  They report that they’ve seen a LOT of Republican women re-register as Democrat to vote for Hillary.  That kind of jives with my experience last week with split households: Republican husband, Democrat wife. After PA, Peggy and Jeff will be headed west from Toledo to Indiana.  Gotta love’em.

Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

Today was Brian’s birthday.  He’s the paper pusher.  He’s also from Michigan so he’s motivated.  We finish a list, Brian brings new ones.  I hope he took time to celebrate.  Or at least take a short, well-earned, nap.

Sleeping Beauty

I’ll be back in the office tomorrow at 10am.  It’s going to be a busy day.

Paper towels, they could really use paper towels.  And toilet paper.

37 Responses

  1. Heh, those are the exact , sameneeds in our NC office….so funny. The main HQ is “woman territory” (women power quotes adorning the walls, mostly women volunteers and staff, etc. etc.), but the back staff room is “man-ville,” with laundry piled up, last night’s dinner, etc.

    Ain’t campaigns fun?

  2. Thanks for your hard work! I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t done anything for the campaign locally, except that when people ask me who I’m voting for, I do my super-quizzical face and make it clear that there’s one actual candidate and one Citizen Kane– “I think it would be fun to run for president”

  3. captsfufp: Wish I could be there. It’s going to get really exciting in a couple weeks.

  4. I made calls yesterday and today for Hillary here in the Phila suburbs. Last night -lots of hangups, mixed results. Hey it was a Friday night!

    Today much more Hillary support, few Obama support – few hang ups. Still undecideds – or maybe they just won’t say?

    Overall positive for Hillary I’d say, especially today.

  5. Thanks for your hard work, RD. I really don’t understand why an upper middle income suburb like Harrisburg would go for Obama. Affluent folks should want the best person for the economy and the person who will lower their health care cost, IMO.

  6. Wish Brian a Happy Birthday, and give him a hug for us, please. Thanks for all the hard work (except 😉 looking at Rich)

  7. And, yes, his moniker is “Rich in PA”!! Just kidding, …

  8. Go get ’em tiger. It sounds like you guys are doing great.

  9. Ghost- The thing is, I don’t really like politics. I just like Clinton.

  10. Wish I could be there with you.

  11. mélange: Harrisburg proper has a very high AA population. Many surrounding suburbs are Republican. Not very Clinton friendly. But she’s got lots of fans here.

  12. Oh, ok. Thanks, RD.

  13. Barack Obama recently told CNN, ‘we’ve been very measured in terms of how we talk about Senator Clinton.’ It’s an interesting quote considering the months of relentless character attacks against Hillary from Sen. Obama and his campaign.

    Take the Pop-Quiz to see who’s using the Republican attack playbook:


  14. I so wish I had the money. I’d be there right now. Next time you do this, someone needs to put up more information for out-of-towners – cheapest place to stay, carpools if any are available, or rides from train station, etc. It would help those of us who want to be there, but have to pinch our pennies.

    Thanks for your efforts. You’re working for all of us – even those who don’t realize it.

  15. RD,

    Thanks for the update on the PA campaign trail. You guys are doing a fantabulous job!! I phone called for several hours and gave a bunch of cash.

  16. Ya all are outa paper towels, and t-p?

    Why not make good use of all the money Obama is spending on campaign literature in PA?

    Save the planet!

    Go green!

    Reuse, recycle!

    Put all those kossacks money they are sendin’ to Lord Obama’s cult of personality to good, *ahem*…”clean” use!

    Go Hillary!

  17. That’s funny Nature Guy. 🙂

  18. You’re in my prayers. I sincerely hope that the people of Pennsylvania give her a double-digit victory.
    We’re working hard to close the gap in North Carolina.

  19. Obama is going negative this weekend, and he might be doing it to depress her white Catholic vote:


    They know what happened in Ohio, and I think they’re trying a different more negative tactic in PA.

  20. Don’t settle for a win.

    Run up the score and remove all doubt.

  21. Thank you for all of you there in PA helping Hillary. I saw these pitchers above making me tear. I wish I could be there but I have fimily to care. I wiil continue send my prayers to Hillary and all of you. I want her to win!

  22. I need addresses for the NC offices. I like sending care packages.

    Guess I didn’t send enough toilet paper to PA.

    Be of good cheer – Hillary will win big because of all of you!

    Gotta get more boxes …

  23. I just saw this writing in Hillary Speak for Me. I thought I would pass to you all.

    Go to YouTube….search TomRyanSuperdelegate and tell him that you want him to support Hillary. He is an undecided Super Delegate. WE NEED HIM!! He is running for mayor of Scranton too so Pennsylvanians write in with support. Thanks!

  24. New Mason Dixon Poll out:

    C: 48
    O: 43

    Gender Breakdown

    Female: 55%
    Male: 45%

    The Female Vote should be at least 57% on election day. Ohio had a 59% female vote. Still, she is competitive among men in PA and the male vote will probably split almost evenly on election day.

    Racial Breakdown
    White: 76%
    African American: 19%
    Hispanic: 3%
    Asian or Other: 1%

    Obama gets 33% of the white vote, Clinton gets 58%, 1 Other, and 8% undecided. Obama gets 83% of the AA vote, Clinton with 10%, and 7% undecided.

    I do think 19% is too high for the AA vote. In Ohio, a state that has a higher AA population, their AA vote was 18%. SUSA in their last poll had 14% AA turnout and I’m guessing AA turnout in PA to be 14-16%.

  25. we: is that a poll for NC? How accurate has M-D been in the past compared to SUSA?
    cool! I just did a radio interview for WITF fm, the local NPR station. Should air tomorrow.

  26. At votetomryan.com you can vote for Hillary. She is getting
    crushed by O because the link is on his website. Vote now!

  27. to phone volunteers:
    please counter the Obama ads saying only he voted to roll back fuel subsidies: tell them Hillary voted to roll them back too.

    and those subsidies were put in BY Obama and the Republicans in the CheneyBush fossil funding

    or we Democrats wouldn’t have to roll them back!

  28. I live in the smallest county in N.C, but I can tell you that she has a lot of support here. We have the highest unemployment in the state. In the past 8 years, we’ve lost 4 big industries (one of them, Abbott Laboratories, was the largest and best-paying employer in the county). Last month, Eaton/Golf Pride, which has been a fixture in our county for more than 20 years announced plans to move to Mexico. We’re also close to Fort Bragg, so a lot of people here are concerned about the military and veterans’ issues. I think where she’ll have the problems winning is in the Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte areas, where all of the “elitists” live. LOL. But we gun toting, Bible thumping country folk are behind her.

  29. BTD at talk left is reporting that Hillary leads big with bowlers and gun owners in PA.

    “Among bowlers (24% of the electorate) and gun owners (38% of the electorate), Clinton leads big. She’s up 54-33 among bowlers and 53-28 among gun owners; There were 13% undec. among bowlers and 17% undec among gun owners.”

    Here’s the link to the article at First Read.


    I can’t wait till Tuesday. Go Hillary!

  30. OK, paper towels and toilet paper it is. Make box today, mail tomorrow.

  31. ummmmh, maybe too close to make it. Will donate instead.

  32. Off topic: in case ya’ll haven’t heard, Rev Wright is going to be a guest on Bill Moyers’ Journal this coming Friday.

  33. rd, the Mason Dixon poll is a Pennsylvania poll. There’s some good things in that poll for Hillary. especially once you see the breakdowns. BTD from Talk Left pointed out that in the last Mason Dixon Ohio poll, Hillary lead by 4 but later won the state by 10. Also in that poll, the AA turnout at 19% is too high, and the female vote is a bit low (at least 57% of the vote should be female).

    Go Hillary!!!

  34. I was talking about the PA poll about the gender and racial turnout.

  35. Found this song on YouTube–not sure who’s the actual singer.

    But it’s kinda cute, catchy, you can see the words, and it’s Irish-y. Oh, and not too long.

    So, for luck of the Irish, give it a click. I think you’ll smile.

  36. Chuck Todd’s take on M-D PA poll:


    “From NBC’s Chuck Todd
    A new MSNBC/McClatchy/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette poll of Pennsylvania indicates things are staying fairly competitive in the Pennsylvania Dem primary.

    The poll of 625 likely Dem primary voters was conducted Thursday and Friday and showed Clinton leading Obama 48-43%. Considering the 4% margin of error, it means Clinton’s lead is inside the margin.

    Still, the poll is consistent with what the campaigns and other reputable polls have been showing and that is Clinton getting close to 50% and Obama struggling to climb over 45%.

    So what happens on Tuesday? Well, let’s take a look at the undecided vote. Going inside the poll’s demographics, one finds the highest undec. totals in the more rural parts of the state; that’s not good news for Obama. In the so-called “T” region of the state (i.e., almost everything between Philly and Pittsburgh), Clinton leads 51-37 with 11% undecided; this is one of the few demographic groups sporting double-digit undecided.

    Two other interesting cross-tabs with high undecideds also indicate the potential that undecided vote will break for Clinton. Among bowlers (24% of the electorate) and gun owners (38% of the electorate), Clinton leads big. She’s up 54-33 among bowlers and 53-28 among gun owners; There were 13% undec. among bowlers and 17% undec among gun owners.

    So while the poll shows Clinton with a narrow lead (and arguably a narrowing lead), the clues inside the numbers indicate this is her race to lose and that her lead could expand. Should this race end up as close as this poll indicates (i.e. 5 points or less), then this means many of these undec. potential Clinton voters decided to stay home; If the come to the polls, she could see her lead climb to over 5 points.

    And that’s the game Tuesday, not if Clinton will win, but how big will her victory be. She’d like to net more than 200K in the popular vote which she would only get with both a large turnout (approx. 2 million total) and a 10 point victory.”

    Lets hope the turnout is big in PA.

  37. Also, I didn’t know the bowling demographic was so big in PA. Maybe he should have learned how to bowl before that campaign stunt of his.

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