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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Money can’t buy him love

Well, massive infusions of cash for TV ads didn’t help him in CA, NY, NJ, MA, AZ, OH, TX, FL (oops, naughty, naughty, Barry) but that doesn’t mean that he’s not going to try to buy PA.

Hillary can out debate him, out qualify him, out tough him, but so far she has been unable to outspend him. Hey, maybe she doesn’t need to but why take any risks? If you have a few bucks, send it her way and help her keep up with Obama’s planned saturation coverage for the weekend.

I’m snagging this video from Jeralyn (but we’ve used it before ourselves to make the same point so we’re not complete copycats. 😉 )

BTW, I am going to H-burg again tomorrow to help out. If you want to make a difference, the next four days are crucial. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stick around for Monday and Tuesday because I have a training session at work (really bad timing), but if you have the time, they have plenty for you to do. Consider volunteering. Here’s the contact page for PA. You won’t be sorry.

45 Responses

  1. Good evening all,

    I’ve re-watched the PRIMARY COLORS movie this week. It’s much more favorable toward the Clintons than the Joe Klein book, which is veeerrry loosely based on Bill Clinton’s Primary race of 1992.

    The film shows both the ‘Stantons’ as sympathetic characters; idealists who have to make pragmatic compromises and do some ethically sticky stuff to get the job done. John Travolta plays the Billish character and he’s flawed and funny; a man with a big heart and big appetites. His campaign manager is a young African-American man, which gives it an interesting twist in view of the current campaign. There’s also some other pretty illuminating issues around the politics of race.

    Emma Thompson is especially interesting as the Hillaryish character. She comes across as fundamentally caring, down-to-earth, sincere, stalwart; the calm at the eye of the storm. The film gives the distinct impression that she would make a better candidate than her hubby. I must say, the characterization of Hillary is very much like the real Hillary who we see in this ’08 campaign.


  2. SurveyUSA polls has been very reliable this primary season and it shows Hillary with a

    14% lead in PA a/o 4/15/08
    16% lead in IN a/o 4/14/08
    10% trail in NC a/o 4/8/08
    36% lead in KY a/o 4/15/08

  3. Wow, how about that Kentucky!

  4. I am volunteering the next few days for Hillary here in PA. I am making calls, taking campaign workers food, and driving anyone to the polls who needs a ride on Tuesday.

    I encourage you all to get involved (send a few spare bucks if you have it!). It really is so much fun, you meet great people, and so inspiring to work for a cause in which we believe.

  5. KY is amazing. Too bad it’s not worth like 300 delegates. Now, if Hillary can win by 15 in PA, the Obamaphiles will start flipping out.

  6. LOL

    “I am taking campaign workers food” – well not really,

    I’m not taking their food- BUT I Am taking food to them!!!!!

  7. RD: They’re flipping out already, just because we won’t commit ritual suicide or commit to ritual thought-crime confession: I love you, Big Obama!

  8. I recommend all of you unsubscribe from “progressive” groups like MoveOn and CREDO Action. I unsubscribed from MoveOn months ago but I snapped today when I got an email from CREDO (previously known as ActforChange and WorkingforChange) complaining about ABC. I NEVER received an email from them complaining about the misogyny on MSNBC. So I unsubscribed and sent them an email telling them why:

    When I received your email titled “What a waste” I was immediately filled with rage. Why? Not because I don’t agree with you. Yes, I believe ALL of our last 20-something debates should focus on the issues. I’m enraged because now CREDO decides to speak out against attacks now that they are directed towards Obama instead of Clinton. YES, I am a
    progressive for Hillary Clinton. Where were you or MoveOn or ANY of these “progressive” organizations when MSNBC reached “new lows in our nation’s political discourse”? Where were you when Clinton and her supporters were alone in dealing with the misogyny and attacks on MSNBC and during NBC presidential debates. YOU REMAINED SILENT. I refuse to be associated with any progressive organizations that cherry-pick attacks while ignoring
    others. I’ve lost total respect for your organization. Sincerely,

  9. It is a fundamental weakness within Obama’s campaign that he can spend the massive amounts of money he has spend, throwing money a bloggers in attempt to buy influence, throw money into congressional and senate democrats coffiers, hire an extensive group of young people in an attempt to intimate people, and but radio and tv time at unheard levels. With all this he cannot get more than 50% of the primary votes. If it wasn’t for the caucuses his campaign would already be done.
    He has had positive press his opponent negative press, he has had the national committee carry his baggage. With all this he still just gets 50% of the vote. I would like anyone out their to tell me why they think Obama is a strong candidate and can win the general election. Any reference to Hillary is not answering the question.

  10. DisVoter: I got a similar email from Arshad from DFA complaining about ABC and asking for mass action. I replied with, “Where the fuck were you for the *first* Philly debate? We told you guys that it would come back to bit us in the ass. Don’t whine about it now. It’s too late.”

    The DFA one REALLY angers me because it’s run by Howard Dean’s brother. The DNC is heavily in the tank for Obama and pulling every string it can for him. Disgusting. How dare they disenfranchise me via FL and MI and then ask for my help?! It’s shameless.

  11. What a hypocrite. Keith Olbermann just pointed at that at the time of the NBC October ant-Clinton debate, she was the front runner. Now I see. It’s okay to be unfair if you are the front runner. Reckon this means he really doesn’t see Obama as the front runner? What a twisted man he has become.

  12. Howard Dean should shut it!

    Here is a good reality check from Jay Cost:

    Delegates to Dean: Make Us

    Howard Dean was on Wolf Blitzer’s show yesterday, and Drudge picked up his admonition to the superdelegates with the splashy headline: “Dean To Delegates: Decide Now.” In the interview, Dean says that he wants the superdelegates to begin “voting” now. “We cannot give up two or three months of active campaigning and healing time,” he said. “We’ve got to know who our nominee is.”

    Unfortunately for the party, Dean is in no position to tell the superdelegates when to decide. The reason? The chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee carries with it very little political power – certainly not enough to sway superdelegates.

    What was his grandstanding all about?

    I can’t believe our party is run by such morons.

  13. RD, Sarah, thanks so much for your hard work. Good luck! Oh, you know the UPenn endorsement is really good. They conducted the endorsement like a job interview. May be something to leave with undecideds.

  14. #
    Rich in PA, on April 18th, 2008 at 10:03 pm Said:

    Wow, how about that Kentucky!

    There’s lots of bitter, clingy people in Kentucky… but they’re not easily fooled.

  15. it seems like i remember that I used to like keith olbermann, but for the life of me I can’t remember why.

  16. me neither kiki. I only saw this by accident. 🙂

    One more hero down the drain. When the election is over and the Obama-only fans are gone, I’d hate to see his ratings. Does he not get that many of them don’t give a hoot for the causes he used to speak up for? Wonder if he now thinks social security is in crisis. As a matter of fact, I wonder how much of his Countdown personality is pure manufactured.

  17. RD: I unsubscribed from DFA around the same time as MoveOn. Why aren’t people connecting the dots here? I hope Clinton supporters don’t allow Dean and the DNC to get away with this because we all know that he, Pelosi, and Brazile were in the tank for Obama all along. This is the reason why I won’t vote for Obama. I refuse to see any of these traitors in power. I have decided that I won’t vote for Obama if he is our nominee and that has to do with my dislike for him but also with all of the Democratic elites who have pressured Clinton out of the race since New Hampshire and have done anything to rig this election for Obama. This is just undemocratic and immoral on so many levels. I never imagined the Democratic Party would resort to disenfranchising voters just to destroy the Clintons.

  18. I used to like Keith when he did Michael Jackson puppet theater and flushed the puppets down the toilet at the end of the trial.

    Now I just think he’s an insufferable know it all.. maybe he’s got some issues.

  19. I know it’s some bad karma to joke around like that but his pompous Special Comment accusing the Clintons of race baiting.. As I recall he posted a cryptic diary on the great orange Satan the next day trying to smooth things over. Just shameful of him.

  20. Crooks & Liars has nine front page stories on the debate, all of them griping about how bad it was, not one mentions Hillary won.

  21. I’ve been of several minds about what to do if Obama gets the nomination. I understand that McCain is kinda nuts and not a good choice. I’m leaning towards a write-in, if it’s permitted, or else just not voting for president and working hard to get an opposition congress to counteract the big supreme court threat Obamabots think is their ace up their sleeve.

    I like the plan except that the opposition congress we worked so hard for in 2006 has turned out to be pretty lame.

    but on the other hand, I have no confidence in Obama’s choice of SCJs anyway.

    I’ve never sat out an election. I won’t sit out this one, but I don’t have to fill in every blank.

    hopefully it’s all moot anyway, and I can cast my vote for Hillary again.

  22. DisenfrachisedVoter: Why aren’t people connecting the dots here?

    What makes you think that people aren’t connecting dots?

    I spent a lot of $$ to go out-of-state, including hotels, etc. Dean, Pelosi et al wasted my time and money w/ all of their little games.

    I’ve been talking to the older ladies in my area who do all the scut work for Dems, cycle after cycle. Well, ‘no more’ is what I’m hearing from them. The Obamaphiles are going to have to step up — not just to elect their hero, but to take over all of that old lady stuff.

    Really, this whole thing needs to blow up and start over from scratch. That’s why I can deal w/ four years of McCain. Let the laser focus continue on the GOP as the official baddie instead of blurring the lines. This ‘ideology-free’ crap just doesn’t cut it.

  23. “The Activist base of the Democratic party.” Not just MoveOn, but…the activist base of the Democratic party. Not just MoveOn, the organization that was actually formed to cover her husban;s behind, but the activist base of the Democratic party.

  24. “Nunn-Boren “Unity” Rears its Ugly Head on Behalf of Obama”

    A short review of Nunn-Boren and Unity…and how scary Boren really is!

    How can “progressives” embrace this as “CHANGE”???

    John Lennon would roll over in his grave….

  25. maybe it’s time to redefine the democratic party. maybe it’s time to end this two party stranglehold. if 50% of a party doesn’t want to be there, or doesn’t feel welcome, the system isn’t working. the system doesn’t work anyway – squeezing everybody into one of two boxes is crazy. I would have no problem with three or four legitimate, viable and recognized political parties. we’re a diverse nation and that ought to be reflected in our political parties. if only white men counted, we could probably more or less assign them to two parties, one presumably a little more liberal and the other a little more conservative. but a lot of us don’t fit in either party. a lot of us thought we did until recently, but that might be because we only had two choices. why should that be? if ever there was a time to expand our thinking on this two party system, this could be the moment. it may not ever be this obvious again.

  26. hlr: I love you. When I said why aren’t people connecting the dots, I wasn’t talking about people here. MOST of my friends who are Clinton supporters are pissed. But there are a few who are just apathetic about politics and are for Clinton but will vote for Obama. This is because they aren’t following up on what is really going on nor are they connecting the dots and realizing that all of these Democratic party leaders have been sabotaging this election all along. The good news is that I know more people who are pissed than those who are apathetic.

    I ABSOLUTELY agree that things need to blow up and start from scratch. The only bad side to that is to allow Obama to win the nomination so that the GOP can destroy him. The GOP will do the job of courting back the independents and Republicans and Obama has already lost a good amount of Clinton supporters. He will lose the general. There is no doubt in my mind that he will lose.

    I want Clinton to win the nomination but there is a part of me that thinks it might be better for her to just let Obama commit political suicide and have the Obama ship sink and take Pelosi, Brazile, Dean, Richardson, Kerry, Kennedy, and the rest with him. That’s the only way I see the Democratic Party coming to terms with the class division that needs to be solved. It will also get rid of Dean and Obama. If Clinton wins the nomination we’ll continue to hear the Obamabots cry foul and somehow accuse her of stealing the nomination if MI and Fl are counted. If Clinton loses the general we won’t hear the end of it. If Obama loses the general they will still blame Clinton but I’m betting that the GOP will expose Obama for the fraud that he really is enough for most people to realize that we need a tough candidate like Clinton if we ever want to win an election again. Perhaps the best case scenario is for her to come back in 4 years when all of these ignorant fools learn their lesson the hard way.

  27. DV: That’s an inhumane scenario because it’s four more years of Republican rule. We need to win now, and if we don’t, it shouldn’t be on us.

  28. Rich in PA: I never imagined wanting a Republican over a Democrat. I want Clinton to win the presidency. I won’t vote for McCain but I don’t want Obama to win either if he is the nominee. The Democratic Party needs to be punished for their actions. I don’t tolerate disenfranchising voters from anyone regardless of their party affiliation.

    This is the first time ever that I cannot blame any of my friends who say they will vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee. I have no desire to argue with them about it and I understand why they would want to do that. I live in Michigan. To the Democratic Party our votes do not count. Now how do you expect us to purge these frauds from our party? I want Dean and Obama gone. I want them exposed and if Clinton can’t do it without being called every name in the book then maybe the only way is for a Republican to do the job.

    My first hope is to get Clinton the nomination and after she wins the election we can concentrate on what we need to do to deal with certain people in the Democratic Party. But if Obama wins the nomination I’m all for writing in Clinton or voting for McCain to send DNC a clear message that we won’t allow them to get away with this ever again.

  29. To Rich in PA – I absolutely agree.

  30. Perhaps the best case scenario is for her to come back in 4 years when all of these ignorant fools learn their lesson the hard way

    Yeah. Why is it that Dems rarely run again if they get beaten in the primary? You didn’t see the end of Dick Nixon until he’d had a chance to wreck the Executive Branch…

  31. I just made another contribution thank you very much. Just want to say that reading the postings on this blog is such a joy. The voices I hear are truly those of what the Democratic Party I love stand for. Commitment and substance of the issues. Openness. Inclusion. Imagine what would happen if we stood together as strongly as we do on this blog how far our voices would carry. And if those poll numbers are to be believed it may appear that the shift may be growing in Hillary’s favor. Fingers crossed for Tuesday.

  32. The DNC wants to lose this election. That’s the only explanation I can think of for why they are disenfranchising voters, doing anything they can to force Hillary out of the race, and pushing Obama in our faces.

    If over 30% of Hillary supporters are voting for McCain, that is an issue the DNC needs to take in consideration. Why are people like myself who will never vote for a Republican planning to stay at home? Why have some of my friends who have never voted for a Republican plan to vote for McCain in November? The scenario I presented is real and it will happen if Obama is the nominee. Tell me how the Democratic Party DOES NOT deserve to lose if they force Clinton out of the race before the convention and seating MI and FL delegates. Please tell me how we can defend this party after the mess they put us through and placing the blame on Clinton and calling her a REPUBLICAN?

    I’ve been visiting this blog from a girl named Uppity who regularly posts on NoQuarter, http://hyper-educated-uppity-woman.blogspot.com

    Uppity is as humorous as Sugar of Sugar n’ Spice and she tells it like it is. She said this in the comments section of No Quarter and I agree with her completely:

    As some of us have guessed all along, Obama is a set up. Not only from Dean, but gleefully from the press, who are just only beginning to season him. The debate this week was just a bit of salt. They haven’t even started with the REAL spices or the basting and look how jittery it made Obama. The real seasoning will come after he steals the nomination from Florida and Michigan. After that, the gloves will be off and the rest of the seasoning will be poured on him by degrees until he has wounds. After the wounds come, Wimpy Obama will be in the fetal position for the hot pepper–and then comes the basting. After he is basted a bit, the Swift Boats will arrive and then it will still be All Obama, All The Time, only it will be all of Obama’s dirty laundry, much of which many of us already know about–and it truly is a pile of filthy shorts. The kind that frightens and reviles Americans.

    Old Man McCain will look like the male version of Mother Teresa by the time October rolls around. Then the REAL shit will come out and Obama will visually be the Dog Shit we all know he is.

    Lest any Obamoids forget, the media is owned by Republicans at all times. How clever they are. The tide turns when they decide it. They knew Obama would never be able to stand up to the microscope. They knew Hillary’s laundry is old news. But Barry! Well he’s got a whole swiftboatload of new fresh ugly material, some of it downright um…terrorizing. Olberman will continue to do his Angsty thing and all the Kos people will be worshipping him and saying WHY DOESN”T THE PRESS COVER THIS? And it’s all something we Hillary people have already experienced for longer than a year. Only this time, Barry won’t know what hit him because he cannot handle criticism. Not at all. First he will be huffy. Then he will pretend it doesn’t bother him. And then he will try the Race Card and none of this shit will work on Republicans. They don’t give a shit about the Race Card since no AA is going to vote for them anyhow, except Allan Keyes, Condoleeza and Clarence Thomas.

    The Latinos will belong to the Republicans again. No Hillary=Republicans for Latinos. They have nothing to lose as the immigration issue is a common thread this year. The Catholics who would prefer Clinton will not go Obama. They do not tend to vote for people who attend bizare churches with crazy pastors. Women over 40 for the most part see thru Obama’s bullshit and Hillary out of the picture will not turn them to Obama. It’s not just a pro-Hillary thing with them. It is also an Anti-Obama thing. They recognize sexist pigs when they see them.

    The baby boomers will recognize Ayers and head for the hills, all except the ones still stuck in the 60s with their bongs in tow. African Americans will go for Obama, but they wouldn’t go for McCain anyhow, so Republicans won’t care. Then comes the Republican voters. The idea that there are a zillion republicans who love Obama is just plain “Silly Season,” to coin an Obama phrase. The social conservatives will reject him handily. Most of the right will do so. Add it all up and basically, its another McGovern embarrassment.

    …I personally cannot wait to watch the Obama carnage. I’ve seen it before but never will I enjoy the roasting of a candidate so much.

    Later, the disappointment and the silence will prevail again, and the Old Man will be inaugurated in January for four more years of what Obama gave us. And perhaps in four more years, with somebody a bit less inept at the helm, the Democratic party will actually come up with a candidate who can win. I am not sure what will happen to congress because Obama won’t carry our candidates. They will be on their own, especially considering that it is already well polled that one third of the Clinton crowd will never donate to them. And finally, the assumption that all Clinton supporters are poor and are not large or better contributors is also a serious hype that is a well kept secret to build up Barry’s “superiority”.

    I’ve been actively involved in politics and elections for a lonnnnnnng time and overall, I would be willing to bet a buck to a donut that Barry Obama will be the toast he should be in November. And the band will play on without him. Thank God.

  33. yeah Pat, my fingers are crossed too. but I’m not so much into the “democratic party I love” thing. this primary season has made me question my lifelong allegience to them – was it ever deserved, or were they the lesser of two evils all along?

    I was happy when Bill Clinton was president – peace & prosperity are cool with me – but the party evidently had a problem with it. and I have a problem with that.

  34. Rich in PA – more years of Republican rule

    We don’t have rulers in the US; we have a system of checks and balances. Oh, that’s right — the Dems don’t act like much of an opposition party, except when telling 1/2 of their base to take a hike. Then, they’re big, bad, and brave. Not so much when it’s Roberts, Alito, etc.

    Let’s be honest — the ruling class includes some of the very same people who come every 2-4 years asking for contributions and telling us how terrifying the alternatives are.

  35. MABlue: Great minds think alike!!

    I logged in to give a prop to another excellent post by Jay Cost (super smart guy), here ( Obama Takes the Bait :


    It is an excellent analysis of the pivotal moments of the debate, and how it was Obama’s choice, not other factors, that contributed to a really bad debate for him. READ IT!!

  36. Nobody’s awake anymore – but I just wanted to say I love you all – almost without exception. Shine on you crazy diamonds: riverdaughter, bostonboomer, katiebird and all the foregoing commenters. IMO, you are the brightest points of light in the freaking blogosphere.

  37. DisenfranchisedVoter & Kiki & everyone else, I think this election may force us to choose what we value more – our party or what it stood for…..

    hlr, I am thinking maybe it’s better to have McCain than to have a “Democrat” like Obama (which would pretty much guarantee nobody ever votes Democrat again)…the key question, though, is how are we going to survive the next four years? Will there be anything left when the rich guys get through taking everything for themselves and sending the rest of our boys to go fight their horrid war? either way we lose!

    Pat Johnson, I am glad there are other people who remember belonging to an awesome “Democratic Party”.

  38. You said it jacilyn…”either way we lose!”
    I am so disheartened by what is happening. I can’t possibly vote for John McCain and Obama truly frightens me. They both do actually. We’ve lost enough good men and women and I don’t want to lose more.
    I work in a small office and already 4 other people have told me they don’t intend to vote if it’s Obama and McCain.

  39. Yessiree, ol’ Barry-O needs to spend $4 to Hillary’s $1 just to make up for Hillary’s other strengths.

  40. Disenfranchised: We have Working Assets (Credo). I will write to them to let them know of my disapproval and that it was Obama who blew the debate, not the media. If they are supporting Obama, I have to find a new phone company, and that stinks, but I will.

    Re: McCain or Obama. Hillary isn’t OUT YET! Keep the faith. But if it comes to that, I won’t vote at all for President or if the rules of my state allow me to, I will write in Clinton. I will vote for Dems for other seats. Maybe we need a 3rd party. I don’t think it should be formed around a candidate; those always fail, but around values. Mothers Against Demagoguery (MAD)?

  41. This is all so surreal, and it is like watching the whole Democratic party self destruct in slow motion.

    Those of us who are not in the camp of constant Obama-gasms, fully realize, that the reasons that McCain will CREAM Lord Barry in November…

    The Karl Rove’s of the right are licking their chops, and are grinning from ear to ear…

    We will have Wright snippets, 24/7…

    We will have Bitter Obama snippets 24/7

    We will have Michelle hating America snippets 24/7

    We will have Weather undergound snippets 24/7

    We will have elitest snippets 24/7

    On and on and on and on and on…McCain will cruise to victory.


    Go Hillary!

  42. […] Money can’t buy him love (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Well, massive infusions of cash for TV ads didn’t help him in CA, NY, NJ, MA, AZ, OH, TX, FL (oops, naughty, naughty, Barry) but that doesn’t mean that he’s not going to try to buy PA. Hillary can out debate him, out qualify him, out tough him, but so far she has been unable to outspend him. Hey, maybe she doesn’t need to but why take any risks? If you have a few bucks, send it her way and help her keep up with Obama’s planned saturation coverage for the weekend. […]

  43. Nature Guy: Add Rezko, Auchi, and Hamas to that list too.


  44. http://huntingdonpost.wordpress.com on whether Obama will be our McGovern if he’s the nominee makes real sense to me. We have to make sure Hillary wins!

  45. […] Money can’t buy him love (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Well, massive infusions of cash for TV ads didn’t help him in CA, NY, NJ, MA, AZ, OH, TX, FL (oops, naughty, naughty, Barry) but that doesn’t mean that he’s not going to try to buy PA. Hillary can out debate him, out qualify him, out tough him, but so far she has been unable to outspend him. Hey, maybe she doesn’t need to but why take any risks? If you have a few bucks, send it her way and help her keep up with Obama’s planned saturation coverage for the weekend. […]

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