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Tomorrow’s Headlines

Summarize the debate in one sentence.

RD:  “Hillary Battles for Dem Nomination with Incoherent Token Male”

MABlue had several:

  • “Was This Combat Fair?”
  • “Now Hillary is Displaying her Depth and Breadth: Is there anything she won’t do to get elected?”
  • “How Hillary Clinton Destroyed The Democratic Party By Purposefully Knowing More Stuff Than Barack Obama”
  • “How Hillary Destroyed The Thrill Before It Got Up Matthews’ Nuts”
  • “Who Put That Usurper On The Stage?”


72 Responses

  1. Hillary wipes floor with “Sad Sack” Barack.

  2. “Despite Reasonable Showing, Clinton’s Knowledge of Born-Oppenheimer Approximation Still Uncertain”

  3. “It’s a Miracle: Chris Matthews’ 4 Month Erection Finally Subsides”

  4. Hillary Clinton dominated the April 16th Democratic debate with a superb command of of the issues. She shined with clear explanations while Obama was frequently sidetracked — mired — by overly complex rhetoric.

  5. oops. 2 sentences. 😦

  6. Kbird: We do the headlines, you write the story. 😉

  7. Yikes! A whole story!! and Men in Trees is on… What to do?

  8. Watch Men in Trees. Duh.

  9. Oh, OK… 😉

  10. I passed out at some point while Obama was going blah, blah, blah; when I woke up he looked like he had the wind back in his sails and I thought, oh gawd, somebody must have fluffed him while I was asleep.

  11. Head: Clinton Wipes Floor With Obama: Obama Declared Awesomest Floor Mop Ever
    Sub: Thousands of college students switch major to “floormoppage”

  12. “bitter undecideds cling to their new choice – Clinton!”

  13. sorry, I cant do jaded, I am too happy.

  14. Pope visits U.S. – ABC gets journalism!

  15. KO is trying to walk it back right now – really – special debate coverage.

    The KO take: they were picking on obama and it’s going to hurt Hillary because everyone knows…

  16. Clinton Exudes Competence: Why Won’t The Stupid Bitch Quit?

  17. Sorry to inject boring KO talk into the otherwise fun discussion.

  18. I just leapfrogged over the Crooks and Liars and from the and MyDD it would appear that their posters are agreeing that The Prince won this debate hands down. Not too many nice comments regarding Hillary. Nothing commending her breadth of knowledge over the issues just what a great nominee he will be up against McCain. I am still searching for a site that has the complete debate since I missed all but the last 20 mins. Very discouraging to hear the accolades being heaped upon. From what little I saw he seemed rather tongue tied.

  19. Yikes!

    Keeping the score card, there’s no way Obama could fared worse. Nearly 45 minutes of relentless political scrutiny from the ABC anchors and from Hillary Clinton, followed by an issues-and-answers session in which his anger carried over and sort of neutered him.


  20. MABlue is a total mensch!

    BO blew it, and it’s Hillary’s fault for understanding the issues and making him look bad. why won’t the competant, intelligent, informed bitch quit?????

  21. “Obama doesn’t shit himself, wins debate.”

  22. I’m watching the debate in Big Smoggy, so it’s fresh for me.

    I thought Hillary should have committed to offering Obama the VP slot if he wanted it.

  23. “ABC turns heat up on Obama, Hillary shows she can cook”

  24. Excellent idea!

    I’ve got one:

    “Charlie Gibson: One of the Few Good Journalists Left”

  25. “ABC Applies Obama Rules to Hillary; Olbermann Miffed.”

  26. “Daily Kos crys foul! Foul I tell ya!”

  27. mablue – thank you for that!
    Clydesplace and Joelarama – too funny!

  28. Obama “clings” to the hope of a PA win!

  29. “Charles Gibson attacked & given major noogy’s by Rachael Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and other MSNBC anchors outside of venue following debate”

  30. “Keith Olbermann is the most shameless ridiculous hack on TV.” Big Tent Democrat


  31. “Hillary Invites Obama To The Debate Just To Humiliate Him”

  32. “Rev Wright, says, Gosh Darn America, but more important, Gosh Darn ABC for having the audacity of hope to let Hillary go on and on like that, damnit”

  33. Deranged, Olberman’s head explodes as HRC destroys not only the party, but his delusions.

  34. Clinton throws Obama under the bus, claims he’s “electable” in November

  35. Roomful of Obama Supporters Say He’ll Win Nomination According to The Math, Ignore Tonight’s Debate (That They Just Watched)

  36. Deepest thought of the 2008 Campaign:

    I thought that Republicans would apologize for the Bush-Cheney years and not run anybody, just say that it’s time for the Democrats to go back to the White House. Unfortunately, they don’t seem willing to do that.

    Hillary Clinton, Philadelphia 4/16/08

  37. Apparently one of my Obamazoid friends believes that ABC owes PA voters an apology for attacking Obama. LOL. So I guess his headline would be:

    ABC Goes Easy On Clinton
    ABC Attacks Obama on Wright, Ayers, and Bitter-Gate
    Obama Still Going Strong After Tough Debate

  38. An interesting moment re: Ayers in which Obama said something about not knowing the guy outside of “regular” interaction? Something like that? Also Hill’s line about the GOP just apologizing and not running anyone drew big laughs and applause (from strong anti-Hillary crowd). Social Security exchange.. very interesting re: payroll tax in which Obama stumbled around about raising it and such, like he had to actually own up to his own advisers and policies instead of messing around with rhetoric. Hill looked like she knew she’d won that exchange.

    First impressions. (I admit I had a few too many – YMMV.)

  39. Also complaints that Obama’s tough questions from George S came from George being on rightwing shows all week? Was he on Limbaugh or something?

  40. Clinton Crashes Debate Despite Loss of Nomination

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The audience expected An Evening with Barack Obama, but instead were surprised by Hillary Clinton joining him on the stage. Having dropped out before Iowa, the former First Lady continued her illicit and unwanted campaign by peppering the viewers with facts and concise proposals.

    Barack Obama (D-IL) objected to her impromptu participation:. “These are the types of things that I think, distract us instead of uniting us.”

    An Obama campaign worker in attendance wearing a ‘HOPE’ t-shirt remarked, “She’s like, you know, a party crasher. As Benjamin Franklin once said, guests, like fish, start to stink after three caucuses.”

  41. Also, his answer to the flag pin comments was odd. Telling. It was quickly all about what the country has done for him not what he could do for the country. Very dispassionate about the subject and I don’t think it played well.. heck.. I’m a dispassionate academic elite type and I’d have had plenty more intense things to say in response to a question about whether or not I cared sufficiently about this country. Always seems like it’s about him.

  42. Tonya Harding Strikes Again or Who Cares? Clinton Will Lose–Lose!

  43. God, I hate that DKos-propagated “Tonya Harding” meme. So sexist. It’s very similar to comparing Obama and OJ.

  44. darm ! wish I knew how to do a screen shot .. lol .. the diariyzzzzzzz.. lol – over there from top to da bottom ..

    sayzzz it alll ..

  45. The Tonya Harding meme is stupid. It makes Barry Nancy Kerrigan. Nancy lost and she was a stuck up snob.

  46. Clinton emphatically says Obama can win White House in 2016

  47. She had specifics: First I would do this, then I would do this….
    He had trouble even speaking in generalities. He practically circumnavigated the earth to come up with a simple yes or no answer.

    She completely humiliated him with her knowledge of the issues….my gawd he is so unready….embarrasing

    Let me ask you…..based on his AWFUL answers….if foreign policy is his strength….just WTF are his weaknesses….we are in trouble folks….

  48. Cross-posted elsewhere… It doesn’t matter what the OFB thinks. What matters is what the voters think:

    I watched the Philly TV station (I was live-blogging this, so I hope I get it right, and it all went by fast):

    1. UPenn PoliSci students were interviewed. Before the debate, they were either for Obama, or neutral. After the debate, they were strongly pro-Hillary. So at least all college students aren’t pro-Obama, by definition.

    2. The station polled Undecideds after the debate, and they broke strongly for Hillary, 55 – 45.

    3. They also had a focus group wired up to see how they reacted during the debate. For that group, 50% thought Clinton won, and only 27% thought Obama won, with the rest undecided.

    So, while the talking heads think it was a draw or at most a TKO for Hillary, the voters seem to think differently.

    Of course, there hasn’t been time for our famously free press to explain to them what really happened….

  49. The shellacking of Barack Obama was fairly well summarized here by Rightwinger Jim Geraghty over at The Corner (National Revue)

    Here it is in its entirety:

    Forty-five Minutes of Pummeling Before a Wonky Cooldown

    I don’t like Hillary Clinton. But I respect her as an adversary. And every once in a while, when she demonstrates she has the guts to “go there” in front of a Democratic audience that want their debates to be criticism-free lovefests, I’m tempted to say, “I like the cut of your jib, Senator.” It’s like watching a linebacker perfectly execute a blitz and flatten a quarterback from the blind side. It’s brutal, and tough to watch when it’s your guy being hit, but it’s within the rules and almost artistic when it’s perfectly executed.

    Tonight, she had her stumbles. Her answer on the Bosnia sniper tales really didn’t help her out that much; she needed to explain something bewildering to the average Joe, which is remembering things that didn’t happen. She made a lame joke about not getting enough sleep, but oddly, Obama didn’t jump in by mentioning her “3 a.m.” ads.

    But she tore into Obama on all of his weak spots. Relentlessly. For the most part, she avoided looking nasty while she did it. She focused on the ‘cling’ comment in the context of not understanding the role of religion in people’s lives. She repeated what Wright actually said the Sunday after 9/11, and probably introduced Wright’s blaming of America to a lot of people who had only heard Wright’s sermons through a media filter. She twisted the knife when she noted that people don’t choose their families, but they choose their pastor. When Obama tried to downplay his relationship to William Ayers, she brought up the Woods Foundation.

    After about forty-five minutes, David Axelrod probably should have thrown in the towel and stopped the fight.

    Obama got a little better as the night wore on, but the damage was done. He looked terrible tonight. He said he disowned Wright – contradicting his speech line about being no more able to disown Wright than his own grandmother — then backed away and said he only disowned his comments. When Hillary brought up Wright’s 9/11 comments, he merely lamented that some of his comments had been “objectionable.” He never quite explained why he stopped wearing the American flag pin, and he kept digging in deeper on William Ayers. He dismissed the question, then described Ayers as an “English professor.” He completely downplayed Ayers’ terrorist past, and said they didn’t exchange ideas “on a regular basis.” Then he compared his relationship to Ayers to his relationship with Senator Tom Coburn! Way to chase away the last of the Obamacans, Senator.

    Hillary closed by saying she’s a fighter. She proved that tonight; if I were on Team McCain, tonight might have convinced me to hope for a showdown with Obama.

  50. The headlines are straight from Axelrod’s notebook. Hill attacked Obama. Nothing about cookies. Nothing about policy. Just Hill attacked. Why did I expect anything more?

  51. Atrios’ pretence of neutrality goes to the wind. (go to his web site and see the ten outraged comments about ABC.

  52. hlr – you are HILARIOUS. 🙂

  53. Folks – call ABC – let them know we appreciate their FINALLY asking the Precious some tough questions


    The lady I spoke to seemed thankful to get a positive call.

    The Obamabots are flooding with calls. They can’t take it when someone actually doesn’t kiss his arse.

  54. please call abc Thursday- let them know you appreciated their moderators etc


    The Obamabots sre out in force complaining.

    God forbid anyone ask The Precious some questions…

  55. ABC pays these guys millions for those questions?

  56. 1) Obama offers reward for missing debate teleprompter.
    2) Obama stays above fray, let’s Clinton win debate.
    3) Obama claims Clinton gas distracts him at debate.
    4) Obama demands debate do over, claims Bill Clinton on stage in drag.
    5)Clinton hands Barack a new pair of cajones.
    6)Hillary makes Obama her bitch.
    7)Hillary, for sake of unity, invites Barack to her victory party.
    8)Axelrod to join Clinton campaign. Wants winner in Whitehouse.

  57. “They…said…it…couldn’t…be… done!” The Obamarots need to find another messiah. One that hasn’t been so slickly packaged by the ad man who is rerunnning “hope,” “change,” “whatever your aspirations” from the Deval Patrick campaign. One that isn’t so boring off teleprompter/vague inspiration message.

    BO as the candidate would make the Democratic Party create even more super delegates (ones who have to take IQ tests). Don’t forget that the supers were created after McGovern lost everything except his own state. The “people” can’t always be trusted to pick the candidate, esp. with a caucus system (2% of the eligible voters) and open primaries.

    With the extreme media bias and rampant sexism, the fact that Obama hasn’t trounced Hillary long ago shows he will “fold like a cheap suit” (as Lindsley Graham said about Obama during the immigration bill battle) if he is the nominee.

    He’ll look so pristine next to McCain, talking up his pre-teen years running through the rice paddies in Indonesia and his courses on international studies. Taking a few sips of microbrews with blue-collar workers at the local bar, watching to his weight, not wearing a flag pin because it ruins his expensive threads. Always with that arrogant turn of the head and the condescending glance. It’s all about HIM, not us.

  58. I got one:

    Oy! This guy wants to be da head of da free woild? OY!

  59. “How Hillary Destroyed The Thrill Before It Got Up Matthews’ Nuts”

    OMG! I almost spit out my schnapps with that one!

    Absolutely hysterical.

  60. ZOMG – Somebody call Whine-1-1, the Boiz need a waah-mbulance!

    They are seriously freaking out.

  61. The problem with Obama isn’t that the emperor has no clothes.

    The problem is that the clothes have no emperor.

  62. Clinton Attacks: Now we (the media) must defend our beloved savior; from reality.

  63. How dare a girl show she is smarter than a MAN?

  64. Clinton Shines: Barack Who?

  65. “Pens Sweep Ottawa Sens, HRC Sweeps Ethanol Sen”

  66. As for the debate itself, from what I’ve read, it could have been way worse for Obama…after all, they hit him with silly stuff more than policy stuff, and policy is where he is a relative know-nothing (by choice, since obviously he’s smart enough to be a wonk if he thought it were worthwhile). So I completely understand why people are up in arms about ABC’s questions…they really were stupid, at least for the first hour. But the questions that a responsible organizer would have asked, well, they would have left Obama much worse off, because he wouldn’t have the out of saying the questions are trivial.

  67. atrios is not neutral. I don’t know why he pretends to be. I love Baby Blue – it got me started as a commenter. There are lots of good souls there, but the Hillary Hate drove me away. I feel as if I lost a lot of friends.

    I miss atrios’s takes on the economy and public transport in Philadelphia. sniff.

  68. Re my earlier comment, here are some questions that might be asked of Obama. No Wright, no flag pins, no stupid stuff, just the bare minimum I want to know from someone who’s run this whole operation. And forgive the scabby link–I promise you it won’t hurt your mind or soul.


  69. Pope delivers 2fur in Washington

  70. EXTRA! Hillary Does Well in Debate – The Terrorists Win!

  71. myiq2xu:

    [T]he clothes have no emperor.

    Harsh, but funny!

  72. […] Riverdaughter: “Hillary Battles for Dem Nomination with Incoherent Token Male” and “How Hillary Clinton Destroyed The Democratic Party By Purposefully Knowing More Stuff Than Barack Obama.” […]

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