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      It was the first meeting Trump had with Pelosi since the impeachment began, and today House Republicans broke ranks to join Dems in a vote against his Syria withdrawal. He basically threw a tantrum and yelled at Pelosi, who has raised five kids and knows to ignore them. So the Dems walked out of the … Continue reading Chaos demon strikes again
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Obamaphiles cross the line with Sugar?

Ok, guys, you’ve gone too far. What happened to Sugar isn’t funny, it’s not a joke and one of these days, someone’s going to get hurt. Stop f^&*ing around. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a primary.

Let Sugar tell it:

I headed down South to see my family this past weekend and when I was about two hours from my parents’ house, I thought to myself, “I hope nobody bothers me about that Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on my car. I hope they just leave me alone.” Little did I know, this was a premonition.

I traveled on along 95 South when I reached a stretch that is pitch black with not much in sight when I see a car making its way down a ramp to get onto the highway. It has that cop car look, so I check my speed to make sure I’m obeying the limit and I move into the left lane. The car makes it on the highway and rolls up right next to me and travels that way, side by side, for maybe 20 or 30 seconds when it slows down and gets right behind me. Uncomfortably close. Immediately, I get angry because I was only going about 66 or so in a 70. I was driving responsibly, my tags were fine, my insurance was fine–there was no reason for what I now assumed was a cop to be tailgating me at 11pm on a darkened stretch of I-95. So, he follows me like this for about a half a mile when he turns on his blue lights. I cursed, “What the fuck?!” The lights didn’t even look like normal police blue lights. They looked almost strobe-light like and they didn’t look evenly placed in the car. I can’t even really describe it. Just, not normal.

Read the rest at Sugar’NSpice.


10 Responses

  1. Absolutely unconscionable.

  2. {{{shudder}}} I’m still reeling just from reading about what happened. What a nightmare.

  3. Wow. That is really some really scary stuff.

  4. riverdaughter, I recently came across Sugar’s blog and was impressed by her passion and expression. She is a lady that can hold her own. This experience must have been terrifying for a woman traveling alone at night on a less traveled highway. I have a Hillary bumper sticker on my car and I live in liberal Massachusetts but I am now having reservations about harassment when I am parking in a shopping mall. Let’s just hope that this was just a hotdog cop showing off for his female partner and not anything more sinister. Until then I am sporting my Hillary sticker with much pride.

  5. I live in South Carolina.

    I have a Hillary bumper sticker.

    Oh well, it’s staying on. We’ve already endured nearly 8 years of the most fascist administration. It’s too late and I’m too old to be run off.

  6. RD, I have to say that I think the story merits a question mark in headline, unless there’s a detail I’m missing.

  7. Lambert: “?” added. Hey, are you going to join the haka at the Nat’l Constitution Center?

  8. Well, I won’t able to join the haka, but maybe I can listen to the teebee…

  9. I suspect Gregory James.

  10. Geez, Sugar and those who commented–this sounds scary! I talk about my experience of Hillary haters in a post I wrote today (4/16/08) called, “Some of My (Best) Friends are Hillary Haters” at


    Your posts reminded me of something I left out (I’ll have to add it in):
    A young friend in his twenties whom I’ve known since he was a child, visited me recently, and couldn’t believe that I was supporting Hillary. He repeatedly blamed her and Bill for the poor current economy, and said what a liar and how disgusting Hillary is. We went around for several rounds, until I finally said he wasn’t going to convince me of anything and vice versa. Especially that he was blind to his automatic sexist brain-washing. He protested, “but you know me, I’m a good guy.”

    What shook me up actually was several times during our debate, he said, “I wouldn’t be caught associating with Hillary if I were you. I wouldn’t be supporting her, you know, when the *@#! goes down.”

    Now what was that? What’s going down? What’s going on here?

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