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By George! I think I’ve got it!

They’re projecting. Anglachel has been getting close to this for about a week now (just go read all of her recent posts). Why is it that the Obamanable Knowmen, ie all the Big Boy Bloggers, are jumping on the Obama bandwagon with such desperation, as if their entire lives depended on it? Why are so many DINKS following suit and children? Why are so many upper middle class “educated” people Obamaphiles? What is the Change! they are so hoping for? And why did Obama think he could talk down about the middle-working class and get away with it among these people?

It’s because the conservative movement’s economic policies and media messaging is starting to affect them too. They are afraid that the working classes are going to become a burden on them, just like all the aging boomer women who will be drawing social security checks in the next decade. They think they are never going to see that money so why not cut off the entail here?

*WE* have become the underclass that the bitter DINKS don’t want to support. If only WE would have been smarter, we could have gotten jobs in the new economy and could fend for ourselves. Without US, they could go their merry way in this Brave New World where competition for jobs is getting tougher, compensation harder to come by. They are barely able to keep up themselves. So they don’t want to have to share too much. The tax burden for the rest of us is going to become too burdensome. The pressure is now on them, the ones that still have jobs and benefits, to start hitting on the next layer down in the pecking order.

WE are the new welfare queens with our entitlements, the new immigrants who will work for dirt wages and can be treated like second class citizens, the new disadvantaged subgroup who will face discrimination. But it’s all OUR fault because we weren’t smart enough or not enlightened enough or didn’t like people not like ourselves. We are parasites on the new working class- the “creative class”. They are scared because The Bushies were too successful. The top is a new unattainable stratosphere, The rich took their part of the pie and the next tier, waaaay down the income ladder, doesn’t want to share much of what’s left. This is all a rationalization for leaving us out. They are giving in to the right wing media whether they know it or not. But *this* time, it’s OK for them because it’s their livelihoods at stake. Obama is giving them an excuse to dump us on an ice floe.

Well, my eyes are open.

(And MI and FL makes a lot more sense now.)

47 Responses

  1. Well, it’s also because the “fauxgressives” on these blogs were actually Republicans at one time. They haven’t changed their stripes at all, just thought the Democrats were a better monetary prospect online, so they switched to them!

    Now their true colors are showing. They hate the working class, just like any elitist Republican would (and they are) and they’ll do their darndest to make sure we all know it.

    I don’t think it makes any impact in the real world, just in the KO/Tweety world.

  2. Hey RD,

    I agree that this is a big factor in why Obamacans are so in love w/ him and hate her. How do you explain some of the young female Obamites, naivette? Are they also angry that I will contribute to the depletion of their entitlements?

    Not to be trite but I really believe there is a heavy ration of anti feminist voodoo tainting this race. People don’t want to see a woman president and I don’t have to look andy further than my own home for confirmation. My mother, before she became a Hillary supporter (thanks to me), was a Guiliani supporter. She felt a woman, especially Hillary, couldn’t handle the job. Also, I’m saddened to say, my husband couldn’t find a good reason to say why he supports Obama, he just does. And when he talks about the race he mentions McCain and Obama – Hillary seems to have disappeared from the race. So, there’s my two cents.

  3. Does this mean that the Obamacans are supporting Obama because they believe he will privatize social security?

  4. I may be wrong here, but i think it would be a bad idea to assume that the blogger world accurately reflects the general public. I am not working class (my parents came for the poor) and I am not against supporting our social infrastructure. I would be for Obama if Clinton werent lightyears ahead in practical experience and skill.

  5. My parents came from the poor, I meant.

  6. Elixir: They’re not completely Republicans. There’s a lot about movement conservatism that the Knowmen don’t like. But the Democratic party was the last rebel force against that. But the Republicans could have broken them if any of them had strayed on social security. It is the third rail of politics. Touch it an you die. But what if you could put your own people in Congress and ensure that a new kind of Democrat, a youngish, upper-middle class type stuck around? Then you could make changes and since you would be appealing to the younger crowd, you wouldn’t have to worry about the entitlement crowd so much. AND if you can make that segment of your party politically non-viable, they will just fade away before they gather enough strength to fight back after a humiliating loss.
    They don’t like the idea of universal healthcare because they don’t want to be madated to pay for it. If they get away with that, what else won’t they want to be mandated to pay?

  7. Judith: You are right that the blogger world doesn’t reflect the general public. But they have made friends with our enemies in the media in order to drive the political narrative in their direction. They are very close to getting what they want. And by “they”, I mean Republicans. Because what they are doing is pandering to the DINKS, creative class, young people’s self interest. They are propelling them to eject us from our own tribe. And once the political power of the New Dealers is gone, they will be free to move in for the kill. Movement conservative will live in the Obama Democrats who sold us ou and may not even be aware of what is happening to them.

  8. Are are saying that Ted Kennedy is anti working class for supporting obama and that he wants to see the end of entitlements?

  9. hey – what is a definition of “creative class” but the way? Somebody told me I bleong to it and just dont know it. What the heck does that mean?

  10. Judith: Kennedy, Pelosi and Kerry are probably thinking that once Obama gets into office, he will be beholden to them. But as Ronk has pointed out, Obams’s advisors are really quite a bit to the right of them. Maybe they are psyching each other out. I dunno.
    But what might be more interesting is who is running in downticket congressional races. Because Nancy Pelosi already has a problem with Bush Dog democrats, some of whom we helped get elected last time. Are there more libertarian types coming on board?

  11. Judith: It’s a term that was created in order to give people a popular clique to belong to. Just think of it. Creative. Yeah, who doesn’t want to be creative? No one runs around saying “Ooo, I’m in the pedantic class” Then, you associate the candidate with that clique. So, Obama got all of the creative class people, even people who are not in the creative class. I happen to actually be in a creative class field and the Democrats I know are Clintonistas. So, for Obamaphiles, it is highjacking a term for clever psychological purposes. How many times have you heard that Obama supporters are young, affluent, well educated and in the creative class? It’s like the frickin’ American Dream, or as I like to call them “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhD’s in Architecture”.
    When you actually find one of these people. let me know. I think Cindy Crawford might have been the closest thing to it but now that she’s over 40, she’s been dumped into the same vat as the rest of us shrivelled up old women.

  12. I am not syaing you are worng, just that I think this is what I think is happening: the left and the right were at each others throats over cultural issues last timeround in 2004. Red vs Blue sttae crap and drummed up by the media, indeed. Dems in general showed contempt for the same people a section of the Dems is showing now. So what has happened is that the prejudices shown against red states republicans without wealth has now been transferred over to internal party democrats WITHOUT ANY DISTINCTION. in addition, the percecption (again pushed by the media) that the only people voting for Clinton are poor and needy and none too bright is a carry over.

    Frankly, it is just ignorance on the part of any Obama person if they think the above is true. I am well educated and not poor. God bless the US of old where there was a upward path for people for their children. These people writing today are, for the most part , benficiaries of it. Too bad if they dont care enough to keep that going for others. But there are others who do!

  13. but what is it supposed to refer to? I thought maybe the arts or people who are intellectuals as opposed to a job description. It sure sounds stupid.

  14. to sum up my longer post above – I think we are looking at intellectual laziness on the part of bloggers and not any sophisticated concerted effort . They may indeed be being manipulated, but I dount they would be conscoius of it. For example, Josh at TPM has been revealed to me to be immature and somewhat limited, but not malicious.

  15. The “creative class” actually refers to locations. There are certain metropolitan areas around the country that have a high percentage of well educated people working in fields that require high amounts of creativity. Think telecom, high tech, software or applications (like Google or Microsoft), biotech, stuff like that as well as the entertainment industry. So, Palo Alto, Cambridge MA, New Jersey, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego all of these places would fit the bill. And companies know that the creative class don’t want to live in the boonies without access to good schools, universities and cultural opportunities so it’s a bit self reinforcing.
    BUT, you will notice that except for Seattle, a LOT of the creative class zones are Clinton territory. So, there’s a bit of chicanery going on.

  16. hilarious. By that definition I am creative class And a clinton supporter.

    Thanks for the help – River. And I think your lead post is absolultely fascinating and will lead to some interesting discussions. Maybe I am just naive.

    See ya!

  17. Frankly, anyone who is a true progressive had concerns about Obama from the beginning, If I remember Paul Krugman was the first to call him out ever so gently .. He has always used talking points from the right . SS , his health plan, always praising republican administrations and past presidents . There are other examples but I’m not into writing a book here .

    After the news from the SF fund raiser the first thought that came to my mind was ” Hmmmmn , now I wonder what he really thinks about ‘world hunger’ , Darfur etc.. The facts are as plain as day – He is not a progressive , never has been and the dem party has left my principles with their adoration of this imposter . I’ve had it . . I do not know who dems are anymore – sexism, cruelty non caring for the backbone of the party .. heh , repeat I’m done . Sure I will not go repub – that’s a given , however green as a protest will be fine with me or simply refraining , there is a first time for everything and maybe this is my first time for just not voting .

  18. In case any missed this it is worthy of reading imo
    “What’s the Matter With Obama?”
    By Mickey Kaus

  19. Teresa23, on April 15th, 2008 at 12:21 pm Said:
    Well, it’s also because the “fauxgressives” on these blogs were actually Republicans at one time.

    Thank you for mentioning this, Theresa – Aravosis, Arianna and GOS all republicans. They switched at a much older age than Hillary and I believe they’ve absorbed that kool aid into their very DNA. Impossible to get rid of at this point.

  20. Brianna has summed up my thoughts entirely. Obama is not a progressive, he is just another pol who has been “annointed” as someone who is going to revolutionize the party. The question now is how. He and his supporters have alienated many of the female voters over the age of 50; has not fully satisifed the gay community who are looking for equal rights; it remains to be seen how much effect the “bitter” comment will have on the PA voters next week but one thing is cerain. In the general he will be whipped by the southern white male voter who still clings to the guns, god, gay issues. McCain will likely benefit from that one group alone as I am unable to reconcile the over 50 female working up much enthusiasm after the bashing Hillary has had to withstand.

  21. Pat – did HRC or Obama have a shot at those guys you describe?

  22. There’s a great deal of truth in this. It goes with Matthews “joke” that Hillary is like every man’s first wife. Indeed there are many boomer women whose husbands have abandoned their vows and opted for younger women and new families. Guilt and fear. I think you hit on something.

  23. Talk about cognitive dissonance! The Obama campaign feels increasingly bizarre and sinister to me, and the atmosphere as a whole feels like nothing so much as the one that enveloped us during the Florida recount battle of 2000. My head says I’m being overdramatic, but my gut tells me that Hillary (and Bill) Clinton are fighting hard and putting up with egregious amounts of crap in order to save what’s left of the Democratic Party, if not of our traditional political system–and that they can’t openly talk about it, for fear of an instant and overwhelming media slapdown but mostly for fear of scaring the populace about a real-life Manchurian candidacy in our midst. I talked on Sunday with my Republican sister in Minnesota. She and all her Republican friends plan to vote for McCain in the fall, but the all voted for Obama in the Minnesota primary. She also warned me that if Obama doesn’t get the nomination, it will be “Rodney King all over again” (i.e., race riots). That was my first exposure to that mind-set. WTF is going on here?

  24. Biran – that column you posted is interesting – I agreed with #4.

  25. opps – I meant Briana…

  26. oh my that nasty ole bi___th has called on the anointed to give up his tax records from 97 through 99 .. &*%)&*)!!.. doesn’t she know what she’s doing???

    tsk . tsk

    Judith, I am going to jump in here and tell you what happened to me – I was an Edwards supporter and had completely open feelings for ALL the dem candidates . I’m in Ca. so I voted through early ballot . After he suspended his campaign I was truly , truly open – then I began ‘hearing’ and ‘reading’ stuff – you know all the stuff why a lot of people are here and at talk left and at Taylors and at Larry’s and some at My DD .and all the other blogs Rd has on the right of her page . I had to begin at that time to really take a look at both candidates . I saw how phony Obama was – always playing it safe , I checked out his record from Ill. – voting ‘present’ so much .. only working about 2 to 3 months a year . The first outright lie I became aware of from him was in Iowa and after the fact btw – was about his ‘so called’ passing a “nuclear bill” . After looking into that and seeing how he gave it all up to the Esslr and that the bill never got anywhere .. from there , more research – His insurance plan . It really became an easy choice , but not at first .

    I was sooooooo dumb, here all that time I thought we had the best candidates we could ever , ever ask for . I was so proud .

    From what I read and saw in polling data was that Obama had a pretty darn good chance at independents and some repubs … I have no idea how it will work out now .. Johnny Mac is gaining everyday . My nephew lives in Texas he works and know plenty of repubs – they have told him they are honestly voting for Hillary because she is simply better that Jm ..

    Btw, Palomino Ex-Governor of VA, Douglas Wilder, was the first to say this publicly, IIRC – about the riots etc.. I don’t have the link as it was some time ago.

  27. Hey this is bogus. My spouse and I are both strong for Hillary (one of us formerly for Edwards) both Ph.D.’s, no kids, one professor, one engineer with patents and publications in peer reviewed journals — I guess that qualifies us as ‘creative class dinks or dorks’, or whatever else is the latest moniker du jour. Oh, I forgot, we both drink cafe latte. One spent formative years in gun-rack country (rural Maine), the other, as a kid, cleaned houses with grandmother to make ends meet. Having been stained with this proletarian dirt, I guess we just can’t see the wonderfulness of Barack. Maybe we’ll be forced to give up our table at Starbuck’s.

  28. wrong button

  29. Briana, thank you for taking the time to share your background wiith me. I hear you big time. I like Edwards and I always defened him against smears, but he made me angry in one of the debates trying to gang up on HRC. I thought it was beneath him. Elizabeth rules.

    I was open to Obama unitl the Iowa debate wherein Hillary sold me. If I had two jobs to fill I would hire them both, but if I had only one that was make or break for my business it simply would be no contest – Hillary all the way. I hear all the hope stuff and it is nice but when I have to get things done I look for the person who isnt too delicate to work their ass off.

  30. hyperpolarizer. If you have coontempt for the working class you can still apply for a membership in the blogger creative class. I dont think they have the money for lattes. i do not nclude huffp and those types becuase they are not bloggers per se to me – they are people merely using the internet to continue an already exisiting public persona.

  31. It’s because the conservative movement’s economic policies and media messaging is starting to affect them too. They are afraid that the working classes are going to become a burden on them, just like all the aging boomer women who will be drawing social security checks in the next decade. They think they are never going to see that money so why not cut off the entail here?

    Not just STARTING, riverdaughter, but always worried about it.

    I first discovered how vicious the dKos attack-dogs could be back in 2003 when I’d say something/anything about being a one-issue voter for Health Care for Everyone.

    I was subjected to a total pile-on by the Boyz explaining to me about how unaffordable, unrealistic & impossible it was. And how it’s not worth spending money on extending the life of Old People. Or FAT people or people who don’t exercise enough. Or (presumably) people who aren’t THEM.

    Since that was my introduction to the lefty-blogs, I never really trusted them.

    It’s just that for the longest time, they were all I had.

    Things are MUCH better now. And a lot of that’s due to you.


  32. Hey! I love that pop-up display when you hover over a link….

  33. Why Obama dogwhistled Social Security.

    There’s no reason to trust what Obama says on Social Security privatization, let alone what his web site says, because his base is just fine with it (because, just as with universal health care, they think they’ll never need it).

    When in doubt, vote the base!

  34. I first discovered how vicious the dKos attack-dogs could be back in 2003 when I’d say something/anything about being a one-issue voter for Health Care for Everyone.

    I was subjected to a total pile-on by the Boyz explaining to me about how unaffordable, unrealistic & impossible it was.

    But isn’t it amazing how the Europeans can afford to provide it as well as the Aussies and others.

  35. Nah, there’s no misogyny against Hillary at the BOSC.

    “She is a filthy sow. ” 41 people agree with him.
    He describes himself as a “40-year old husband and father.” God forbid he has any daughters.

    This is what Markos Moulitsas allows as acceptable commentary at his blog.

  36. Lambert: I didn’t even know there was a Men’s Vogue….

  37. hey, dont knock it! gorgeous photo of Daniek day Lewus recently – yum city.

  38. Okay, guys, I can figure out most acronyms, but DINK? Is that related to DINO? Please translate for this gay hillbilly Oregonaian.

    On another note, a prediction: if Obama gets the dem nomination, I predict that the Green Party will get their highest vote ever.

  39. The Democrats are no more the party of the People than the Republicans are the party of the Republic. The former are now really the Smartypants Elitist Party (Obama has merely confirmed it beyond a shadow of a doubt) and the latter are really the Aristocrat-Imperialist Party. No one represents the working class anymore. It’s way past time for a third party that does, if it isn’t already too late.

  40. gkruz – that’s crap. get a grip.

  41. CogDis, DINK: Double-Income, No Kids.

  42. Obama is the candidate of people who don’t need government, and therefore have the luxury of seeing it as a self-referential agent of moral uplift. People who can put “wanting a certain kind of politics” first, because they’re past needing a certain kind of policy. Middle-class, working-class, and downright poor people can’t afford to think that way, and neither can plutocrats…so the latter are Republicans and the former are Clinton supporters. Obama has a narrow range but it’s the talkiest.

  43. Rich – Social infrastricture makes the thing work fro everybody and only a stupid person thinks s/he can make it completely withiout others. We have always had thoughtless selfish people in the US and it takes decent people bading together – be they from rich or not so rich – to support the promise of America. We have done t beofre and can do it again so dont lose heart.

  44. Speaking of FL and MI….Jimmy Carter spends days monitoring Nepal’s election but can’t speak out for the voters of MI and FL? Just because he leans Obama doesn’t mean he can’t spread some love to MI and FL, right???

    New post: “Is Jimmy Carter Letting Democratic Voters Down??”

    He’s certainly LAVISHED time and attention in Nepal….

  45. Judith-
    The Demo establishment is backing Obama, not Hillary. Why?
    BTW, get a grip on your spell checker before you post.

  46. @ Briana: Thanks for your reply to my question. I tracked down the Douglas Wilder comment. He was talking about riots in the streets in Denver if Obama doesn’t get the nomination, not race riots per se. So I don’t know where this “race riot” thing originated and was surprised to hear it from my Republican sister in MN. But just wanted to correct the record on Wilder. Thanks again.

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