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Watch Obama say it, hear them laugh

This clip cuts off before the famous “bitter” remarks. But, it includes a piece of his speech that’s been glossed over — the part where Obama explains that … Well, listen for yourself:

I’m a native San Franciscan but, this video made me sick. Actually watching as Obama and a roomful of San Franciscan millionaires laugh at the racism* of small town rubes disgusted me.

Today on This Week, Donna Brazile, explained that this is Obama in his Constitutional Professor hat. She thinks he’s trying to teach us something. Well, the only thing I’m learning is that smug-self-satisfaction isn’t a reliable vote getting attitude.

[Update] * Because apparently the only reason to not LOVE Barack Obama is that he’s 47 and African American.

[Update 2] Here’s a link to the photos from the San Francisco Fundraiser – Obama Visits Billionaires Row. The text is good and the photos start about 1/3 of the way down.

34 Responses

  1. I think the video is much more damning than just reading the words.

    And did you see the pictures of the event he went to where these comments came up? That shold be played over and over and over again all over this country.

    The politics of change? I. Don’t. Think. So.

  2. Katie–

    I just posted something too. I’m sorry I didn’t check at the last minute to see if something else new was already up. My post is related to yours, though.

  3. Shainzona, that’s a good point. I’ll add a link to that page.

  4. I think it’s ok the way it is, BostonB — don’t you? The video stands out on the page for everyone to see.

    I think it’s great that we both posted at pretty much the same time. It keeps the place hopping!

  5. Did anyone notice Donna Brazile sitting silently when George Will called the Clintons avaricious? Then she said that Obama needs to go after Hillary’s “character issues”. Explain away Obama’s “character issues” then play up Hillary’s “character issues”. Yeah. Unbiased. Ummhmm.

  6. I am thinking about writing a whole post about “Bittergate” because this is really bad, and even the Obama worshippers and Hillary haters are writing about the profound effect of these condescending remarks.

    KB said:

    Update] * Because apparently the only reason to not LOVE Barack Obama is that he’s 47 and African American.

    That’s exactly what jumped out for me once I saw the video on NoQuarters. Maybe because I am black, I find that little remark to be an additional insult towards these “yokels”: Because they are a bunch of racists, they can possibly believe what a black guy is saying.

    How many blacks live in IA again?


  7. I think it’s fine too. I’m glad you don’t mind. I just watched that video. I had heard that Obama said that, but watching him say it and hearing the laughter is telling. He is so arrogant and smug. I find it so offputting.

  8. I missed This Week. Is Donna B. going to be a regular now? She was just on last week. If they are going to have a blatant Obama supporter on the panel, they need to have a Clinton supporter too.

  9. (shaking my head) I missed that. My husband walked in the room when she was talking and he grabbed the remote and changed the channel. He won’t have her speak in the house anymore.

    As a blogger, I’m missing some good stuff but, I can’t say I blame him.

  10. Didn’t it seem like it was said as a deliberate laugh line? The telling pause? That doesn’t really come across when you read it. It has to be seen to be believed.

  11. MABlue — please do. After seeing the video, I think there’s a lot more to say about this.

    George Will on This Week said he’d seen the video clip and he was waiting to see the whole thing. He sounded pretty sure it would be coming out. And that it would be pretty disturbing.

  12. It was clearly a laugh line. He frequently says things like that to be “self-deprecating.” Like when he talks about “the skinny guy with the funny name.” But to me, he always comes off as arrogant.

  13. Or was George Will on Meet the Press? I was channel jumping and don’t actually remember who was on what. (full disclosure)

  14. MABlue–

    Please write your thoughts as a front page post! I can’t wait to see what you have to say.

  15. I see in this video a double talking route salesman sucking up to the boss and trying to explain why he hasn’t met his quota. He is playing to their vanity and trying to save his ass. His audience knows he is not winning where it counts such as the large electoral states, so they have to be massaged to keep the money coming. This is his “pitch”. All he has to sell is himself. No ideas, no experience, no judgment, no heart. He could be selling timeshares and telling the marks that only they have the smarts to see this great opportunity.

  16. Wow! That piece linked in the second update is really amazing. This needs to get broader coverage. I think I’ll send another tip to CNN.

  17. Check out this quote from zombietime.com, linked in the second update above.

    “If you do the math, on just this one day in the Bay Area, Obama went to four events, three of which had $2,300 minimum donations per ticket, and the other $1,000 minimum per ticket. Each of the events, from the various descriptions, held as many as 400 people (the Getty mansion has a ballroom that reportedly seats at least 300). 400 x $2,300 = $920,000 per event, times three events = $2.76 million, plus the other event, which undoubtedly puts him over $3 million in contributions for this one day alone. And who knows how many other similar days he schedules in other parts of the country.”

    “Michelle Obama (and other Obama campaign spokespeople) aren’t telling the truth. It seems that a signficant portion of Obama’s monthly campaign contributions are coming from “large donors”‘ — i.e. rich people, not just the “$20 to $50″ donations they’re constantly bragging about.”

  18. Watching the “progressive” bloggers and other Big Boiz whining about “the unfair coverage Obama is getting on his remark”, I just have to sit back and say:

    Life is a bitch!

    These are the same people who joined the MCM just last week in lambasting for “lying” about the Trina Bachtel story.

    And that was small potatoes compared to “As far as I know” on the 60 minutes interview. The story was actually started by Josh’s replacement (h/t Bob Somerby), followed by the rest of the MCM and the rest of the “progressive” media. Even the Obama campaign started pushing the storthat Hillary was suggesting Obama is a muslim.

    Eric Boehlert brilliantly wrote about that sinister episode of this campaign in

    Hillary Clinton, 60 Minutes, and the Muslim question

    Less than one second. That’s how long it took Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to answer, “Of course not,” to Steve Kroft’s question on 60 Minutes about whether she thought Sen. Barack Obama was a Muslim. You can time it yourself by watching the clip at YouTube.

    Still, that didn’t stop MSNBC’s Chris Matthews from complaining on-air last week that it took Clinton “the longest time” to answer Kroft’s question.

    Lots of eager, tsk-tsking pundits and reporters agreed. They said Clinton was guilty of “hemming and hawing” in response to Kroft’s peculiar, repeated insistence that she make some sort of declarative statement about her opponents religious beliefs. And then when she did, Kroft asked that she do it again. That’s when Clinton, looking befuddled by the multiple requests, added some qualifiers to her response, including “as far as I know.” What stood out in the exchange was not Clinton’s responses, but Kroft’s weird persistence in asking a question that Clinton addressed unequivocally the first time, as though he was trying to draw out something she was not saying.

    Sorry Big Boiz, I can’t suppress my schadenfreude and say to you:

    You can suffer, bitches!!!

  19. KB, BB

    Lemme see if I can get my piece within the next 2 hrs.

  20. From Talk Left commentator, ruffian:

    ” Mark Helperin told Stephanopolous there is video coming out soon. Stay tuned.”

  21. On This Week the panel was George Will, Donna Brazile, Mark Halperin and a blond woman who said she was from PA and knows about those people. Halperin was under the impression that this will be used to bury Obama. The other woman said her people will get over it. Brazile used her “Professor Obama” talking point (along with almost verbatim talking points on several issues). Of course George Will thinks that a Democrat sneezing shows how horrible the Dems are.

    In the 7 minutes that I watched it there were several vomit inducing segments. Particularly “Professor Obama”, Brazile saying Obama has to go after Hillary’s “character issues”, and pretty much everything George Will says–though he says it in such charming prose it almost gives you pause.

  22. There was no direct mention of video coming out. What Halperin said is that there were several cameras and while the audio was one thing, seeing Obama say it would have a much deeper impact.

  23. If it was a closed event with Obama supporters, whose cameras are those – Obama supporters and/or the Obama campaign’s? The person who had the audio was an Obama supporter but she calls herself a “citizen journalist”. Also, who leaked this current video?

  24. Video eh? Hmm. Can’t wait. Wonder if he says typical things like this at other fundraisers and someone from our side got wind of it.

    I’m not getting how saying he’s “Professor Obama” is going to help him on this? That’s adding offense, like some ivory tower prof is giving insulting analysis.. I did a bit of time in the Ivy League (hated it) and.. some stereotypes of academe exist for a reason, I have to say. (I’ve been rereading Gilbert and Gubar’s classic “The Madwoman in the Attic” and the new introduction talks about the authors moving from the coasts to Indiana full of ‘Midwestern Pod People.’ I was gravely disappointed in that. Some feminism.) Plus, I’m sorry, he wasn’t a professor.

  25. You can watch it at the ABC website:

    Watch: Roundtable: A ‘Bitter Battle’ Brewing


    gqm is right. Halperin just said there was at least one camera there. There is video, but its still a question if it will be leaked and even over who has ownership of the video.

  26. My issue with this is — why go gossip [triangulate, if you will] about rural Pennsylvanians, to people in California, when you can go to Philly and Pittsburgh and in between to speak about it direct?

    And there’s a lot to confront that the people of Pennsylvania might be interested it. That’s where his “tin ear” comes in. Does he go to small-town Oil City, PA, to talk about problems citizens of California have — what would that sound like to the good folk in SF?

  27. Woo hoo, another native San Franciscan. (You better believe that those folks in his audience didn’t represent most San Franciscans.)

    Great post as usual. Though to follow up on the leaker’s identity. I read somewhere — was it here? — that it was the same woman reporter sat on a story about how he insulted Iowa farmers for knowing enough to care about foreign policy.

    Also it looked like a camera phone to me.

  28. WS–

    I just watched the This Week roundtable. I think Donna Brazile sounds even more elitist than Barack Obama.

  29. BB – I read Donna Brazile’s book, Cooking with Grease, a few months ago, and I don’t think she particularly liked the Clintons (she also distanced herself from every bad decision in the Gore campaign). She seemed more loyal to Gore than to Bill Clinton.

  30. A friend of mine e-mailed me her responses:

    Wow. That is so depressing. Obama is so in love with himself in a way that he does no seem to even be aware of. I really dislike him now and originally I was intrigued. The more I know the less I like. Please God, not four years of him in the White House.

    Obama is on the front page of today’s Sunday Times trying his “layers of response” approach to his words in SF about bitter people who he, of course, looks down on and is superior to as are, by implication, his supporters. (Their laughter on the video above is so sycophantic and creepy.)

    First Obama owned what he said proudly and repeated that pride to crowds of cheering supporters. When that did not work he has come slowly to an apologetic position calling the words ill chosen. He has done this for every issue or act that has gone wrong for him. Initially he tries to deny or brazen his way through and when he sees that does not work he inches toward apology. I find this appalling. He would make a terrible president. He has not once just said: Upon reflection, I could have stated it better: here is what I meant. Or, failing that high standard, why can’t he remain consistent once he chooses a position? What his choices say about the content of his character are so revealing. He seems weak and inconsistent and afraid.

    Why don’t more people notice this and object to it?

    This is a fascinating account. I differ in my estimation of how many of the attendees were actually millionaires, or rather I differ in my estimation of what significance a millionaire really has compared to Getty-level money, but I still agree this was majorly fascinating.

    Obama seems to want to hobnob with these people for more than the obvious practical reasons. He seems to want to get them on his emotional side in a way that indicates that will make him feel complete. He panders to this crowd and ingratiates himself to them. He seems to have no primary personality but rather “personalities” for his audience to manipulate and charm.

    My brother is convinced that Obama has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, maybe Rockstar is just full of himself?

    Very disturbing.

  31. Question: Why do ABC and CNN still have Donna Brazille on their shows? Is everyone else blind to the fact that she is an Obama supporter and NOT a “neutral” superdelegate? Are enough of us emailing CNN and ABC? Why isn’t a Clinton supporter going on television to call her out? Seriously. If I had any influence and had the opportunity to go on CNN or ABC I would confront Brazille and all of these other commentators who call themselves “neutral”.

  32. Katiebird,

    You’re right this shortened video is too cute by half. It’s basically the introductory remarks he made prior to the “bitter remarks” right? it’s my understanding, that this first half was put out there to give some ‘balance’ and ‘background’ to the ensuing insults that we’ve seen in the previous Obama video.

    Clearly, he still came off as swaggering and smug, even before he got to the ‘cracker’ part of his performance. Don’t you love it when he refers to himself in the 3rd person and says his insights might be questioned because they come from “a 47 year old man, named Barack Obama”. It’s so odd that he avoids identifying as a person of color, especially in this context where he’s purposefully describing himself in terms that make him ‘different’ from the political pack.

    Thanks for sharing!

  33. […] gun-toting religious nuts who are too stupid to see his wonderfulness. And of course he made these remarks in front of group of wealthy elitist snobs in San Franciso’s most hoity-toity […]

  34. […] made these remarks to a group of San Francisco billionaires, who laughed approvingly at this sociological dissection of the lives of rural, working class […]

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