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Friday- Two Weekends to GO!

Yes, sportsfans, it’s that time of day again. This is your daily reminder that there are only 2 more weekends to go before the big PA primary. The big EN-CHEE-LA-DA. The mother of all primaries. The seismic shift that the person who kidnapped Josh Marshall refers to. And YOU can be a part of it. Pennsylvania is tres lovely in the spring. All of the trees are blooming. The food is great too. You can have halushka and pierogies in Pittsburgh, chicken-corn soup with dumplings in Harrisburg and all the cheese steaks (with Velveeta) that you can stand in Philadelphia. Come see The Point where three rivers meet, the Liberty Bell, the battlefield at Gettysburg (where my Dad dragged me to every frickin’ monument when I was 14), the Amish teenagers driving buggies with Led Zeppelin blaring out of their portable radios.

People are nice there too. They’re as nice as they are in Denver.

So, if you’ve ever been itchin’ to see the lush rolling hills of PA, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the home of the Nittany Lions (gag!), yins better get your butts over to this site to volunteer. Pennsylvania for Hillary

In other news:

  • At The Caucus (NYTimes), Early Word: Keystone State Divide continues to propagate the conventional wisdom. Yes, once again, the old stupid people live in Pittsburgh where all of the Clintonistas are; the young, smart and groovy AA’s are in Philadelphia and are voting for Obama. *sigh* You’d think the media would be tired of this shtick by now. Not only is it old and untrue but I need to point out that the Steelers have won 5, yes, FIVE, Superbowl rings and how many have the Eagles won? Anyone want to take a guess? 0, zilch, nada. Or as Myron Cope used to say in Pittsburgh, ZEE-row. Well, that just goes to show you that we might be smaller and a bit less affluent but we are tough and we can whoop Philly’s ass in this primary too.
  • A Clinton campaign office in Terre Haute, Indiana was destroyed by fire. The Obama campaign has not taken responsibility for the cause of the fire. (What?! I didn’t say his campaign did it. I’m just saying they haven’t denied it yet. Chill!)
  • Obama continues to thumb his nose at the workers by purging some of his hard working but less well connected supporters from his delegate pool. Maybe they still shop at JCPenney’s for their clothes or they never got their teeth straightened or maybe they actually use their hands to make a living (ewww!). Or, maybe they are a little bit too insistent about ending the war. Anyway, there’s an image problem. They just don’t fit in with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture or the well-t0-do and their eye candy girlfriends who know how to bundle (if you know what I mean 😉 ) They are the weakest links. Good-bye!  Actually, I’m on a roll now about the “creative class” meme.  Let’s take a look at how stoopid this is: The creative class are drawn to metropolitan areas where there is a higher concentration of cultural activities, universities and industries that do creative type stuff, like biotech research, high tech and finance.  Places like, oh, I don’t know, CA, NY, NJ, MA, PA, AZ, FL.  And how many of these creative class behemoths did Obama win, exactly?  Oh, yeah, none.  He won MD, VA, CT, WA (but scored big in the caucus.  Besides we’re talking Microsoft territory.  Hardly creative).  And how is it that the vast majority of creative class people that I know in NJ are voting for Clinton?  All my asian buds, the professional class, many of the Princeton types.  Did they suddenly become senile overnight?  I suppose we have been moved into a different demographic.  I wish I knew what it is that sets OUR creativity apart from the SI Swimsuit model PhDs in Architecture for Obama.  There’s got to be *something* besides Madison Avenue advertising and marketing.  No, no, don’t tell me.  I’m sure it will come to me…
  • Donna Brazile does her best “Clinton has racist Weapons of Mass Destruction” thing in this exchange with Masslib (Also cross-posted at Hillarysbloggers). She never comes right out and says what their duplicity is. She never directly accuses them of anything. She just assumes that we too will be duped into thinking there’s a THERE there even though playing the race card could never be a winning hand for Clinton. I’m sure that after the primaries, we’ll see that it was all a set up but by then it will be too late. WE, on the other hand, have ample *proof* that Ms. Brazile was prepared and all too willing to plunge the knife into the heart of the hapless voters of Florida. Have you no sense of decency, Ms. Brazile? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?


22 Responses

  1. Any news on this morning?

    I saw my first Hardball in months last night on a three am replay when I couldn’t sleep. They (Chris and Russert) had a crazy poll. The majority of Americans want us out of Iraq. Who do they trust most on Iraq?

    McCain 52%
    Clinton 40%
    Obama 40%

    This is why I didn’t want McCain to win his primary. He might beat Clinton but I KNOW he will beat Obama. People want experience even if they disagree with you.

  2. Not practical for me to go to PA, alas, but I applaud all your efforts. This disenfranchized MI voter says – go get ’em!

    Went to Philly for the first Eschacon in 2005. Drove thru PA on the turnpike. Beautiful trip there and back, and seeing the Liberty Bell was very moving. Getting caught in Eagles exhibition traffic – not so much. But as a Detroiter I know how to handle traffic jams (cuss a lot under my breath).

  3. As someone who lives in Seattle I would ahve to say that obama’s presence at the caucus was more likely due to presence of the University of Washington. when going to the caucuses that day, it was a terrible time for clinton advocates because they were simpyl drowned out by young kids who ahd brought all of their friends out—msot of which signed up for Obama. It’s nice that young people came out (I am one of them too you know), but it felt like all the young Obama supporters had no idea why they liked him beside his charisma and Hope! (TM). Anyway, the point is that in seattle where msot caucusing occured, the young p’creative class’ completely skewed the results by crowding out anyone else.

    Microsoft is also located in a conservative suburb of Seattle (Darcy Burner’s area), which most often goes republican. I didn’t get hear of high levels of support for Obama in those areas outside the city.

  4. Did the demonstration happen this morning? I haven’t seen or heard a single word about it?

  5. Kbird: I’ve been searching the news sites, youtube and hillaryclintonforum.net and haven’t seen anything on it yet. You can bet your sweet bippy that the news channels aren’t going to cover it voluntarily. The protest isn’t a BAD idea. It’s just that viral videos are probably better. I have a good song for a viral video. I just need some pics and a good editor. See, there are a lot of seniors out there, my mom included, who have progressed beyond the “low info voter” stage. She goes online all of the time to play scrabble, IM, email, and use search engines. She’s even cleverly figured out how to look at the sites visited in a browser (so clean up your caches, kiddies. Mom’s not stupid)
    I think an upbeat, positive video would be just the thing.

  6. I think an upbeat positive video would be great too. Especially if it could reflect the power of the Mad as Hell video, but in a positive direction.

  7. I’ve always liked “I can love you better” as a song for a pro-Hill video. Maybe it’s because I was just going off to college when “Wide Open Spaces” came out and I was able to relate.

  8. Tavis Smiley Reportedly Can’t Take the Heat and Quits Tom Joyner Show over Obama Politics

    posted on Apr 11, 2008

    After 12 years as a fixture on radio’s syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” activist, commentator and broadcast personality Tavis Smiley has quit the show. Smiley is said to be hurt by “hate” over his Obama stance.

    The announcement was made by Joyner on this morning’s show. Smiley has been on the syndicated radio show since 1996.

    Smiley’s “Obama stance” started in February 2007 when C-SPAN’s broadcast of Smiley’s State of the Black Union confab at Hampton University was interrupted for the kickoff of Obama’s presidential campaign.

    Smiley’s attacks got louder when Obama didn’t participate in this year’s State of the Black Union confab.

    And when the Rev. Wright controversy erupted, Smiley charged that Obama should have defended his pastor, not condemned him.

    As a result of his criticism, Smiley has been chastened by African Americans who accused him of hurting Obama’s chances to win the presidency.

    Read the complete story of about Smiley’s resignation here



  9. Forgot to post link to the above item:


  10. RD and KatieBird,

    Here’s some info on how the protest went this morning. This is all I could find.


    “Originally Posted by KittyNC
    OK….just got back.

    It was fabulous!!!!!! We had about 150 people there. Some got there at 6:30a.m.

    Women, men, people of all color. People drove from Philly. Woman took the night bus down from Boston. People from Texas, some foreigners, the NC contingent and two lovely African Americans who made the trip in from Connecticut. Eyedoc, front and center. Les33 with the Bullhorn!!! Freethinker and Murray were interviewed by O’Reilly’s producer. The papers were there taking lots of pics. Hillary speaks for me was there interviewing as well.

    Passed out Press releases, this is only the beginning. Going to do more.

    Everyone was so thrilled to be there and so enthusiastic. Yelled all during the Today show. Lots of police to keep us away and then they wouldn’t let us use the bullhorn b/c Today show was still going on. Funny how they moved their stuff way down to the other end and kept the Singers on well past the TV time. Trying to shut us up I think.

    I’m going to try to get the video loaded and the pics up on the web somewhere. So give me a few minutes, hours maybe….lol to get this up for you.”

  11. Hangin’ with the Dalai Lama this aft … will get back to hatin’ on Donna Brazile later.

  12. Clearly you are not paying attention to the ‘Boyz on the Blogz’, The Great Orange Satan, ‘Bonehead’ Bowers or Josh ‘I’m a Journalist’ Marshall…..

    Good for you.

    Everyone needs to think for themselves and tell the likes of the corporatist press or the Oborg….

    ‘Thanks, but you’ve been wrong on so much for so long that I really have no interest in what you think and would very much, very much, appreciate it if you’d just…..


  13. ronk: who said anything about hating Donna Brazile? We just wish she were an honest broker instead of a manipulative, unethical, divisive DNC powerbroker. That’s all. I’m sure she is a lovely person.

  14. Donna Brazile stuff:

    The version on HIllary’s Bloggers is a bit different, but essentially the same.

    from comments at Taylor Marsh:

    The Emails

    You can find the entire email at the original post http://hillarysbloggers.soapblox.net/showDiary.do?diaryId=53

    Or http://www.partizane.com/brazile.htm

  15. I’m sorry to be off topic, but I can’t find an email address to send this to.

    I have been surprised that Hillary backers haven’t made more out of this statement by Obama on Rumsfeld — and choice —- from 200, long before his Senate or presidential run.


    January 30, 2008 1:57 PM

    It was January 17, 2001, and Illinois state senator Barack Obama was on WTTW11’s “Chicago Tonight.”

    “The proof in the pudding is looking at the treatment of the other Bush nominees,” Obama said. “I mean for the most part, I for example do not agree with a missile defense system, but I dont think that soon-to-be-Secretary Rumsfeld is in any way out of the mainstream of American political life. And I would argue that the same would be true for the vast majority of the Bush nominees, and I give him credit for that.

    “So I don’t want to be pegged as being far left simply because I find certain aspects in John Ashcroft’s record to be divisive or offensive,” Obama continued. “I think it’s legitimate for me to raise that.

    As I said before, if he brought before us a nominee who didn’t agree with me on affirmative action and yet said that, you know, I do think that and showed a history for showing regard and concern for racial justice, if he came before us and said I oppose a woman’s right to choose, or I oppose abortion, I find it religiously offensive, and yet I do respect, for example, the notion that we shouldn’t be solving these things with violence, historically, if that had been what was said, then I don’t think I would object. And I think that’s a fair position to take.”


    So, Rumsfeld was a good mainstream guy who Obama complimented Bush for nominating. Excellent judgment there.

    And Obama wouldn’t have had a problem with Ashcroft’s position on choice if he’d just said that he opposed blowing up abortion clinics. He sets the bar pretty darned low. Anyone but the most zealous anti-choice protesters could get confirmed under Obama’s test.

    There’s video at the link.

  16. Just tiptoed over to the Huffington Post and TPM (I know, I know) and not a word about the Hillary protest or the Donna Brazile e-mails (not sure if they have been publicized but am certain someone will pick it up) but there is an item about Tavis Smiley resigning. Already has over 200 posts attached, half in support, the other half pro Obama. I thought we were all Dems seeking to nominate the best part of ourselves. Instead we get hammered if we don’t agree to the “uniqueness” of the Sen. Obama and watch Hillary get pummeled day after day. I personally cannot see us all joining together come November as his campaign and surrogates have turned me against him which may not be fair but so. Tavis Smiley has been berated by his own community because he chooses another candidate and has the nerve to point out shortcomings. Donna Brazile will see to it that the fix is in. Sorry state of affairs.

  17. Thank goodness it’s Friday! I have been so busy the past few days that I’ve hardly been able to get on-line. What’s the deal with the Obama campaign trying to replace progressive delegates with big donors? I heard about what happened in CA. One of the CA politicians who was purged, Marcy Winograd, put up a diary at DK, and of course they all attacked her and called her a liar.


    With each day that goes by, I think less and less of Obama. I’m starting to see him as nothing more than a con man. Is that nuts?

  18. Riverdaughter,

    Check the pics of the protest on Hillary’s bloggers (others, link on Riverdaughter’s blogroll). There are even a few that look like SI Swimsuit Models with PhD’s in Architecture.

    Spies, no doubt.

  19. Another terrible gaffe by Obama.

    From The Page blog:


    “Obama: Small Town Pennsylvania Clinging to Guns, Religion, Antipathy Because They’re “Bitter”

    Huffington Post: Obama says while trying to explain the economic woes of rural America, particularly in Pennsylvania, to a group of his top California donors at a fundraiser last Sunday:

    “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

  20. Thanks, ghost2. New post up about it, linking to NewHamster’s cross post on MyDD.

  21. New York Times’ The Caucus links to Donna Brazile email story:


    (see last paragraph on the story)!!!

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