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Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups

Ok, go get your espresso and take a break while you catch up:

The Exile of Elizabeth Edwards has begun. As you all may have read by now, Elizabeth Edwards has been getting in Dean and Brazile’s face today. Yup. First, she said that she thought Hillary’s universal health care proposal is preferable because it would lead to greater cost savings (this does not amount to an endorsement, of course. We respect the Edwards’ right to remain officially neutral.) Then, she had the nerve to say there was no great hurry to pick the nominee before the convention. AND she thinks that Clinton and Obama sharing a ticket would be a good thing, remarking on John’s experience with Kerry that “it was difficult for a onetime adversary to switch tacks and automatically accept another person’s positions on everything”. Woooo! Considering that she thinks Hillary’s healthcare plan is better, I am assuming she wouldn’t think it too burdensome for Obama to adopt that position. That sounds like Hillary should top a unity ticket.

Of course it didn’t take long for the Big Orange Sippy Cup to pile on. I count at least 2 recommended diaries in the Rec List Hostage Crisis:

Why Elizabeth Edwards is Wrong by Eugene

(Updated) Ms Edwards: I Mandate You Read This by epic

This one didn’t get recc’d but it is indicative of a certain bitterness:

Elizabeth Edwards Joins Think Tank and Attacks Obama by Engine 08

Hmmm, sounds like she’s out. Ohh, they’re nice and polite now because after all, she has a potentially terminal disease. In fact, some of the comments are quite favorable but then there are one’s like this:

I think this shows (0+ / 0-)

a lack of integrity on Elizabeth’s part. I really liked her very much.. But to me she could have worked with Obama. It feels and smells like that Edwards have really sold their souls to the devil in working for any part of the Clinton machine….

Perhaps John and Elizabeth really dont have any true convictions and it was all hot air out on the campaign trail…It make my stomach turn, especially when I supported them both monetarily as well as time and effort. In fact I am pissed, they can both go to hell…phonies.

by tiredofcrap on Thu Apr 10, 2008 at 10:34:53 AM PDT

Expect to see more like this if Obama starts to see a hit to his numbers. Then the knives will come out and Edwards will be toast, cut free of her lifeline to the most prestigious and influential blog on the web /snark.
Welcome to the dark side, Elizabeth. Bwahahahahaahaaaaa!

Sugar ‘n Spice lays it on the line about Obama’s lack of commitment to the African-American community in her critique of Tavis Smiley’s scolding of Obama for skipping last week’s MLK commemoration in Memphis. Here’s the money quotes:

I’ve listed a number of instances here at Sugar N Spice in which Obama, when he should have been the one, if anybody, standing up for the issues of minorities, was tucking his tail and running. Back in 2005, in a statement on his U.S. Senate webpage, he states that the “ineptitude was colorblind” in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Obviously in an attempt to not seem too concerned with pointing out blatant racism–hoping to keep his white supporters happy. I’m sorry. I know that there were a lot of poor white folks left out there. Bless them, I know they were there, but the majority of the faces we saw festering in their own waste and stink were people of color, and as much as I’m glad I live in this country as opposed to someplace in the Third World, if the racial makeup of those stranded out there when the storm ended was different, they wouldn’t have been left out there for so long. That’s a tough pill to swallow for some, but it’s the reality. Hillary even offered an apology stating:

“I’ve said it publicly, and I say it privately: I apologize, and I am embarrassed that our government so mistreated our fellow citizens … It was a national disgrace,” she said.

But, Obama said the ineptitude was colorblind. He failed to show up to Tavis Smiley’s State of the Black Union event, but Hillary was there–despite the fact that so many of my people have turned their backs on her–and yet. And, yet…African-Americans keep on making excuses for him. I’m disappointed that Dr. Cornel West is supporting him, but I am glad that he was at least man enough to publicly scold him and not offer some hat in hand excuse for his failure to show up.

I’m with Sugar on this one. One of the things I like best about Hillary is that she never seems to feel the need to exclude a group of voters simply because they aren’t sexy, young, well-to-do, supereducated or members of an embarrassing underclass, like the cousins from the wrong side of the tracks. In this country, you never know who the next heros are going to be, or the good Samaritans or leaders or scientists who will cure disease or free us from foreign oil. Obama has behaved abysmally towards many groups of people: women, the working class and African-Americans. Perhaps this is because he doesn’t really feel like he’s part of the African-American community. Unfortunately, many African-Americans are so invested in electing a person of color, and who can blame them, that they are not examining carefully whether that person is actually committed to helping them in any substantive way. There are many ways in which this primary season has become a real set back for the advancement of social justice and African-Americans may find themselves similarly disenfranchised.

39 Responses

  1. I guess they’re gonna throw Elizabeth under the bus with grandma.

    That should convince John to endorse His Transcendantness.

    Don’t step in the Unity, John.

  2. Am I the only one who absolutely hates the idea of an Obama/Clinton ticket?

  3. The only thing more delightful for the He-Man-Woman-Haters-Club members to bash than Hillary is a woman with cancer. How dare she talk about health care and prefer Hillary’s plan?

    If anyone is up for reading Ann Coulter–and yep, I know that is hard swallow–she has an essay on Obama’s Mein Kampf (of course, over the top title) about Obama’s first book and its message. Coulter is race-baiting, so I am not advocating her position, but the essay made me realize that one reason Obama hates women so much (and I believe he does) is that he hated his mother.

    Also, isn’t the title of his first book about his father really similar to Anthony Appiah’s work on his father?

    The more I think about Obama the more I wonder how this dude got so far so fast.

  4. I love EE even when I don’t agree with here, which almost never, and I love that she’s with Podestra’s group now.

    I’m thinking that she’s not going to give a rat’s a** about what the “Big Orange Sippy Cup” (BOSC) say about here.

    Just how arrogant are the people over there? I mean can you get any worse than “…I Mandate You Read this”? I almost wish I had what they were smoking except for the fact that it would make me as stupid as they are. Jeesh.

    I don’t think that John or Elizabeth are going to endorse anyone outright. I think they are going for the long view and will let us sort it out for ourselves.

  5. The BOSC has given EE their hand in unity, BO08 style. Come by us EE, we’re the real deal. We’d love to see your posts here, endorsement or not.

  6. OT, but not much.

    Randi Rhodes quit!

    Hey Randi! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!.

    Seriously though, Randi needs to understand that having the right to say anything doesn’t make anything you say right.

  7. Turkana put a post on the left coaster yesterday. The post captures the behavior during this primary.


    I was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump off. So I ran over and said “Stop! don’t do it!”

    “Why shouldn’t I?” he said.

    I said: Well, there’s so much to live for!

    He said: Like what?

    I said: The Bush era is almost over! Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

    He said: Democrat.

    I said: Me too! Are you a liberal, a moderate, or a conservative?

    He said: Liberal.

    I said: Me too! Would you like a president like John McCain, who will talk about global warming, but offer only a weak industry friendly approach to dealing with it, or do you agree with the Democratic candidates that we need to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050?

    He said: Reduce emissions by 80%!
    …. [There is more ]

  8. myiq2xu: “Randi Rhodes quit!”

    Hey Randi, don’t yell fire in a crowded theater! 😉

  9. my comment vanished into ether!!

    OK, here is the link:

  10. hlr,
    I think Patti Solis Doyle is a moron for pushing a unity ticket. Stupidest thing I have ever heard. Obama will be toxic for the Democrats. He probably won’t even be able to win reelection to the Senate after the GOP gets through with him.

  11. hlr: No, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care for the idea either.
    No, I don’t like the Unity ticket concept but I understand why it’s being floated. It’s to pacify the young’uns in case the Supers throw it Hillary’s way. I would hope that if offered, Obama would refuse the VP slot. And Hillary would be nuts if she accepted VP from him.
    But we can entertain the idea for awhile to keep the children quiet.

  12. Ha…..I can remember days when I used to read that site and Elizabeth was lauded as a saint. I wonder who TRULY has the shifting allegiances.

    This whole election break before Pennsylvania is depressing. I really need Obama to get smackdowned somewhere off his pedestal.

    And no, hlr…..I think it’s a terrible idea too.

  13. imo – the only reason Randi quit was because she was all ready set up with msnbc .. probably was going to resign anyway . Now she has the benefit of making a so called stand for free speech AND stealing the news cycle while making the transition to tee vee only.

  14. RD,

    I can tolerate the idea of Clinton/Obama for the reasons you stated but not Obama/Clinton.


    It really bothers me that PSD is pushing this. See, there’s this rumor out there that HRC is pushing for the second slot at this point, which, if true, may give her something to do but sets a really bad precedent for women across workplaces in America. RD’s scenario I can live with.

  15. hlr…that’s the problem I have with the Unity Ticket. I don’t want a combination ticket that relegates women to the back simply to [in my opinion] placate an upstart and his followers.

  16. hlr: Where did you hear this rumor about Hillary taking second place? That would be truly disturbing if true. You’re right that it would set a bad precedent and I would strongly disapprove. OTOH, Elizabeth Edwards, presumably knowing what is really going on, is pushing for the kind of scenario that winds up with Clinton on top.
    So, who is floating this rumor about HRC taking VP? We’ve got to nip that in the bud now!

  17. I would absolutely lead a movement AGAINST that silly idea, especially now.
    That a horrible timing.

    Our only focus now should be to win PA by 10+, surprise people in NC, and win in IN, KY, WV, possibly big.

    Moreover, such an idea coming at this moment from someone known to be very close to HRC doesn’t send good signals.

    It’s not time to be friends, we are still in the ring duking it out.

    If you thing it’s time to be nice, ask Elizabeth Edwards.

  18. RD — well, for example, Maureen Dowd floated the rumor:

    s Barack Obama was floating in the pool with his daughters the last few days in St. Thomas, some Clinton disciples were floating the idea of St. Hillary as his vice president.

    She can’t win without him, said one Hillary adviser, and he can’t win without her.

    One Hillary pal said she wouldn’t want to go back to a Senate full of lawmakers who’d abandoned her for Obama.

    Didn’t think much of it at the time, given the source, but the PSD activities make me nervous.

  19. hlr: Whew! I thought you were referring to someone with credibility. MoDo doesn’t qualify. I think PSD is just keeping the idea alive to take the heat out of Obama supporters haka. It’s a kind of counter haka. He’s not prepared to be president but he might make a good VP. (I know, I know, gag me) It’s our version of WWTSBJQ? Must drive the Obamaphiles insane, as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi’s stern denials today. It seems so reasonable, therefore it is dangerous to Obama.

  20. In the future: NO MORE CAUCUSES! Having a handful of people gathered together for one hour out of a day to select the next president of the US is wrong.

  21. The unity ticket is a non-starter for me simply because Obama is disastrous for the GE. Obama and his camp will be exposed by the media during the GE and she’ll have to answer for it. What she would absolutely need is someone who can help her win key battleground states (e.g., PA, FL, OH, etc.).

  22. Keep in mind that there were rumors that Hillary was trying to figure out how to leave the race “gracefully”. Periodically, “rumors” surface that seem to lash out against Hillary to boost Obama’s appeal. The rumors have pretty much always been wrong.

  23. Cam eacross this comment by someone I usually respect amd enjoy reading:

    Nail in the coffin for me was the report on KO last night, that the Clinton campaign couldn’t believe they weren’t getting more traction from the Jeremiah Wright story, and they were gonna keep trying.

    I’m sick to death of scary black men, especially when Democrats are using them.

    What did KO say, anyone know? Considering the source…which I’m surprised my commenter pal didn’t do…or maybe he did, still trusting Keith….

    And how was KO’s source? Another unnamed “staffer” or “adviser”?


    And, hir, where do malevolent reporters find all these Hillary advisers and staffers who dish such dirt?

  24. Two of my comments on this thread never appeared. Strange, since I could post without trouble in other threads.

  25. ghost2:

    The Hillary Campaign deleted your comments, call Keith Obamaman.

    That’s worth a whole segment with guests Eugene Robinson, Michael Wolffe, Jon Alter, Howard Fineman and a special appearance by Andrea Mitchell and Margarete Carlson.

  26. Hi Ghost,
    I found two comments in the spam filter. At least one of them had a couple of links and that sometimes triggers it.

    I released them but I didn’t see what threads they landed in.

    I’m sorry for the delay.

  27. Good for Elizabeth Edwards! And the heck with the orange cheetos place. I knew they would turn on her.

    And rd, when you talk about all the groups Obama has thrown under the bus, don’t forget baby boomers. Gays too. He basically hates the whole Democratic base.

  28. 12 days until Pennsylvania!!! (crosses fingers)

    As long as Hillary is at the top of the ticket, I don’t really care who gets the VP slot. If it was up to me, I would have her pick Clinton/Clark.

  29. I would like a Hillary/Jim Webb ticket. That would be awesome. And I wish I could be at that Hillary Rally tomorrow morning in NY. Wonder if any of the MSM will cover it?

  30. jawbone, it’s KO. His “source” was probably the misogynistic voices in his head. Hillary pushed the Wright story by…um…forcing Scumbag to release that photo of BC and Wright? I believe we call that “scorched earth.”

  31. There’s no way an Obama/Clinton ticket can happen. She’d have to train her boss everyday. How annoying!

    Randi, i will miss you. I know one fine day, you, Markos, Arianna, Keith O. and others will find the counseling you dearly need for your CDS. Just get help soon. You’ll need it when she gets the nomination.
    If Hillary doesn’t get it, you’ll need it for November when Barack Dukakis gets his ass handed to him by McCain – who is btw clocking Obama in the states he’s won in the Dem. primary.

    I hope John and Liz come out before NC for Hillary. I don’t see them doing so as such a long shot anymore.

  32. Gee, I remember EE being all smart and popular, and suddenly now she’s all not smart and not popular? I don’t get it.

    This is probably why I was never popular in school, even though everybody thought I was.

    Incidentally,our local AAR affiliate just emailed me the “the good news from our friends at Nova M Radio Network [that] Randi Rhodes returns to the Seattle airwaves this Monday night”.

    You can be assured I sent an appropriate response.

  33. RD: hlr: Whew! I thought you were referring to someone with credibility.

    Alrighty, I’ll raise the stakes … Rendell then popped up on the teevee stating that the two should make a deal that no matter who the nominee is, he/she should pick the other for VP.

  34. Hillary/Elizabeth ’08!

  35. well, we have more fun on the dark side. elizabeth will enjoy the company. like she cares what the kewl kos kidz think.

  36. The broad point is that Hillary can deal with being disliked, because she’s been disliked; Obama can’t deal constructively with it, because it’s alien to his experience. Do we really want a president who’s been so sheltered from one of the most common aspects of human experience?

  37. MABlue, Oh, really?

    We, in Canada, had a great sigh of relief when Ignatieff lost his bid. Now, he is a constructive person.

    I think his campaign was similar to Obama. He came out of nowhere and suddenly was front runner (although he is not as much of a lightweight as Obama). Lots of money, lots of delegates, but finally, the (real) progressive wing of the liberal party stopped it at the convention.

    I couldn’t get past his tortured analysis in support of the Invasion in 2002/2003.

  38. There will be a Clinton/Obama ticket or an Obama/Clinton ticket if it’s the only way to unite the party for November. Otherwise, not. I don’t think Pelosi, for example, has figured out how hard it might be to get everyone pulling on the same rope. Wouldn’t worry about the right Reverend Wright in the context of a C/O ticket. Nobody votes for or against the veep.

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