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Wednesday- Wunnerful, Wunnerful

Morning all! I fell asleep during Nitecap and didn’t get to wish RonKSeattle a Happy Birthday. So, let me do so now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RONK!!! How old are you now? 20 something? (insert your favorite multiple) If you feel so inclined, you may wish to send your birthday wishes to RonK in the form of a donation to Rep. Jim McDermott’s legal fund. Our gentleman colleague from Ohio, John “weepy eyes” Boehner, took him to court many years ago over a serendipitously intercepted cell phone call involving nasty Newt Gingrich. Boehner’s been vindictively pursuing the case ever since (because it contributes so much to Congressional harmony?) Anywho, if you would like to help Rep. McDermott retire this debt to society (/snark), please visit this site and mention it was for RonK.

Here are some other things to ponder this morning:

  • Following up on Hillary’s plan to increase spending on breast cancer research by $300 Million dollars and what this exciting news portends for the research industry in general, I thought I would try to bring everyone up to date on what really goes on in biomedical research. Specifically, how do we researchers discover, design and develop treatments for various diseases? Well, the first place to start is with the Human Genome and, once again, Terry Gross has a first rate interview with Craig Venter, head of Celera, who along with government scientists cracked the DNA code for the human species. I hope you will find this interview as fascinating and informative as I did.
  • Elizabeth Edwards, who is so far not endorsing any candidate, has some positive words for Hillary’s health care plan. Elizabeth knows that in order to achieve a real cost benefit, universal coverage is the key. When everyone is covered, there will be fewer emergency room visits and lengthy hospital stays for untreated illnesses. Did you know that in the state of NJ, taxpayers fork out $700 million each year for hospital costs of the uninsured? That’s a hidden tax on all of us that could be put to better use keeping people healthy.
  • Who is Luke Ravenstahl? He’s the 28 year old mayor of Pittsburgh and he’s a Clinton supporter. Read all about him and his unlikely rise to prominence in my home town. This is a kid who understands hard work and what it will take to help Pittsburgh make the transition from industrial to high tech age. With Pittsburgh, he’s got a lot of good material to work with. I see a bright future for Ravenstahl and the city. And with Clinton as an ally, well, it’s going to be wonderful.
  • One more thing: Did you know that you can now direct where your contribution to Hillary’s campaign in PA will buy?  Yep. So far, contributors have bought $15,000 worth of door signs, $25,000 worth of van rides for seniors and the disabled to make it to the polling places and we are now closing in on $50,000 worth of yard signs.  But you can still help with radio and TV ads.  Barack Obama is spending $2.2 Million in TV ads throughout the state, more than any other candidate in PA history (not that it will help him much).  It would be great if Hillary could roll out some of her own optimistic ads and show those of us who aren’t internet junkies what a great president she’d be.  So, if you have a few bucks and want to buy 10 seconds of ad, send it her way.  Here’s the link.

26 Responses

  1. Good morning riverdaughter,
    Good news in this poll

    Clinton strong in the East and West of Pa, gaining in Philly, Obama is gaining in West Central Pa????
    What’s that about? Don’t tell me I have to go to Johns town for cryin’ out loud.

    Happy news for me, I just found out the Frida Kahlo exhibit is in Philly. That, along with winning PA will certainly make my month!

  2. I read that BO is spending $2.2 million for television ads in Pennsylvania – more than anyone has ever spent before, including Governors and Senators in a general election.

    And according to SUSA, he’s wasting all those $10 and $25 donations.

  3. tucsonlynn: Johnstown has a fairly big branch of the University of Pittsburgh (my alma mater). I suspect that has something to do with it. Also, I think the Clinton office might have only recently opened in that area. With some elbow grease, we should be able to turn it around.

  4. Well okay then, extra elbow grease on the packing list.

  5. This was posted over at http://hillarysbloggers.soapblox.net/

    Protest against media, NYC, April11


  6. I wish I could sweep into NYC for that protest, but sadly I am booked for another trip. Hope it makes headway and isn’t ignored.

  7. The Knob Creek I had last night isn’t sittin so well this morning (or maybe it was that last gin and tonic). Though I made it with plenty of time for my 9 a.m. journal club, I failed to note that I was supposed to be presenting. D’OH! Since I’m writing my “final product” I guess I’m allowed to be a little absent minded–and I’m totally milking that for everything I can these days.

    BTW, good news for the day is that Jackie Speier totally rocked yesterday, getting over 75% of the vote. For non-CA folks, Jackie is to CA what Hillary is to the US. She is amazing and should at least be CA governor some day, if not more.

    Yes, this guy likes strong, smart, competent women leaders.

  8. Johnstown: Somewhere deep within the ufa photo archives, there’s a photo of the ’36 flood. No, I wasn’t there. 😉

    TV/Radio ads for Clinton: Absolutely critical. Pony up, people. Broadcast saturation is how BO is catching up with her.

  9. BTW – the PA ad buy is $2.2 million per week!

    Those of you in the PA market might want to avoid television until after the primary.

  10. Looks like Oprah is losing esteem since her Obama endorsement. Is this guy anything other than toxic? He doesn’t belong on a national ticket and Patti Solis Doyle is a moron for trying to push a unity ticket. Obama takes down the entire party.

  11. From the NYT: a profile of Tweety. Yes, he’s just as repugnant as you think he is, and the reporter doesn’t even seem to dislike him.


  12. How has Oprah been faring since her endorsement of Obama? Not so well, it seems.

  13. Hi Riverdaughter,

    I attended a breakfast for Hillary in San Francisco last Thursday and got close enough to shake her hand afterward. A young Jodie Foster look-alike Secret Service officer kindly told me where to stand. As Hillary was leaving, I said, “Goodbye, Madam President!” Others echoed the call, and she turned and gave us a thumbs up! Her speech was beautifully given and spoke directly to the audience. She received standing ovations coming and going, and lots of cheering throughout her talk. A landscape designer at my table told me that all of his friends are supporting Hillary, and he wished he hadn’t maxed out and could send her more.

    This breakfast confirmed my belief that Hillary will be the best president in my lifetime. I’m reading Bernstein’s “A Woman in Charge” and am constantly amazed by what Hillary has accomplished. Having this woman “Al Gored” by the corporate-consolidated media is about the final straw for me with this country. After eight years of Bu$h and Co., this country needs a brilliant, hardworking accomplished politician who is in it for the good of the American people. I just read how she saved Legal Aid when she was Chair in her late 20s. I had friends who were working at Legal Aid and attended many of their parties. They were among the finest people I have ever met.

    But my main point is that I have some great photos of Hillary that I can send if you can give me an e-mail address. I’ve e-mailed them to friends and one of them–a photographer–said he was envious, probably more that I was up-close to Hillary. He’s an astute follower of American politics and was one of the first to confirm that I was on the right track when my early examination of the candidates turned me to Hillary.

    The Internet shouting down of Hillary (I unplugged cable in 2000 after hearing Chris Matthews sneer “And Gore said he invented the Internet” one too many times) made me wonder if I was the only one who was not on the Bama train. Then I visited my local Clinton headquarters and met the most amazing politically astute people ever. She had more give-and-take energy at the local rally I attended (thousands turned away) than I saw on internet streaming of Obama revival meetings.

    Matthews is a self-confessed Bu$h voter, and I wonder if his crush on Obama will soon be swoons for McCain.

  14. RD: I get out to Johnstown a couple of time a year and even with the large Pitt extension campus I really don’t understand the shift from Hillary. The economy sucks and the people are really conservative. When Congressman Murtha leaves his position that town is going to just dry up.

    I love that place because of my friends there but I’m under no illusion as to how conservative it is. And though I don’t want to diss the town but you still have to watch yourself coming out of the only gay bar in town. There have been enough incidents to remain wary.

  15. gqmartinez:

    Perhaps Oprah’s viewers included more blue collar, “low information” voters than she’d thought.

  16. lisadawn82: RD: I get out to Johnstown a couple of time a year and even with the large Pitt extension campus I really don’t understand the shift from Hillary.

    I wouldn’t worry about this at all. The West Central sub-sample is 7% of the total making the MOE of West Central voter preferences around 16.

  17. Has anyone been following whether Andrea Mitchell, who was so terribly concerned about Hillary talking about the Bachtel hospital/insurance problem when Andrea thought Hillary was “mistaken” or “exaggerating” or — gasp! — even “lying”–

    Has dear Andrea played up that Hillary was right all along? That the MCM created grief for Ms Bachtel’s survivors? That the MCM and Mitchell made a pretty serious charge and were pretty seriously wrong?

    And, yes, this really ticks me off. It is such a perfect capsulized examply of how the MCM operates toward Dems they don’t like (which ends up usually being all leading Dems….).

  18. http://mediamatters.org/items/200804070008?f=h_latest

    Media Matters covers Andrea Mitchell dissing Clinton over Mark Penn (a if she can’t manage her campaign, how can she manage the country attack). Tim Russert, Andrea, and Matt Lauer were so terribly concerned about the Clintons’ earnings as reported in the tax forms they released last week. And then they were so terribly concerened poor contributors giving money to Hillary when Penn made so much money off the campaign.

    It’s what they, especially the NBC MCMers do–the better to dampen enthusiasm and drive down her vote count.

    I am so angry I could spit.

  19. jawbone:

    Andrea Mitchell? From NBC? Apologize for wrongly smearing Hillary Clinton?

    If you still having a tough time figuring out the culture in the MCM re HRC, especially that swamp infested MessNBC, let me help you.

    The following is an exchange I got from the pile of feces that is the “Countdown” transcript from Monday; keep in mind the show aired half a day after Hillary had been vindicated:

    OLBERMANN: Well. All right, also, we learned over the weekend that this story that Senator Clinton has told on the campaign trail repeatedly, this uninsured pregnant woman was not exactly precise. Walk us through the story and whether or not she had earned a mulligan on that one.

    MILBANK: I think she probably does get a mulligan on the specifics of this story. It‘s about a 35-year-old pregnant woman who had a stillborn child and then she died herself. The question is: it was said that she could not go to a particular hospital unless she paid $100 upfront and she wasn‘t insured. Well, she wasn‘t insured at an earlier time, and the hospital that wouldn‘t treat her unless she paid $100 isn‘t the one she actually went to.

    But in the interview, as people have found out, well, basically the guts of the story are true and probably, this woman, had she gotten better care, things would have turned out better. The problem is, when you‘re in this sort of exaggeration position as previously Al Gore and John Kerry found themselves in, it‘s very hard to escape this. So, even a fairly innocent one like this, is just one more piece on the pile.

    OLBERMANN: All right. Giving her that one, you still have Bosnia, you still have the “I was critical of Iraq first,” you have the “Mark Penn is gone, but he‘s not gone” thing.

    Is there a sense in the Clinton campaign that regardless of what happens in the campaign, I mean, if Senator Obama decided tonight, I‘m moving to Japan to play the cello professionally, that they may have painted their candidate permanently in the terms you just described, sort of serial exaggerator?

    Or is it, are they really sitting there saying, no the media is against because they reported the facts rather than our versions of the facts, it‘s the media‘s fault all the way? Do they really believe that?

    Can anybody believe this?

    I would like to comment on that little exchange so badly, but I am pretty I won’t be able to control my language.

  20. http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Ann_Dunham

    Came across this link on a blog which has photos of Obama at a very tony, pricey fundraiser in SF–seems he spent the day in CA raising money (which all good Dem candidates do–except he says he gets his money from the “little people”….). Will post that link below.

    Link here just has family photos and info about different times in his life. All in one place, so a bit easier than some of the photos links which require going hither and thither.

  21. http://www.zombietime.com/obama_visits_billionaires_row/

    This is kind of fun–a CA photographer with loads of time and a desire to know what’s going on visits one of the fundraising from the wealthy sites Obama went to on Sunday. Lots of photos, so may load slowly for some.

    Blogger points out that the Obama campaign goes to great lengths to keep the very idea of his raising BIg Bucks from Big Money out of pubic view.

    Just like any pol….

  22. Olbermann seems too incoherent in that clip to be worth responding to.

    She was right, but he can’t bring himself to admit it, so he gets tangled up in his sentences instead.

  23. I love this blog. I know I have said this before, but it is so uplifting to see the great things Hillary is doing without all the garbage. Her commitment to breast cancer is so important, because it spurs on other research. I know there are genuine scientists on this blog, and I am not, but my partner had breast cancer and then it turned out she also had melanoma. As a result we found out that people who get one kind of cancer are more prone to getting other kinds of cancers. The NIH has been drained and Bush is so anti-science, that Hillary’s stance is the kind of real CHANGE we need.

    I am not worried about the TV ads. I don’t think Obama’s blitz can speak to the real live concerns of people without health care. They know who their champion is.

  24. MA Blue: I caught that exchange with Fineman and KO on the internets. In essence, they have a presumption of falsity with anything coming out of the Clinton camp, and they’re not going to bother making their own determination of accuracy. If someone else confirms that a statement is true, they don’t have to apologize, because it was natural and reasonable for them to have assume falsity until someone else proved accuracy, and besides, there’s all this other presumed false stuff over here!

    It’s very convenient, but it’s not journalism. I can’t believe I used to treat Countdown as must-see-TV.

  25. Riverdaughter,

    I suppose you and others on this site have seen this flag?? Taylor had it posted a couple of days ago. It’s a powerful statement.


  26. Is that a Stan Freberg reference, RD? If so, you really are a Goddess…

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