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Nitecap- I’m so much cooler online

hey, guys, I went to see a live broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion the other day and it was just as good as you’re thinking it is. Garrison Keillor runs around in a suit and red sneakers over a stage covered with oriental carpets. The sound effects guy wears a pair of wooden lasts around his neck and the Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band is nothing short of perfection. Last week’s guests were Jean Redpath, Kimberly Williams-Paisley and her husband Brad Paisley. I only knew him by name and hadn’t heard any of his songs. But he has to be the funniest country singer around. Some of my new favorites are his song about how he shows his wife he loves her by putting the toilet seat down. And there’s one about being a guy that didn’t take it too seriously. One of my favorites was this one about suddenly being cool online. I can relate. Er, not to the Mazerati and the three way, of course. Just to the concept of being the latest cool thing. We hit 200,000 hits yesterday. Thanks to Katiebird, Bostonboomer, RonKSeattle, Tucsonlynn, Shainzona, Ghost2, MABlue, UpstateNY, Ufa, campshunk, and all of the other fellow travellers, we are tres cool. Here’s the video…

Set’em up, Joe. I’ll have a Knob Creek OTR. Hey, you wanna see some cool pics? (fun with photobooth. I love soft focus)

44 Responses

  1. Hmmm, might need a refill. The pics aren’t fuzzy enuf.

  2. Is that you in those pictures? If so, you are cool.

  3. BB: LOL! Yeah, that’s me. The things you can do with digital imaging… 😉

  4. (waving) I’m up from the couch briefly. I love this place — riverdaughter, I’m so happy to be a part of it. I just wish I knew how long this pleurisy thing was going to last. It might be as bad as ever (and I’m really sorry for whining)

    Maybe a nice glass of boxed wine would be appropriate?

  5. so what’s Garrison Keillor like in person? I find his voice almost hypnotic on the radio. I love his voice!

    I’d heard of Brad Paisley, but hadn’t heard him. that was a cute song.

    love your pics!

  6. O — I meant to say, I love the photos!

  7. Oh, she’s pretty cool in person — not just an online phenomenon 😉

  8. Katiebird: So sorry you’re feeling sick. I hope the doctor has given you some lime and coconut so you can “drink’em both togedder, and you feel bedder”.
    You can have some wine but only if it doesn’t interfere with yout antibiotics and steroids.

    Hmmm, what this calls for is a Pat Robertson style intervention. Ok, Conflucians, everyone lay your virtual hands on Katiebird and DRIIIIVE that evil pleurisy from Katiebird’s lungs.

  9. ummmm. Now THAT feels much better. Those virtual hands feel almost as good as the real thing.

  10. kiki: he is fine and mellow. i like the fact that he shares the stage. He is gracious as a host and to his guest performers. He has a warm, resonant voice and he does the News from Lake Woebegone without a script or notes. He just sits at the edge of the stage on a chair and seems to make it up as he goes along. The scripts fall from music stands and skitter under the piano, everyone is on cue and doesn’t miss a beat. It has an air of unstudied perfection. Does that make sense? They are all so good at what they do and so attuned with one another that it looks flawless and fun.
    Highly recommended. Thank you, BFF. It was delightful.

  11. I hope Brook liked it.

  12. BFF: Brook liked it- a LOT. Didn’t you notice? She didn’t fidget the whole time. She’s going through her storytelling phase. I should put her Baemyrth stuff on Boilivia.
    Yeah, she liked it. She LOVED it.

  13. Stanford 48, Tennessee 64
    Heavy sigh.

  14. riverdaughter, wonderful site! Glad I finally discovered it. I’ve been lurking for a while since leaving the daily Obama, and this site is a breath of fresh air.

    I guess I might have to post here on occasion…

  15. jeff: Come on in! What can we get you?

  16. BFF: *patting back* There, there, your teams are just going thru some rebuilding years. It will be better someday.

  17. Don’t want to ruin it but:

    Horror show coming near you

    There seem to be some interesting revelations though:

    Matthews’s contract expires next year, and NBC officials clearly would like to renew it for considerably less than the $5 million a year he is making now. Whether it’s a formal talking point or not, NBC officials seem bent on conveying the message that they could get the same ratings, or better ones, for considerably less money.

    Clearly bashing Hillary Clinton seems to be his bargaining strategy, but could Chris Matthews really be this delusional?

    “I like the fact that people don’t think of me as famous, but that they know me,” Matthews said. “They come up to me and say, ‘Chris, what do you think?’ There’s no aura. It’s a different kind of celebrity. People assume they have a right to talk to me. They want to know my take.”

    Do we have some love-me-Daddy issues here?

    “By the way, have you figured me out yet?” Matthews said at the end of another phone conversation the following day. “You gotta under-stand, it’s all complicated. It’s not like Tim.” Tim — as in Russert, the inquisitive jackhammer host of “Meet the Press” — is a particular obsession of Matthews’s. Matthews craves Russert’s approval like that of an older brother. He is often solicitous.

    Oh poor Chris! Daddy is being tough:

    A number of people I spoke with at NBC said that Russert can be disdainful of Matthews, whose act he often sees as clownish. They also told me that Russert believes Matthews is something of a loose cannon who brings him undue headaches in his capacity as NBC’s Washing-ton bureau chief.

    Am I sensing some insecurity here?

  18. ahh, I hope Garrison Keillor comes to Alabama. I’d love to be in the audience. I’m mesmerized by that voice! thank you for the after report, and I’m so glad you enjoyd it! hey Jeff, hi! we must be neighbors!

  19. MABlue: Don’t make me feel sorry for Tweety because that would reall y be harshin’ my mellow. $5 Million? Are you kidding me? And all you have to do is know how to skillfully apply glittering generalities and the bandwagon effect? Jeez, if that’s the case, any HS senior taking “Problems of Democracy” should be able to do it and be 10X cooler.
    Hmmm, I think this is Jack Welch’s subtle way of telling Tweety to retire (the bastard).
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  20. jeff and kiki: do you know the campskunks? Lovely couple.

  21. I saw Garrison at an event (not PHC, just him) a few months ago and was amazed all over again at the guy. Quite apart from his brilliant and thoughtful material, how extraordinary to see a 65-year-old man stand up and sing for half an hour and talk for an hour and a half without notes, teleprompter, or anything other than his own mind prompting him. I haven’t heard Jean Redpath in decades but I heard the show this week and she was great.

  22. Just had a T&T after a mailing party to raise funds for Rep. Jim McDermott’s final-final-FINAL $1.1 million payout on Boehner v. McDermott, a vindictive legal matter punishing Jim for his 1996 disclosures that put a bunch of nails in Newt Gingrich’s political coffin.

    Long and short, we lost Jim’s end of the case, but saved the First Amendment, and we have about $100K to go and 8 days to pul lit together

    I am wiped. See http://www.McDermottLegalTrust.org for details (Bill C. raised us about $200K last year, and uncommitted SuperJim is highly appreciative), and if the mood strikes you, drop a contribution in the bucket, and wish me a Happy Birthday.

  23. riverdaughter:

    I actually kinda feel sorry for Chris.

    NBC is telling him he’s expandable and not worth the money they are paying him now, he craves the approval of Timmeh (yaowza!) and doesn’t even get it. Worst of all Pumpkin Head looks down on him and consider him a lunatic.

    Considering that he thinks he’s so great and knows so much…

  24. the campskunks? I have no idea…..

  25. Sorry, riverdaughter, don’t know them either. Kiki, I’m in auburn– whereabouts are you?

  26. chris has made a lot more money than a lot of people. he can just go live someplace, whatever. honestly, I can’t work up sympathy for him. lots of people don’t get props or money, he’s gotten both.

  27. Jeff, I’m in Birmingham. RD, who the heck are the Campskumks???

  28. Riverdaughter,
    You know the campskunks? I am jealous!

  29. Happy Birthday, Ron!

    I am glad you are here. It seems a great home for your talents.

  30. Good morning one and all, especially the uber-fox Riverdaughter. Congratulation on the 200k hits!

    MaBlue, pleeeze, you must tell us (slowly and in detail) how you create those blue hot links and those indented, pink passages of quoted text. (I can’t figure out how to do any of that at this site).

    Anybody else, please feel free to pitch in and help the technically impaired. Thanks and here’s hoping.

  31. have you seen this:
    Hillary Clinton Voter Protest Event Friday April 11!

    Pie Hole: Perhaps I could answer instead of MABlue:

    To make blue hot links, do this:

    (substitute [ ] brackets with to make it work. )

    [a href=”LINK ADDRESS”] TEXT [/a]
    for example: LINK ADDRESS= https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com
    TEXT= The Confluence
    becomes: The Confluence

    To make nice pink passages of quoted text, do this:

    [blockquote] QUOTE [/blockquote]
    again replace [ ] brackets with . So it becomes:


  32. Pie Hole,

    I just answered your question, but there are too many links in my answer, and the software is going to wait for a moderator before letting it through!!

  33. Ghost2,

    Thanks! I’m new to The Confluence and it is so generous of you to help out. I’ll check back for your reply – hope it gets through.

    (I’ve tried to figure it out for myself i.e. I’ve followed the “help” link; it tells me to go to the dashboard, and from there I eventually end up where I started.)

  34. Hey RonK,
    I donated the little bit I could afford to the McDermott Fund. Happy Birthday!

    I live northwest of you in Inslee territory. I like Inslee fine, but McDermott has always rocked!

  35. I’ve got tickets to see Prairie Home Companion Memorial day weekend. Can’t wait.

  36. RonK: I fell asleep before I saw your comment. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s not too late.

  37. Good Morning: wow, those are some pictures…cool.

    OK, so wife and I have decided to “grow up” and purchase property instead of renting (well intentioned family and friends tell us it the thing to do.. we’ll see).

    We found a couple of fixer uppers in a very inexpensive community (thank g*d d for low property values in rural upstate NY) and will be closing tomorrow if everything goes well.

    Probably there is nothing to it, but since we have never done it before, we are stressed as h*ll. I may be “disconnected” from the internets for a while, depending of anxiety levels…. (of course it could go the other way 🙂

    So good bye for a few days and as Arnold would say, “I’ll be back”

  38. UpstateNU,

    Owning is better. Especially if you are creative and handy.
    Fixeruppers are the best, you can only improve things, and the possibilites are endless. Good luck!

  39. i too, am so cool online i can’t possibly live up to it in real life.

    i will be going down to wi-fi access for two weeks next month as i vacation out west in the hinterlands, but it will be intermittent… sometimes there’s not even cell phone service where i hang out out there. next year i’m going to get portable satellite internet access, and i’ll be wired from anywhere i choose to go. ah, modern technology…

  40. UpstaeNY: We’ll be here. Have fun with the mortgage thingy. And remember: paint is cheap.

  41. pie hole and ghost2: For reasons known only to html deslgners, it is really difficult to type in a comment how to put in a link. (it has to do with escape characters which I can never remember how to use) If you had to write html code before there was a WYSIWYG editor, it’s a cinch. Here’s a website that shows you how:
    HTML link tutorial

  42. I hate it that Garrison Keillor endorsed Obama. I wish he could be persuaded to rethink his decision, and endorse Hillary.

  43. Peg: He’s still a great storyteller. Horribly wrong about Obama. But in every other way, an excellent performer.

  44. Ghost 2 and Riverdaughter,

    Thanks for the tech support. Now, I’m gonna go practice. G’nite all.

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