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Hillary’s Plan to Revive Research Starts with Breast Cancer

BRCA1 Breast Cancer Susceptability Protein

Hey all you geeks out there. Remember the NIH? Yeah, that’s the place a lot of you camped out at for a few years doing post-doc work solving crystals and running assays and groovy $&*( like that. Bush et al didn’t really believe in research though because, you know, most of that stuff relies on evolution and we all know the world is only 6000 years old. So, our research institutions have been sorely neglected.

Well, Hillary is going to revive the ailing United States scientific research community, starting with a $300 million infusion to the NIH for breast cancer research. Friends, can stem cell research be far behind? Wow! I am so looking forward to that. Just think of the progress we will make in the biotech fields when we can use stem cells to run better more accurate assays and grow human tissues instead of less than adequate facsimiles. Maybe we can catch up on 8 years of being dragged back into the 19th century.

* The image above is of BRCA1 (Breast Cancer Susceptability Protein) that can be retrieved from the publically available repository at the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank.

Update: Commenter Marco thinks that Obama will shortly release his own copycat policy.  I predict it will be $500 million for research into erectile dysfunction.

23 Responses

  1. !! Thanks for posting this Riverdaughter. My mom is a 3 time cancer survivor and this issue is hugely important to my family.

  2. This is so great! I have actually been visiting a blog criticizing her for supporting breast cancer over other cancers and doing it on the Ellen show. I don’t know…you can’t please all of the people any of the time if you’re Hillary Clinton.

  3. Didn’t ya know that you’re supposed to include the PDB ID (in this case, 1JM7) when you show a structure from another lab :p.

    Kinda funny that you show this. I’ve been doing NMR experiments on my favorite protein since Friday. The structure is clearly a solution NMR structure. I’ll spare you the details.

    For those not in the biomedical sciences, funding is really, really rough. Proposals that would definitely have received NIH funding five years ago are not getting funded. The average age for first time RO1 funding is on the incline making it really hard for young up and coming faculty to get money to do their research. And the NSF and other agencies are in even worse shape than the NIH–we live like kings in comparison.

    There’s a famous saying: If you know what you’re looking for, you’re limited by what you know. I don’t so much mind pharma and biotech companies making money, but the big breakthroughs are long processes that require sustained losses for an unknown period of time. It doesn’t make sense for companies to do that since almost all would go bankrupt. Public funding of the sciences is integral for breakthroughs.

    Thanks for posting this, RD. Of course I’m not a geek. A nerd who does geeky things? Yes. But I’m too cool to be a geek.

  4. couldabeen: I don’t see it as singling out breast cancer as much as signalling to the rest of us in the research community that the wheels are going to start turning in the forward direction again. My father died from bladder cancer and I’m not at all put off by putting breast cancer first. The advances we make in the study of one cancer are frequently used to cure others as well. So this is a VERY good thing.

  5. couldabeen:

    Psst. Over here. Welcome to the story of this primary season:

    “The press will savage her no matter what”

  6. gmartinez: Yeah I know that this is a solution NMR entry. (Cool binding site with all of those zincs) I have a bit of a different view on the industry because I see how much time and money is spent on finding cures. Yes, we use publicly available information but everyone has access to it. Development is very expensive though.

  7. Two weeks from now, Barack will rip this idea off and claim it as his own like he does all of her other ones.

  8. rd, I don’t downplay the role of the private sector (though I’m a firm believer in more stringent and accountability measures for regulation). The cost of development and the clinical trials are very expensive. Imagine the cost if industry had to figure out the data that’s publicly available as well. I don’t see many companies being able to do that.

  9. Marco: It will be $500 million and it will be specifically for research into erectile dysfunction. (Gotta get that male vote)

  10. gqmartinez: We do a lot of basic research. You’d be surprised. Well, you’ll see after your dissertation. 😉

  11. rd, I’m leaving science. There’s too much politics there.

  12. rd & gq:

    Why do I feel like I’m caught between 2 molecular biologist scholars?

    Such folks also support Hillary or do you guys just do the cleaning in the lab?

    Just askin’

  13. Hey, I am all for this research and I think Hillary is unfairly beaten up. I have been for Obama but recently have been reading stuff that makes me not like him as much. I am glad to find this site. I never hated Hillary Clinton and don’t understand people who do. I really thought Obama was similar but I can see the sexism starting to emerge or maybe it is just more clear to me.

  14. MABlue: Molecular Biologists! HAH! I am no Molecular Biologist. I am a chemist and gqmaritinez is an electrophysiologist (I think). We spit on the G-protein coupled receptor and their cAMP crowd. I wouldn’t be caught dead upregulating anything.
    Molecular Biologists indeed. So imprecise.

  15. couldabeen: Welcome to the dark side 😉 Yes, let’s just say that if Obama had been a little more seasoned and a little less willing to throw whole states under a bus, we might have been willing to consider him. But the misogynism was a deal breaker.

  16. […] especially ironic that while this story was blowing up, Hillary was preparing to unveil her goal to cure breast cancer.  Is there any better proof that she’s a sticker?  Hillary Clinton doesn’t let […]

  17. I hope that she does increase funding for breast cancer research, and then the other cancers and diseases follow suit.

    Even though I have a form of breast cancer, it’s very rare, so I suspect mine would be further down the line. But breast cancer in general has gotten right out front with the advocacy and the awareness, and this would be both a shrewd political move and a step in the right direction, researchwise.

    Found your blog today through Twitter.

  18. One in eight women will be diognosed with breast cancer. I am that one. Oct of o4. Fortunately I went to a center that only treats cancer, and 50% of the women there were breast cancer patients. Yes there is urgency. Hillary must be the the one elected. Men, unfortunataly, just are not as connected to this, no matter what they say. We have so many years of catching up after George Bushs’ war on science. It is a crime. We may have been able to find out by now what causes it and been able to prevent certain kinds along with stem cell research . Getting people up out of their wheel chairs etc. My father in law had Parkinson’s Disease. He couldn’t even hold a cup. One of our best friends developed Lou Gehrigs disease. That is heart wrenching. So let’s pray Hillary is the 44th.

  19. whymommy: Welcome to The Confluence! We hope to meet all (or most) of your political blogging needs. /snark You might want to check out some of our friends in the blogroll. Anglachel is a particular favorite around here as is TalkLeft and many, many others. We are a growing part of the blogosphere and pretty excited about it. Hillary has a lot of freinds out here.
    Christine: So glad to hear that you are hanging in there. You are right about Bush’s war on science. We will restore research to its proper place with Hillary. I am so looking forward to it.

  20. I am a Canadian doctor. I am very impressed with Hillary’s priorities and bold initiatives. I predict that she will be one of the greatest leaders this world has ever seen.

  21. Obama is clearly sexist and we cannot let him and the male democratic establishment steal the election.

    Proof of Sexism:

    1.) When Obama won the iowa caucus, he played a misogynistic rap song called, 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one of ’em. This song is sexist and degrades women.

    2.) Obama has refused to denounse the “Obama girl” video that is also extremely sexist and shows a young woman prancing around half naked and dancing in a sexual way. There are closeups of her body parts including her breasts and ass. She is wearing scimpy short pants that ride up into the crack of her ass. Its disgusting!!!!!

    3.) Obama has had his sarrogets on MSNBC and CNN say very sexist things about Clinton, while he basks in their sexist favortism of him. He also uses these media outlets to race bate.

    4.) Obama himself has conducted himself in an arrogant sexist manner towards Senator Clinton.

    Furthermore, except for claiming he is pro chioce, he has no agenda to help women!!!! The only issue he knows is race. He has also done some homophobic things as well, including snubbing the San Fransisco mayor and conforting with known homophobes, some are work for his campaign.

  22. […] the Ellen DeGeneres show, Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled her $300 million plan to find a cure for breast cancer in our […]

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