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Did you know? They’re tied but only Obama Delegates count

Since the start of the primary season, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Delegate Counters at MyDD (I’ve tried embedding them in this post but, I can’t get it to work).  They’ve got two posted in their sidebar.  The first one counts by Obama Rules & he’s ahead in the delegates there.  But, the second one includes Florida & Michigan — and according to that counter, Hillary and Obama are neck and neck; virtually tied.

I’m sick of hearing Obama supporters (and secret Obama supporters) claim that he’s ahead by every measure.  It’s wrong.  By the measure that counts every vote, they are tied.

And this brings me to my question:

If we all agree that sooner or later the Florida and Michigan delegations will be seated, why can’t we count them now?  I don’t get the part where they’ll only be counted after they don’t matter.

My friends, Clinton and Obama are tied and it’s our job to say that with almost every breath.  Repeat after me, they’re tied. Repetition makes facts true.

68 Responses

  1. If they count them now, Obama’s math doesn’t work for the DNC. While keeping them out, Hillary looses the “expectation game”. She does not have the numbers…it is a self feeding loop.

    However, once Obama wraps this up, there will be balloons and confetti, and trips to MI and FL and photo ops….and it will show what a uniter Obama is. It will be a big deal that will show the nation (amplified by the MSM noise machine) how inclusive we Democrats are.

    Then we will have lots of speeches by Obama with lots of prominent women to show us all how foolish it will be not to vote Dem in November. Hillary will work her ass off for the Democratic party and there will be lots of happy pictures of the Clintons and Obamas.

    The end.

  2. The reason FL/MI can’t count now is b/c the <a href=”http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120692054573175525.html”fix is in.

  3. Sorry,


  4. So, Obama is only ahead in the UnDemocratic Party nomination contest. The Democratic Party race is still a wash.

  5. Obamadroids think that if they say it often enough, it will be true. They are trying to drive the narrative, and frankly, they’re doing a good job at it. We need to reclaim the narrative.

  6. Even from the pro-Hillary blogs you hear the tiring meme over and over that it will be a tough uphill battle–like Hillary is so far behind that the “math” will never work for her. Enough Already. Yes, count MI and FL always. The contest is just about tied, and many variables point to a Hillary to win. In fact, Hillary is going to win!

  7. DCD–

    If the Obamadroids keep it up, they may find themselves have another NH moment, when angry women rise up and slap them down by exercising their right to vote. They need to keep in mind that their candidate doesn’t do so well in primaries where there is a secret ballot. It’s not as easy for him to use the intimidation tactics he used to win all those caucuses.

    Regardless, Obama will never get my vote. At this point, I’m preparing to survive another four years of Bushco. The Democratic “leadership” is either completely out of touch with reality or they are rooting for a candidate who will lose the general election.

  8. If Hillary dropped out (please don’t!) then Obama would immediately be willing to seat the full delegations of both states as selected in the primaries.

    Bet the rent on it.

    That’s the reason they won’t say out loud when they keep saying that she’s destroying the party.

    How can Obama unify us if the SBWQ?

    Doesn’t she know he needs the support of MI and FL in November? He can’t kiss and make up to those two states until she quits and their votes for her don’t matter.

  9. myiq2xu: I think that the tactic of “kissing and making up” has played favorably in the media on other *issues* where obama has screwed up.

    I played this math game myself, but I couldn’t find anything ANYWHERE pointing out the math where FL/MI were included – so I assumed I must have done it wrong. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why there isn’t one reporter stepping into this fray. The complete absence of anyone pointing out that counting FL/MI would tie them up completely – and I think give Hillary the popular vote advantage – is really beyond my comprehension.

    I had *hoped* the Super-Ds would see through the stupidity. Maybe that is why so many are sitting it out?

  10. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wayne-barrett/could-the-republicans-pic_b_9415
    8.html–read this incredible article by Wayne Barrett for much, much more on how this happened!

  11. jjmtacoma:

    The attitude of Obama and his supporters reminds me of a clueless guy who, after his wife/girlfriend leaves him, tells people

    “She’ll be back when she realizes how good she had it.”

    Dude, “she” ain’t coming back, at least not without a lot of hard work on your part to fix the damage.

    BTW – I’m a guy who spent years working in family law, so I’ve heard lot’s of clueless guys make statements like that.

  12. Obama, Dean, Brazile, and Pelosi are PRAYING that they get rid of Hillary before they are forced to do anything with MI and FL. Obama hopes to actually close the deal after the millionth try before the convention. If he can win enough states and delegates, he and his minions have a strong enough argument that the MSM will eat up: Obama is waaaay ahead and Hillary can never catch up. They will never mention FL and MI of course but that is how they are going to force her out of the race. Then at convention time, MI and FL will be “seated” like anyone will give a f*%k anymore. This is how Obama and the DNC plan to steal the nomination from Hillary. Will they succeed? I really don’t know. I’m hoping Hillary wins the majority of the remaining primaries because that will be the only way she can fight for MI and FL at the convention. It is sad to see this happen to the Democratic Party. If they manage to kick Hillary out of this race before dealing with MI and FL, I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive the Democratic Party as long as Dean, Pelosi, and Brazile are in power.

  13. If Florida and Michigan are not “counted” until the nomination is secured, then they are not “counted.” To be “counted” they have to figure in to the nomination process. Seating those delegates at the convention after the fact is just an insult. Do they honestly think those states won’t notice?

    The Democratic Party will regret it in November. They’ve lost my vote; they’ll lose many more, I think.

  14. Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive:


  15. [nonconstructive provocation elided — RonK]

  16. Btw, why are you censoring some of my posts?
    [This blog is aggressively moderated, of necessity. We’re not here to host food fights — RonK]

  17. I’m not. And I don’t see anything in the que. Are you looking back at the right threads? I see several comments from you.

  18. bmc:

    That’s why they want Hillary to quit and support Obama.

    Then everybody’s vote will “count” when they unanimously elect Obama.

    And everybody will get a pony.

  19. Just contacted the DNC to tell them I am disgusted that party leaders do not wish to allow me a voice in the choice of candidate, since I live in NC. I told them that I and my friends have decided to give them NO MONEY until this changes and until they allow Mi and Fla to have their say. I sent the email under the “Voter Protection” category of the comments on issues section just to be ironic.
    It is sad, but I feel that the threat of losing money will carry a lot more weight than will an argument based on principle. (What has happened to our party?)
    I urge everyone to join me in doing this. If they hear from enough of us, the threat of losing donations will scare the pants off party leaders.

  20. I guess they’re tied, but I am suspicious of Obama’s caucus wins. Given the strong-arm tactics that his thuggish supporters use, I have doubts about whether Obama’s caucus victories actually reflect the will of the voters in the states he’s won. I think the support for this guy is seriously over-hyped and inflated, and that will become very apparent in November if he is the nominee (and let’s hope he’s not).

  21. Justin,

    I think you’re missing the point: He can’t win the general election.

    And there’s a very good chance that the tactics of his campaign may forever alienate significant portions of the party.


    (Good article on Donna Brazile using race-bating as a tactic. This was in Al Gore’s 2000 presidential run, which turned out so splendidly. More on using this tactic at http://www.philly.com/inquirer/currents/20080330_Obama_was_the_first_to_play_the_race_card.html)

    [response to previous nonconstructive provocation, elided — please don’t feed the trolls — RonK]

    Good article:


    BTW Donna Brazile’s explanation of the Credentials Committee at the convention was wrong. It appears that Sen. Clinton may have an advantage in that committee.


  22. BernieO: Good on you. I’ve sent the same strong message to Chairman Dean.

  23. “I’m not. And I don’t see anything in the que. Are you looking back at the right threads? I see several comments from you.”

    I posted in the middle of the night on the Pundit vs Reality post and Things only obamaphiles can believe. When I checked back this morning, they weren’t there any more. Should I just repost them?

  24. Another thing that Hillary will never benefit from: the momentum she would’ve had in February had the MSM covered her wins in MI and FL instead of mentioning it for a few minutes then saying, “but they don’t count”. The race might be completely different now if Obama’s momentum after SC had been shadowed by Hillary’s wins in MI and FL. This is the fault of the DNC as well as the MSM. Hillary deserves to have those victories covered as much as Obama’s wins but they aren’t at all.

  25. Lauren, thanks for the link. Wow. Everyone, go and read Wayne Barret’s article on Huffington post and bookmark it. By the way, the link above is broken, here is the correct link:


    And I hope you don’t mind. I also put it up on Taylor Marsh’s hot topics.

  26. BostonBoomer,

    You nailed it on the head, all this whining and hand wringing about Hillary exiting stage left is going to really piss of a lot of people. So much so that they will turn out in record numbers or her and send lots of $$ her way. Excuse me while I donate….

  27. Btw why did we let Obama get away with his dismissive “Senator Clinton can run as long as she wants.” ?

    Nevermind! it’s the Clinton Rules.

    Hillary Clinton gets savaged for days by “progressive” blogs, the media and the Obama campaign (isn’t it all the same gang anyway?), for using the “as far as I know” while emphatically rejecting the notion that Obama is a muslim.

    Bill Clinton gets crucified for saying if his wife, for whom he is campaigning, where to run in the GE against McCain, it would be easy to focus on the clear contrast of “ideas” between the 2.

    Obama, The Chosen One, arrogantly and magnanimously declares that “Senator Clinton can run as long as she wants” and all I hear is crickets chirping sound?

    Gloria Feldt at least noticed:

    Obama Is Right: Words Matter When You Want Your Opponent to Leave the Race

    Note the tepid and dismissive “Senator Clinton can run as long as she wants.” In one carefully chosen short phrase, Barack Obama uses a verb form that bestows his permission, as if she needs it, while at the same time subtly belittling her because she is staying in the race. Both of these rhetorical techniques aim to diminish one’s opponent while seeming to be gallant and awarding oneself the cloak of the putative front runner who can afford to be generous.

  28. This is precisely why we should not vote Democratic in NOv if Obama is the nominee. The party will never screw with us again if they lose! They will have to be smarter when organizing the primaries and I hope they will learn their lesson. If you give them the vote, you are telling them that it is OK to take advantage of people, that it is ok to insult women and to use race baiting and lies against our own. To hell with them. I am staying home in NOV.

  29. A challenge by one of Taylor Marsh’s readers:


  30. I also hope that her supporters write to Sen Clinton and urge her to change to Indy. The Dem party has back-stabbed her and Bill so there is not reason to remain a dem. If she runs an Indy, many will support her.

  31. riverdaughter, thank you for pointing to those delegate counts. I knew this race would be a lot closer if FL and MI were counted. But it never dawned on me that Hillary would actually be 1 delegate ahead. That’s because no one else is showing the counts, and I haven’t paid attention to it on MyDD.

    This has made me so mad that I just did something I never would have done a couple of months ago – I just emailed Rush Limbaugh and told him that if he really wanted to make his Operation Chaos more chaotic, that he needs to start reporting this to shame the Democratic leadership. Obama has been using the press for his evil ends for quite sometime now. So maybe it’s time to use these people to try to get the truth out. It does no good for us to know what is happening if we don’t get it out there in the
    mainstream. If we don’t get it out, then Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, Kerry, et al, get away with the most cynical and undemocratic power play we’ve ever seen.

    I’m now going to follow this up by sending emails to the rest of the press daring them to report this and letting them know that Limbaugh got my first letter. Then I’ll be sharing my letter to Rush with the Democratic leadership. Let them worry about being exposed for the whole world to see.

    Yes, I know. Rush Limbaugh. I never thought I’d see the day. But then, I never thought I’d see the day that the Democratic Party would stage a coup of the Clintons either.

  32. Whoops, this post was written by katiebird, not riverdaughter. Sorry for the mistake.

  33. tiffany, don’t stay home! Hillary needs your vote.

    C’mon, people. MABlue’s rightful anger is contagious. (I love you, MABlue.)

    Now is the time for all good supporters to come to the aid of their candidate. She has and will certainly come to ours.

    Give money. Make some calls—go to her wesbite and sign-up. Hand out literature. Wear your damn Hillary08 cap.

    http://www.hillaryclinton.com, my friends.

    I have to make some Clinton calls today. I set myself a goal and dial. Even if I only do 14, that’s better than doing none.

    I give money every time someone tells her to quit—okay, I just gave her a chunk because there was so much bitchquitting, I couldn’t keep track of them all.

    Winners don’t whine. And winners don’t quit.

  34. Yes, we need to figure out FL and MI before PA. Otherwise it’s disenfranchisement. It’s a gamble that Obama played, thwarting a revote in MI and FL.

  35. Rush Limbaugh? Too funny!

    I find it so hard to imagine that this would be news to anyone in MSM – they live this stuff and we just play “experts on TV” – oh wait, that IS them!

  36. Nobody but ardent Clinton supporters think the votes in FL and MI are legitimate, esp. party bigwigs
    Justin, on March 31st, 2008 at 3:51 pm Said:

    ok, so I’m waiting for you to tell me why Obama stopped a revote for Michigan, and Florida?

    Any legitimate reason? Let me guess..because the people who voted “uncommitted” were his supporters, and they can’t vote again under law?

    Oh, wait…you’re telling me that “obama’s dem for a day” isn’t as dirty as Limbaugh’s “dem for a day” suggestion to taint an American Democratic process?

    Because really, playing dirty, is playing dirty…and you reap what you sow.

    obama is dirty

  37. Justin, you have been warned. Mere recitation of common Obama talking points do not further the discussion here. Please find another outlet for your energies.

  38. ^ Justin, think of it as a Hillary fan club site (and this site is unabashedly pro-Hillary). Having Obama supporters here is like having Red Sox fans crashing a Yankees fan website.

  39. From NBC/NJ’s Aswini Anburajan
    GREENBURG, PA — Barack Obama promised that his foreign policy would be a return to what he says was the realist approach practiced by George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

    “My foreign policy is actually a return to the traditional realistic policy of George Bush’s father, of John F. Kennedy, of in some ways Ronald Reagan,” he said Friday. A voter at the town hall in Greenburg had asked Obama to respond to charges that his foreign policy was naïve.

    He does like to stroke those ReThugs, doesn’t he?

    Link to follow.

  40. http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2008/03/29/837657.aspx

    Link for Obama comment about his foreign policy would be throwback to Poppy and St. Ronnie (does add JFK).

    Obviously, Bill Clinton did nothing whatsoever of note in his presidency in the foreign policy field.

    I just hope Obama doesn’s like the ol’ Iran-Contra crap (with death squad bamboozling) and those little invasions of our neighbors to the South.


  41. According to Rasmussen, NJ, MI and WA are in play.

    McCain leads both Dems in NJ, MI. Obama fares slightly better as HRC’s numbers have been tanking lately (all of this BS to get her to drop out, IMO). In WA, BO holds only a small lead.

  42. Justin, don’t you think there’s something wrong with the primary process when the person who won the most votes doesn’t get the most delegates like in Nevada and Texas? Also, Clinton and Obama tied in delegates in New Hampshire so your facts are wrong there.

    Again, your really just trolling, and I don’t why you’d want to waste your time here.

  43. Justin:

    You have freedom of speech, but you don’t own this site.

    Start your own blog, and spread your pearls of wisdom there.

  44. And Josh wants to whine about this from Ed Rendell?

    I think during this entire primary coverage, starting in Iowa and up to the present — FOX has done the fairest job, and remained the most objective of all the cable networks. You hate both of our candidates. No, I’m only kidding. But you actually have done a very balanced job of reporting the news, and some of the other stations are just caught up with Senator Obama, who is a great guy, but Senator Obama can do no wrong, and Senator Clinton can do no right.

  45. I have something big for you, Riverdaughter and friends–regarding the ad techniques being used right now—lots of links, info &?
    hopefully not too many trolls!——-!

    (comfort food sounds good about now before part two!)

  46. How does what he says now on FP square with his speeches last summer?

  47. Justin, the simple fact is that the situation is fluid in MI and FL and you insist it’s all been settled.

    Dean is negotiating with all interested parties to find a fair resolution—he has to, because if the situation is not resolves, kiss the General Election good by.

    You may or may not agree with me that Sen. Obama will be eviscerated in the fall if he is the nominee. But I think you can see that without Michigan and Florida, it will be a steep battle for any Democrat not only in this election cycle but in the future?

    That means downticket, too—if people feel ripped off, not only will they not vote, for you, they will vote for the other party. And withhold money. And stop doing all that campaign scut work.

    This is not a one-shot deal.

    “I just think it is funny that when I point out that Dean is against seating FL and MI, I’m censored for expressing “Obama talking points.” ”

    You’re not being censored. “Censored” is not a synonym for “shut the hell up.”

    Honestly, you throw words around like corrupt and arrogant and censored. I wish you’d be a little more thoughtful.

    Or at minimum, use a damn dictionary.

    “I guess facts will get you banned from pro-Clinton websites. That speaks volumes about who has the better arguments on their side.”

    Hahahaha. Oh, god, that’s funny.

    Does Sen. Obabam have 2,025 delegates?


    Are there primaries still to be had?


    Is the delegate situation still fluid?

    Yes—the caucus states (like mine) still have to finish for the final delegate counts.

    The situation remains fluid because this is not an election it is a _selction._ The selection process takes into account things like electability and party unity—unity is all about the future of the party, not getting behind one candidate this time around.

    For exmaple, Sen. Obama’s “Dem for a Day” tactic didn’t win him any friends among longtime Democrats. And don’t for a minute fool yourself into thinking the party leadership, and the campaigns don’t have exit-polling data that shows those Dems for a Day were exactly that—they did their thing once and won’t be back for the general election.

    Except to vote Republican.

    (And honestly, how dumb is that? They need to vote for the candidate twice to get him into the White House.)

    This process is about who goes into the general with the best chance of beating the opponent. Yes, it is.

  48. Ohio — Please DO NOT feed the troll.

    vbonnaire (above) refers to Obama’s Astroturf? Just “ASK” Axelrod about target marketing the Presidency in America.. Hot stuff!

  49. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wayne-barrett/could-the-republicans-pic_b_94158.html

    Do not miss this Wayne Barrett tick-tock on how the ReThugs apparently played the DNC–or at least the DNC took none of the steps available to it to investigate the earlier primary dates in FL and MI and how local Dems tried to fight the ReThugs. Thus, instead of using discretion and taking into account extenuating circumstances, the DNC went ballistic and imposed the harshest penalty possible!

    Why would the DNC do that??? What were you thinking, Dr. Dean????

    I am so embarrassed I did not know about this! Where was the MCM on these stories? The Big Bloggerz?

    I actually thought I knew that the MI Dems were responsible for moving the date up–so I thought they didn’t have the same standing as FL. But, damn, the ReThugs were making serious mischief. (And where was my own investigation…never trust any media?)

    Read this report and weep. The DNC let the ReThugs mess up our primary–and possibly affect the general election outcome. Yikes!

    Thank you, ace investigative reporter Wayne Barrett.

  50. Wow!

    The bloggers from Corrente are the “shrillest” in the entire blogosphere. Check out the shrillness from vastleft:

    Hillary’s Repugnant Agenda


    “There are millions of reasons to continue this race: people in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina, and all of the contests yet to come,” Clinton told reporters Friday. “This is a very close race and clearly I believe strongly that everyone should have their voices heard and their votes counted.”

    What does she think this is, a democracy!? The campaign is over when Kos says it’s over.

  51. Ah, yes. Learned about the Barrett article from BTD on Talk Left.

  52. lauren, didn’t see you link—yes, it’s a must for bookmarking.

    And it gives real data to use when emailing the DNC and any super delegates.

    I’m furious!

  53. ABC just had some video of Nancy Pelosis, looking very severe, and saying the nominee must be chosen! Now, knowing the MCM, she may be quoted out of context. Sounded like a warning to Hillary to get out of town….

    But…who knows? The MCM does love to truncate, misquote, take out of context, etc.

  54. OK
    It’s time for we Hillary supporters to put the screws to the Democratic party. Start e-mailing everyone.
    I have e-mailed letters to Sens. Leahy and Dodd (two men trying to tell a woman what to do), e-mailed Donna Brazile (info@donnabrazile.com), the DNC and the DNCC.
    It’s time we let them know how we feel.
    If Hillary gets shafted on this Florida, Michigan thing they can kiss off in the fall.
    She should be on the ticket. I live in PA and my vote matters and will not have Obama shoved down my throat.

  55. MABlue:

    Hey, them’s my homies you talkin’ bout!


  56. myiq2xu:

    You guys have one of the funniest and certainly the “shrillest” blog. One of my favorites.

  57. You can say what you want. I live in PA and I can tell you many Democrats are going to vote for McCain. My vote mnatters.

    Go ahead and make fun – that’ll really bring me over to your side.

  58. myiq—the ratfucker blogs are GREAT.

    RonK—I don’t think Justin is a troll—I think he’s really trying to represent. I just think he’s a little quick to label honest disagreement as something else.

    And I’m trying to be nice because Sen. Clinton is going to need those votes in November.

    I’m sure you caught this…Matt Yglesias (via TalkLeft—that BTD is GREAT, too.)

    “I heard a liberal Obama skeptic remark a couple of months ago that it would be a strange day in America when the correct answer to the question “who’s the most electable” was “the black guy.” I think that’s right…At the end of the day, I do think “the black guy” is the more electable of the two…But in a primary election, where Clinton has formidable strength, it would have been extremely difficult for anyone other than “the black guy” to build a viable anti-Clinton coalition.”

    Basically, “the black guy” would be able to get Clinton’s staunch African-American supporters. Especially, if Clinton and former Pres. Clinton were smeared as racist.

    So, Gerry Ferrarro was right?

  59. @jawbone: Yes, apparently she wants HRC to quite the race, y’know, before she could start winning.

    I can’t believe how less than a month ago, Clinton scored two stunning wins in TX and OH and yet she’s the one somehow marginalized as a dangerous Gravel-type candidate.

  60. does it ever occur to the Obama contingent that instead of suppressing the Clinton turnout in the upcoming contests with WWTSBQ?, they may just suppressing their own turnout? If he’s already “won”, why bother going to the polls?

  61. I (heart) Joe Scarborough here:

  62. Jawbone – LoL .. Isn’t Nancy fun nay ?? – Like dems have much respect left . What did she do first thing ? oh yeah .. took impeachment off the table – then we had to go through the doj criminals – with no result today , other than thank goodness Sieglman is out on bail waiting for a new trial – crime after crime was revealed to the American people day after day with no results yet – all the neocon criminals are still walking around today laughing – along with the disappointed public , they used to cry – not it’s laughter.. sheesh , now they claim “we are just like the repubs, no difference” . I hear it all the time .

    Her 100 days ? – well I think she got 1 thing done, min. wage. . what was her comment re: the anti war protesters in front of her house ? – oh yeah something like “if they were homeless they would be arrested .. she looked ‘severe’ then also .. There are so many things she has disappointed on .

    I realize the votes were not there in the Senate – blah blah blah .. however , the general public are not political zealots like we are and I can tell you they were and are disappointed . They wanted and expected the war to stop , remember the polls ? I know you do . Actually all she has done is give dems a bad name.
    I’m disgusted with her and my family & friends up in her district . do not intend to re elect her .

    and now this . Welcome mcsame 2008 – thank YOU dems NOT .

    I still have a litlle bit of hope – but have to work hard to feed it .

  63. Who is Jay Cost? I wish he were a pundit!

    Here, he crunches a whole bunch of number, complete with proper modeling and regression analysis, and then goes:

    We must not over-interpret these results! This is just meant as a rough, baseline gauge for what will happen. There are important reasons to anticipate differences between this estimate and the final result.

    It’s an analysis on what to expect in PA. Link:


  64. CognitiveDissonance: Yes, I know. Rush Limbaugh

    holy crap, obama really IS a uniter. lol!

    or was that bush? right, he united the world against us. obama is the ‘new kind of politics’ guy. it’s certainly a new kind of politics if we’re working with rush limbaugh.

    btw, I’m not criticizing you at all, I support your efforts totally. I’m just amazed at the alignments and realignments we’re seeing. politics really does make for strange bedfellows. I honestly wonder what the fallout will be when this primary season finally ends. I hope we don’t fall back into old familiar patterns. I hope we remember how we felt now and work from there. even if, as I hope, hillary wins, that’s not gonna make it all better. this two party stranglehold has to be rethought. and the time to think is when we’re fired up NOW, not in 2012.

  65. Another LoL .. 😉 .. don’t miss –

    Double Standards: Part 1 Million One

    in the comment section from Turkana”
    note the trend since the beginning of march…

    later he states :
    “Turkana on Mon Mar 31, 2008 at 05:59:09 PM EST

    the big orange has begun to demonstrate that quantity over quality can’t sustain itself. …

  66. And this one .. Side by Side Alexa traffic comparisons for posO, tp (bad) m ouths and TalkLeft.


    same site but address was huge ..

    goodnite 😉 Everyone .. I’m smiling ..

  67. I think those that are pushing OB, OB included, is trying to hurry because of whatever else is in the pipeline about OB that the public doesn’t know but his backers might and he certainly does. He knew LAST year that Wright was going to be a problem so he took him of his campaign. He must know Rezko is gonna be saucy too. Oh how I hope he doesn’t get the nom and then more stuff comes out like I think it will. Is it possible to un-select him if that’s the case. That’d be nifty.

  68. About those voter numbers: Where are they? Now wouldn’t you think that the DNC would post the popular and delegate vote count on their website? After all, it is the Democratic party home, and one would think that they’d host the tallies. (If someone can find them, please clue me in, as I’ve searched high and low.) To make a point in a recent blog post, I quoted the voter results with and without FL that I found on a Google map, which sourced the Boston Globe and a political blog. I found it to be the clearest depiction of the simple numbers. In looking back to write a reply here, thought I’d just resource the numbers again and, not finding them on the dem.org website, searched Google for hours for other sources. The numbers all varied and made me dizzy. Where is the actual popular vote count to date, and how could it differ so much?

    The fact that the DNC (read: Howard Dean) is subversively MIA on this is shouting its non-biased complicity.

    As a new blogger, not sure if it’s kosher to say, come on down, but to read a sympatico, pro-Hill, fem voice, I’m at: http://ladyboomernyc.wordpress.com.

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