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Sunday- The Ant and the Grasshopper

Ahhh, I think I’ll have another coffee. It’s drizzly in Denver today although yesterday was a drop dead gorgeous spring day. I’ll have another installment of our culinary and *cultural* tour of Denver with Rill later.

But right now, I’d like to talk about something tragic that was completely avoidable: The villainization of Barack Obama. You’ve probably already seen the following items but it’s striking to see them altogether:

  • DisenfranchisedVoter points us to this comment at Greta Van Susteren’s blog:
    Comment by Kim Frederick
    March 29th, 2008 at 11:34 pm
    I am the person in the video. I could write a thesis on dirty tricks that have been going on in Texas…but I’ve been up for about 24 hrs now. We had received a letter from the Obama campaign saying that we were Obama delegates. We also got a robo call from the Obama campaign that we were Obama delegates. We also got a phone call from Meyer Associates who was hired by the Obama campaign. The Meyer Associates group called friends of mine telling them their convention was moved. This group was hired by the Obama campaign. In any case…in this video…we called the Obama campaign because of the Obama robocall. My partner called first and it was REALLY misleading. So I called and decided to videotape it. I am a Hillary delegate and have been volunteering for the campaign for two months. If I wasn’t up to speed on things…I could have been easily confused and decided not to go.
    Greta…if you want the full story of what has been going on…email me…I’ll give you my number, let’s talk.
  • From Taylor Marsh’s site, here’s the video:
  • Ann Althouse (yeah, I know, I know), has a son who is a Texas caucus delegate for Clinton, is following his saga on her site. It’s very strange that so many Clinton delegates report that they are considered Obama delegates by the Texas Democratic Party.
  • From Larry Johnson’s NoQuarterUSA is a post capturing the many additional videos of the Texas county caucuses. Somewhere I read yesterday from a Clinton alternate that found that two of the three other delegates from her district weren’t present at the county caucus because one received a phone call the night before telling her it was unnecessary for her to be there and the other one was tied up in a committee meeting.
  • It looks like Michigan voters are pretty steamed with Obama sitting on a revote.
  • The day after Leahy comes out to ask Clinton to drop out and Feingold tells Obamaphiles to “cool it”, Obama himself says such talk is unnecessary. It’s ok by him if Hillary keeps running. How very generous of him. But I am still incredulous at the unbelievable chutzpah of Leahy, Dodd and the others even suggesting that Clinton drop out because her career in the senate is so promising. Or as some other doofus (Jonathan Alter) suggests, she could be governor of NY as a consolation prize, as if David Patterson is just going to move over to accomodate her. Like the governorship of NY is an ample compensation for not getting the White House. But what is particularly galling about this suggestion is that the reason this would be good for her is so that she would have some executive experience if she ever intended to run again. {{crickets}} Do they mean to tell us that a man who has absolutely NO experience as an executive, has never spent a moment in the service of the administration of any governor or president of the United States has more bona fides in this area that a woman who has 16 years of such experience? That she needs to attend a prerequisite course in remedial executive theory but he tested out of the 101 course and goes straight to graduate level? Based on WHAT exactly? See, here is where I see not only a gender gap but a generational gap. Only a bunch of truly old men would think that this kind of crap is going to meet the smell test with the millions of women who came of age in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. What frickin’ planet are they living on where they think they can even credibly suggest such a thing? I suspect that they have been living with these rules for so long they have no idea how offensive and unrealistic they are.
  • Finally, we have this bit of stupidity from John Heileman of The New York Magazine, Who’ll Stop the Pain? Oh, I have no doubt that Hillary was willing to work with Edwards to get his policies enacted. I think I might have mentioned this about a month ago in what I thought might be the summary of how both campaigns approached Edwards and why an endorsement was not forthcoming:

    So, what this is telling me is that Obama might be a cocky frontrunner but he’s in deep @#$% in the states he needs to sew this up. I expect the meeting between Clinton and Edwards was somewhat different. More along the lines of, “We’d really appreciate your support, your people mean a lot to us and you know that as far as policy goes, you can count on us to carry your banner in the White House. But if you can’t endorse now, we understand. Maybe you can let things play out and think the matter over after March 4. If there’s anything you need, John, please give us a call. We’re always available.”Betcha Obama’s meeting involved a lot more sweat.

    From Heileman’s (very flawed) article, it sounds like I was completely wrong about Obama sweating. No, the Golden One carried on with his cocky arrogant ways and just assumed that he was going to get Edward’s nod. I don’t know how much of this account from Heileman is accurate but let’s just say it doesn’t surprise me.

What we are seeing here is more exposure of the way in which Obama continues to win by suppression. He wins in caucuses where Hillary’s people can’t always show up for an effective counter haka. If these reports from Clinton delegates in Texas are verified, his team has engaged in intimidation and disorienting tactics to minimize the number of Clinton delegates who show up. He’s on Floridian’s and Wolverine’s permanent $#%& list for leaving them out of the most important election of their lifetimes. And his campaign is trying to discredit the legitimacy of the superdelegates even though neither Hillary or Obama can win without the uncommitted supers making a decision in favor of one over the other based on some other criteria than pledged delegates. His campaign is starting to feel the heat for screaming Why Won’t That Stupid B**** Just Quit? once too often. Now, even a staunch supporter in the New York Magazine has heard rumors he is compelled to report that Edwards is not an Obama fan, much to their consternation.

What does it all say? To me it says that Obama is the grasshopper who ate through all of his food early in the season


Oh, sure, he enjoyed it and grew fat but the lean times are upon him and the diligent ant who carefully stored her good will away for the future is going to ride it out.


In this contest, how you end is the most important thing. And I wouldn’t depend on the American public’s fondness for the RULZ. When they see the person they want to be president and they see that person’s opponent acting like a villain by exploiting a flaw in the process, they are going to start clamoring to tar and feather the referees for getting in the way. No matter what Obama’s almost insignificant statistical advantage, the crowd is going to start rooting for the ant.

65 Responses

  1. At one particularly raucous session Saturday at Texas Southern University, a leading Clinton backer, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, was booed by hundreds of Obama supporters, and police were called later to break up heated exchanges that left some in tears.

    “It’s bedlam,” said Houston lawyer Daniel J. Shea, a Clinton backer. Democrat-on-Democrat clashes over delegates have been playing out in Iowa, Colorado, Florida and other states — the latest indication that the feel-good nomination race of the era has veered into a political ditch.

  2. Here’s what Obama and his supporters need to understand:

    If he beats Hillary fair and square he can count on the votes of her supporters. But if he cheats or strong-arms her out of the race, he’s toast.

    It’s called “legitimacy”

  3. It’s too late. There’s no “there there” anymore for Obama. They’ve lost a quarter of Clinton supporters already for November. I am one of them, and I can tell you that it is too late.

    There’s no more: “if he beats Hillary fair and square, he can count on the votes of her supporters.”

    I’m a long-time party partisan, a former precinct chair and have worked to elect Democrats. If Barack Obama is the nominee, I’m sitting out this election in November. It’s too late for Obama to earn legitimacy with me; it’s too late for Obama to say or do anything to earn my vote between now and November.

    If Barack Obama is the Democratic Party nominee, my vote for President in November is going to be { CRICKETS}.

  4. Obama as nominee?

    Hell no. I won’t vote.

    Go Hillary!

  5. From Gene Lyons (the man who cowrote The Hunting of a President ):

    As recently as 2000, Democrats were outraged that, due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bush vs. Gore, not all of Florida’s presidential votes counted. In 2008, advanced thinkers supporting Sen. Barack Obama have persuaded themselves that fairness dictates that none of them should count.

    Wright’s anger is part of the problem

  6. BMC:

    I understand where you’re coming from, but I think there is still time for Obama to repair most of the damage.

    He needs to put a muzzle on the HillaryHaters, especially in the blogosphere, and he needs to either agree to seat the MI and FL delegates or get behind a revote.

    He needs to put a stop to the WWTSBQ bs too.

    Don’t forget, we need his supporters if we want Hillary to win in November.

    He and his supporters have been the divise ones, and they are the ones fanning the flames. If they care about the Democratic party (and more importantly, the country) then they need to knock that stuff off.

    They assumed he would win and took it for granted that we would “come around.” They’re wrong.

  7. completely irrelevant to the topic – Donna Brazille said on This Week (and this is an exact quote), “Nobody said Clinton should get out of the race.”

    OMG! what are these people smoking?

  8. OldCoastie:

    I don’t know, but I would like some of it!

  9. Look at the end of video. I am really starting to like Joe Scarborough.

    It’s a very good. It has the Obama video on The View, and then Hillary’s video (about 2:30) saying “please, think about what you are doing… “, and then listen to what Joe has to say. I don’t want to spoil it.

  10. bmc – I agree. Sorry myiq2xu, it is too late for me also. I also do not think the things you suggest that BO should do to bring Typical White People like me back will ever happen. Texas is a prime example. This crap is going to continue. BO has no intention of trying to reign this in. He thinks it helps him. Nonetheless, it would be much too little too late. The damage is done, and it is irreparable.

  11. What the hell is going on in Texas??? I went and viewed the videos at NoQuarter.
    Why is this not on the national news??? Voter intimidation, refusing to credential delegates, Obama camp having the name address and phone numbers of Hillary delegates????

    I have been surfing the news all night looking for stories on the Tx conventions- absolutely nothing-

    Oh- I forgot the rules-
    If it hurts the Golden Boy it is not allowed.


  12. I got a DCCC fundraising email from Donna Brazile today.

    I wrote back to their contact form and said, to put it nicely I didn’t appreciate her comments about Bill’s fairy tale remark and the effort by top Democrats to push my candidate out of the race.

    Forget them.

  13. OldCoastie: They are smoking from the pipe of “ooooh, this might be hurting us-best get out there and act all kumbaya-ee before the numbers tank.” What they were NOT smoking was the “goodness of our hearts” strain. They don’t call her Old Transparent Donna for nothing, you know.

  14. I have a question for riverdaughter – are comments being moderated here? Are steps being taken to exclude trolls?

    Not that I would mind if that’s the case, but the reason I ask it it seems to me that the Obot trolls are migrating to new sites, but so far this place has remained civilized..

    My hypothesis is that when DailyObama and Total Pony Manure were evacuated by Hillary supporters, the trolls had no one to abuse and like cockroaches are seeking new food sources.

    Other sites are becoming infected with CDS. Balloon Juice, which was always prObama but somewhat rational is now completely infested.

    BTW – May I suggest a term for the driving out of Hillary supporters from blogs – “Ethics Cleansing”

  15. Sorry, myiq2xu, but it’s too late for me as well. There’s nothing Obama can do that will win my vote in November. The ONLY way I’ll vote for Obama is if he happens to be on a Clinton/Obama ticket!

    As a woman who came of age in the 60s; who remembers the assassinations of Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.; who marched against the war in Vietnam; who fought for women’s rights; and who’s been a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party for 40 years, I’m embarrassed of the Democratic Party and its so-called “leaders”. And I’m appalled at the misogyny exhibited by that party and at their tacit approval of the hateful and dishonest Obama campaign.

    I just recently switched my affiliation to Independent!

  16. Bravo! My friend in Atlanta has been sending me your blogs…excellent. I’ve applied to be a HIllary delegate and will be going to our state convention in April.
    I say, why should she back down? Its a virtual tie and anyone who knows anything about politics, will tell you, it only takes one vote (Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina….pick one) to break it.
    I say: GO HILLARY.
    Why give the intern the CEO job? Look what happened when we gave the mail room boy that job the last two elections.

  17. You know that this behavior – this thuggery – doesn’t come out of nowhere for him. He’s just like Bush – I bet there is a tremendous amount of chaos and brutality in this guy’s past. I’m also starting to think that Larry Carlyle really is telling the truth.

    In Indiana,. they have a contest where the HIGH SCHOOL kids who register the most voters win a chance at a game of basketball with Obama. I’ve run voter reg drives and most campaigns avoid having high school kids register people because they inevitably register way too many people who can’t vote legally. You’re a 17 year old boy and you really want the shot at a game with obama – are you really going to closely monitor who registers\? No, you’re gonna register every one of your friends whom you can hammer into registering and hope for the best.

    What is so horrifying about obama’s attacks on the legitimacy of our voting system, is that he is empowering McCain to run against his Democratic opponent as the guy who is in favor of counting the votes. Obama is saddling the Democrats with being the practitioners of voting fraud and will, in the process, let the Republicans off the hook. We may really need voter ID laws by the time Obama is finished with his campaign.

    Obama’s a bad guy. Personally, I’ve always thought he had Republicans running his campaign. I think it more and more everyday.

  18. It’s too late for me too. I’ll never vote for Obama unless he’s in the VP slot with Hillary, and I hope she doesn’t choose him. I think it would be better for her to have a strong foreign policy person on the ticket with her. She will be able to carry IL anyway, I think.

  19. Check this out. I found the link on a comment at Talkleft. In 2004, Josh Marshall strongly defended John Kerry’s position on the AUMF (same as Hillary’s) and said anyone who didn’t understand it (like Barack Obama) was being “willfully obtuse.”



    Sometimes in baseball a batter decides to take a pitch. He’s decided in advance that he’s not going to swing no matter what comes down the pike. But in most cases, when a batter steps up to the plate, he doesn’t decide whether he’s going to swing until he sees the pitch. Only an idiot decides in advance not knowing what he’s going to face. And yet this is roughly what the Bush camp says was the only reasonable, or I suppose manly, approach to the Iraq war.

    I see the war decision in very similar terms to this baseball analogy. Voting for the war resolution was not remotely the same thing as going to war at the first possible opportunity.

    Forcing inspections meant seeing what inspections would yield. And seeing what inspections would yield was the best insurance against getting ourselves into the current situation and finding that the WMD, which constituted the premise for the whole endeavor, didn’t even exist.

  20. I can’t believe that people in Texas are voting THREE times and people in Michigan and Florida don’t even get to vote ONCE!!!

    They said (from taylormarsh)
    1. Hillary was going to lose California and they had the polls to prove it. They aired the MO, Oprah, Kennedy rally in CA all day on all TV channels but the PEOPLE VOTED FOR HILLARY AND SHE WON.
    2. They said that Hillary was going to lose NH and had the polls to prove that she was going to lose anywhere from 9-14pts. The PEOPLE VOTED AND CHOSE HILLARY.
    3.They said that she would narrowly win Ohio and lose Texas and had the polls to prove it.

  21. PERCENT in Texas


    Total reporting
    83.03% or 6365 out of 7649
    which is in texas talk
    54.93% or 156 “conventions” out of a total of 284 “conventions”

    Burntorange, by the way, is totally BO, but sells itself as “reporting for Dems…”

  22. Disenfranchising voters (including the audacity of perhaps “givingf” the NY governorship to HIllary as a consolation prize!) is one of my peeves…l

    More here…I blogged on this today…

    “I’m Gonna Harden My Heart”….

    Posted on March 30, 2008 by insightanalytical

    I’m gonna harden my heart

    I’m gonna swallow my tears
    I’m gonna harden my heart
    I’m gonna swallow my tears
    Harden my heart…harden my heart…
    swallow my tears
    I’m gonna harden my heart….


    This oldie but goodie has been playing in my mind over the last few days. I think I knew I had to go find the lyrics last night, though, as I composed a response to a post I read on another blog.

    I can’t vote for Obama if he is the nominee. At this point, it’s become visceral. I won’t go into a detailed explanation right now, because my views have been expressed by many others on many of the blogs on my Blogroll.

    Please note, there ARE people I will be voting for in November, so I won’t be a “stay-at-home voter.” I’ll vote for our Senate nominee, Udall, with great enthusiasm. And I will NEVER, NEVER vote McCain!!

    But the reality is that my feelings go WAY BEYOND Obama! It’s what the party has been doing over the years…

    Read more…

  23. myiq2xu: there are 2 things at work as far as moderated comments. 1.) there are triggers set up to catch potential troublemakers. I read comments in context and approve them on an individual basis when they land in the moderation queue and 2.) I delete comments with Obama taliking points. I don’t mind if a person wants to keep us honest but when the intent is clearly to stir up trouble I don’t think twice about deleting. It doesn’t bother my conscience at all. I don’t like censorship but this site is not frindly to Obama’s negative advertising. We are not a billboard for him. I ask people to fi d another site if they start to go off in that direction. The web is big so they should have no trouble finding another blog to express their opinions. The trolling has increased but is manageable so far. But if someone seems to be crossing the line let me know.

  24. The smiling Wright accepted an invitation to give the benediction at the Roman Catholic church but did not address the furor over his past sermons. He also sang “Happy Birthday” to Angelou, whose birthday is April 4.

  25. The smiling Wright accepted an invitation to give the benediction at the Roman Catholic church but did not address the furor over his past sermons. He also sang “Happy Birthday” to Angelou, whose birthday is April 4….

  26. One question: if Donna clearly thinks that Cruella is not legitimate (the math, more states, blah, blah……) and that the party will take care of things way before August why have they not stopped the elections? How can she be so transparent about her support for the suppresion candidate? Isn’t she supposed to be neutral (or at least do a better job at pretending she is)?

    See video below


  27. Riverdaughter:

    I’ve never had problems here but some sites are getting as bad as the two places I previously mentioned.

    The reason I wondered is I suspect without Hillary supporters there are several sites that are just echo-chambers of CDS, which of course is no fun for Otrolls.

    I have been a regular at one site which in just the last few weeks has seen an influx of CDS infected trolls. This took place well after the two biggest CDS infestations in Left Blogistan, one of which you are very familiar with.

    The irrational hatred I keep seeing is disturbing considering that it is coming alleged Democrats. We haven’t had haters like that in the party since the racists left for the GOP.

  28. It’s too late for me too. And it may be too late as far as the Democratic Party is concerned. I’ve been a Democrat for the past 50 years, voting D in every election, and actively wishing and hoping for a Democratic presidential win for the past 8 years, but no more. I don’t care any more. Robin Morgan nails it in her piece, Goodbye To All That (#2) at


  29. RD, your blog, your rules. You decide how much “trollness” (is that word?) to tolerate. Corrente also now has a few obnoxious and persistent trolls. Isn’t it amazing?

    I think the Big Blogger Boyz have gigantic egos and the tearing down of their Blogger Supreme status by places like the Confluence, TL, TM or Corrente pisses them off, which in turn, increases their irrational HDS and hysteria.

    As they lash out more and more (WWTSBQ) at HRC’s supporters. And as BO’s campaign starts making mistakes and some of the truth about BO’s record gets attention, HRC supporter feel both exhilarated at the resilience of their candidate (I know I feel this way) and hardened against BO and his base.

    It is a vicious circle that BO’s supporters have created. I don’t think they know how to get out of it even if they wanted to.

    As for me, sorry but 6 months ago, Edwards was my favorite candidate and I liked less, but liked nonetheless both BO and HRC. Now, it’s HRC and no one else. So, I can only feel schadenfreude for BO and his base. However, under NO circumstances would I ever vote for McCain.

    (Sorry about the long rant)

  30. AM: I remeber reading that piece a while ago and forwarding it to wife. I really found it relevant then and still do now.

  31. myiq2xu: we have to accept that a few trolls will slip through. I do think that some of them are Republicans. I try not to address their comments but politely to find a blog who cares. I also find that ridicule works fairly well. For some reason Obama trolls have no sense of humor. That’s a dead giveaway that they are really Obamacans( republican supporters of Obama) t
    They can’t handle snark.

  32. myiq2xu,

    I’ve just about stopped reading Jerome’s site, because the trolls are almost as annoying as a DK now. I noticed Corrente is getting some obnoxious OFB commenters too.

  33. Bostonboomer:

    A few trolls never hurt any site, as long as they aren’t too obnoxious. It helps to have a foil or “devil’s advocate” to flesh-out and sharpen arguments.

    The problem is when they infest a site, shutting down all rational discourse. Without Hillary supporters to attack, they turn on rational Obama supporters.

    What riverdaughter calls Obamacans is what is more commonly called “ratfuckers.” That’s the name for Nixon-era GOP dirty-tricksters who disrupted Democratic campaigns.

    Who was one of the original ratfuckers? Karl Rove.

    Click on my name for my article on the subject at correntewire.

  34. what I find at sites with a lot of obama trolls is that everyone feels compelled to respond to them and what should be give and take quickly degenerates into arguments. I wonder sometimes if they would leave if everyone just ignored them. with so many pro obama places, it’s really obnoxious that they hang out at hillary sites. what particularly irks me is when they want to lecture women about feminism. I never respond though – I just leave and come here.

    I really appreciate this place. thanks RD!

  35. Now I know that Hillary supporters are not creative and all that but I found this video very neat (I like cartoons so that helps). You go Hillary!

  36. You’re right, Chris, not feeding the trolls is still the best strategy.

  37. Okay, I think myiq2xu said this already: Sen. Clinton is going to need the Obama supporters on her run to the White House.

    Like riverdaugher (who has my gratitude for this site), I try to honestly answer the honest people who question some of my statements. Fair is fair.

    And fairness is the issue. Well, that and when you are going to win, you should start acting like the winner.

    Like Sen. Clinton. She acts like a winner. Winners don’t whine.

    But fairness—legitimacy—is the issue. There are some things bigger than me and blogs and Obama and Clinton and country. The process itself can be fair and the person who wins fairly is the legitimate candidate, leader, president.

    I keep telling myself this because I am very pissed. But I try to keep it in mind. Because it is a genuine concern for everybody, regardless of candidate, party, even nationality.

    It’s hard work, though.

  38. Vote for Obama? No. Oh no. This nonsense has gone on long enough. Obama is ready to be Commander in Chief. He would be worse than Bush.

    And the next person who whispers “Supreme Court” into my ear is going to get sock in the nose.

    Hillary is an inspiration. Every time I hear her speak, I am filled with pride. What a great president she’ll be.

    Hill, yeah! I’m sending her some money.

  39. John kerry and Ed Rendell are debating on ABC News:


    John Kerry is so annoying. To support his argument over health care, he says, ” I have worked 20 years, and Ted Kennedy 40 years to bring healthcare to Americans.. ”

    Yes, what do they have to show for it?? Yes, they have been on this and failed before and after Hillary was on the task. It’s the best proof that Hillary was the instrumental push behind SCHIP, b/c without her, John and Ted have a fat zero (0) to show for their efforts.

  40. the exchange happens around 11:30 and around 12:00 is John Kerry’s argument.

  41. Vote for Obama? At this stage no. I don’t know if I’ll even show up to vote at all. I have to think of my country first. I can’t in good conscience hand this country over to Obama. It would be the same as voting for Bush IMO. I’ll look at the downticket races and see if they are worth voting on.

    Obama is doing nothing to garner our support. Right now he just assumes that we’ll vote for him. He’s clueless. He’s also fooling himself if he thinks winning the Dem nomination means winning the Presidency.

  42. ghost2: thanks for the video. Something that always has mystified me is how every presidential election cycle, everyone becames a Washington *out*sider.

    If two of the most entrenched Washington insiders (Kerry & Kennedy) support Obama what does that say about his campaign…

    Yep, if Obama is the nominee he will win without my support. If he wins the GE, good for him. If he doesn’t, hard to even imagine given his endless talent for unifiying voters…. it will be still be great for the nation because he will deliver so many poweful speeches in the senate that Republicans will see how foolish they truly are and will run to unify behind the wisdom of his poltiical vision (and Kennedy’s and Kerry’s).

    So you see, stop worrying so much, it is a win, win situation.

  43. An AP story that isn’t anti-Clinton:

    Women Push Back In Their Support of Clinton:

  44. myiq2xu– I read your article when you posted it the first time. I told you I enjoyed reading it–guess you missed that. Of course I’m old enough to remember the history.

    As for Obama fans, after what happened at big orange place, I’ve had enough of them. I skip over their comments. I heard it all a million times already and don’t want to be bothered with them anymore.

  45. Okay, Scaife is—not one of my favorite people. But this is surprising.


  46. On This Week, the “neutral” Donna Brazile tipped off how Dean’s contingent in the Credential Committee will vote when it comes to MI and FL.

    We need revotes in those two states because the Credentials Committee will not be fair towards her campaign. Bottom line, the nominee will not be legitimate without counting Michigan and Florida voters.

    Michael Barone from US News and World Report thinks Hillary will gain the popular vote in the last 10 contests (Guam is the other contest) excluding MI and Florida.


    Found this pretty youtube video at mydd: I Need Hillary (original song)

  47. The latest concern troll meme I have heard in places like TL and TM is that you are no Democrat if you don’t support Obama in the GE and if he looses because you withheld your vote for him or voted third party then the blood of Iraquis and American soldiers will taint your hands forever. So there…guilt trip anyone?

  48. Bill Clinton woos CA superdelegates:


    Bob Rankin, an uncommitted superdelegate from Carson, near Long Beach, was still figuring out how to make up his mind.

    While Obama leads nationally in the popular vote and in pledged delegates, Clinton won both overwhelmingly in California. Voters in Rankin’s congressional district chose Obama, while his congresswoman, Laura Richardson, backed Clinton.

    Rankin said Obama called him two weeks ago to urge him to make up his mind.

    “He wanted to end this thing now for the good of the party,” Rankin said. “I told him I was not ready to do that.”

  49. Upstate, yeah, I caught that FUD, too.

    True Democrats don’t let anybody tell them what a true Democrat is.

    Geez. Everybody knows that.

  50. Oooooo

    Clinton08: Don’t be fooled by FUD.
    (I can define FUD if ya want.)

    Clinton08: Debcause true democrats want to get shit done.

  51. That’s “Because true democrats want to get shit done.”

    I just washed my hands and can’t do a thing with ’em.

  52. Ohio: I asked my wife about FUD. We are not sure what it means but she (native speaker) proposes something along the lines of ‘F*ck you Democrat’ Are we very off?

  53. “He wanted to end this thing now for the good of the party,” Rankin said. “I told him I was not ready to do that.”

    Didn’t Obama try to bully Rendell recently also? This thug behavior has got to stop. I expect it from Kos, Marshall, Bowers et al, but not Kerry, Kennedy and co.

  54. God I wish someone were running against Kerry. I’d almost vote for a Republican to get rid of him. Almost… I’ll never mark my ballot for Kerry again in this lifetime.

  55. UpstateNY, FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

    Marketing strategy designed to make you feel fear, uncertain, and doubt about a competing product. Usually based on a lie or, at minimum, a gross exaggeration.

    Wikipedia: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) is a tactic of rhetoric used in sales, marketing and public relations. FUD is generally a strategic attempt to influence public perception by disseminating negative (and vague) information.

    One of their examples includes Pascal’s Wager, which promotes a belief in God to avoid Hell (I think it goes): “Why not believe in God just in case you’re wrong?”

    One of my fab GF’s examples: “Our cat litter doesn’t burst into flames every time your cat uses the cat box.” Implying the competion’s product will burst into flames everytime your cat goes to pee.

    So in the campaign:

    -Our candidate stands for unity. (His opponent stands for division.)
    -Our guy stands for hope. (His opponent is totally anti-hope and is, in fact, the Hope Crusher.)
    -Our guy stands for change. (His opponent is totally for stagnation and not getting crap done.)
    -“I’ve been vetted.” (Meaning the other guy has not been, which in this case, was true. Now, I don’t think this is FUD because it’s not vague enough, but my fab GF thinks it is. Still, it was true.)

    FUD is purposefully vague to let the person listening fill in the blanks. It is passive-aggressive and I think a weak strategy in the long run if not amply supported by positive and substantial messages.

    It’s a non-winning marketing campaign because the FUD wears off unless you introduce new things to be afraid of.

    Subject change…

    I just saw Geo. Stephanopolos (sp?) and John Kerry was on, announcing that Sen. Clinton’s plan for universal health care is a non-starter.

    Without batting an eye, my fab GF: “So much for the audacity of hope, Lurch. Oh, sorry—Senator Lurch.”

    Okay, while namecalling, that was pretty damn funny.

    Sounds to me that Sen. Kerry made a threat: If Sen. Clinton wins the White House (and the Dems have a majority in House and Senate and may even increase that majority) her plan will be DOA?

    Why, exactly?

    And don’t you love it when the Establishment starts talking about cleaning up Washington? Resign, dudes. That’d be a good start.

    Fire them whole fucking lot of them.

  56. Tell me please, what is FUD?

    And I am not voting if BO is the nominee – except on a ballot issue in my town.
    Every dem in the state is in the pocket of BO – or he is in theirs.
    Chicago politics is mean and dirty. He may not know all the tricks, but with JJJr and Emil Jones, he doesn’t need to know as they are real pros at dirty doings.

  57. Thanks Ohio. I was really off, I guess 🙂 I have learned a lot though. Thanks again.

  58. as a democrat (and a dem contributor) forever, never another dime to dccc because of this and never a vote for BO from me no matter who he’s running against.

    the worst. a cheater. a fraud. a phony. arrogant. offensive to women. never. never. never. not against mccain. not against anyone. BO imo is worse. the worst.

    no surprise he’s running these cheats in TX. a continuation of the basest and most heinous chicago machine tactics he’s used since day 1 of his career

  59. it’s pretty amazing that the democratic party could get it this wrong. I personally feel like they’ve been on shaky ground for two years now, having gained a majority in congress for one specific purpose – ending this war – and not only failing to do so but actually prolonging it. and now this. how stupid and/or gullible do they really think we are? I guess just as stupid and gullible as we act, so it’s time to stop. now. we wouldn’t put up with being treated like this in our personal lives (right?) so why do it politically?

  60. This is going to sound dumb, but I’m not sure what a troll is? I think it is a post that is secretly pro-O but? Some of those are just hanging in my wp comments zone. Is this a troll thing? It came from Cats r Flyfishn aka pennsylvaniaforchange @ wp?

    It seemed like spam? Like something that might have gone out in some kind of “auto-mode?” or something….creepy.

    there have been others but that “auttomatic” gets them! YAY!

    what a nightmare!——–!
    you are not going to believe this riverdaughter, wow. I found this whole concept called “astroturfing” check this out! and there is more too…….it’s a type of blanket target marketing I had already suspected but…wow. Very big brother of him, very bad too. You might know more about this than I–I think it has to do with that crowdsourcing thing in a way——


    for the hot post

  62. Vbonnaire: it’s not a dumb question. Your innocence is refreshing. A troll is a commented whose sole intent in commenting is to stir up trouble by insulting, offensive rhetoric (usually GOP inspired in the early days but now just as likely Obama advocacy). The highjack threads and say outrageous things because they are itching’ for a fight.

  63. Boston Boomer, Ed O’Neill is running against Kerry. I’m pretty sure he’s a Democrat.

  64. UpstateNY, I’ve been following the Comments to Robin Morgan’s piece, now up to over 190, lots more than other posts on this site, with the pro-Obamaites in full wearingly long flood. They go on and on. It’s interesting. I threw in a Comment that many of the women making these Comments sounded like women in the early 1970s before they participated in consciousness-raising groups.

  65. Thank you! I think a few of them came by…yikes! I’m so disgusted with what the press is doing RD–like it’s rigged. You, Larry, Taylor — thank heavens…this is a VERY disturbing election due to his target marketing—-very frightening neuvo-politics.

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