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Cue the X-Files music: I want to believe

So, we went to the Denver Aquarium today.  Rill was filling in for some staff shortage  at the restaurant where her BFF is executive chef.  (More about that in another post)   Brook and I decided to walk back to the hotel.  There are lots of sidewalks and it was only 2 miles.  We crossed the foot bridge over the Platte river to a park that borders the river and what do you think we saw?  You won’t believe it. 

Confluence Park


Ack!  I am having fits wit iPhoto.  Anyway, see that sign by the tree?  It says “Confluence Park”.  I thought, well that’s a nice touch.  But it got weirder.  

Because when I turned around, there were two guys standing on a bridge overlooking the traffic and what do you think they were holding?

Hillary Devotees 

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.   

22 Responses

  1. riverdaughter–

    That is totally cool! Confluence park and Hillary signs. Did you talk to the guys holding the signs? What is in the second picture. I’m not seeing it on my computer for some reason.

  2. wow, that gave me chills. it’s an excellent sign!

  3. Loved it and love this blog!!!! Enjoy your trip.

  4. OK. When we get big enough to have our own convention, we know where to camp.

  5. It’s a sign, pun notwithstanding.

  6. riverdaughter – The force, she is with you!

  7. ConfluenceSynchronicity!

    HRC for Pres, Carl Jung for Veep…

  8. riverdaughter, {{shiver}} Whew, I’m glad you had a camera with you. It must have been wonderful to experience.

  9. It *is* a little weird…why would anyone be out with any candidate’s signs in Colorado right about now? Buyer’s remorse in the priimaries doesn’t come with a recall provision, unfortunately.

  10. I was having a conversation recently about the X-Files–which is now in my Netflix queue, btw. My friend said she preferred the episodes that dealt more with the government conspiracy. I said I preferred the quasi-paranormal episodes. You know the ones that had spooky crap going on, but not really? Kinda like this happening. Spooky, but not really and kinda cool.

    Oh yeah, I think the progressive blogosphere made a deal with the devil.

  11. Maybe everyone has already seen this? Just in case, please watch this video at Taylor Marsh. It’s beautiful!


    I Need Hillary.

  12. Feel the Hillmentum!!

    I need Hillary too!!

  13. That was nice, BB, thanks.

  14. Something every Democrat ought to think about.

    This blogpost yesterday @ Tennessee Guerilla Women made me recognize a very shameful reality about the Democratic Party: We treat our women worse than Republican will ever treat theirs. In fact, we invite and beg outsiders to abuse them.

    Think about this for a minute:

    If Condi Rice were on the Republican ticket, we could compare the level of respect accorded to her by Republicans with the now infamous Democratic pastime of denigrating, ridiculing and hating the only serious female presidential contender we’ve ever had. (…)

    Republicans would never stand for the media to treat Rice or any other woman on the Republican ticket with the vile disrespect showered on Hillary Rodham Clinton. Democrats have benefited from and all but begged corporate media to insult Hillary, and thus all women, with daily barrels of misogyny With Condi Rice on the ticket, I’m guessing sexism becomes a firing offense at MSNBC.

    Here we have Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of the most accomplished women ever in any political party, the first woman in history to have a real shot at becoming POTUS, a true and proud Democrat of 40 years.

    – This woman has lend her support to every notable progressive institution

    – She has help found great progressive institution such as Media Matters, Center of American Progress, among others

    – She has always advocated and work for the creation of a true progressive counterpart to the Right Wing noise machine

    – She has gotten into bruising battles to defend progressives and their causes

    -She was the first major politician to take on Bill O’Reilly when he was beating on DailyKos, heck she put it on her presidential website

    – She was the only Democrat with presidential aspirations to publicly defend Moveon in the “Betray US” flap by refusing to “condemn” them with a Senate Resolution, an act for which she took beating from big talking head and “liberal” columnists such as Frank Rich, had Rudy Nosferatu Giuliani run an ad against her, was tortured in countless interview.

    – She got caught in the “Driver’s license for undocumented” fiasco just because she did not want to throw another major Democrat under the bus

    And how do we Democrats treat her?

    Let’s start with the “high minded” Obama Campaign. From NY Mag:

    For all its rhetoric about practicing a new, more virtuous brand of politics, the Obama campaign has been going after Clinton hammer and tongs. Rarely a day passes without his people dubbing her a liar and a fraud

    Eric Boehlert from Media Matters has some observations (via Susie Madrak)

    MM [Media Matters] doesn’t use the word “bias,” but there’s a new phenomenon … it goes back to Gore’s press in 1999 which was “really unfair and really weird.” What’s happening online now is potentially dangerous: HRC has gotten dreadful press, not fair, “gotcha,” and so on — there’s a portion of the blogosphere that has ignored that and there’s a portion that has encouraged that.

    As Mark Halperin @ The Page observed, Sundays mean a Frank Rich-Maureen Dowd tag team assault on Hillary Clinton

    Democratic “operatives” are walking over one another to denigrate her “on condition of anonymity”
    So-called progressives and liberals are dying to go on TV to trash Hillary Clinton. Many of them are eager to get on TV to show how much bile the can throw on her. A sad and dumb clown like Ed Shultz has made smearing Hillary Clinton his raison d’être.

    “Progressives” are proud to be approvingly quoted by notoriously deranged Hillary hater Andrew Sullivan.

    Democrats who always complained about the fact that the MSM would take any unsubstantiated rumor from Drudge and run wild with it. Yet major “progressive” bloggers and leaders of the Democratic Party such as Tom Daschle and Barack Obama will use the vilest accusation put out by Drudge if it’s against Hillary Clinton.

    The most hateful things written about Hillary Clinton are found on prominent “prominent” blogs such as Huffingtonpost, DailyKos, Talkingpointsmemo, Americablog and others.

    I could go on and on.

    The sad fact is that we are still in March 2008, but yet, in this year alone Democrats have trashed, smeared, and worked hard to destroy Hillary Clinton more than Rightwingers ever did in 20 years.

    Now think about this!

    If Hillary Clinton was a Republican woman, would they allow an entire network to exist for the sole purpose of trashing her?

    Would other Republican who viciously savage her be regular guests TV shows?

    Would any Democrat with the reputation of writing the vilest smears about ever be on a TV or radio show hosted by a Conservative?

    The answer to these questions is clearly NO. To the contrary, Republicans will pull all the stops to defend their women, especially the most prominent, one who has been dedicated to their party and their causes for decades, let alone the first one with a good chance and the capacity of winning the presidency.

    Prominent Democrats have treated Hillary Clinton worse than they ever treated Bush and Cheney. Btw, has any prominent Democrat in the Senate asked for Bush or Cheney to resign?

    Democrats, be not proud.

  15. wow, Boston, that video made me a little tearful. I don’t think Hillary is a goddess or a savior. I just think she’s a regular person who understands and cares about regular people. that’s what we’ve been lacking and that’s what we need, in my opinion. I don’t ever want to *worship* a politician or see one as magical. I just want smart, informed, caring and realistic. I think she’s all of those things. oh, and she’s a sticker.

  16. Hello! Just signing up and testing comment function.

  17. Photo Caption Contest at TaylorMarsh.com!! Hurry, she just put it up.

    From the comments: Doesn’t it remind you of Bush holding the Children’s book upside down?

  18. Furthermore, from Alegre, writing on The Women’s Media Center:

    About That Writers’ Strike at DailyKos … by Alegre

  19. MABlue: That’s what’s so infuriating about this: HRC is the first serious woman to content for the presidential nomination from our party. How the hell do we allow, let alone partake, in absolute bigoted hate speech against her?! It is beyond despicable.

    My Republican family members are disgusted by it. No, they’ll never vote for Clinton, but they’re really taken aback by how much the Democrats seem to not only cannibailizing one of our own but also tearing apart a historical candidacy. At the very least they should be protecting her to help secure and turn out the women’s vote.


  20. Waaaaa-hooties!!!

  21. BB: Yes, I talked to them briefly. They were so enthusiastic. They didn’t know at first that I was a supporter so they told me, “We really need Hillary as our president. She is experienced and she knows what she’s doing. This election is really important . We’ve had eight years of George Bush. We don’t want Obama. etc”

    And you know, someone mentioned that Colorado already had it’s primary (or was it another stupid caucus?) and these guys did not behave like the primaries were over. They behaved like there was a real urgency, like there was still time to turn this thing around if they got enough attention. And they are right of course. Maybe we should *all* be waving signs at passing traffic, no matter what state we’re in.

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