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It’s Hillary’s policies that make her a better candidate

While Obama is attempting to beat Hillary with The Math, our candidate is looking ahead to her presidency making it clear to one and all that she’s running on The Issues. She’s become the acknowledged leader among the candidates on both the issues of health care and the economy. Under the umbrella of her multi-state Solutions for America Tour, Hillary Clinton has this week issued major policy statements on the housing crisis, retirement security, job creation and shared more detail about her Health Care Plan.

My brain is reeling after reading these plans but, Hillary’s been out talking about them all week! Some people have reminded us that Edwards drew enthusiastic crowds right up to the day he suspended his campaign.  But as good as he was on the issues, was he putting out issues statements like this?

Because I’m so impressed with the level of detail in her proposals and I want to show it off, I am deliberately reprinting her plans with very little snipping (still there is some — so please follow the links for more information):

On 3/24/2008: The Housing Crisis

. . . today Senator Clinton proposed a new plan to protect American homeowners. Her efforts will directly help African American families and communities:

  • Senator Clinton’s new action to help at-risk homeowners restructure their mortgages will help African-American families stay in their homes. Senator Clinton believes we should extend the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) capacity to guarantee restructured mortgages as proposed by Rep. Frank and Sen. Dodd, and that the government should stand ready to play a more proactive role in purchasing, restructuring, and reselling underwater mortgages. (snip)
  • Senator Clinton’s $30 billion fund for states and localities will help African-American communities fight the foreclosure crisis in their neighborhoods. Senator Clinton understands that communities with high rates of subprime lending and mounting foreclosures are at risk of falling into devastating downward economic spirals. She believes that if we can extend a $30 billion lifeline for a Wall Street bank, we should be able to extend $30 billion to help these communities stem the impact of mounting foreclosures. Subprime lending has been particularly prevalent in majority African-American communities. In New York City, for example, 46 percent of mortgages in the African-American neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, were subprime, compared to just over 3 percent in mostly-white Bay Ridge, Brooklyn – despite nearly identical median household incomes. As foreclosures mount, Senator Clinton’s $30 billion lifeline can be used to buy and rehabilitate foreclosed properties and ward off blight. Senator Clinton is committed to providing these neighborhoods with tools they deserve to weather the storm as the mortgage crisis deepens, including:
    • Supporting Efforts to End Discriminatory Lending Practices. There is substantial evidence of discriminatory lending practices in the subprime industry. As one lawyer from the NAACP observed “it’s almost as if subprime lenders put a circle around neighborhoods of color.” Senator Clinton’s $30 billion fund will provide support for community-based efforts to investigate and pursue claims against discriminatory lending practices.
    • Encouraging Responsible Borrowing. Senator Clinton’s $30 billion housing stimulus will also support homeowner counseling and education programs to make sure families have the information they need to make the right decisions. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have estimated that between one-third and one-half of all subprime borrowers could have qualified for prime mortgages.

On 3/25/2008: Retirement Security

Far too few American families are saving and building wealth for retirement. With stagnant wages and historic declines in housing values colliding with soaring health, education, and energy costs, millions of American families are finding it next to impossible to save. Fewer than half of American families have retirement savings accounts in any given year. The private savings rate in 2006 fell to its lowest level since the Great Depression. And nearly half of households entering retirement have just $15,000 or less in a 401(k) or IRA type plan. Hillary Clinton believes that every hardworking American family should have the tools and opportunities they need to save, build wealth and retire with dignity.

Her four-point plan is below:

1. Hillary’s American Retirement Accounts Plan with $1000 Tax Cut for Savings.

Hillary believes that we need to give all Americans an opportunity to save and build wealth for retirement that is as easy, secure and generous as is offered by good employer-sponsored 401(k)s. Her American Retirement Accounts Plan will give that chance to the tens of millions of Americans while reducing wealth inequality, increasing national savings, and encouraging economic growth. Under the plan, working and middle class families who currently have the hardest time saving will get generous matching tax cuts as an incentive to save. In addition, Hillary’s plan will make savings automatic by giving employers new incentives to automatically enroll their employees in retirement savings accounts. This plan will offer 3.4 million Pennsylvania families up to $1,000 in matching tax cut to save.

2. Strengthening Defined Benefit Pensions. Senator Clinton believes we must also shore up existing employer-sponsored pensions. She fought in the Senate to ensure that companies funded 100 percent of their defined benefit pension obligations. As president, Senator Clinton will close the loophole that allows companies to cut their employees’ pensions when they sell off subsidiaries. She will strengthen our bankruptcy code so that companies cannot use bankruptcy to get out of their pension obligations to workers. She will restore the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation to its historic role as an advocate for worker retirement benefits. And she will strengthen spousal protections to ensure that widows and qualified divorced widows receive the retirement benefits they are due.

3. Protecting Social Security from Bush-McCain Privatization Efforts. Senator Clinton believes that Social Security is a solemn promise to our seniors, and she is committed to keeping that promise. Social Security provides benefits to more than 48.4 million people, including 2.4 million people in Pennsylvania. Senator Clinton has a clear, straightforward plan to keep Social Security strong for future generations. First, she will restore fiscal responsibility in Washington. Senator Clinton is the only candidate remaining in the race who has showed exactly how she will pay for all of her new initiatives, while conserving additional savings for deficit reduction. Second, Senator Clinton will address the long-term challenges facing Social Security through a bipartisan process. As part of that process, she will consider a range of options to strengthen the program without hurting seniors or middle-class families.


4. Strengthening Medicare’s Long-Term Finances by Reining In Healthcare Costs.

The Congressional Budget Office reported recently that the U.S. has largely “misdiagnosed” its long-term fiscal problems by focusing on the demographics of the baby boom retirement rather than on health care costs. If health care costs continue to grow at their current rates, federal spending in Medicare and Medicaid could more than quadruple by 2050. But if we hold health care costs down, the impact of our aging population alone on these programs will be far more manageable. That’s why Senator Clinton has outlined the most aggressive plan of any presidential candidate to reduce costs throughout the healthcare system with comprehensive preventive care services, more effective chronic care management and modernization of our health care system. In addition, as the only candidate with a truly universal healthcare plan, Senator Clinton will more effectively reduce healthcare costs by extending the benefits of these new reforms to all Americans. Finally, as Senator Clinton works to reduce health care costs and strengthen Medicare’s long-term finances, she believes we should focus on Medicare’s overall fiscal wealth, and not artificial distinctions about the share of financing derived from general revenues.

3/27/2008: Job Creation

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Prepare Every Worker for

High-Wage, High-Skill Jobs of the Future

Making Worker Adjustment Assistance Universally Available for All Dislocated Workers:

. . . Today, Senator Clinton called for taking the next step – by committing $10 billion over five years to move towards a universal system where every dislocated worker is eligible for a basic set of training, adjustment and job search benefits regardless of whether their job loss was due to trade, outsourcing, technological change, or economic downturn. Senator Clinton will work to ensure that this expansion is achieved without diluting current TAA benefits or the expansion to service workers.

Providing New Pell Grants for Workers: Hillary will provide a new Pell Grant benefit to displaced workers who enroll in training and education programs to upgrade their skills. Because eligibility for federal financial aid is based on one’s annual income, and not available to less than part-time students, many displaced workers do not qualify. Under this initiative, any worker who lost a job of three or more years because the plants where they were working closed or moved elsewhere will be eligible for the minimum Pell Grant benefit if they enroll in a training, certificate or degree-granting higher education program. Those who qualify for more generous financial aid awards will receive the full amount to which they are entitled. Hillary will also instruct the Department of Education to conduct a pilot program to relax certain requirements while maintaining the integrity of the federal financial aid system, so that it better meets the needs of workers. And her Administration will conduct aggressive outreach by partnering with state unemployment and labor offices to ensure that every eligible worker learns about the Pell Grants for Workers program, and is able to take full advantage of it.

Supporting New Preemptive and On-The-Job Training: Senator Clinton believes that we should not wait until workers lose their jobs to help them get new training and new skills. By strengthening opportunities for workers to get education and skills while still on the job, Senator Clinton’s plan will help increase workers wages and employment prospects, while aiming to decrease dislocation as well. Her plan includes:

  • 401(k)s for Education and Training: Senator Clinton’s new American Retirement Accounts will give workers a new, easy and automatic way to save for education and training opportunities. These accounts will allow individuals to invest up to $5,000 per year on a tax-deferred basis, and offer up to $1000 in matching tax cuts to help workers save. To empower workers to equip themselves with the skills to find new jobs before they have suffered a dislocation, Senator Clinton has proposed that these funds can be withdrawn penalty-free for higher education and training while workers are on-the-job. In addition, workers will also be able to withdraw 10-15% of the savings from their accounts to help tide them through periods of extended unemployment.

  • Preemptive Training Initiative for Vulnerable Communities: Senator Clinton would invest $200 million per year in a program to offer preemptive training assistance to workers and communities threatened by global competition. Under this program, communities, unions and companies could apply for assistance if they were concerned that their jobs were being threatened by global competition or technological change, and would receive competitive grants to support training and transition assistance for new jobs and new career opportunities, including those targeted to local circumstances.. The Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) in Western Pennsylvania involves community, business, and union leaders to identify and assist at-risk manufacturers; SEWN estimates that these preemptive efforts have saved or created more than 10,000 jobs since the program began in 1993.The grants would also seek to support new partnerships between community colleges, workers and local businesses to tailor credit-bearing training programs to specific local employment demand. These programs could seek to provide new ways to help workers train on the job, by adapting college offerings to workers’ schedules and expanding worksite learning opportunities. One example is the Charlotte Regional Workforce Development Partnership, which brings together representatives from nine area community colleges to discuss the workforce trends, enrollment in training programs, and how the local training programs can be better tailored to address the needs of the local economy.
  • More flexible employer tuition benefit programs: Senator Clinton believes Section 127 of the tax code should be amended to allow employers to use tuition benefit programs to pay for not just for college courses, but also for literacy and English as a Second Language (ESL) or other pre-undergraduate education. This would help new immigrants and low-skilled workers to develop the basic education and language skills required for more advanced work and learning opportunities.

A Commitment to Fiscal Discipline: The cost of Senator Clinton’s new training initiative is approximately $2.5 billion per year. This cost will be financed without increasing the deficit by allocating a portion of the savings from Senator Clinton’s Corporate Subsidy Commission. This commission will identify unnecessary and outdated corporate subsidies for elimination and present its recommendations in full to Congress for an up-or-down vote – without amendments. [American Dream Initiative, 2005]. This approach will ensure that special interests cannot interfere to protect their own subsidies.

Building on a Bold Agenda for Job Creation: Hillary’s plan to prepare our workers for the high-wage, high-skill jobs of the future builds on her bold agenda to create good, high-wage jobs in America. Hillary will restore a strong manufacturing sector in the U.S. by investing in processes and products that could lower costs, improve efficiencies, and create more U.S. manufacturing jobs. She will end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, and investing in innovation and job growth in the U.S. Her Rebuild America plan will invest in infrastructure to create good jobs, ensure our safety and enhance our economic competitiveness. And her $50 billion Strategic Energy Fund will invest in renewables and clean energy technologies that will help create at least 5 million green collar jobs.

3/28/2008: Fair Trade and Good Jobs for Indiana

Her plan includes:

  • Making Trade Work for Working Families. Americans need a president who will fight for fair, pro-American trade policies that will not trap them in a race to the bottom. Low wages in other countries are costing America jobs and putting pressure on wages here at home. With approximately one quarter of our gross domestic product linked to international trade, we need smart, pro-American trade policies that help our workers and families. As president, Hillary will make trade work for working families:
  • The only candidate with a detailed, 4-part plan to fix NAFTA. As President, Hillary will dramatically strengthen NAFTA’s labor and environmental provisions; change its investment provisions that grant special rights to foreign companies; strengthen its enforcement mechanisms; and review NAFTA regularly.
  • Demand strong labor and environmental provisions in all trade agreements;
  • Appoint a new trade “prosecutor” and double the enforcement staff at the USTR so we can truly enforce our trade laws again, and get tough with countries like China for allowing the piracy of intellectual property.
  • Crack down on China’s currency manipulation. Hillary is a co-sponsor of legislation that will require the administration to take definitive steps to stop China and other countries from harming American interests by undervaluing their currencies.
  • Implement a trade “timeout” to formulate a genuinely pro-worker and pro-American trade policy;
  • Restoring a Strong, Vibrant Manufacturing Sector in America: Hillary believes that we cannot remain a great country with a strong economy if we don’t make things in America. The loss of manufacturing jobs overseas threatens our economic future. And our dependence on foreign countries to manufacture equipment for our military needs threatens our national security as well. As co-chair of the Senate Manufacturing Caucus, Hillary understands the challenges and opportunities facing American manufacturing. As president, she will invest in processes and products that could lower costs, improve efficiencies, and create more U.S. manufacturing jobs. She will provide $20 billion in Green Vehicle Bonds to help American auto companies retool old plants to meet strong efficiency standards. And she will expand the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which for a $100 million investment yields $910 million in new investments and trains or retrains 50,000 workers.
  • Ending Tax Breaks for Companies that Ship Jobs Overseas, and Investing in Innovation and Job Growth in the U.S. As president, Hillary will take away tax breaks from companies that are sending jobs and production overseas and use those tax dollars to encourage job creation in the U.S. She would permanently extend the R&D credit to help attract R&D facilities and high-paying research jobs to the U.S. She would establish a national broadband strategy to enhance the competitiveness of communities across Indiana and America. And she would ensure that the U.S. continues to be an engine for innovation and cutting-edge technological breakthroughs by doubling the basic research budgets at the major federal agencies and tripling post-graduate research grants in math and science.
  • Investing in Infrastructure to Create Good Jobs, Ensure our Safety, and Enhance our Economic Competitiveness. New Orleans and the Minnesota bridge collapse are stark reminders of our nation’s failure to invest sufficiently in our infrastructure. Hillary’s infrastructure plan would invest $10 billion in funding to help states review and repair their critical infrastructure; modernize seaports; expand funding for public transit and intercity rail; incentivize environmentally sensitive land use policies; and a reduce congestion. She is also a co-sponsor of bipartisan legislation to create a national infrastructure bank that would evaluate and finance large infrastructure projects.
  • Establishing a $50 Billion Strategic Energy Fund That Will Help Create at Least 5 Million Green Collar Jobs. In 2007, many of the largest oil companies recorded record profits. Exxon-Mobil recorded an annual profit of $40.6 billion, making it the most profitable corporation in history. Together, the five largest U.S. oil companies—Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, Valero and Marathon Oil—earned more than $75 billion in 2007— about $2,500 per second. Hillary’s energy plan would give large oil companies a choice: invest more in renewable energy technology or pay into a Strategic Energy Fund to jumpstart clean energy research and the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies. These investments will lay the foundation for our economy to create at least 5 million high-paying green collar jobs over the next decade.
  • Providing New Support to Help Small Businesses Create Good Jobs. At this time of economic uncertainty, small businesses are more important than ever. They have accounted for 80 percent of net new jobs since 1990 and employ more than half of all private sector workers. As president, Hillary will double funding for the Small Business Administration, which has been cut by 50% under the Bush Administration. Hillary will also provide new tax credits to small businesses to make it easier for them to create new jobs with health care for their workers here in the U.S.

3/28/2008: NY Times, Health Care Interview:

. . . In an extensive interview on health policy, Mrs. Clinton said she would like to cap health insurance premiums at 5 percent to 10 percent of income.The average cost of a family policy bought by an individual in 2006 and 2007 was $5,799, or 10 percent of the median family income of $58,526, according to America’s Health Insurance Plans, a trade group. Some policies cost up to $9,201, or 16 percent of median income.

The average out-of-pocket cost for workers who buy family policies through their employers is lower, $3,281, or 6 percent of median income, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a health research group.

A cap on premiums has been part of Mrs. Clinton’s universal coverage proposal since she announced it in September. Her published plan did not disclose her thinking on where to place the cap. She also said in the interview that she preferred to set the limit at a single level for all Americans rather than varying it by income.


As in her debates with Mr. Obama and other contenders, Mrs. Clinton displayed an easy command of health policy in the 45-minute interview, conducted in a basement meeting room in the Midtown Manhattan tower that houses her Senate office. Her voice hoarse, she conceded some weariness from the lengthy campaign, saying her decision to take off the Easter weekend had only allowed exhaustion to set in. But despite calls by some Democrats for her to abandon the race, she gave no hint that she was viewing her campaign in the past tense.

Mrs. Clinton presented a confident defense of her call for universal coverage, saying it reflected not only a moral imperative, but also the best chance to reduce costs and improve quality.

“I know that there are a lot of experts who may disagree about how to get to universal health care,” she said. “But they agree with me that in the absence of universal health care it’s very difficult to control costs, and it’s extremely hard to incentivize quality improvements at the level you need to really see results.”


As in past interviews and debates, Mrs. Clinton refused to specify how she would enforce her mandate. She has previously said that garnisheeing wages would be one option, but has declined to say whether it would be the preferred one. She did say, however, that the uninsured could be detected by employers and government agencies and then enrolled automatically.

There would be “a long grace period” to enroll, she said. At some point, it might be necessary to impose penalties to encourage compliance, as is the case in Massachusetts, the lone state with a mandatory coverage plan. “Probably eventually,” she said, “but I don’t want to set a time frame.”

Her impressive performances in debates are no coincidence — Hillary Clinton has an incredible grasp of the issues that are important – critical – to voters.  Given a choice between the candidate with The Math and the candidate with The Issues, I’m choosing Hillary Clinton.  The one with The Issues.

34 Responses

  1. She’s all substance. Her policies are detailed and well thought out. If only people would read them. While running for office she proposed legislation, showing she takes her job seriously. The law is about maternal health care, showing she isn’t just putting it on her political profile as a bullet point. Obama’s healthcare plan is there because he needs it to be, not because he has thought it through or has worked for it his whole life.

  2. I was an Edwards supporter but, when he dropped out I went straight to Hillary’s website to read her health care plan. And the sense of compassionate understanding influenced my decision to support her as much (maybe more) than the plan itself.

  3. I am hoping that the voters in the next ten primaries open their eyes and vote with their heads. Hillary is the only one who knows what she is doing. McCain is clueless and Obama is a puppet of the old DNC crowd.

  4. The anger that I feel is because she has all these ideas and policy directions. This was the time to discuss with the electorate what should be democratic core policy directions. Instead we are wasting our opportunity on a manufactured “aura”. The public is being inspired and awed and I have no idea where that inspiration is taking them.

    I am frustrated cause the Obama crowd has hijacked the Democratic opportunity to change policies. I blame the leadership of the Democratic party. The nation was ready for the new direction. Hillary and Edwards would have made a great policy battle. Edwards would have pushed Hillary to be a tad more to the left. But now all we have is gibbersh from Obama. Empty words.

    If he would have waited he would have been the VP candidate for whoever won, then after 8 years he would have been the shoe in. Sixteen years for Dem opportunity to change the public policies that have dismantled our economy, our constitution, our infrastructure and our future.

  5. Stellaa, Starting now (or yesterday) I’m trying to hold back my anger and focus on why I’m supporting her. Anger would make me feel like it was all over and I’m not ready for that.

    So I’m working on posts that come from a more positive — powerful place.

    Still, I totally understand the anger.

  6. katiebird:

    Frenchdoc joins you with his post Why Hillary Should Be President (WHSBP) – Untold Stories, in which he focuses on his favorite issue: Microcredit.

    He puts his finger on what Hillary and Bill have been up against:

    And that is one lesson we have all already learned: the cool kids in the media and the Village elders hated the Clintons already for coming from Arkansas and mess up “their” place and pollute it with foreign ideas like universal health care and economic opportunities for the poor (and please, spare me the failure of health care reform and and “ending welfare as we know it”; in the first case the Clintons had to deal with the same disgusting media campaign HRC has to face now and in the second case, Clinton had to deal with the Gingrich Congress – a Congress that actually flexed its idiotic muscle against the President, what a concept).

    And tries to remind us what actually matters in a candidate:

    I want someone who is intellectual smart and curious (even if the cool kids, the Village elders and now the Big Boyz Bloggerz think it’s soooo 90s). I want someone with a clear pulse on our global world and has the wherewithal to get in touch with the right people to get things done in a decisive fashion.

    Let’s not be distracted by stupid snipers stories. This is not what matters (“but SHE LIED!!!!” Fuck that. I demand neither perfection not sainthood from ANY candidate).

  7. katiebird: I admire that and will try to emulate your example. Thanks for this post.

  8. Dear friends, I’ve already let you down. Just minutes after posting that inspirational comment, I lurched off into a tirade.

    Let’s not be distracted by stupid snipers stories. This is not what matters (“but SHE LIED!!!!” Fuck that. I demand neither perfection not sainthood from ANY candidate).

    Me too. And I don’t want to drink beer with them either.

  9. well…… at least we are trying 😉

  10. Great posts!

    “I think we’ve become a bit too squeamish too soon in terms of our reaction to the emotion,” former Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa, a Clinton supporter, said when asked about Mr. Dean’s criticism about tone. “I think Democrats appreciate the fact that this will be a difficult race. Whoever the nominee is against John McCain, I, for one, want my nominee to be battle tested and a warrior going into the fall election.”

  11. Upstate, how’s this for a goal, for every rant — post something positive? Or two things positive.

    There’s plenty to choose from. I haven’t even talked about her being a Sticker recently.

  12. Don’t ever apologize for the anger. For many of us Hillary supporters we have kept our anger too quiet for too long. That’s why people have taken us for granted.

    Let me also tell you that I LOVE THIS POST. It give me chills to see what we might lose by not electing her. Then I stop and get angry at myself for even adopting that syllogism.

    I plan to send it out — with full accreditation and linking — to a bunch of my friends. People need to know the opportunities we have all if she wins.

    Thanks for the hard work in putting it together.

  13. In Pennsylvania, Senator Barack Obama may have Mr. Casey, but Mrs. Clinton has Representative John Murtha. “No politician is better positioned to deliver votes when Pennsylvania holds its presidential primary on April 22 than Murtha, who has lived in the same Johnstown neighborhood since winning a House seat in 1974,” writes Eli Saslow of The Washington Post.

    In Pa., She’s Got a Friend In Murtha
    UNIONTOWN, Pa. — They waited for three hours in a chilly gymnasium, more than 2,000 people standing shoulder to shoulder on the hardwood floor, their patience waning through a cheerleading routine, a pep rally and four noisy speeches from local politicians.

    Not to mention the self-effacing Rendell.
    Casey belongs to Santorum….

  14. {{Cdalygo}} Thank you VERY much — It gave me chills too, reading about the range topics she worked on just this week. She’s amazing. And I’m committed to doing what I can to spread the word.

    prohillary — that’s a really important comparison of the endorsements. Can we use it in a post?

  15. I sure get where Stellaa’s coming from. this is a time to discuss issues (there are so many and they are urgent) but instead it seems to be all about personalities. I’m not sure the average citizen is all that interested in issues, and that kinda floors me. I agree that if this race was between Hillary and John Edwards, we would be hearing a lot more policy discussion, and we would all be better off for it. instead, we’re all about Obama’s feelings. it’s crazy.

    and Katie: our candidate is a STICKER! we need to say that every day 🙂

  16. Hey, folks, thanks for the links and the quotes but for the record this Frenchdoc is a gal!! 🙂

  17. Her policies sound like an FDR Democrat. No wonder the corporatists are throwing everything they have against her.

  18. >She will provide $20 billion in Green Vehicle Bonds to help American auto companies retool old plants to meet strong efficiency standards.

    Why should we be bailing out auto companies for doing something they should have been doing since 1970. They’ve been fighting fuel efficiency standards too. This just seems like a give away to the US auto companies. If we want to promote clean cars or help manufacturing the money should be invested in science and technology to give the US a competitive edge.

  19. I’d also add all these plans and proposals match much of what Obama wants to do and neither talk about how they will pay for it. I think it’s comical Clinton doesn’t address a balanced budget amendment but is happy to harp on China’s ability to keep the dollar inflated. We should really start thinking about balancing the budget so that we can start to blunt the economic weapon china holds against us.

  20. Quite frankly, this is a contest between Franklin Roosevelt and Elmer Gantry. I know who I’m voting for.

  21. (waving) I’m glad to meet you Frenchdoc — I think I saw links to your work at Left Coaster and someplace else too. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself.

  22. Katiebird, thanks for the welcome… I’ve been lurking around here ever since I took exile from DK. You guys rock!

  23. I’m a DK exile too. I thought it would be harder than it is. I’m really enjoying the smaller, more personal (and often more feminine) sites. riverdaughter’s blogroll lead me to some great places (off the Big Boyz path) and they in turn led me to more.

    Just when things were darkest, I found some great new friends.

  24. katiebird, frenchdoc and moi:

    We wrong when we agreed on this:

    Let’s not be distracted by stupid snipers stories. This is not what matters (“but SHE LIED!!!!” Fuck that. I demand neither perfection not sainthood from ANY candidate).

    Boy we were wrong.

    I was on TNR today and I found one of the real issues we have to discuss, courtesy of TNR “academic blog”:

    Why Hillary Drops Her Final “G”s

    You just read the intro and your gag reflex kicks in:

    Why isn’t it noticed, or, if noticed, not commented upon? At least in her Ohio and Texas talks, Hillary Clinton drops the final “G” from the “ing” words (participles, gerunds)–an annoyance, especially to those who’ve heard her talking to other people and groups where not one “G” is dropped and she sounds like the young woman who gave a famous Wellesley College commencement address, was one of America’s 100 most successful lawyers, was first lady of Arkansas and the United States, and has been a successful U.S. senator from New York State for eight years.

    Hmmm! Why would that cold, calculating, triangulating, puppy-torturing, baby-eating, vile, evil witch drop her final “G”s? Why?
    And what does that tell us about Hillary?
    It’s a “progressive” writing in a “Liberal” magazine, so we can guess the conclusion:

    That this woman, distinguished as remarkably able since her 20th year–and by no one more than the husband who in Little Rock and Washington appointed her to important roles and who now campaigns for her with heart-rocking energy–feels that she has to jump through the hoops of dropping “G”s arouses as much pity as disgust.


    ps: Frenchdoc, je m’excuse for mistaking you for a guy, it’s probably the societal bias in me.

  25. Hoooboy.

    Saw this at TL, passing on the link.


    Letter from Sen. McCain to Sen. Obama dated February 6, 2006 regarding ongoing Congressional efforts towards bipartisan lobbying reform.

    One quote: “I’m embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics I failed to interpret your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble. Again, sorry for the confusion, but please be assured I won’t make the same mistake again.”


    If Sen. Obama gets the nomination, this letter will be reprinted in every newspaper, magazine, and billboard across the country.

    Oh, man. I don’t know how you could respond to this in a 527.

  26. Ohio, that’s a humiliating slap. Add that to the lack of hearings in his subcommittee and you really have to wonder what he’s thinking.

  27. MABlue… pas de probleme! 🙂
    And regarding the “G”… well, I guess that settles it… she should withdraw and we should all pack and go home!

    Ohio… you mean BO is a typical politician and McCain is an ill-tempered old douchebag… well I never! (shocked expression, here) 😉

  28. That ‘g’ dropping thing irritates me when Obama does it. All his Kansas ads involved intense ‘g’ dropping. So, I guess if I spotted Hillary doing it, I wouldn’t be pleased. But, she didn’t do it here. At least not in anything public.


  29. MABlue,
    And nobody seems to notice when Obama goes into singsong preacher mode.

    Yea, I know. There are The Clinton Rules and The Obama Rules.

    Still, I continue to be baffled by the support for Obama, esp. now that we know most of those famous phrases are 3rd hand (stolen without attribution from others by his speechwriters).

    Maybe if I were 20-something, it would be different. But I’m not. I want a President who won’t need briefing papers or a teleprompter to know what is going on and what needs to be done..

  30. as for the g dropping, some people (I’m not one, but my daughter and my sister are) tend to talk like the people they’re around. I swear, if they’re talking to a british person, they suddenly sound british. we moved to the south five years ago and my daughter had a drawl from day one. it just happens. I think it would be really hard to fake. if one does a lot of public speaking like Hillary or any politician, I imagine there are more formal speeches and more relaxed occasions where one could fall into more relaxed speech patterns including the ones they hear around them. if this is the latest complaint about Hillary they must be running out. I guess they’ll start recycling the old ones.

  31. “Demand strong labor and environmental provisions in all trade agreements;

    Ending Tax Breaks for Companies that Ship Jobs Overseas, and Investing in Innovation and Job Growth in the U.S

    Investing in Infrastructure to Create Good Jobs, Ensure our Safety, and Enhance our Economic Competitiveness.

    Establishing a $50 Billion Strategic Energy Fund That Will Help Create at Least 5 Million Green Collar Jobs.”

    I got to attend one of the Solutions for America stops today. She spoke specifically on all of these issues, in addition to many more. The line was long, the event was packed. The crowd itself was fairly diverse. The men who attended were very intense in their support. The women….were mad. There was definitely an undercurrent of anger. A woman in front of me in line was interviewed by a photographer. She ripped into the media’s portrayal of the race as pretty much a focus on high school homecoming politics, instead of facing the issues of our country. The fifty year old woman was talking about a YouTube posting on Hillary with her friend. It was really surprising to me, and exciting demonstrates that the work of the Hillary supporting blogs are so important. The message is heard.

    A few other observations. I saw the coolest button on a 70 year old guy, which said, “Bill Clinton for First Dude!” I swear, Hillary pointed to my daughter, while talking about her youth supporters. My daughter, who is in 1st Grade, was standing in the bleachers jumping up and down with our “Hillary for America” sign.

    I was honestly surprised with how accessible the event was. When Obama was recently in town(before the primaries started, and it got nasty), it was impossible to get in, at a bigger event. Same with Kerry when he was here in 04, you had to be more connected to the local party to get tix. With this event, you showed up and got in.

  32. Re above, “this is a contest between Franklin Roosevelt and Elmer Gantry. I know who I’m voting for.”

    Maybe more like contest between FDR and Morgan Bank and its connectees. They _really_ saw FDR as a threat to their fascist plans.

    Google “a vital lesson today to the Democratic Party, and to the American people” (with quotes) for a history lesson re FDR’s battles for the nomination.

  33. There’s a solid line connecting Bush Jr. to Obama, and it’s hubris. Obviously Obama is much smarter than Bush, but that’s neither here nor there, and arguably makes hubris worse…and until I hear otherwise, it looks like Obama holds delusional religious beliefs of the same sort that make our current president think that he’s got all the answers between his plugged-up ears.

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