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Maybe the Obamaphiles drank oooone too many grain spiked beers at the last Obama kegger.  Do they know it yet?  Or will they feel it just after they take the last swig?  Todd Beeton at MyDD thinks they might have taken things too far and Russ Feingold is telling them to put their foot on the floor to keep the room from spinning out of control.

Too late, I think.

BTW, the end of the month approaches and so does Hillary’s fundraising quarter.  It takes money to run a campaign and until Obama drops out, she will need to raise funds.  So, if you’ve got a C-note looking for a purpose, send it along.  But I’m sure she would appreciate any amount you send.  Help Make History!

22 Responses

  1. riverdaughter says:

    It takes money to run a campaign and until Obama drops out, she will need to raise funds.

    That. Just. Made. My. Day.

  2. Here is a blog post on Obama and playing Chicago Slap Down, an aggressive form of poker. Great post, especially when she gets to how he is campaigning like playing Chicago Slap Down. Check it out.


  3. Loved this post by Taylor Marsh:

    Grow A Spine and Don’t Be Afraid of a Fight DC Dems!!!


    Also, what is wrong with Michigan and Florida voting? And if the first two primaries don’t count, then have another one!

  4. Here is a great interview from Ed Rendell on the Charlie Rose show.

    There are some really good soundbites such as “Keith Olberman should be on the Obama payroll” among others.

    He is really a good surrogate and

  5. You’re right riverdaughter, it’s too little too late and that’s the message most Clintonites are sending out on blogs everywhere. The Obamaphiles have gone too far and there is no turning back now. They have made me hate Obama and now they are going to pay. Ass kissing won’t be enough. A unity ticket won’t be enough. I want Obama out of the picture and if that means another 4 years under Republican rule then so be it. I want Obama to lose to McCain – badly. I want thousands of Clinton supporters to go to the polls and write in Hillary just to embarass Obama, Dean, and Pelosi. It will be a clear rejection of their behavior to our preferred candidate. I’ve been very, very angry today. More angry than I have been in quite sometime over this election. Bill Richardson was enough but I think Patrick Leahy once again calling for Clinton to step down sent me over the edge. I am firmly planted in my decision that I will never support Obama. Not in 2008 not in 2012 or 2016. NEVER. Amazing how these Obamaphiles still think this dude is a uniter when clearly half of the Democratic Party still likes Hillary and 40% of Clintonites won’t even vote for him in the general.

  6. Another great article from Gene Lyons, a real journalist.

    Wright’s anger is part of the problem

    As recently as 2000, Democrats were outraged that, due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bush vs. Gore, not all of Florida’s presidential votes counted. In 2008, advanced thinkers supporting Sen. Barack Obama have persuaded themselves that fairness dictates that none of them should count. Nor Michigan’s, either. Better that the voters of two critical swing states comprising close to 10 percent of the electorate be disenfranchised than that Obama’s inevitable nomination be delayed. Nobody’s expected to notice the main reason that Team Obama faulted every suggested revote plan: He wouldn’t stand the proverbial snowball’s chance of winning either state’s primary.

    In Time, Mark Halperin provides a list of “Painful Things Hillary Clinton Knows—Or Should Know.” No. 7: “The Rev. Wright story notwithstanding, the media still wants Obama to be the nominee—and that has an impact every day.” We’ve come full circle. So confident have the Beltway media courtiers grown in their social and political status that what once was furiously denied is now boasted about. Politicians may come and go, but Chris Matthews, Howard Fineman, Tim Russert and Maureen Dowd preside over a permanent House of Lords.

    Media coverage of Obama’s speech on race was characteristic. That it would be a brilliant piece of oratory was foreordained. After all, it was on Obama’s favorite theme, the subject of his two books and now his presidential campaign: himself as a living symbol of racial reconciliation.

  7. Oh and there’s also the latest Survey USA poll that totally refutes the bogus NBC/ Murdoch/Wall Street Journal piece of garbage.

  8. The Back Stabbers – They smile in your face . . All the time they want to take your place . . . [The O’Jays]

    From Tennessee Guerilla Woman

    I love the picture of Hill & Bill here ..

  9. I officially hate everything about Obama from his arrogant personality to his half-assed “progressive” policies:

    Rendell Gets a Call from Obama:

  10. I agree about today being the day where my anger has reached a boiling point. I already decided a month ago that I would never vote for Obama in my lifetime. In fact you could not give me 1 million dollars to vote for that lying crock of shit! But today after Dodd, Leahy and Dean came out telling her to quit the race, god my blood was boiling. I had to go on two walks just to calm down. I swear if I ever meet Obama in my life time I’m going to spit in his face. And to think that only three months ago I was considering voting for him. In fact a year ago I was praising him to all my friends who never heard of him. Now I hate him more than I ever hated Bush. I will campaign against that arrogant fool just so he never gets to step on the White House lawn. He doesn’t deserve it.

    Now I need a Drink!

  11. The woman who would be BO’s running mate…..
    “Show me a 50-foot wall,” says (Gov) Napolitano, who prosecuted hundreds of illegals before she moved to the Statehouse, and “and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.” It’s not just the pull of the world’s largest economy.

  12. what the shit–>


    Obama Aligns Foreign Policy With GOP

    GREENSBURG, Pa. — Sen. Barack Obama said Friday he would return the country to the more “traditional” foreign policy efforts of past presidents, such as George H.W. Bush, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.
    “I do think that Sen. Clinton would understand that George Bush’s policies have failed, but in many ways she has been captive to the same politics that led her to vote for authorizing the war in Iraq,” he said. “Since 9/11 the conventional wisdom has been that you’ve got to look tough on foreign policy by voting and acting like the Republicans, and I disagree with that.”

  13. WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton trails Barack Obama in votes, delegates and fundraising, but she’s far better off than she was a month ago, when her campaign was staggering amid calls for her to exit the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Instead, she started winning again. One major difference: Maggie Williams. Democratic insiders say that Williams, who replaced Patti Solis Doyle as campaign manager in mid-February, has tamed the internal bickering that had plagued the Clinton camp. Douglas B. Sosnik, a former top political aide to President Clinton who recently joined Hillary Clinton’s campaign, said that Williams has “tried to put more structure to it and have more people involved in fewer things.”

  14. I’m just stuck on what he’s trying to tell voters now about foreign policy – wasn’t he all for change? Or did he forget that when he arrived in rural Pennsylvania?

    Did I hear everything I thought I heard, vague as it was, last fall from him about this? When did he ever inform us previously that he wants to go back to foreign policy like Reagan, Bush Sr, and JFK – and what the hell does that mean, anyway?

  15. As state Dems gather, Pelosi not taking sides
    John Wildermuth,Jonathan Curiel, Chronicle Staff Writers
    Saturday, March 29, 2008

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, kicking off a weekend convention of California Democratic Party heavyweights, stuck to the middle ground Friday despite the increasingly personal battle between would-be presidential nominees Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    “Both of them are great,” she said at the gathering of hundreds of top state Democrats at the San Jose Convention Center. “Either one of them would make a great president of the United States, and I know one of them will be.”
    Despite the San Francisco representative’s public comments, supporters of Sens. Clinton and Obama attending the meeting are expected to work privately over the weekend to woo uncommitted superdelegates…..

  16. Obama has yet to take a definitive public stance on affirmative action in this campaign, but he did voice a radio ad in opposition to Connerly’s successful 2006 campaign in Michigan. Darren Davis, a professor of political science at Notre Dame, calls the emerging Connerly question “one of the most profound” of Obama’s campaign–especially in the wake of the controversy over his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. “Basically, on every racial issue Barack Obama is walking the tightrope,” Davis says. “The more he supports traditional black issues like affirmative action, the more that will eat into his white base of support.” Obama has been careful when broaching this issue; in a 2007 ABC News interview he suggested that the affirmative action of the future should consider economic status more than race. If Connerly’s successful in making this an issue for Obama, it wouldn’t be the first time state ballot initiatives affected a presidential campaign.

  17. Muncie, IN (my hometown) is excited about Hillary. It’s a conservative town, but just look at today’s front page.


    “Hillary Clinton brought a standing-room-only crowd to its feet — and kept it there — during her Friday evening appearance in Muncie.”

  18. Last night, my wife and I were talking and right now she is pretty upset over the constant call for Hillary to leave the race. by big names in the D party. She at one point started saying how sexist the whole thing is… For me it was very interesting to see my wife up in arms about this with such passion.

    She is no “blogista” and doesn’t follow the race as closely as others do, but she has had it…..I honestly do not know what she will do in Fall if Hillary is not our nominee…

    I asked her…”What about the supreme court?” and she told me that “they” always use that in every election. As I said, she is not a happy Democrat….and although she may change her mind later on, right now she has decided that she may not to vote in November.

  19. MABlue,

    Thank you so much for posting that Ed Rendell interview. He was tremendous. Charlie Rose is in the bag for Obama just like all the rest, but Rendell handled him.

  20. Briana– Great links. Thanks. The backstabbers–excellent. I can’t afford it, but I think I’m gonna go donate to Hillary anyway.

  21. Disenfranchised Voter speaks for me. I had lunch with eight lady friends and one gentleman who are upset, angry and ready to vote for Nader. I respect Feingold(he is my favorite) but I wish he had spoken sooner. Maybe voting for Nader is not such a bad idea. It will be a protest vote that both parties are unacceptable and hopefully, things will improve in the future. It would be great to see the do nothings such as Dean, Pelosi, Kerry etc. lose in NOv. They have only themselves to blame. They deserve to lose.

  22. UpstateNY, the best comeback I’ve heard on the SCOTUS argument is “Do you think his Supreme Court picks would be better than his choice of pastors?”

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