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Friday- Fun!

Hi, Peeps, I’m on va-cay.  No this doesn’t mean I’m going to be able to tear myslef away from this blog.  But it *does* mean that I’ll be boarding a plane shortly and incommunicado for several hours.  And those of you who live in the NJ, PA, NY megalopolis probably know that I’ve been up since 5:30am just so I can get to the damn airport.  So, what I’m saying is that posting is rather lite this am.

This is an open thread

69 Responses

  1. Have a good one. We’ll be sending more “boxes of goodies” to PA.

    Someone posted this youtube link at TM on how anti-Israel comments printed in Obama’s church bulletin could also be a problem.

    I do not know if the footage is recent or not. Notice the comment one of the guys makes (sorry I do not know his name but I have seen him in Morning Joe’s program, I think) about how there is already a latent/dormant awareness of Wright’s controversy in the electorate that can re-ignite at any time if new controversies are brought up.

    the lady at the end mentions the need for another speech (or some other way to address it). How many more speeches? This issue is a major distraction for the D party.

  2. Ben Smith has breaking news this morning over at Politico.com. He’s calling on the superdelegates to announce their intentions before July 1. My guess is that he’s trying to short circuit the Florida and Michigan debacle before the Democratic National Convention in August.

  3. One key for Sen. Clinton will be to increase her share of the white vote to overcome Sen. Obama’s advantage to date with black voters. Theodore Arrington, a political-science professor at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, estimates Sen. Clinton will have to increase her share of the white vote from about 55%, her showing in a recent poll, to some 75%. He argued that superdelegates will be less concerned with the overall result than with exit polls that show how whites voted.
    The Clinton campaign opens its headquarters in the state next week in Raleigh, and it has brought on as its state director Averell “Ace” Smith, who helped Sen. Clinton fend off Sen. Obama in California and Texas. …….
    North Carolina’s rural voters, around 40% of the state, and blue-collar workers, favor Sen. Clinton, who handily won neighboring Tennessee last month. North Carolina’s primary is closed to Republicans, but unaffiliated voters, which account for 12% of the Democratic electorate, can cast ballots for either party.

  4. Check this!! Scroll down and feel really good about BO’s slim margins!


  5. DCDemocrat: Bob Casey has endorsed Obama and is joining him on the PA bus tour.

  6. Oh, and Leahy is screaming from VT that Hillary needs to drop out and endorse Obama.

  7. hlr: Are you in PA? I do not know much about B Casey (Catholic, well liked politian). Can his support change Hillary’s chances in PA significantly?

  8. Casey, Leahy, Richardson, Dodd, Bloomburg……

    Barack Obama’s next groundbreaking announcement will be a proposal to institute vice presidency by committee!

  9. Here’s a article we need to keep in mind when getting caught up in flame wars and pie fights:

    Ratfucking – A GOP Tradition

    link: http://www.correntewire.com/ratfucking_a_gop_tradition

    The author is very proud of his first blog post ever.

  10. Sounds like Dodd, etc is really afraid of the Penn primary.

  11. hlr: Leahy can go fornicate himself. Even Darth Vader agrees. 😉

  12. One was the self-designated voice of change, vowing an end to the political stalemate of partisan bickering. The other side invoked the prosaic dependability of worldly experience. Neither Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton nor Senator Barack Obama have campaigned much in this former steel-mill center for the support of voters in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary on April 22. But the underlying themes of their clash seem to have infiltrated and supercharged the atmosphere in a recent storm over the filling of a vacancy on the Bethlehem Area School Board.

  13. QUOTE OF THE DAY: ”My job is to make sure the person who loses feels like they have been treated fairly so that their supporters will support the winner.” — Democratic Party chief Howard Dean
    STAT OF THE DAY: Twenty-eight percent of whites supporting Democrat Barack Obama earn under $50,000 a year, compared to 37 percent of those supporting his rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to figures from exit polls of voters in 27 Democratic primaries where both candidates competed. The figures exclude Florida, Michigan and all caucuses.

  14. Hey folks, is Casey the big anti-abortion guy who was the lead plaintiff in the big Supreme Court case. Or is this his son? Or do they just share the same name?

    I just glanced quickly at the case, which sought to place restrictions on a women’s right to choose an abortion. Among the most odious, a married woman would have to first notify her husband. (Case site is 505 US 833 (1992)

    Obviously Hillary doesn’t want to upset the Catholic vote in PA but that doesn’t say much for Obama’s already tepid support of choice.

  15. Cdalygo,

    It is his son. The senior Bob Casey was a Governor of PA. This Bob Casey deliciously enough was hated by the boyz at the Big Orange while running for the Senate due to his own anti abortion stance.

  16. Fun reading while riverdaughter is flying: http://sugarnspice.typepad.com/
    [link edited – btw, she’s on our blogroll — RonK]

  17. UpstateNY — Unfortunately, Casey is popular where HRC is strong — Scranton, etc. One of the reasons he was so heavily promoted in ’06 (over the concerns of more liberal Dems) is due to his appeal to conservative Dems in PA who might otherwise have swung to Santorum. Also, Casey is popular w/ Catholics. I would guess that he’s good for shaving a few pts off of Hillary’s margins — not enough to put PA in BO’s column.

    I’m not in PA but remember the broad strokes of his ’06 campaign.

  18. tucsonlynn: was hated by the boyz

    My impression was that it was all for show.

  19. Thanks hlr.

  20. I live in PA. I do not see Casey’s endorsement helping Obama. I see it as ticking people off . I wonder how many votes Casey will lose over this next time he runs?

  21. What is wrong with Paul Krugman?

    One of the 5 most brilliant economists of his generation, unapologetically progressive and the one only who was right on Bush and his policies since 1999, comes in with stuff like clear and concise analysis and comes to conclusions like these:

    True, Mrs. Clinton’s suggestion that she might convene a high-level commission, including Alan Greenspan — who bears a lot of responsibility for this crisis — had echoes of the excessively comfortable relationship her husband’s administration developed with the investment industry. But the substance of her policy proposals on mortgages, like that of her health care plan, suggests a strong progressive sensibility.

    Maybe the most notable contrast between Mr. McCain and Mrs. Clinton involves the problem of restructuring mortgages. Mr. McCain called for voluntary action on the part of lenders — that is, he proposed doing nothing. Mrs. Clinton wants a modern version of the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, the New Deal institution that acquired the mortgages of people whose homes were worth less than their debts, then reduced payments to a level the homeowners could afford.

    Finally, Barack Obama’s speech on the economy on Thursday followed the cautious pattern of his earlier statements on economic issues.

    Doesn’t Krugman know Hillary Clinton is evil and Obama is “transformational”?

    Mrs. Clinton, we’re assured by sources right and left, tortures puppies and eats babies. But her policy proposals continue to be surprisingly bold and progressive.

    Finally, Mr. Obama is widely portrayed, not least by himself, as a transformational figure who will usher in a new era. But his actual policy proposals, though liberal, tend to be cautious and relatively orthodox.

    Do these policy comparisons really tell us what each candidate would be like as president? Not necessarily — but they’re the best guide we have.

    Doesn’t Krugman you do not analyze anything Obama says or any policy he puts forth?
    Doesn’t he know “Obama is a transformational figure and the only who can make transcendental changes”

    I propose Krugman be thrown out of the “progressive” movement, resign from the economics fields and throw his support to Austan Goolsbee.

  22. reading Kurtz right now “open season on hillary” piece. What is going ON out there? The personal attacks, character assassination from the Obama camp & surrogates is unbelievable – they’re not even trying to keep it subtle – why is this acceptable? if the powers-that-be in the party are so concerned about both sides making nice in the fall.. well, are Obama’s people OK to continue this unabated?

    Some days.. I just step back and ask myself, good lord, why do they hate her so much?

  23. PITTSBURGH – After envisioning Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama stumping from one end of the state to the other, dipping into diners and delis, all but taking up residence here in the run-up to the state’s critical April 22 primary, Pennsylvania Democrats are teetering on the edge of a letdown. Having seen far less of Clinton and Obama than they had expected and nearing the halfway point between the last contest in Mississippi and their big primary day, they want to know: Where’s the love?

    “We feel neglected here,” said Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, who has not yet endorsed a candidate. “People just assumed that, because they had such a long period, they would spend a lot of time in the state.”
    Indeed, many Pennsylvanians expected the state’s suddenly consequential primary would be bigger than Iowa and better than New Hampshire. It hasn’t worked out that way.

  24. http://pennsylvaniaprogressive.typepad.com/my_weblog/

    Bill Clinton Event Videos
    Here are the video clips from yesterday’s Bill Clinton’s events in Reading and Carlisle. My arm got bumped on the second one so it ends rather abruptly.

  25. pro: “We feel neglected here” 🙂

    hey, I have never seen my senator in person either.

    I know that to PAnians it may not seem that way right now, based on the level of expectations placed on their state, but there are other states/territories to canvas.

    Plus, I hear the next few weeks are going to be quite intense in PA. They may be more than happy to see HC and BO leave their state by the time the primary is over.

  26. daria g: Over and over, I see complaints that Hillary’s nomination would result in doubts about her legitimacy among Obama’s supporters because of his presumed lead among pledged delegates. But I think the party should be just as worried about questions of Obama’s legitimacy if they have to freeze Michigan and Florida out of the race to make it possible for Obama to secure the nomination. They really are asking for a peck of trouble if we Clintonistas are not happy.

  27. Our game plan should be to put pressure to make a decision on MI and FL before the PA primary. Why? Well, Obi’s surrogates/supporters are happy to seat FL and MI if they don’t matter. Seating them should not be dependent on whether they are technically important or not.

    I’ll have more on that soon, I hope.

  28. Well, I am hearing on the radio and the TV ,much talk about both sides needing to come together for the good of the party. I think Howard Dean and Co. are s*itting in their pants because most likely, the DEms will lose and they can’t bear the thought. Please do not call me a sick puppy but this is giving me a bit of satisfaction. This whole process has been undemocratic, offensive and insulting, on so many levels. Two important states have been slapped in the face, no one came out of the DNC to call foul when Hillary, Chelsea and women were degraded and abused and now they want us to play nice. If Obama is the illegitimate nominee, I am staying home. I refuse to reward the Dem party for doing very little while they were the majority party. I refuse to reward chauvinist pigs and dishonest people who race baited the Clintons and sullied their reputation. They have personally angered me to the point where I do not care if the DEms lose. They do not represent my values, why should I reward them. They have to earn our votes, otherwise, they will continue to take advantage of us and take us for granted. Sorry for the rant but I am soooo pissed!

  29. ufa said: hlr, Leahy can go fornicate himself. Even Darth Vader agrees.

    I join you in sending this short message to Pat Leahy:


    For once in my life I agree with Dick Cheney.

    I am so sick of all these cowards, these bedwetters Bush and Rove have been peeing on for the last 7 years.
    Once they see Hillary Clinton, they suddenly remembered where they kept their ball all these years.

    Like someone said: “Hillary Clinton is running for President, everybody else is running to beat her”.

  30. DCDemo, legitimacy (and not just the appearance of it) is a crucial issue right now. Jay Cost had a great comment on that very thing—I don’t have the url, but you could google.

    The topic was about Sen. Clinton’s path to the White House. He said that if she wins the popular vote, she has a strong argument (his words) for pilitical legitimacy for the nomination.

    He says he’s neutral and I believe him. His data analysis is pretty good, frankly. I think he’s at Real Clear Politics, but I can’t remember.

    Anyway, I’ve often wondered about the Alice Palmer peition scrubbing, booting all the opponents out of the election thing Sen. Obama did in his campaign for the Illinois State Senate. Mostly, I wondered where he got the seed money.

    Appears that Sen. Obama received his first contributions of $2,000, to launch his political career as a state senator on July 31, 1995, from Tony Rezko.

    It also appears that Sen. Obama sometimes met with Mr. Rezko every day. He finally admitted this when confronted by Sun-Times reporters during the March 14 interview, with the allegation that an FBI mole saw him coming and going to Rezko’s office often and that three sources said he talked to Rezko on the phone daily.

    “I have to say we’re talking over the course of 10 years,” Obama said, “there might have been spurts where I talked to him daily.”

    Wow. So I guess Sen. Obama was hoping no one would notice his relationship with this crooked dude? Or was he hoping no one would notice yet another change in his story?

    IMHO for the record: No politician’s hands are clean when it comes to money. If they were, they wouldn’t be politicians. They’d be political science professors. But if Sen. Obama did know Mr. Rezko was dirty, why try to hide the relationship?

    He’s either naive or lying. Or maybe both.

  31. Cosign MABlue, tiffany.

  32. ufa/MABlue: heh, I did not know Dick Cheney was aka Darth Vader… come on, Darth Vader redeemed himself in the end…. he wasn’ t that bad.

  33. Obama’s “concern” with mail in vote in Florida and Michigan when he was the one that supported a 2007 bill that would allow mail in voting for the November election. http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/3/12/151551/198

  34. http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/3/12/151551/198

    By Big Tent Democrat

    Marc Ambinder has more detail on Barack Obama’s decision to lawyer up against counting Florida and Michigan votes.

    I’ll discuss the merits of this in a later post, but I first want to
    take a moment to consider the shameless hypocrisy of the Obama campaign. Barack Obama is out there having his campaign argue that mail in voting has some type of impact that requires a Voting Rights Act review that could be troubling. That it will take more than a rubber stamp. Let’s be clear, if the implication is this is just filling out a form, then no one would be bringing this up. Even the time frame is not a particular problem. No, Barack Obama is intimating that HE will raise a Voting Rights Act issue about mail in voting.

    The SAME Barack Obama who is co-sponsor of the Senate version of this bill, “The Universal Right To Vote By Mail Act”, which declares that NOT ALLOWING mail in voting in every state (28 do through absentee balloting) disenfranchises voters, now opposes a mail in revote. I have heard of chutzpah, but this one takes the cake.

  35. Let’s keep it civil … or if not civil, at least more creatively elevated than a list of Great Orange Satan diary titles.

    It is intriguing that Casey put himself in play after making it clear he had no intention of endorsing.

    Obama clinched the Harvard Law Review presidency by picking up Federalist Society votes … which were rewarded. Hmmm.

  36. I hate shameless self-promotion, but I think we need to change the MI/FL narrative and that we need to fix FL and MI now. We implicitly say it all the time, but we should be more explicit: Counting FL and MI is about more than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, it’s about the principles of Democracy and the soul of the Democratic Party. OK, that last bit was melodramatic, but you get the point.

  37. Stop the insanity! End the primary now, before anyone else votes!

    It occurred to me that Casey’s social conservatism is a better fit with Obama than with Clinton. I don’t want to just come out and say that Casey’s idea of the place of women in society is somewhat suspect, but I actually just did say that so it’s too late …

  38. What I remember happened at the big orange when Casey was running was that Kos explained to us women that we had to put aside our silly little worries about reproductive rights and support Casey even though he’s is anti-abortion. There was a lot of anger, and people left just like after the pie episode. DK has always been somewhat misogynistic. I just ignored Kos until the Obama craze really took over and there was nothing else there.

  39. ronk:

    I think we’re very civil here. I hope you are not complaining about our fully appropriate message to Pat Leahy, because we showed waaayyyy to much restrain.

  40. At Talk Left, BTD is reporting that both Howard Dean and Al Gore have weighed in and said there is no need for any bigwigs to intervene in primary. There is plenty of time to get it all settled.

    Dean said he’d like to know the winner by July 1, but the only way I can see that happening is if they deal with the FL and MI situation. Otherwise there will have to be a credentials fight as Hillary said on Fox the other night.

    Let’s hope Howard is working on that. It’s already too late for him to make anyone feel better about their candidate losing. I’ll never forgive the party for allowing the sexist attacks to go on in the media with no one standing up for Hillary.

  41. gqmartinez—yes, I agree. This is bigger than any individual candidate. This is about the idea that regular folks have just enough sense to govern themselves provided the process is above-board.

    Ain’t Democrats supposed to be all about that? You know. Fair play. Voices heard. True representation. Isn’t that one of our differences with our opponets?

    The primary process is about selection, not election, so I can see the hypothetical reasons for goofy rules. But there comes a time when for the sake of the principles you make it as transparent and as easy for people to participate as possible.

    Unfortunately, this will all go under the rug like the FL debacle of 2000 and the OH debale of 2004.

    I’m thinking Cow Bingo may be a better method.

  42. Yes, the heat over Casey Daze at dkos was legit. So was the argument that we had to oust Santorum and win a (bare) Senate majority.

    There are ways to present a legitimate but unwelcome argument … and those ways are foreign to dailykos culture.

  43. Would someone be kind enough to let me know what the pie fights at DK were about? I have heard comments about that here and at TL. It seems like Armando (BTD) left DK as a result?. Sorry but it was before my “time” (my blog awareness is relatively recent)

    Thanks in advance

  44. tiffany – i LOVE your rant. Keep it up.

    I think the only way we can show these Democratic party insiders that the verbal gang-raping of HRC is unacceptable is by actually making them lose this time around. After Obama’s loss in the GE, I guarantee you that in 2012 Dean will think: “yeah, maybe we ought not piss off the wimminz this time around. They seem to not like the gang-raping.”

  45. UpstateNY,

    Armando left much late on. The pie fight was over some ads that Kos put up for a some Gilligan’s Island TV movie. They were cheesecakey ads where Mary Anne and Ginger were throwing pies at each other. They were really offensive and very noticable when you opened up the site.

    Some people wrote diaries complaining that the ads were sexist. There was a lot of arguing and finally Kos put up a front page post in which he said that he wasn’t going to be told to do by the “sanctimonious women’s studies set.” That was so insulting that there was a huge fight with lots of misogynistic comments being made in diaries. Lots of people left over it. Plus Kos put up an even sexier ad kind of as a slap in the face to the women who were complaining. He’s always been pretty arrogant. I think he’s overcompensating because he’s short or doesn’t feel macho enough or something.

  46. tiffany,

    Don’t give up on Hillary. I still think she’s going to get the nomination. The Rev. Wright thing is going to keep drip drip dripping, and Rezko could blow up too. Plus, Obama doesn’t get better with exposure if you ask me. To know him is not to love him.

  47. BTD rocks the fucking house.

    And now for something completely different:


    “From this war’s very beginning, this administration has permitted thousands of heavily-armed military contractors to march through Iraq without any law or court to rein them in or hold them accountable. These private security contractors have been reckless and have compromised our mission in Iraq. The time to show these contractors the door is long past due. We need to stop filling the coffers of contractors in Iraq, and make sure that armed personnel in Iraq are fully accountable to the U.S. government and follow the chain of command,” said Senator Clinton.

    The legislation requires that all personnel at any U.S. diplomatic or consular mission in Iraq be provided security services only by Federal Government Personnel. It also includes a whistleblower clause to protect contract personnel who uncover contract violations, criminal actions, or human rights abuses.

    Finally, we got somebody who is going to take down those damn mercenaries.

    Blackwater? Let me introduce you to my friend, Hillary.

    Now I’m going to stand over here while she kicks your ass.

  48. If Barack Sith steals the nomination, I fully support a third party bid by Hillary Clinton.

  49. DCD:

    Hillary will never ever run on a third party. She is a great and proud Demeocrat. It actually annoys me to no end that some pissants in the Shrillosphere have to even question her progressive bona fides.

    It never knew that you just needed a popular website to become the go-to progressive and the person in charge of the Democratic Party.

  50. BB: thank you very much.

  51. I am just totally pissed off by the party these days, and their little train, if it is headed where they seem to think it’s headed, will leave the station without me — for the first time in my 32 years of voting.

  52. heh, Barak Sith, Darth Vader… are we geeks for Hillary or what?

  53. myiq2xu– I enjoyed reading your ratf**king piece. Of course I’m old enough to remember all that, but it was fun to read about old times. I have often suspected that many of the supposed Obama supporters at DK are Republican operatives.

  54. UpstateNY,

    No problem. I forgot to tell you that Armando left after Kos gave him a warning because they were getting so many complaints about his rudeness in comments. He was always rude, so I’m not sure why they wanted to get rid of him. He could have stayed, but I think he was way too insulted. After all, he had been a FPer.

  55. Everytime I get really angry about this mess and start considering changing to Indie – some OLD soul slaps me in the face and reminds me that HILLARY is almost exactly TIED with Obama (with all votes counted)

    Votes = actual PEOPLE

    why should HALF of us leave our own PARTY!! They are the ones NOT acting like DEMOCRATS! They should leave! Until then I will FIGHT for HILLARY and remain a Dem.

    Let them start their OWN America hating, race baiting, narrow minded, self righteous CLUB

    call it
    Dee,Dee,Dee Club 4 Ding Dongs

    I don’t care. But I’m not (today) going to let them run ME out of my OWN party!!

    (of course this opinion changes often depending on the insult coming from the Obamatrons) lol

  56. Must read of the day:

    Open Season On Hillary.

  57. Oh yeah!

    Poster JFK464 @ MyDD just reminded of of something.

    As Obama supporter and owner of Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, wrote regarding Michigan and Florida:

    “Clinton was the only top-tier candidate to refuse the ultimate Iowa and New Hampshire pander by removing her name from the Michigan ballot. That makes her essentially the de facto winner since Edwards and Obama, caving to the cry babies in Iowa and New Hampshire, took their name off Michigan’s ballot. Sure, the DNC has stripped Michigan of its delegates, but that won’t last through the convention. The last thing Democrats can afford is to alienate swing states like Michigan and Florida by refusing to seat their delegates. So while Obama and Edwards kneecap their chances of winning, Clinton is single-mindedly focused on the goal.”

    I remember Lord Kooks beating up on Obama and Edward for weeks, because they were so asskissy to voluntarily remove their names from the MI ballot.

    Talk about douchiness!

  58. Thanks again BB.

    Below is a link to a neat video on MI/FL Visually is quite sophisticated and hearing Obama say at the end that this is the “United States of America” is very emotional for me, considering his attitude towards voters in those two states. It is called “We are one people” Also in related videos you may want to look at “The color of money” (part 1)

  59. MABlue,

    Flip flop, flip flop, flippity floppity. Poor Lord Kos. He’s become kind of pathetic, hasn’t he?

  60. UpstateNY,

    That was really moving. That guy (Flineo) is brilliant. I hadn’t seen that one yet. Amazing. Thanks.

  61. UpstateNY– There are some other new ones that I hadn’t seen too. Did you watch “This is Your Brain on Obama?”

  62. Huffington’s Ariana, Markos Moulitsas’s Daily Kos, John Aravosis’s Americablog…. the Greek furies. But then ethnic monolithic voting blocs are a myth.

  63. It’s not just Wright, check this out. Brits do better on news…..

    From The Sunday Times
    March 23, 2008
    Barack Obama: toxic mentors start to corrode pristine campaign
    The Democrat was surging ahead but now revelations about the men who helped shape him are putting voters off

  64. BB: heh, that was funny.

    pro: Thanks for the link to horizontal world. Towards the bottom there is a nice picture of an “altar” to Hillary’s picture. It must be the ethnic/hyphenated in me, but I liked it very much.

  65. prohillary: “the Greek furies” Meh, the Greek Larry, Moe and Curly. Saganaki for everyone!

  66. Nothing to add, just that you people rule. Keep ’em comin’!

  67. The sliced bread thing was totally my joke. I searched it on google right before I was going to add it to my wordpress. Your page came up. I was going to say my website was the coolest thing since sliced bread. But you stupid *beep* of a *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*! I *beep*ing hate you, you *beep*ing *beep*hole!
    Love your friend,

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