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Monday: Last day to register in PA

Yes, ladies and gents, if you are a resident of PA and you want to register or switch parties *hint, hint*, today is your last day. Run, don’t walk to your local Board of Elections office or Clinton campaign office.

In other news:

  • Lambert at Corrente has started the “Why Won’t That Stupid Bitch Quit ? Watch” (WWTSBQW) Every time one of the Big Boyz puts up a post asking why Hillary won’t just get out now for the good of the party because The Math isn’t in her favor (and spreading an untrue meme because Obama can’t win *either* without superdelegates), some Corrente readers are donating $10 to Hillary’s campaign. If we all pledge an affordable dollar amount, she should be rich by the end of the week!
  • What if you were planning to throw a party and nobody paid? That is dilemma laid out in Money Troubles in Denver at the NYTimes. Howard Dean is having trouble coming up with half of the money for a downpayment. (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!) Ahem, excuse me for that. Where was I? Oh, yeah, no one could have predicted that anyone would take a large swing state, slam a harsh penalty on it, take another large swing state, slam *it* with another harsh penalty and manage to piss off the voters enough that they want their money back for the convention. It was completely unforseen. The comments, although peppered by the occasional cluelessly juvenile Obamaphile, seem to be uncharitable towards poor Howard. I know, I know, you’re heartbroken.
  • Hillary’s mother had a hard life when she was young. If you haven’t read this article, The LA ‘village that raised Hillary’s mother, in the LATimes from yesterday, you can see why Hillary might not want to go back to days like that.
  • Bill Richardson says he still feels loyal to the Clintons. Hmmm, “loyalty”. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. I understand. What’s a politician to do when he can’t get to the WH on his own merits? Oh, well, he probably is just thinking in terms that even Kos would understand. We’ll all just kiss and make up after the primaries. Right? I said, RIGHT?!

Ok, I’m going to hop across the river and see if I can make trouble at the Clinton HQ in Harrisburg. Later taters…

19 Responses

  1. riverdaughter–

    I can’t wait to hear your full report. I hope Clinton HQ is busy busy busy! Have a great day!

  2. If there isn’t enough money for Denver, can they change venue to Miami or Detroit? Maybe so many Dems in those states wouldn’t feel dissed.

  3. Howard Dean and the DNC deserve what they get. They have shown weakness and disorganization and people are pissed! The democratic primary has been everything but democratic and people are tired of seeing the DNC and many in the MSM shove Obama down our throat. And condoning all the sexism and misogyny does not help, either!

  4. pro: heh, heh

  5. I wonder when the message is going to sink into their brains that unless they seat MI and FL they aren’t getting any money from the masses.

    Maybe they should send the bill to the Obama campaign. After all, aren’t they intending it to be All Obama All The Time?

  6. some readers here could plege money for each time Riverdaughter gets to register a new person for Hillary. What do you think?

  7. More than 58,000 registered voters have changed their affiliation to Democratic, with about 10,000 changing to Republican. …..
    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is ahead in the polls in Pennsylvania, but she needs a lopsided victory to boost her overall popular vote total and to persuade superdelegates of her viability as a nominee. … America Ferrera, the star of the television show “Ugly Betty,” was helping register voters for her on Saturday.

  8. Hey, RD: What has the Clinton camp done–if anything–to combat the misinformation out there about Clinton’s chances, which are all an attempt to keep down the popular vote? I know if PA knew that they mattered greatly in slashing Obama’s popular vote count, which will be absolutely necessary for Clinton to be our nominee, they’d come out in droves and vote.

  9. Has anyone else noticed how Obama takes Hillary’s ideas and tries to sell them as his own? THEN accuses her of copying him? His latest speech sounded exactly like Richardson’s stump speech, but he has a pattern of taking speeches…. Isn’t is amazing how difficult it is for a forty year old fit guy to keep up with a 60 year old motivated lady??

  10. I would require mortgage brokers to disclose right up front that they’re paid based on the size of the mortgage they sell–to put buyers on notice. I would work with states to develop strong, meaningful broker licensing standards to screen brokers and govern their conduct. And I would require all brokers to register with the federal government so that home buyers can do their own background checks to ensure they’re dealing with someone who will deal fairly with them.

    I also call for greater regulation of mortgage lenders. I would eliminate the prepayment penalties that lead to such high rates of default. I would require lenders to take into account the borrower’s ability to pay property taxes and insurance fees when deciding whether to make a loan in the first place. Too many loan lenders haven’t made that part of the calculation, and too many families don’t know that they need to budget for these expenses. In October I proposed legislation, the Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Act, that imposed new criminal penalties on lenders who are taking advantage of people, offering foreclosure rescue schemes that lure families in, take their money and do nothing to help them.

  11. Davidson: I will have more to say on your question later as The Confluence has now been included on the campaign conference calls. Veddy interesting.

  12. RD: Nice!

  13. Carville is right: Richardson is Judas.

  14. I’m in if we get a pledge thing going! And way to go on
    the conference calls!

  15. I think when you add up all the details Obama has a very significant problem with securing the nomination. If he can’t get that magic number before the convention or even on the first vote then a heck of a lot of the delegates who support him are going to abandon him in droves. People like Richardson are only supporting him because Obama has promised them something. When it becomes clear to them that Obama has nothing to offer them in the way of real awards because he is going to get Mondaled in the general then they will switch very quickly. The one thing you can count on with any politician is that they will always preserve their self interests.

    I think Dean and the entire DNC has already destroyed their credibility and Obama is working on destroying his at a breakneck pace. People are noticing these things. I think the democratic party is at a crossroads of sorts. The leadership of the party only wants to cynically play lip service to the agenda. They are either going to wake up and nominate Hillary or the party is going to have to start over because they are going to lose many, many core constituents. And the only reason I say they must nominate Hillary is because she is the only candidate that is serious about the agenda. If Gore were to enter the picture at the convention then they might salvage something. But as it is I think Dean, Brazille and a bunch of others are soon to get the boot. What they have turned the democratic party into is simply a disgrace.

  16. I am very disappointed with Howard Dean’s performance, the whole DNC strikes me as chaotic, and without aim.

    I honestly thought he would have a good chance to reform the democratic party, and here, the first thing he does is boot this electoral mess, seeming to support Obama while disparaging Clinton.

    He has alienated voters in what should have been a triumphant year for democrats.

    And he won’t get my money, either, until this push toward Obama is stopped.

    He will never beat the republicans.

  17. Richardson is still loyal to the Clintons?

    With friends like these…….

  18. The leadership of the DNC , and the way this nominating process has been carried out is irresponsible and incompetant.

    Who, could have thought of totally punishing some states, and not others for early primaries?

    What forward thinking group would totally strip states of their delegates, and ALLOW it to happen that there is no required remedy if needed? (even the Republicans awarded half the delegates)

    How can some states have both a primary and a caucus (Wash, Tex) so people can vote TWICE?

    How can the caucus, which represents far fewer voters (Tex) give more delegates to the caucus winner , than the winner of the primary in that state (by 100K margin).

    And how can it be that the leadership is so in the tank for one candidate, and not sworn to impartiality.

    I’m so angry, I’m seeing RED in November. The DNC can go to hell.

  19. And the media bobbleheads will cry, “No one could’ve anticipated that Obama would choose Richardson as his running mate!”

    Why else would Richardson climb out onto that ever-weakening branch before the next 10 state primaries?

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