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Anglachel’s Mother of All Rants

Just go read Anglachel’s post, When Wishes Come True. Oooo, this one is soo good. It reminds me of Conan the Barbarian’s response when he was asked, “What is best in life?” and he says: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of the women” (Actually, this might have been the longest line he had to speak in the whole movie, but I digress)

Anglachel takes Obama and The Gang of Four to task for alienating the loyal Democratic base and describes the outcome. Here’s a taste:

Thus, Dean has painted himself and the party into a corner. The only solution that will be seen as legitimate is a revote of Michigan and Florida, and he is allowing his preferred candidate to block that option. As I’ve said before (dang, but I’m prescient…) if Obama has popular support, he would welcome the revotes. The fact that he is fighting hammer and tongs to prevent this from happening, despite the support of the party leaders, the pundits, the MSM and an alleged huge advantage in cash, tells me that he knows he will bomb. The frontrunner is on his way to being a has been.

To keep from losing everything in November (and I’m beginning to think we may lose control of the Seante at our current rate), Dean and the DNC leadership are trying to beg/cajole/threaten Hillary into conceding the nomination before she becomes any stronger.

Somehow, I don’t think she will.

The end is cathartic. You’ll feel like you just ate some raw meat and want to hear wailing and lamentations from the Obamaphiles. Right after we crush Dean.


13 Responses

  1. I’m addicted to Anglachel too! I already read her new post before coming here, lol. The best part of seeing either Hillary win the nomination or Obama lose the general will be the looks on the faces of Pelosi, Dean, Richardson, Kerry, and Kennedy. It will also suck even more when lifelong Democrats like us refuse to vote for them or any other superdelegate who has chosen to trash our preferred candidate and disenfranchise MI and FL voters. This really shows how disconnected these people really are from their constituents.

  2. riverdaughter:

    Here is your bigger haka.

    Carville Stands By Judas Comments (video).

    He is fully unapologetic and says that’s exactly what he meant to say.

  3. Obama’s blocking of the revote seems to me to be a justification for maintaining the results of the first vote. If he thought the first votes were not valid, then he would have happily accepted a revote. He didn’t think accept a revote. Thus, I have no other conclusion then that Obama agrees with the first vote results. Modus tollens or something. Case closed.

    Honestly, folks. What’s the big deal? Obama gave us all permission to accept the original FL and MI results.

  4. (In other words, I’m just trying to reframe the discussion *wink wink*)

  5. Riverdaughter I love your fire inside. I feel the say way. I’ve never been so pissed at a candidate or the DNC leadership in all my life. I will take great pleasure in seeing them all fall. I absolutely love Anglachel’s writing too. She is so amazingly articulate.

    I’m volunteering in PA. I’ll be coming out from LA to help Hillary win this thing. My god this election is going to be won in the grassroots. Let’s make it frickin happen!

  6. This is why Candidates like Bush and Obama are so dangerous. Because their supporters have this religious-like devotion to them, and as a result, they’re pretty much free to do whatever they want with no restrictions. Most politicians wouldn’t dare to pull their names off the ballot and then challenge the resutls, or refuse to accept the delegates from two states, or refuse to allow a revote even if they wanted to, because they’d know they could never, ever get away with it. Something that wrong and brazen would be an automatic career ender. If Hillary Clinton was in this position and pulled this, her staff would quit in protest, her supporters would denounce her, and the media would crucify her.

    But half of Obama’s supporters don’t know why they’re supporting him in the first place, and so when confronted by something that’s a gross violation of their own principles, they either deny it, because of course someone they’re so inexplicably devoted to couldn’t do something like that, they’re good people, or they try desperately to justify it, well, he would never do something like that unless he absolutely had to–it must be that not letting people vote advances Democracy somehow! Obama saves!

    And so it would go if, god forbid, he got the nomination and by some miracle he was elected, just like Bush whatever unconscionable power-crazed thing he did either didn’t really happen or is somehow justified. That’s why if, god forbid, he gets the nomination, I’m voting for McCain. He’s just a politician, not a saint, and as such he’s subject to accountability.

  7. http://www.electoral-vote.com latest GE polls
    Hillary beats McCain.
    Obama loses Florida, New Jersey and Penna to McCain.

    Mar. 24
    Electoral Votes: Obama 231 McCain 292
    Electoral Votes: Clinton 268 McCain 246

  8. http://www.electoral-vote.com/evp2008/Clinton/Maps/Mar24.html
    check out Michigan
    Thanks, Howie and BO.

  9. Don’t put my home of Louisiana quite in the red there yet.

    There is a lot of disgust with the Repubs in South Louisiana due to Katrina and the aftermath/”recovery” (it’s why I’m still in AL).

    Mary Landrieu got a lot of FEMA issues fixed for us after the Dems got control of Congress and I think people are very cognizant of that fact.

  10. I never thought I would feel this way but if Nancy loses her status as Speaker and Kerry loses in the Fall, I will celebrate in my own personal way with my family and friends. This gang has done more harm to democracy and have done nothing to stand up to the Bush Crime family. They deserve to lose!

  11. We should really have Florida and Michigan revotes in July (mid July is when Florida will have voter machines up and running). It can be seen as the tie-breaker and let the chips fall where they may. Obamabots think these states should be punished for all eternity (or at least until their man wins), but the only way to find the real winner is for all the states to vote especially the 4th and 8th largest of the states.

  12. I will say it’s a sad day when I see The Dem’s suppress the votes in TWO states….even the Repugs suppressed votes in only one state per election!

  13. I’m so disappointed with Howard Dean. I admit freely to being a Deaniac in 03 and 04. The guy was a sparkly newcomer, but he was QUALIFIED and had a raft of accomplishments to his name in Vermont. When he took over the DNC, I figured that at least he would be able to exert some positive influence there.


    Howard, you bastard. Let those people vote. They’ve been screwed over before in Florida once already, shoved to one side when it really mattered. Let those damned states vote.

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