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Sunday- Happy Easter!

I am not going to church this am. No, the church I attend is in Princeton and I am not there. Today, I am surrounded by fundamentalist churches and let’s just say they’re not my cup of tea. But for those of you out there who are celebrating in style, complete with Hallelujah Chorus, let me just say, “He is risen indeed!”

In the meantime, while we drink our coffee and munch our cinnamon rolls (or marshmallow peeps, aged to a stale crustiness outside, stiff chewiness inside), let’s take a stroll around the web:

  • Kid Oakland tells us the REAL reason why so many people in their 30’s are so maniacal about Barack Obama in Bill and Hillary and the 22 Amendment. I thought it was over something like the profundity of his policies or his personal charisma. But no, it is none of these things. All it comes down to is this:

    Finally, Senator Clinton has not answered a legitimate question shared by many voters under 40 for whom, if she where the nominee, 2008 would be yet another Presidential year with a member of one of either of two immediate families on the ticket. (I’m 39, by the way, and I’ve never had a presidential race without a Clinton or Bush as one of the choices for president.)

    When asked about this in a debate Senator Clinton quipped, “It took a Clinton to clean up after the first President Bush, and it will take a Clinton to clean up after the second.”

    That’s not an answer. That’s not a rationale to support someone’s candidacy to be President.

    If you want a clear reason why so many young people are disenchanted with the Clinton campaign for the nomination, there you have it: Bush. Clinton. Clinton. Bush. Bush. Clinton?

    That’s it. They are holding their breaths because they don’t like the pattern. It has nothing to do with competence or qualifications or vision or experience. In fact, experience is just the *opposite* of what these children want. I used to babysit these brats. How did we let them grow up without insisting that they actually mature? This is *our country* we’re talking about not some new playground game where nobody loses so as to preserve their self-esteem. When people are dying in Iraq and families are losing their houses, health insurance and jobs we have to look beyond our lack of diversity in the choices we have and consider that among the candidates we have left, at least one of them is better than the others based on merit. I swear, I want to send them to their rooms without dessert. Grow up, already. And what’s with this Chairman Dean thing anyway? It’s creepy. Besides, he’s shown himself to be either completely incompetent or just the opposite of a Democratic leader when he allowed FL and MI to be disenfranchised. Stupid, stupid stupid. Anyone who still admires the man at this point in time should have his head examined.

  • A new study highlights the widening disparity in life expectancy in high and low income groups. The major declines happened after 1980, which roughly corresponds to the Republicans assuming dominance in our government either by leading the executive branch or by obstructing every good idea they Democrats ever had.
  • Alegre at MyDD points out what looks like a case of subliminal advertising on Obama’s website. To me, it’s vaguely reminiscent of the X-Files or Heaven’s Gate website. Hmmm, I almost expect to see “I Want To Believe” across the bottom of it. What do *you* read into it? (Ew, I thought I saw something vaguely anatomical in the presidential seal. The whole thing looks like a diagram of a human heart with the eagle on top resembling the aorta and veins. What *is* this? The Sacred Heart of Jesus?sacred heart)
  • NYCweboy is a movie critic! Who knew? He gives a very nicely written review of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It sounds like just the thing to finish a pretty spring day, should you feel so inclined to see a movie this weekend.
  • One more thing: I think it’s time we acknowledged that of the two authors of Crashing the Gate, Jerome Armstrong turned out to be the more level headed and knowledgeable. Sometimes that doesn’t lead to the big bucks, fame and recognition. But Armstrong is growing on me. In a recent post, By the Numbers, he highlights something that I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks now. It’s not just a haka that the Obamaphiles are conducting against us when they demand that Hillary concede. It reminds me of the way that Gore was hustled to give up so early during the 2000 recount process. It is generating fear and anxiety in the Democratic party and then posits an early withdrawal by Clinton as the only resolution to the instability and projected loss in November. And the more I hear this crap from Obamaphiles, the LESS I like them and are willing to vote for them in November. Yes, they are slitting their own throats with this one. We know what’s going on and we don’t appreciate it. So knock it off.

29 Responses

  1. Good Sunday morning to Hillary and all her peeps!

  2. Happy Easter.

    I’ve always despised the lame “no more dynasties” argument because if you compare Clinton’s 8 years with both Bush’s 13 and don’t see a redoubtable difference, you’re simply fucking mad!

    This isn’t America’s Next Top Model. I won’t vote for anyone just because they’re a fresh face. I will vote for the person who is best-suited for the job. That’s HC, in my humble O.

  3. Marco: The “dynasty” arguers don’t even understand the meaning of the word. It simply has no application to “The Clintons” ™.

  4. The adults in our family just finished listening to Hillary’s major Iraq War speech at George Washington University last week on c-span. Among many other items, we learned that there are 187 no bid contracts totaling more than one trillion dollars for Bush cronies… No wonder they are working so hard to avoid having to face her. Highly recommend this speech to everyone. Don’t know if it is on youtube or ipod…..

  5. Does everyone know the peeps-in-the-microwave trick?

  6. Peter Cottontail

    for the kids among us

  7. Ufa: Peeps in the microwave sounds like it might violate the Geneva Conventions.

  8. ….for two decades his spiritual home has been a church in which the minister damns America to the enthusiastic approval of the congregation, and not until it threatened to scuttle his political ambitions did Obama finally find the mettle to condemn the minister’s odium.

  9. RD,
    Did you remove the post on your Mom (She looks great, BTW)?

    Do you have any idea of how the registeration at PA is working, are there a lot of republicans registering to vote for Hillary (or are there a lot for Obama)? What is the sense that you get from different sources?

    Is there a push by Hillary supporters to register republicans for Hillary?

  10. ghost2: I had to remove the post for my mom, if only temporarily. For some reason, it was breaking the blogroll. I’ll be taking more pics this afternoon at my sister’s house. Tomorrow, I’ll be at Harrisburg at Clinton’s offices and I’ll have a better sense of what is going on. But I get the feeling that my brother is not contemplating voting for Hillary out of any sense of gaming the system. I think he really doesn’t like John McCain and the Wright flap has been a huge negative for Obama. So, my brother may see Hillary as a reasonable alternative. The odd thing is that a year ago, we could not have been able to have this conversation. So, either McCain and Obama are truly unacceptable to them or Clinton is coming off as better than they thought. Or a little of both.
    i’m getting the feeling that her trial by fire, as painful and extended as it is, may be just the thing she needs to assert her legitimacy. it erases the idea that she was inevitable and expected a coronation while highlighting her unflappability, intelligence and tenacity. So, be of good cheer! I think she will win the nomination and the WH in November. It will be a long, hard slog but she will overcome.

  11. I have complained on the blogs before about Obama’s scary site but no one would listen.. 🙂 It’s a bit much imho

  12. March 20, 2008
    The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia agreed to hear Victor DiMaio’s suit against the Democratic National Committee on Monday. Dimaio sued the DNC over their decision to ignore the results of Florida’s Democratic primary.
    DiMaio claims that excluding Florida’s Democratic voters and allowing some states to vote earlier than others violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. The DNC countered that they have the power to exclude any state that does not follow their rules…..

    Wasn’t it the Florida Republican legislature which decided the dates for the Florida Dem primary?
    Why isn’t more being made of this?
    Are we letting Republicans run our lives even within the Dem Party???

  13. Kid Oakland, eh? He’s the author of my all-time favorite diary at the Obama 527 Formerly Known as Daily Kos, all about the “casual poetry” of the Obama campaign (“Respect, empower, include”). Needless to say, the diary appeared when any remaining vocal [Not Obama] supporters were being run off the site in a carefully engineered flame war (remember the warning screens from the admins? I know I do.) I always enjoy citing to it whenever a member of the Obama Fan Base does something particularly egregious. Irony is not dead, but liveth.

  14. Why I like Anna Quindlen. Her column on college benefits for vets (a bill proposed by Jim Webb):

    http://www.newsweek.com/id/128535 (Because It’s Right )

  15. Back at ya on Jerome. That’s a great post. Bottom line: They wouldn’t be yammering for Hillary to quit if they were confident.

  16. http://snunes.blogspot.com/
    a prohillary blogger in Nevada

    The Clinton camp is treading carefully, aware that overt attacks on Obama might alienate black voters. Yet the New York senator’s aides are quietly pleased by what they regard as an overdue scrutiny of Obama’s past. They believe he will come to be seen not as some Messiah but as an unusually gifted political hack who has made compromises with dodgy associates, just like most other American politicians. That intensifying scrutiny may soon lead to Jones’s Illinois door, and to further uncomfortable insights into the unflattering political realities that accompanied Obama’s climb from obscurity.

  17. The Court rejcted diMaio’s suit on Friday. He may amend and resubmit.

  18. Happy Easter.

    The LAT has a great story today on Hillary’s mom. I never knew her history and this is indepth. She had a very hard life as a child, and she grew up in LA!

    here it is:

  19. [Pulled up from earlier comment thread]
    Does the BO08 logo not look like an Easter egg?

    Does the search for the real Obama not resemble an Easter egg hunt?

    If you believe Obama’s promise of Change, must you not also believe in the Easter Bunny?

  20. vbonnaire — That LA Times piece is killer – thank you! a mom who grew up on pre-FDR social services. Great compare-and-contrast material.

    I’m also extremely confident that if you sat both candidates down for a pop quiz in civil rights history, Hillary would kick Barry’s ass.

  21. Hillary should demand an apology:

    Hillary should demand an apology from Barack Obama. For Senator Obama to bring out one of his surrogates (Fmr General McPeak) stand beside him while he accuses President Clinton of being Joseph McCarthy is absolutely unacceptable. Any fair minded, rationale person who heard President Clinton’s comment, the has been brought into question, would realize no ones patriotism was being questioned. What President Clinton, and others such as myself, are concerned about is any possible ‘swiftboating’ that may occur in the general election. We all know, as evidenced by the 2004 election, there are those who can and will stoop to such desperate levels. The paranoia of the Obama campaign, over the association of Rev. Wright and his deplorable comments to Senator Obama has obviously led the Obama campaign to the very acts of assassinating characters and questioning allegiances, even of the former president Bill Clinton, that the Obama campaign itself is complaining about. This latest episode has crossed the line; entirely.

  22. “No one advertised, as that was required, except Senator Obama,” he said. “I think it is very unusual for campaign to buy a national cable buy, they are the least efficient way to do it. … But the point is, he had it. There was big turnout. Hillary won the election by 17 points. And the delegates have been allocated appropriately. … Under the party rules, they could seat the superdelegates and then seat the others and only count them about half a delegate, which would cost her 19 delegates through no fault of her own or their own.”
    The 42nd U.S. president also pinned the Democratic presidential nominating mess in Florida on the Republican-led Legislature, suggesting the DNC punished Florida voters for something the GOP did. Clinton said Florida Democrats begged to have their election on Feb. 5 — in compliance with party rules — but were denied by Republicans.
    “Florida presents a difficult problem for the Democrats because even though Florida moved out of line, the Democrats are totally blameless. The Republican governor, the Republican Legislature moved the Florida date up,” he said.

  23. RD, I agree with what you said here 100%:

    i’m getting the feeling that her trial by fire, as painful and extended as it is, may be just the thing she needs to assert her legitimacy. it erases the idea that she was inevitable and expected a coronation while highlighting her unflappability, intelligence and tenacity.

    I am sure no one can ever say (but they would try) she didn’t earn it. And she also earned loads of respect from the average voter.

  24. RD: Peeps in the microwave sounds like it might violate the Geneva Conventions.

    sadly for the peeps, I believe Geneva has been deemed ‘quaint’

    which reminds me, in all this democratic party drama, we ignore the Bush admin at our peril. they still have 10 months to wreak havoc.

  25. This party is just getting started. I’m not afraid of a little democracy.

  26. I think it is really funny that these kids are worried about bush clinton bush clinton…. when I am convinced that McCain is waiting for the convention when they will orchestrate Jeb Bush’s nomination for VP.

  27. John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Quincy Adams, Jack Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Patrick Kennedy . . .Robert Kennedy, Jr., among others!

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