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I want a President who is tough as nails and really knows her stuff!

I started the primary season as an Edwards supporter.  But when I realized Edwards wasn’t going to win, I started looking at Barack Obama.  That was when I discovered that Obama didn’t seem to have any ideology to speak of and wasn’t into sharing details about his proposed programs.  He was for “hope” and “change.”  Like a lot of other people, I wanted more information about what “change” Obama was offering and how he would accomplish it.  Very few of his supporters seemed to be able to verbalize what this “change” would be either.  It also made me angry that Hillary was being attacked in such sexist ways by the Obama Campaign, the big bloggers, the media.  Being a contrarian at heart, I took a closer look at Hillary Clinton.

I had watched all of the debates, and even while I still supported Edwards, I had developed a lot of respect for Hillary’s intellect and her knowledge base.  I admired the way she had all the issues down.  She could talk extemporaneously about almost anything.  Each time I listened to Hillary, I was impressed with her fluidity of speech.  When she confronted an issue, the words just flowed out of her, confidently, clearly, and concisely, and directly to the point.  I knew this had to be the result of many hours of study and active engagement with the material.  I have seen this same fluidity of speech in the academic world.  When academics know their fields inside and out and are enthusiastic about their research, they sound just like that.  Riverdaughter wrote about how she and her colleagues at work look at this kind of wonkishness in a recent post, “Feminists and Geeks” here .

We spend our working days listening to our colleagues give us presentations on the work that they have done. Over the years, we develop a keen ear for detecting who has quality work and who has pretty presentations but is BS-ing their way through 20 minutes. Our support for Clinton has less to do with her being a female and more to do with the quality of her presentation. 

In December, Steve Clemons wrote about his experience of Hillary’s wonkitude  (via eriposte at the Left Coaster)

…one of the things that simply can’t be disputed is her work ethic. I’ve met her a number of times, usually at receptions — and each time I decided not to waste the moment with trivial banter but to throw an idea at her or mention a person or issue that would help me understand how real, how informed, or alternatively — how contrived — she was. Every single time she jumped on the issue I brought up and expressed two or three dimensions to the issue that showed she was deeply steeped in this or that policy. In my New America Foundation role, I helped build and support programs as diverse as debates about genetic scientific advancements to family work issues, health care, and wireless spectrum — not to mention my own core interests in foreign policy, national security/defense issues, and international economic policy. Hillary Clinton and I have had quick encounters that involved her sharing incredibly diverse and serious policy commentary.

The last time I had such a discussion with her was after she had won her last Senate race in New York, and she and Bill Clinton were a bit early to a UN Foundation reception honoring Muhammad Yunus. We had a really interesting discussion about what should be on a roster of 21st century threats and how our national security and foreign policy resources should be reorganized to deal with future challenges rather than keeping vested interests tied to old threats well funded. Her quick grasp of what I was trying to get at — and a detailed response that was serious and level-headed — really surprised me as I’m used to politicians who typically have to fake their way through detail. 

What it all boils down to is that Hillary knows her stuff and she’s into it.  She loves to think and talk about policy, just like her husband.  That must be one of the shared interests that have kept them together.

In addition to being a policy wonk and an excellent communicator and debater, Hillary is tough and unafraid.  Watching her performance in the debates this year, I was reminded of the many times I have seen Hillary on C-Span in various committee hearings.  One really great memory I have of Hillary in the Senate is the time in 2006 when she questioned Donald Rumsfeld about whether his views on the situation in Iraq were trustworthy.  She gave a long summary of the situation at the time and finished with this:

CLINTON:  A recent book, aptly titled Fiasco, describes in some detail the decision-making apparatus that has lead us to this situation. So Mr. Secretary, when our constituents ask for evidence that your policy in Iraq and Afghanistan will be successful, you don’t leave us with much to talk about. Yes, we hear a lot of happy talk and rosy scenarios, but because of the Administration’s strategic blunders, and frankly the record of incompetence in executing, you are presiding over a failed policy. Given your track record, Secretary Rumsfeld, why should we believe your assurances now?

RUMSFELD:  My [pause] goodness[!]

Rumsfeld spoke these words in such a condescending way—as if he were stunned to be spoken to in that way by this woman.  How dare she!  It really was a smackdown.  You have to watch the video to get the full flavor of his reaction.   Hillary Clinton is tough as nails, and at that moment, Rumsfeld had to know it, despite his arrogant response.

Those are the qualities I want in a President.  I want my President to know policy inside out and have a facility for communicating ideas.  I want my President to be strong as steel and have the guts to stand up against all comers.  I have seen Hillary’s toughness and smarts during this primary campaign, and I am confident she can be such a president.

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  1. This is my first post, so please be gentle. I’m sorry I couldn’t figure out how to make hyperlinks. I followed the directions and tried repeatedly, but I just couldn’t make live links. I’ll figure it out next time.

  2. Great to read you again, BBoomer.

  3. bb, wordpress has two editing modes. One is WSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and the other allows you to use HTML tags. When you are in WSIWYG, you cannot us the “<” or “>” for links. I much prefer the coding. There are two tabs on the upper left hand where you enter text.

  4. gqmartinez– I looked at the FAQ and followed the instructions. You’re supposed to highlight the text you want to use, click the link thingy, and a box comes up. I put the links in the box and clicked “insert.” Then you are supposed to click the unlink thingy.

    I don’t really understand what you said, but I’ll go back and look again and see if I can figure it out.


  5. I enjoyed reading this post.

  6. BostonBoomer: congratulations and I look forward to reading many more!

  7. I agree 100& about Hillary Clinton. I lived through the Reagan years when Americans supposedly felt good about themselves. It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. We have some serious, serious problems that need to be fixed. We need a president who can do that.

  8. The two tabs are “Visual” and “Code”. I use “Code” since I know basic HTML and it is faster for me than using my mouse. Of course the two computers I use most are Linux so I prefer keyboard to mice anyway :o).

    Here’s a page with info on how to create links using HTML.But if you’re more comfortable with the “Visual” tab, then probably better to stick with that. Good luck.

  9. BTW, good post.

  10. BB, did you write it in MS Word? Could you try.. copy + paste the text into Notepad (to make it plain text), then paste again into WordPress WYSIWYG. I think that is why the text looks different than others & that may solve the problem – your text has code in it autogenerated by MS Word, because.. Word stinks

  11. Try and paste this code.. let’s see
    In December, <a href=”http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/archives/002589.php”>Steve Clemons wrote about his experience of Hillary’s wonkitude </a> (via eriposte at Left Coaster http://www.theleftcoaster.com/).

  12. You’ll get the hang of it though, I have never run across a WYSIWYG editor that wasn’t a pain in the a$$ to use, frankly.


    I posted my comment but it did not appear.

    I re-posted but received a “Duplicate post detected”.

    What is going on?

  14. Thanks everyone for the advice on the hyperlinks. I figured out what gqmartinez was talking about and it worked! Whew! I wanted to try posting something during this quiet time to see how it worked. I’m working on something I hope will be more interesting. But I wanted to add to what riverdaughter said recently about Hillary’s *presentation.* She really is very impressive, and she has made a believer out of me!

  15. MA Blue,

    I got one of those “duplicate post” thingies once. I made a copy of my comment and then refreshed and pasted it in again.

  16. BostonBoomer, Thanks for sharing why you support Hillary. I too was an Edwards supporter who was very impressed with Hillary’s command of the issues. And her superior intelligence.

    I was also disgusted by Obama’s “You’re likable enough, Hillary” comment.

  17. I have said from the beginning, since before I was even close to being a supporter, that Hillary is a REALLY good debater. I think her ability to dominate the forum gives her a leg up in almost any situation. That will matter in the fall.

  18. Great great post. The fact that it comes from on of these illiterate Hillary Clinton supporters makes it even more compelling.

    After reading the post I am really pumped up and ready to lead the mass of uninformed, unenlightened, the yokels, the rubes that are Hillary’s supporters.

    In preparation to “our” fight for the nomination, here are the required readings.

    How an Election Campaign Works

    The Dehumanizing of Hillary Clinton

    That should be enough to get your blood boiling and join me to perform this haka, every morning until that GD convention.

  19. BostonBoomer, what a terrific post!

    Reading this makes me more enthusiastic at the image of President-Elect Hillary Clinton being sworn into office, come January 2009. 🙂

  20. daria g– I did write it in Word. I didn’t know I needed to use plain text. Couldn’t I just save it as text and then import it?

  21. WTF?

    Am I writing a word that drives WordPress nuts? Or is WordPress in the Obama and RW camp?

    I re-reposted my comment and still nada.

  22. andgarden– I agree. The thing that impresses me most about Hillary is that she is prepared. She has done her homework and doesn’t have to cram before debates. The contrast between Hillary and Barack in extemporaneous situations is really striking.

    edwardian– Thanks. Now if we could have John Edwards as VP, I’d really be happy.

  23. Also an Edwards supporter here. Watching her during the New Hampshire debates I turned to my good friend (and fellow JE supporter) and said: I think she just won this one (debate), and quite possibly the primary, as a result. She served herself well, very well. He laughed off my assessment that the debates would have such an effect that Sen. Clinton could win NH as a result. Well …

  24. MA Blue,

    If your comment triggers something, there is a little note at the top that says, “your comment is awaiting moderation.” If it just wouldn’t post, that can’t be it. I’m dying to know what your comment was–very mysterious.

  25. BB: I didn’t even get that.

    I’ll try again.


  26. Katiebird,

    I think that debate in NH is when I really started to see Hillary in whole new light. I realized that I really liked her, and my previous attitudes toward her were the result of media “brainwashing.” I was really humilated when I realized that I had allowed the media to color my thinking. When Obama said “You’re likeable enough, Hillary,” I was so angry. That followed on his previous sexist insults about having tea with foreign leaders wives and how being married to the President didn’t make her qualified for anything (like she hadn’t been in the Senate a lot longer than he has). I was already po’ed by the McClurkin episode. Those sexist comments just turned me off Obama for good.

  27. “edwardian– Thanks. Now if we could have John Edwards as VP, I’d really be happy.”

    BB — Either that or AG. I wanna see him in a position which proves lethal for corporate cronies and lobbyists.

  28. BBoomer, what a great post! You managed to put in words exactly all my feelings about HRC except, you did it better than I could possibly have.

    I think you should take it policy issue by policy issue and turn this into a series “Why Hillary SHOULD be president”!!

  29. I think there’s a setting that’s catching comments with 2 or more links and holding them for moderation. I just released 3 comments that didn’t have anything wrong with them. But I think they all had links.

  30. BB: Bravo! Well said. maybe we should get some “Geeks for Clinton” shirts made up. We know quality when we see it.

  31. 1. Well said, boston boomer. I like the “fluidity”: thing. That’s well put. Hillary doesn’t need a teleprompter and thinks fast on her feet. That’s because she knows her stuff.

    2. Re the HTML tags. I encourage you to learn them; I think you will find them very simple (i.e., not technical). I agree with the writer who said that WYWISYG editors are a p.i.t. — they’re slow, and they get between me and my content. There is also the idea that, in principle, you should know what’s under the hood of anything, and that includes content. There is the further principle that we writers own and should control own data, not corporations. For that reason, I don’t use tools with proprietary data formats, like Word. Finally, I write a lot, as do most of us, and I think that many will testify that, once you get the hang of it, HTML is better because it’s more productive. You don’t raise your hands from the keyboard nearly as much, and you end up focusing on the writing, not the formatting. The only thing I think Word is good for is spellchecking, and that’s available in garden varity text boxes these days, like this one. Rant over 😉

  32. Heh. Hoist by my own petard. Variety not varity. (The spellchecker caught it, but I pressed Submit anyhow.)

  33. Where’s the damn trackback address for this post??

  34. riverdaughter–

    Thanks. I’ve never thought of myself as a geek, but maybe I am one. After all I’m a grad student, even though I’m a “woman of a certain age.” I’ve never had a job where I had to dress up, and I’ve managed to avoid working 9-5 for the past 20 or so years. They used to call people like me “hippies,” but that’s really out of date. So I’ll proudly be a geek for Hillary.

  35. BB: Lambert has a point. In the wordpress editor you will see you have a choice between “visual” and “code”. I switch to “code” to put in blockquotes. It’s easier. In code you can use html tags all over the place. I’m no expert but if something doesn’t look right, the code option usually helps me identify the problem. One other thing is that I use Firefox and can turn firebug on. That’s helped me find offending code.
    We’re all learning so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t work perfectly at first. That’s what the “edit” button is for.
    Nice post for a first timer. Very well received.

  36. I want a girl with a mind like a diamond
    I want a girl who knows what’s best
    I want a girl with shoes that cut
    And eyes that burn like cigarettes
    I want a girl with the right allocation
    Who’s fast, and thorough, and sharp as a tack
    She’s playing with her jewelry, she’s putting up her hair
    She’s touring the facility and picking up slack

    I want a girl who gets up early
    I want a girl who stays up late
    I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
    Who uses a machetti to cut through red tape
    With fingernails that shine like justice
    And a voice that is dark like tinted glass
    She is fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack
    She’s touring the facility and picking up slack

    Sorry — couldn’t resist 😉

  37. BB:Geek is a state of mind. It is notable for its lack of pretension. Geeks appreciate a thing well done for its own sake.

  38. BFF: R U at my house? How were the PUs?

  39. http://www1.yahoo.americangreetings.com/ecards/display.pd?prodnum=3139647&path=40935

    yahoo has a greeting card with hillary, bill, al gore, bush, really dumb.

    Too bad someone can’t work something like this into a fundraiser…..

  40. Came all the way home. Everyone says Hi! and is in the usual good spirits. Glad to hear your peeps were properly aged. So tired, but thought I’d check in. A little Cake seemed irresistible!

  41. Lambert is a nerd… Haha.

    I am too. Blogging with my Blackberry. You know us yokels.

  42. BFF: we are going to have company when we come back from Denver. Should be fun.

  43. gqm, lambert, and riverdaughter–

    Thanks for your help. Next time I’ll know about the code button and the need to start with plain text. I can do better!

  44. Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, who backs Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, proposed another gauge Sunday by which superdelegates might judge whether to support Mrs. Clinton or Senator Barack Obama. He suggested that they consider the electoral votes of the states that each of them has won.

    “So who carried the states with the most Electoral College votes is an important factor to consider because ultimately, that’s how we choose the president of the United States,” Mr. Bayh said on CNN’s “Late Edition.”

    In a primary, of course, electoral votes are not relevant, but the Clinton campaign is trying to use them as an unofficial measure of strength. So far, Mrs. Clinton has won states with a total of 219 Electoral College votes, not counting Florida and Michigan, while Mr. Obama has won states with a total of 202 electoral votes.

  45. more trouble for BO

    All week, Stuart Levine, the Republican snitch who loves his gladiator movies, has been telling the story of Illinois. He tells it from the witness stand in federal court, weaving the tale of this political boss and that political boss, that Democrat, this Republican, all working together for the common good. He means, the good stuff in their wallets. So I’m wondering, rhetorically for the purposes of a Sunday column, what do we call this relationship, again? This Illinois custom of quiet sharing of power across party lines for the benefit of a fat connected few? What is it? What is it, again?

    Formally, Levine is putting things together for the prosecution in the corruption trial of Illinois political fixer Tony Rezko. That’s the narrow focus. Actually, he’s telling a larger tale, about power and clout in our state.

  46. Why in the world should Hillary Clinton also be burdened and tarnished by Obama’s problems?

    Is this guy responsible for anything at all?

    How Obama’s minister turned the Dems’ run for President into party’s train wreck

    Polls in Pennsylvania and nationally show that Obama’s otherwise-thoughtful speech last week failed to solve the political problem Wright created. Whites are shifting to Clinton or, in hypothetical general election matchups, to McCain.
    For those voters, Wright is a clear yes or no question. Trying to split the difference, however amiably, as Obama did by rejecting Wright’s most inflammatory comments while also sympathetically explaining them and equating them to white frustrations, created a muddle that has reinforced doubts about Obama’s convictions and values.
    In the short run, Clinton obviously benefits in the nomination fight. But she shouldn’t get too comfortable. For Obama’s problems with Wright will become her problems if she makes the same mistake of not being forceful enough about her own values. The same kinds of voters – working-class whites in swing states – who are shunning Obama will abandon her if she takes the standard, Democratic, politically correct course and coddles Wright and his poison.


  47. I am a geek for Clinton. Actually more of a dork, but I digress.

  48. Great post, bostonboomer. I chose Hillary for similar reasons. Way back when we still had all the candidates in the running. I went through all their web sites and read everything I could find about their stances on various positions that are important to me. Hillary’s detailed grasp of the issues and her well thought out solutions were what convinced me that I wanted to support her. The Iraq war vote was at first a sticking point. But after reading more information on why she voted for the resolution, what steps and research she did beforehand, and actually remembering what was actually going on at the time – I found that I couldn’t fault her for it. Edwards was my second choice. Obama, it seemed to me, had the thinnest resume and the least experience to recommend him.

    Sometimes I’m really surprised at who we ended up with. I would have expected Edwards and Hillary, not Obama. If only that had been the result, I could have happily supported either of them. Now many of us are in the awful position of actually trying to figure out if we can hold our noses and vote for Obama, should the unthinkable occur. Hopefully, with all the support Hillary is getting, she is going to pull this out. She deserves it and America deserves it.

  49. This country has to stop this anti intellectualism that got us Bush for 8 years. Electing Hillary means that people will have learned their lesson and will now select the most qualified person who has brains, ideas and know how. Obama seems overwhelmed and not too sure of himself when he is confronted with policy questions. His answers are too general and we cannot afford another apprentice in the White House.

  50. Using logic we should have gotten the top qualified candidates – Clinton and Edwards. Thank you for this diary. I checked in this morning to do my “Mika’s face check” (her brother is in BO’s campaign)- she is on MSNBC in the morning.Forget the name – their line up has been changing, probably due to lack of viewers. Anyway, it was even more tight and brittle this AM and I noted the extreme vipititudes being cast about – really nasty and untrue – facts seem to escape them. B. Richardson made so really stupid remarks regarding Hillary and “Mika” had Howard Wolfson on next and asked him what he thought about those nasty remarks. Wolfson handled it beautifully, professionally and did not rise to the bait and got Mika so upset her cut him off and asked the idiot C. Matthews to refute his calm intelligent comments. C. as usual blustered and fumed – what a pile of poop for a human being. The upshot is – Hillary is looking so Presdential compared to these nasty commenters for BO – they are building her up by the extremes they are using. IMO.

  51. Tiffany–

    Exactly! America has a long history of anti-intellectualism. Richard Hofstadter wrote about this back in the ’60s, and a recent book by Susan Jacoby, “The Age of American Unreason” has updated Hofstadter’s thesis. In fact it seems that anti-intellectualism has gotten worse since cable TV has increased the possibility for ridiculous memes to be spread.

    Look at what Reagan did to the economy with the totally illogical notion of “supply side economics.” Why do people buy into these ideas that are so against their own self-interest? Why would anyone have believed that GW Bush was qualified to be President? And why do so many supposedly intelligent people believe that a man with a thin resume like Obama’s is qualified for the most important office in our goverment?

    This time I hope at least some of the party leaders will wake up from their “hope” induced comas and give us a chance to win in November. Because Obama is not only unqualified, but also he can’t win.


  52. Good morning:

    Someone at TM posted this link. If the DNC steals the nomination from Obama we will witness Operation Jericho, with threats of Gandhian ressistance (Gandhi) and chaos at the Denver convention

    There will be riots I tell you…. Haka (sp?) indeed.


    “For us rabble-rousers out here that don’t consider any American political party to be “ours,” that scenario would put Plan B into play. We have no illusions that it has yet been surrendered or that we have yet taken it: Oh, we’d still go to Denver, not to enter the convention hall, but to reduce it to symbolic rubble from the outside.

    Call it Plan Jericho: Like Joshua of the Old Testament and his troops who circled the halls of the city, marched around it silently for six days, on the seventh day marched around it seven times more and then, on cue, sounded a horn to end the silence and shout all at once, toppled the walls, entered the city, and “killed” (the Bible says so literally, but this time it will be politically, not mortally) every man, woman and superdelegate – including any imposter they might “nominate” by imposition – that did not participate in the certain walk-out protest that will occur under their scenario and instead chooses to remain inside the hall.

    It won’t be the chaotic street protest and battle with the cops that occurred in ’68: we’ve learned too much from that. It will be organized, Gandhian in its adherence to discipline and nonviolence, and more massive than anything maybe ever seen in the United States’ long history of social movements. If the party leaders choose to destroy democracy by denying the fair-and-square winner the nomination, democracy will then be duty bound to destroy the party.

    The narrative of this campaign has created an opening for the triumph of a radical, non-electoral, political narrative if the electoral path becomes blocked by a handful of insiders that think they know better than us. The big news is that, for the first time in decades, a black-white alliance from the street will be possible: Montgomery 1955 meets Seattle 1999 in Denver 2008.

  53. Here is an interesting article, in the NY Times, about the weariness of voters in PA.


    I really like this quote…

    ““This area, it’s like they wrote it off,” said Mr. Swope, a retired electrician. “A billion dollars a day for the war, and when a bridge collapsed over here,” he said, mentioning a nearby hamlet, “they didn’t even bother fixing it.”

    The 116-year-old bridge carried State Route 1012 over Clearfield Creek in the town of Dysart. Investigators said it collapsed moments after a snowplow crossed on Dec. 11.”

  54. In regards to the “Jericho” plan, we need to hammer the following:

    1. I seriously doubt it will be black-white alliance (as opposed to young white males). Or if it is a mixed race affair, it will be composed of the same class of folks (bored angry College students and those who never evolved past that stage) who throw wildly ineffective demonstrations at the drop of the hat. (Gee, I wonder if Markos will remind people about his past posts on the futility of the large anti-war marches.

    2. We need to call out the websites who actively promote – or simply ignore – this nonsense. Yes website owners are free to carry what they want under recent case law but this may test that result if it goes bad in Denver. (The original author’s naive belief that it will remain non-violent is marred by his reference to Seattle 1999.)

    3. We must resolutely remind everyone of the historical framework from which this evolves. Most recently it’s the Brooks Brothers riots in Florida. But take a step back and remember at how those seeking to expand suffrage have been treated in this country (women and minorities). This IS NO DIFFERENT and I will be damned if these folks will wrap themselves in the Civil Rights movement (esp after Florida/MI and their non-stop efforts to end the election early).

    4. Granted democrats are more tolerant than most of protests. But we need to clearly call these people out on what is motivating their protest. They believe themselves entitled to this nomination because both the MSM and the Big Blogs handed it to Obama months ago. However, last time I checked this is the Democratic nomination and democratic voters will decide it. In other words, neither us nor the Party should be bullied.

    5. Finally it goes to prove the old adage about politics. It’s a circle not a straight line. Thus there is little or no difference between those on the extreme left or right and that includes those within our party.

  55. It seems non-intellectually simple — Bush left so much of our stuff messed up, we need somebody who knows stuff, not somebody who talks stuff.

    Of course the kewl kids know better. They always do, don’t they?

  56. I like the way Obama’s campaign is blackmailing the electorate with veiled references to pandamonium if “they take the nomination away from him.”

  57. 3/24/2008

    What an excellent article. I could not get over how the Kennedys and John Kerry went to Sen. Edwards own home state of South Carolina before the primary to endorse Sen. Obama and destroyed the Edwards campaigns. It was also offensive in that fact that Bill Clinton had come out his heart surgery to campaign for John Kerry in 2004 to help him win Penn. The elephant in the room is that Hillary Clinton has been and still is that most qualified candidate to be President on Day One. There have been a lot of of distractions, but she always seems to arise to the occasion because she truly knows the issues and policies that significantly impact our children, grandchildren, workers, teachers, health care providers, and minorities. And to suggest that she does not have a chance to win now is really selling the American people short. There are still 10 states to go and the superdelegates to vote yet. If Sen. Obama suggests that he has followed the DNC rules including Fla. and Michigan in the primaries, then does he really care about the voters that all Dems will need in the Fall? Further, the superdelegates are also part of the DNC procedure and many have not voted yet. Where is Sen. Obama’s rules on allowing the superdelegates’s vote? It is not over yet. I fully support Hillary Clinton for her form and substance and I hope everyone else will too including the superdelegates.

  58. Great posting, BB! I too am a born-again Hillary supporter, after wanting so badly to believe in Barack Obama. But, give this wonderful lady her dues and with due respect. She is sharp as a tack, has the smartest brains on Capital Hill, and truly believes from the heart the core virtues of the democratic party. Moreover, she has had to withstand so many betrayals from associates, allies, and friends turning against her campaign, up against so much incredibly blatant sexism, which is so bad that it shocks me (I, a middle-aged white man, belong to a demographic not usually sensitive to women’s issues), and the fact that Obama has been pirating all her ideas on the economy, green collar jobs, nafta, healthcare, to name only the fist to mind. She deserves much, much better treatment from the press and media.

  59. Does anyone understand that a great many of the youth vote that Obama has cornered also voted week after week for Sunjaya on American Idol? Does the Democratic party truly feel that they can rely on them come November? At least Hillary’s voters are true, old school, hard-core voters who will be there, come rain and snow.

  60. I was like the author of this story. In the beginning, I thought any 3 candidates would be good. But, I heard several contradictions in Obama’s speeches.
    In the S.C debates, Obama riduculed Edwards and Hillary for their Senate votes and I liked the way Edwards and Hillary rebutted to him and made it public that Obama was all words and would not vote 130+ times for his own state of Illinois.
    I then began to contribute to both Edwards and Hillary’s campaigns. I was hoping for these two to be on the same ticket, but Edwards dropped out.
    I now support Hillary, because she is a candidate of actions and I have no trust in Obama’s words, judgements, or actions.

  61. Excellent post. I wish Obama supporters–Democrats whose Hillary hate speaks to a lot more about their psychological condition than anything else–would stop and think about how they have colluded with the right-wing to characterize this profoundly intelligent woman as evil.

    It is why I will never, ever be the kind of committed Democrat that I was before the left-wing bloggers and party elites tried to coronate Barack Obama, a man whose experience and knowledge of the issues doesn’t come close.

    The trashing of Hillary Clinton by her own party is outrageous, unforgivable, and something I will never forget.
    And it is why–despite the fact that I am closer on the issues to Obama than McCain–I can never vote for Barack Obama. I will write-in Clinton if she is not the nominee.

    I see a vote for Obama as condoning the behavior that they have displayed toward her. It’s a hard lesson but the Democratic party is going to have to learn it. I take what they have done to Clinton very personally, as though it was aimed at myself, my mother or my sister.

    My anger at this behavior trumps everything else. They will never, ever do this to a woman from our party again. I suspect they will have to learn it the hard way.

  62. Clinton/Edwards 08 and we will occupy the whitehouse for 8 years

  63. bostonbommer, I think you may have gotten to the heart of why Sen. Clinton has a better chance than the pundits would have it.

    Regular folks like her for her brains, guts, and spine. And we talk about it at dinner and the gym and work and daycare and over the fence with the neighbors. And there is very little someone could do or say that will make a lot of regular folks not like this candidate.

    The people who hate her hate her. The people who like her like her. And Sen. Obama hasn’t received his turn on the Big Wheel of Hatin'(R).

    Time is exactly what Sen. Clinton’s opponents fear and the rising decibels re: the bitchquitting is because the junior senator from Illinois faces several long hot months of examination: Emil Jones, Tony Rezko, billjacking, Alice Palmer, etc.

    And that stuff will be front page/lead story/blogfodder as long as Sen. Clinton refuses to quit.

    That is not good news for the senator from Illinois.

  64. chris c, ITA about condoning the behavior that’s been turned on Hillary Clinton. And it scares me. Women have no idea what sort of country they will live in when and if they wake up in a country where an awful lot of people are drunk on the heady glee of having beaten the shit out of the most knwoeldgeable and qualified woman in contemporary politics.

    I study British devolution politics as a hobby — specifically Welsh devolution and its history. The Welsh had an opportunity to vote for devolution way back in 1979, way earlier than the 1997 opportunity that they just barely squeaked in. The economy and social services had been teetering in the country, with food and gas shortages, trash left uncollected in vast piles and even bodies left unburied.

    They voted against it. The Welsh voted against their own empowerment, even while the place was in such dire straits. (President McCain, anyone?)

    They seemed to feel (IMNSHO) that a vote against devolution was a vote that would show the English-dominated power structures that they were team-players and had gotten past all that “Welsh-nat” nonsense. Like a lot of today’s women who think of things as “post-feminist” who “aren’t going to vote for HRC just because she’s a woman,” they were convinced they had moved beyond their own peculiarly pacifist brand of nationalism and could all be British together.

    Then Thatcher got in. She failed to see their anti-devolution vote as a chummy signal of everyone getting along together and moving toward a bright, sunny post-nat future. She (correctly) interpreted that vote as a sign of submission and carte-blanche to do whatever the hell she wanted to Wales. And she did. Their economy was gutted. Unemployment the scale of which still makes people shudder, quarries and mines numbering like grass were put out of business in the name of “efficiency” and mastering inflation. The Welsh suffered dreadfully after sending that signal, just as women — ALL WOMEN — will suffer no matter who wins in November if Hillary Clinton loses.

    Even if Obama gets in and mnages not to screw up entirely, because the Golden Ages of men are never our golden ages, too. That rising tide doesn’t go out of its way to lift OUR boats.

    Well, the Welsh learned, and the next time the vote for devolution came around, they squeaked it in. They got their faces ground into it, just as we will. They learned, just as we might. I doubt it, though. I can’t think of ANY other woman alive who is both better qualified and timed to succeed than HRC, nor willing to tolerate the inhuman levels of abuse she’s taken to get there.

  65. Chris C.
    thanks for those words they are my sentiments exactly. Sorry but the democratic party has been a part of a conspiracy that has led to the break down of its party. They are trying to take away our right as voters by making us captive to the person they have chosen to be the nominee. If the party is not successful, the blame lies with the democratic party and the DNC, which has thrown 2 million voters off of the train; our rights as voters have been forsaken for their own ambitions.

  66. Hillary first, McCain second, Obama never.

  67. You’re absolutely right. That’s why this campaign has been pretty frustrating. To me, the Obama campaign is trying to win the nomination through exploiting people’s emotions. His speeches are not laced with policy – but with catch phrases. “Change we can believe in” – what does that even mean? What’s even more frustrating is that so many people are falling for it. When I ask Obama supporters to talk about why they support him, they never talk about the issues. When I press them on the issues, they admit they don’t know and argue that they’re ok with that. It’s ridiculous.

  68. Chris C: you took the words right out of my mouth. It has been horrifying to watch the supposed “left” adopt the hateful politics of the
    ’90’s and turn it against this powerful, committed, brilliant, and compassionate public servant of almost 4 decades. The irrational hostility has been really mystifying. And Obama’s complicity in it has made him repellent to me. I always found him unbearably arrogant and smug, but witnessing the hypocrisy of his character assassination campaign has completely alienated me from him, and many of the party leaders who have condoned and supported this. Her amazing strength and focus has only made my support for her intensify. She demonstrates true leadership and vision every day. That’s the kind of President this country desperately needs.

  69. I believe it will happen and I will be thrilled..she will be elected and good for us..particularly if the media would put a little focus on Rezko instead of Obamas vile re: his passport…Obama’s long connection to Rezko and the 12 different versions of the story he suddenly remembers..his claim of authorship of 63 bills in his last year as a Legislator in Illinois when many, many people believe Emil Jones and his other associates worked long and hard on them, put Obama’s name on the bills to ‘make me a Senator’. (Please read Barak Obama & Me; HoustonPress.com;February 20, 2008; Todd Spivac) Emil Jones’ comment when asked about favors from Obama for putting his name on the bills..refers to the many favors,and his entire record of the time he was a Legislator, for which the paper trail has seemingly disappeared (Barak Obama has said “they are lost”, “I was to busy to keep a record”, “I left them for the new guy”..the new guy says “there was nothing here when I arrived”..”oh, I threw out everything”) as ‘steak’ not pork.
    David Axelrods skillful manipulation of the media..Wright on page 6 after Obama decries Bush and his ‘attempt to vilify him by uncovering ammunition from his passport file’. Whoa! The best yet.
    Demand Condaleeza Rices resignation? Unreal..nothing like using the African American community for publicity and discing them when the Jenna 6 needed him.
    Anyway, if the mainstream media ever does its job and follows the money from Rezko wife’s sale of the Obama lot to their mutual acquaintance..back to the donation from the buyer( the same acquaintance), to Obamas campaign, an interesting trail will begin to emerge. By the way, the Obama campaign released additional donor lists the same day they set of the Wright fracas and the additional 127,000 dollars of donations to his campaign from Rezko and his associates and their acquaintance. Which event garnered more attention? Of course the cursing minister..
    This was another classic get rid of ‘Muslim label Friday’..what better way to do it? Announce a ‘major’ speech on race set for 4 days later..let the country see Obama is not a Muslim..but a consciously aware Christian concerned with the ‘race’ issue and how it divides us! All the while keeping it forefront by comparing his white grandmother and Mrs Ferraro to ‘stereotypical white racists’..What foolish ‘folks’ we all are to listen..and how far did he pull the wool over our eyes about the new revelations regarding Rezko?
    I am sorry if the tone of this post seems angry. I am angry-I admit it- I am angry because Barak Obama preys on young, malleable people, it angers me that he is willing to disenfranchise 2 million ‘folks’ using foul play in order to maintain a delegate lead which would assure him a better chance at winning and says publicly ‘Hillary Clinton will stoop to anything to win’..again another example of his verbal hypocrisy.
    Barak Obama campaigned in Florida with TV ads, Hillary Clinton did not. Barak Obama instructed his ‘followers’ to vote ‘uncommitted’ in Michigan-they did-now he negates his own words and actions? He never was elected in Illinois-he used his constitutional background to have his single opponent disqualified-for 5 years in Illinois before Emil Jones, no one even knew his name. Yes I am angry because he and his all ‘white’ top tier campaign staff insult all of us, every way they can by using the oldest ploys in politics..say it over and over and eventually the idiots believe it.
    I am not an idiot and will never vote for him or anyone associated with him as his history in the graft politics on trial in Chicago, obviously has influenced him more than his grandparents who loved him and pastor who counseled him.

  70. Great Post!!!!!!!
    I have spoken to some Obama supporters and NONE of them knows why they are supporting Obama.
    I think they are brainwashed.
    Keep it up!

  71. Chris C: you certainly have hit a nerve with many of the readers here, myself included. The irony is that Obama has been preaching his electability partly with this arrogance: “people who have been voting for Hillary will also vogte for me during a general election, but many of those who have been voting for me will not vote for her in any election.” Ha! If Barack only knew it is the other way around. His petty, incidious, misogynistic, race-baiting surrogates have gone too far, and so too has the spineless Democratic party who have all but condoned the attacks. God help the back-biting democratic party, and godspeed to Hillary!

  72. If the Democratic Party does not allow a re vote for Florida and Michigan, the outcome will be tainted and the Dems will have no clear winner in the general election going against McCain.
    This will haunt them in the general election and will split the party.

    Senator Obama is the candidate blocking the re vote. What is he so afraid of?

    I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Texas Primary because she is the better candidate and most prepared to be President. But even if it was the other way around- I still think, for the sake of whoever is the Democratic Nominee- that we need to have Florida and Michigan cast their votes in the primary or we will lose the general election, period.

    That Senator Obama is thinking of himself instead of the Democratic Party, speaks volumes about his character and drives a deep a hole into the central message of his campaign of “we the people” and “our time has come”. Certainly the voters of Florida and Michigan must feel that their time has not come at all.

  73. BB, your article is very clear, convincing and to- the- point (just like Hillary!). Thank you for your honesty.

  74. Thanks for having the courage to state the obvious, although unpopular, because it isn’t what the media wants us to know.

    In our society we claim equality, but women and their valuable contributions are not taken seriously, and women are indeed treated as second class citizens, so it is inconceiveable that a woman has the power to influence other women, who in turn can influence men, as Hillary did in Ireland and around the world. The Obama camp, along with numerous other Hillary-haters, are scouring her First Lady like thieves in the night, looking for anything to discredit her. We, here supporters, know what she is made of and what she is capable of – and she is definitely strong and tough as nails.

    Like Hillary’s candidacy in this society where women’s perspectives, accomplishments and influence are not taken seriously and their efforts are undermined, Hillary’s very successful efforts to empower women around the globe are discounted and trivialized. Women are strong, stronger than men. Women are, in fact in charge of family and home – where would families be without us?

    The presidency is the last frontier – it is the last arena where their maleness is validated and put before us as a false symbol of superiority. And, Hillary is a pioneer who will not only show them by winning the nomination, but by changing the course of this country for the better.

  75. Excellent, excellent article!!!!
    I’m copying as many people as I know.
    This kind of article is rare. I just wish we could publish it in local newspapers.
    Keep up the good work.

  76. This is the most reason based discussion I have seen to date! Thanks! Like everyone else in this, I started out uncertain about who to choose. I didn’t know enough about BHO, but Hillary had some barriers to overcome. I started to listen to her and I heard clear, concise, deliberate and unrehearsed knowledge! Smart and ready to engage on every issue! She is perhaps the most capable candidate ever!

  77. So true! A candidate with such outstanding intellectual acumen should be cleaning the floor with her opponents and inciting fear among the ranks of the right.

    Instead, we’ve got a protracted bloodbath that completely glosses over the issues critical to our national success. Hillary needs to just keep above the fray and continue her nose-to-the-grindstone approach to the campaign. As more people begin to see that she’s a meat-and-potatoes kind of politician, they’ll start lining up behind her.

    I read a fantastic article by one of Hillary’s higher-profile backers in the Bay Area the other day that took on Rush Limbaugh and his “Limbaugh Effect.” It’s well worth a look, and in light of this wonderful piece illustrating Hillary’s toughness and grit, it makes you see how the chips could easily end up falling in her favor:


  78. Ummmm, Mablue. Please never, ever, ever, ever equate the wonderful All Blacks haka with anything except rugby. Especially against Hillary Clinton who can lead our country to a better place than it has been in so long.
    Watch rugby much??? If you did, you would know that the haka performed by the All Blacks is NOT a victory “dance” but a challenge that originates from the Maori culture in New Zealand.
    Know before you post, sweetie.

  79. Not so fast
    One thing is for sure. There cannot be any conventon without the delegates from Florida & Michigan being seated. The fairest way is to give the uncommitted delegates in MI to Obama and let the results in Florida stand as they are because both Obama’s name and Clinton’s name was on the ballot. In fact Obama was even putting ads on CNN in the state.. This is the method 5 used on the following web site :


    Clinton will have then 1688 & Obama will have 1744 total delegates.

    NOW LET US ASSUME THAT CLINTON GETS PA, WV , PR BY 20% AND IN & KY BY 10% EACH AND OR BY 5% AND OBAMA WINS SD & MT BY 25% , CLINTON WILL HAVE NET GAIN OF 45 IN THE REMAINING PRIMARIES.. This is possible because of the Wright affair, the support among whites has declined sharply for Obama. And population of blacks in all these great states is less than 5%. BY JUNE CLINTON WILL HAVE 1959 DELEGATES AND OBAMA WILL HAVE 1980 DELEGATES.

    There will be 372 Uncommited Super delegates at that time. . Upto this time Clinton has obtained 10 % more Super delegates than Obama. If we assume the same, CLINTON WILL WIN THE NOMINATION BY 2164 TO 2147 TOTAL DELEGATES. THERE WILL BE A DREAM TICKET WITH CLINTON ON TOP AND OBAMA AS VP AND WE WILL BEAT THE SH*T OUT OF THE REPUBLICANS CAPTURING BOTH THE SENATE & THE HOUSE WITH VETO PROOF MAJORITIES..
    . I am stating what has happened so far. In the General Election, Winner takes all the electoral votes. We can use the same method to decide who should be on top of the ticket. Cuurently Clinton has 267 electoral votes and Obama has 202 electoral votes based on the states they have already won using the same method as used in the GE. Assume that Hillary wins PA, WV, Indiana and Obama gets SD, NC , OR , MT , Clinton will have 308 electoral votes and Obama will have 230 Electoral votes by June 3. You know who should be on top of the DREAM ticket.Let us stop fighting and have the DREAM TICKET with CLINTON ON TOP. Any other way we not only lose the election but lose the house & the Senate. 25% of Democrats will move to Republicans like what happened to another anti-War extremist McGovern who lost all the states except Mass. Neither he country is ready for him nor he is ready for the country.

    Even if these numbers are off a little bit, because of the momentum shown by Hillary in the remaining Primaries and electibility of OBAMA in doubt because of the Wright affair, HILLARY WILL BE NOMINATED AS THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE . GOD BLESS AMERICA NOT A MILLION TIMES but HUNDRED BILLION TIMES !!!

  80. Thank you bostonboomer and Chris C, you said it all so well and I get so choked up because it is all so desperately true — i.e., how extraordinary HRC is and she is a once-in-a-lifetime chance and how despicable the hateful effort by Obama and his supporters + media + democratic party to destroy her including by assassinating her character just like the Republicans did for eight years and the fact that Obama will likely get this nomination b/c he selfishly refuses to allow MI and FL to be counted and threatens a race riot if it is “taken” from him. I will never vote for him and I am not sure I can continue to support the Democratic party. I will forever support HRC. Exactly as you wrote, she is the one who at least showed up as first lady in Bosnia, which was under sniper fire, and page after page after page of her brilliant memoir Living HIstory is filled with her thoughtful description of the extraordinary efforts she made over 8 years to EMPOWER women and girls, her genuine and true desire to raise their welfare and have their voices heard, she is a woman of extraordinary accomplishment and yet all we hear in the media is negativity and cutting her down. It is very upsetting and sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself and my thoughts about it, I am so angry. First 2000 and the stolen election because of Florida then stolen again by a corrupt political biased supreme court, then the election frauds in 2004, 8 years of Bush nightmares and extra-constitutional abuses of power including US torture with nothing done about it by the American electorate (re-elected him in 2004 knowing everything) and then in 2007 with Dems in charge of Congress nothing done….to finally get to now when we have the chance to elect this extraordinary woman who will actually get the job done competently and who will not stop fighting for us and for our country and our future…to have it stolen again by the empty rhetoric of an unaccomplished junior senator from Illinois who doesn’t even have a life philosophy or political philosophy at least I don’t know what it is. It is more than I can take…and I think that bb and chris c just gave me the courage to vent a little. What I plan to do now that I have vented is take action, i will just keep fighting for HRC, keep calling every day to get out the vote for her, I’ve called voters in CA, NV, TX, OH, WI, MI, VA, MD and I plan to do it for PA, IN, NC, whatever it takes to never give up and keep fighting. Beyond that, I will work hard every day to restore her reputation before during and after this election from the ugly, monstrous character destruction that has occurred including calling her a liar and all of it. It is despicable, this woman has done nothing but serve her country for her entire life, be a faithful wife (uhh, all you conservative freaks argue the Bible dictates that is the role of the wife…whether hubby is faithful or not), be an absolutely outstanding and loving mother, grateful and loving daughter, loyal friend, and above all, committed and caring woman of service to her constituents and people all across the globe (read her book). So no matter what happens, that is what I hope EACH of you will do. I do it every day by calmly saying this to friends, colleagues, anyone I happen to get into conversation with, restoring the truth in the face of all the lies. Thanks for reading this, GO HILLARY, we are with you!!!

  81. Hilary Clinton is the superior candidate for president. She is the toughest and most capable candidate and has had to withstand the arrogent dismissive attempt by Obama to dismiss her. The media of the US should be ashamed for giving Obama a free pass and do the right thing. For so many Obama supporters to argue that Clinton should have given up is totally wrong. Obama should get in behind the superior candidate and find some substance and humility. Clinton should be the democratic nominee and President. Finally the US would have a president who knows policy in detail and who is prepared to be tough enough to make the right decisions.

  82. yes everything you have said rings true except the part where hillary is going to lose. ok what speaks louder than words ? action !!! so here is my idea (money ). money talks, and it talks loud and the more you have the louder it talks so what if in one week hillary’s supporters could raise 100 million dollars, now you are saying how . all we need is one million people to give $100 dollars or ten million to give $10 dollars everyone can afford $10. here is where you guys come in you who know how to use this blog thing andf my space and utube get together and make a plan to connect with those who have already voted for and ask for them to send the money to a special fund the no hillary !!!no way in hell !! fund and to get every one you can to donate to comit to not voting for obama should definetly get their attention ten million write in votes minium for hillary in the general why not or maybe A LOT MORE !!!!!!

  83. Two or three posts now have echoed my thoughts exactly — the American Idol voters for Sanjaya who are voting for Obama with no thought as to why? Also, I couldn’t put my finger on why it is going to be so hard to vote for the ever ARROGANT and SMUG Obama (thanks Fran) if he is nominee — then someone wrote it — It’s like a vote for him is condoning HIS condoning of the smears HRC has had to endure.

    I JUST CAN”T DO IT. I will write her name in instead. Maybe if he would acknowledge how horribly she has been treated. Be a stand-up class act and talk about gender AND race. I’d have so much more respect for him. David Brook’s column yesterday says she has to get out. I told my husband this morning — SHE CAN’T! She has too many supporters who see her incredible intelligence and strength. SHE MUST PREVAIL. Hillary, NEVER GIVE UP. WE NEED YOU!!!

  84. Re Obama’s speech, particularly his shameful comparison of Rev. Wright with his grandmother’s racist fears toward black men who passed her on the street, Ed Koch today pointed out a quote from Jesse Jackson in 1993: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved . . . After all we have been through, just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.” Obama is a smart poltictian, and truly ambitious, but nothing unique, and he shows that he will cut the fingers off his grandmother to get elected. On a visceral level, I am so appalled of the way he threw his grandmother out there as a though her occasional racist mutterings were equal to the hate-mongering sermons from Wright. This is shameful.

  85. I love this post. Thank you, thank you!!

  86. I have heard it on Cspan and I have heard it on Bill OReilly, I have read it on the internet and I am at a loss as to why Larry Sinclair is not an issue in this campaign..

    He has video taped a statement in which he claims to have have smoked crack with Obama in the back of a limousine in Chicago in1998. After partaking of the drugs he performed Oral sex on Obama…. I am not making this up folks even if SInclair might be.

    There are copies of documents on the web as well that seem to verify proximity at the time.

    And if Obama is bisexual I have no problem with it. I still have othe rproblems with Obama.

    My problem is that we heard about every porential girlfriend of Bill Clinton back in the day and we are still hearing about them today. Most often from Obama Backers.

    I can not imagine that the Sentor from Illinois has not had a girelfrined or Boyfrined in taboo land in the past 20 years. Natinal statistics would clearly say it is at best unlikely thta he has been monogomous.

    If someone alledged somehting like this about H.R.C. it would be front and center on the Chris Matthews show but NOOOOOO, Not if it taints the Obama myth about the Man.

    For one, I believe the Sinclair claim is true. Why? Why Not? The governor of New York was a kinky guy, the Mayor of Detroit is a bad boy, Ted Kennedy has been a perfect example of what not to be SOOOOOO Why can’t Obama swing both ways??? Especially if there is a man claiming to have done just that with the mythical Senetor from Illinois.

    I believe that if this story hung arouind for a week or two in the MSM The Super delegates would run for cover and the only way Chris Matthews could show solidaruty with Obama would be by wearing a dress.

    You can be sure the mCCain people will exploit this at the right time and Obama will lose for this and other reasons. So Lets get this out now and call all the talk shows and ask about Obamas Boyfriend. Write emails and letters to all the MSM outlets and ask if Obama has admitted to his homosexual experience with Larry Sinclair or any other man.

    Let it rain on him.

  87. Wow, I’m quite impressed by the level of courtesy on your blog: I’ve never seen anything like it.
    I am perplexed why no one is mentioning the possible tie of Sen. Obama to Raila Odinga: I have read that he claims to be Sen. Obama’s cousin; he is trying for the 2nd time to overthrow the government in Kenya. He is from the Luo tribe: all sources agree on this part. Also, there is a picture of Sen. Obama with him, though the context is not clear.
    Too, there is talk of fundraisers for Said, and by Khalidi? Is there any veracity to these stories?
    Last, is it just me, or does anyone else notice a parallel between the repeated suggestions that Sen. Clinton drop out of the race and the separation of the universal suffrage movement into its constituent parts of women’s suffrage, and African American rights over the issue of the 15th amendment? I do not mean this in a perjorative way towards Mr. Douglass: I think it would be amazing if the 2 could really rejoin, I just do not see any hope of it.

  88. Federal Reserve has spent 800 Billion to rescue bumbling banks and investment banks since August last year and they are giving them money at 2.25%. Spend at least $200 billion for homeowners to refinance their homes at 4% fixed for 10 years both for personal homes and rental properties upto 4 units. No exceptions for poor credit. The credit scores of people has gone down because they are behind payments or they cannot refinace because banks still will not loan them money.With a leverage of 10% down, it will mean we will have actually invested $2 trillion into the housing market The housing problem will be solved in no time as the property values will reflate upwards.The worst danger is deflation and any other solution will have no effect like pushing on a string.They should not worry about the falling dollar as our exports will increase and dollar in 5 years will come roaring back.
    It is OK to let the stock market crash a little bit so that money from the stock market comes running back to housing. Increase margins for commodities and stocks to 100% down. All the speculative money going into oil futures and gold and copper futures will go into housing and oil price will crash below $60
    WAKE UP FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, HILLARY & OBAMA Have the guts to propose something which will work rather than putting 5 million homes into foreclosure in the next one year

    Reducing interest rates for banks is not helping home owners as they are not passing on these reduced rates to the general public.

  89. WINNER TAKE ALL is the method that was used by Republicans for their primary elections.
    That has been the method used by the Democrats in the past. That is the method used in the General Elections since 1776 and is blessed by our forefathers when they wrote the constitution. The current method used by Democrats where proportionate method is being used in a micky mouse fashion is totally illogical and results in infighting and is weakening our party. In addition the Caucus approach causes 2% of the eligible voters (inexperienced voters plus independents + Cross voting by Republicans) to select a winner in a state. For example in Texas, Hillary won by 100000 votes yet Obama got 6 more delegates than Hillary. This kind of approach has never been used in any country throughout history. THUS WE ARE USING A METHOD WORSE THAN ANY BANANA REPUBLIC. The whole world is laughing at us specially the Al Quida and the Iranians who see B. Hussein Obama leading in an
    Illegitimate fashion using the results from a faulty election process where Florida & Michigan results will not even be counted. If we had used the WINNER TAKE ALL method , Hillary would have been declared Democrat nominee by now. Let us see whether it is true.
    USING THIS METHOD HILLARY WILL HAVE 1427 PLEDGED DELEGATES AND Obama will have 1260 pledged delegates. Hillary has 246 super delegates and Obama has 210 super delegates resulting in 1673 total delegates for Hillary & 1470 for B. Hussein.
    Now let us assume that Hillary wins, PA, WV, IN, KY, PR and Obama gets NC, SD, MT and may be OR, and also assume the remaining superdelegates are split in the same manner as upto now, Hillary will have 2234 delegates and B. Hussein will have 1828 total delegates. NOW YOU GUYS & GALS TELL ME WHO SHOULD BE ON TOP OF THE TICKET? Mind you I did not include FL & MI in this calculation otherwise Hillary will be leading B. Hussein by 2501 to 1914.
    DNC members and both pledged and super delegates , you can still change your vote based upon the momentum and electability of the candidate . Using any criteria, Hillary should be the nominee and we should have the DREAM TICKET. GOD BLESS AMERICA not a MILLION TIMES BUT HUNDRED BILLION TIMES

    Cuurently Clinton has 267 electoral votes and Obama has 202 electoral votes using the same method as used in the General Election . Assume that Hillary wins PA, WV, Indiana, KY
    and Obama gets SD, NC , OR , MT , Clinton will have 318 electoral votes and Obama will have 220 Electoral votes. Let us not include MI & FL for Clinton. Even then Hillary beats B. Hussein by 274 to 220— winning by 25% of the total electoral votes. Do not blame me. Electoral vote method has been used since 1776. It is in the constitution and was designed to eliminate strife at the end of the election. Thus again Hillary will be the winner. Obama thinks by winning 28 small states mostly caucus states , he needs to brag at every rally that he is the presumptive winner because of winning so many states most of which will be won by Republicans in the General Election and ignoring the wishes of people of FL & MI. These phony victories have gone to his head and he has started imagining himself to be the PRESIDENT of this great nation.

  91. Sonya, “Sen. Obama to Raila Odinga,” yes. It appears that Sen. Obama campaigned for Odinga as well. The challenege ofr this one is going to be turning into a snappy tagline or elevator pitch.

    But Sen. Obama also has Auchi waiting in the wings. Basically, a 527 could easily turn this into Auchi to Rezko to Obama (like a double play in baseball, only they throw money and everybody’s out). Auchi has been termed “Saddam Hussein’s bagman,” who escaped Iraq and now lives in his mansion in Chicago.

    How did he get away? He says, “The Chicago way.”

    If Auchi rhymes with “ouchee” this is going to be ouchee in every way.

    Connected to Auchi and Rezko are both Rep. Jesse Jackson, jr,., and Rep. Meeks. Rep. Meeks, in particular, is both an Obama supporter and has some lovely video that is easily cut into another 527 ad.

    We also have Illinois State Senate leader Emil Jones and his political mentorship of Sen. Obama.

    I could create some of these 527 ads in a coma. And each one undermines Sen. Obama’s statements regarding superior judgment and the New Politics.

  92. March 27th, 2008 4:17 pm ET
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    I have never voted for a republican for president but I cannot and will not vote for Hillary.

    It’s not about gender or age. It is about character, or lack thereof. She says that is ready on Day 1 but does not exhibit one shred of presidential or executive demeanor. She would ignite a partisan political firestorm that would not die down until she was gone a forgotten. Worse than today? I would bet YES. My god, she sent her husband out to call Obama a “WUSS.” That is presidential?

    While McCain currently looks like a sellout to the ultra conservatives, I do believe that he is a genuine centrist at heart and I believe that, aspiring to only one term, he will show his true independent streak if he is elected.

    Is that my choice? I pray for our country that Obama toughs it out without getting into the gutter with that shrew!

  93. My husband and are supporting Hillary for a number of reasons. We expecially love the fact she is extremely courageous and tough as nails and also phenomenally brilliant and sharp as a tack.

  94. Ed, everyone’s entitled to an opinion and a vote. I’m sure you’d agree with that statement.

    Are there any substantive issue you’d like to debate? Or do you just want to call some more names? Yes, “shrew” is namecalling.

    It really isn’t necessary. If she doesn’t appeal to you, well, okay. I know people who don’t find Sen. Obama appealing, either. But how does calling Sen. Clinton names support your opinion?

    Could it be that’s all the argument you have? Well, huh. That’s not very powerful nor is it a very good example of the Hope and Change Sen. Obama promises.

    But if you have issues—substantive issues, please, not talking points—to debate, let’s talk. I don’t expect us to be all unified and happy, but we can at least respectfully argue the merits, can’t we?

  95. Mike, did you catch Krugman’s op-ed in the New York Times?


    Favorite Krugman quote, “Mrs. Clinton, we’re assured by sources right and left, tortures puppies and eats babies. But her policy proposals continue to be surprisingly bold and progressive.”

  96. Thank you so much for your post. I, too, am very impressed with Senator Clinton and the more I learn about her, the more I am positive she will be a wonderful and caring leader. For the life of me, I do not understand what people see in Senator Obama — I see empty rhetoric without any solid policy or record to back it up. More troubling, I see someone who will say whatever is necessary, contradiccting himself from one day to the next , just to please his current audience.

    Hillary ’08!

  97. […] I’m not surprised. Hillary is everything I’ve always wanted in a political candidate. She’s tough as nails and she knows her stuff! […]

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