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Saturday Spring Clean-up

dusting in pearlsSo, how many of you are going to spend the day cleaning and washing and throwing things away because a clean house is a happy house?

Me neither. But to get yourself in the mood for seasonal change, the BFF recommends this poem by ee cummings.

In other news:

  • I think the framing is all wrong on what Hillary did or did not do in Northern Ireland for the peace accords in 1998. From all accounts, hers was an unofficial role but nevertheless an important one. She made many appearances with women’s groups in Ireland and made calls and had conversations with various leaders. It sounds to me like she was Bill’s eyes and ears and kept him informed about whose interests lay where. That’s not something all first ladies could pull off unless they had the intelligence to understand it. How about we take a look at Laura Bush’s foreign policy experience? Has she had any? In fact, I can’t think back to a first lady who might have been a significant influence on her husband since Roselynn Carter. But even *this* is the wrong frame. The real question is, what experience has Barack Obama had in peace negotiations or indeed any foreign policy? And the correct answer is zip, zilch, nada. He hasn’t been in the Senate long enough to have even done anything and up until recently, he hadn’t had any meetings on his Subcommittee on the Foreign Relations Committee. Now that we’ve determined how much experience Obama has, maybe he’ll STFU or we will taunt him a second time.
  • Lambert at Corrente has a brilliant analysis of all the moving parts of the MI and FL debacle and what it all means in terms of the popular vote, STEALING and superdelegates in Revote Wrap-up. The only place I wohld beg to differ is that the country has been transfixed by this campaign season and Florida had ample opportunity to understand the candidates including viewing one of the most contentious debates of the season in SC just a week before. Their primary was the one least tainted by spin and emotionalism. Floridians used their heads, not their hearts in their primary. As a side note, Bill Richardson is of the opinion that the person with the highest number of votes should get the superdelegates, as Pelosi said, and that superdelegates should follow the will of their voters but that *he*, Bill Richardson would be pledging for Barack Obama even though Hillary won NM. D’OH!
  • techfidel at mydd has a great analysis of the Ohio results and Pennsyslvanias projected results in Pennsylvania 6-54321. Without taking into account the Wright problem and the fact that PA has a closed primary, Clinton beats Obama by 57%-43%. That’s pretty amazing to me. But what is more amazing is I understand what k-means clustering is. (Actually, that’s frightening) I wonder though if the descriptors that techfidel used are sufficient or if there is something we are overlooking that is only gradually taking shape over time as the primary continues? Anyway, it’s something to think about.
  • The primary season is dragging out a lot longer than Hillary anticipated. With Obama outspending her by 50% in most of the primary states, the coffers are depleted (probably for both of them but you’ll never hear Obama’s camp admit it.) Anyway, if you have some yuppy food stamps that aren’t being used, send them along to Hillary and she’ll put them to good use. I pledged $100.00 this week but if you’re on a tight budget, why not just kick in $10.00? Every little bit helps. Make History!
  • Today is a travel day for me so my posting will be light until this evening when I will be in the heart of the battleground state of PA in the Harrisburg area. I’ll have a chance to talk to my mom’s neighbors and my sister and some of her friends and get a clearer picture of what it all means. In the meantime, we have had quite a few people sign on to do battle at The Confluence, like the indispensible Katiebird. Let’s give them some encouragement.

15 Responses

  1. riverdaughter, I’m so excited by your trip to PA. I spent 2 weeks working for Mondale in Philadelphia so I know trips like yours make a difference.

    Mister and I are going to be pouring concrete later but I won’t be far. We’ll keep the place hopping.

  2. Katiebird: I did the concrete thing once. It was pretty cool, or should I say hot? The stuff gets really warm as it cures. BTW, did you know that the cement in Hoover Dam is *still* curing after 70 years? (My head is cluttered with this stuff)
    Have fun, Katiebird! Let us know how the project turns out.

  3. “In fact, I can’t think back to a first lady who might have been a significant influence on her husband since Roselynn Carter. ”

    How about Eleanor Roosevelt? Great first lady.

  4. http://bestofbothworlds.blogspot.com/2008/03/passport-snoopers-good-news-and-bad.html

    P O.Neill, commenter at Eschaton, has this on his own blog–about the companies whose contractors peeked at Obama’s passports. CEO is security adviser to Obama and does not agree with Obama’s stand against telecom immunity. Sounds like his company needs it??

    In another post, (click on home and scroll down–you will also learn that CHeney is taking Liz (not gay) Cheney, who has no government posts, around on his trips overseas) P O.Neill notes that only high visibility persons’ have the electronic trip wire to indicate someone has “peeker” at passport info–the little folk are open season, apparently!

  5. http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2008/03/intel-adviser-b.html

    About John Brennan, Obama security adviser, and his disagreement with Obama on telco immunity.

    Obama does not seem to be much of a leader on the telecom immunity thing. Is his stand for show or for real? And how can we tell?

  6. I’m coming in for moral support: it’s been a rough morning over at Ezra Klein, and I need a good word.


    You know, I love a good argument; I love debating issues… and yet, I’m just worn down. I try, really try, to be respectful of the fact that we are Democrats, on two sides, with different opinions. And when you get back nothing ut condescension and thinly (or not so thinly) veiled insults… it’s just… tiring.

    Anyway, glad to hear about the housecleaning. I probably should put the pooter down and walk away. But someone is WRONG on the internet! 🙂

  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/22/us/politics/22richardson.html?_r=3&scp=1&sq=Carville+said&st=nyt&oref=slogin&oref=slogin&oref=slogin

    I could have sworn I posted this, but I probably went to another page and lost it (I’m quite easily losing it some days!).

    Anyway, article on how Richardson came to his “tortured” decision to back Obama.

    Also has video of entire Richardson endorsement speech. I watched it yesterday and saw some clips later, and I was struck by Obama’s body language while Richardson was speaking. He seemed distant from Richardson, standing with eyes downcast, sometimes his head thrown back in the seeming looking down his nose posture, occasionally folding his arms across his chest, a few times showing a small smile. To me, it looked as if he really didn’t much like Richardson…any one else care to share impressions of his body language?

    It almost seemed he didn’t like being on stage and not being center stage. But, perhaps, being second banana even briefly is something pols learn through experience to do with grace and poise.

  8. Did anyone else read this article about how dire Clinton’s finances are? This part stuck out for me:

    Of all the candidates, Democratic or Republican, Mr. Obama, of Illinois, is in the strongest financial shape. Of the $38.8 million in cash on hand, a total of $31.5 million is earmarked for the primary race, with only $7.3 million set aside for the general campaign. This primary war chest is more than Mrs. Clinton’s and Mr. McCain’s combined.

    On top of that, Mr. Obama’s campaign is almost debt-free.


    Still, at the end of February, Mrs. Clinton owed $8.7 million to campaign vendors. The month earlier, she had lent her campaign $5 million. While she has $33.2 million in cash on hand, only $11.7 million can be used for her primary effort, with the rest set aside, by federal regulations, for the general election.

    Once the outstanding campaign debt of $8.7 million is factored in, Mrs. Clinton has only $3 million in free cash for the battles ahead — one-tenth of the $31 million the Obama campaign has in primary cash.

    Send her money–and tell everyone you know!

  9. I grew up in the Pennsylvania coal region. As a Pennsylvanian, my greatest ambition was to live anywhere else. Once I left, I didn’t return until we took my mother back for burial 45 years later. Not much had changed in that poverty stricken area.

    When I lived in PA, there were plenty of racists and bigots of all sorts. Back then, we had a special name for them. We called them… Republicans. I doubt that’s changed, either.

    It really angers me to see miners, steel workers, and union members who support Clinton dismissed out of hand as racists or uneducated or “low information voters.”

    I didn’t think I had any residual pride in PA, but seeing people who break teir backs for a living dissed as Hilly-billies and Ednecks makes my blood boil..

    The hard core bigots who would never vote for an African American have long since left the Democratic Party, if they ever belonged to it at all. Isn’t it possible that working class voters support Clinton because she supports us?

    What has happened to the Democratic Party? When did we stop being the party that represented the interests of the common people and instead become the party of the “creative class”?

    If Obama is the nominee, I’ll certainly support him. But I’m finding it increasingly impossible to believe that his supporters will ever support people like me.

  10. shoot – I thought you were going to be my pals! iIspend half the night cleaning and laundry etc…have guests coming for Easter dinner.

    Hey, I saw something I wrote here posted about why Dems in congress may not want to win the presidency quoted somewhere else on another board – not credited to me of course, which kinda sucks for another woman to do….but hey. Copying is flattering right? 🙂 I guess as a commenter it is all fair game but still. Think people would have dignity as we all seem to read the same blogs.

    happy holiday what ever you celebrate – Bye

  11. “a clean house is a happy house?” 😉

    Our house is normally a very, very, very “sad” house. With in-laws coming we have no choice but to make the house look a a little bit “happier” for a day, or social services will be knocking on our door soon after they leave.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  12. UpstateNY — I hear you. I thank God everyday that mister is a neatnick.

  13. Clinton had 3 million in primary funds after the end of February after paying off her outstanding debts. That doesn’t include the 5 million dollar loan but if I was her I would just wait until the GE funds kick in for the loan payback. Remember, she’s raised a lot of money after her TX and Ohio victories and the recent fundraising drives. Plus, there’s no major contest since Mar. 12th and there will only be one big contest in PA on April. Still, she needs to save enough money to compete in May and early June as there will be a lot of contests then.

  14. As to the Ireland thing, her detractors are going to be very surprised when they read, as I did this AM, about Republican Peter T. King of New York saying what good work she did to get the two sides together, and Gerry Adams as well. Adams of the IRA said she “played an important role in the peace process.”

    King says she was “definitely a player, and not just along for the ride,” “a knowledgeable and very effective go-between.”

    King recalls her “meeting with Gerry Adams and talking about decommission of weapons, then one of the main sticking points in the Good Friday agreement.”

    May it come back to bite them.

  15. weboy — I just got back from perusing this post by Kevin Drum, and this one by Josh Marshall, and I sympathize.

    Argument seems pointless now, just as it seemed pointless to attempt to engage the “warbloggers” of 2002-2003 who fell in with W’s plan for Iraq.

    Come to think of it, they’re mostly the same people!

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