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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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With friends like this

I’ve been wondering what McCaskill thought about The Wright issue, have you?

From Political Punch:

Perhaps Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, can file this under the “defenses I don’t need” column…

Obama-backing Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said at a press conference (watch the video, courtesy of the Kansas City Star, HERE):

“What this man has done, Barack Obama, is, he, for the first time I think, as a black leader in America, has come to the American people not as a victim, but rather as a leader. To say to white people who have legitimate resentments about racial politics in this country and black people who have understanding about bitterness and anger, especially older black Americans who lived through some of those times where they were told that drinking fountain isn’t good enough for them.”

The first black leader to not come to the American people as a victim?


I don’t know that there’s anything else to say….

64 Responses

  1. Oh, darn — I promised myself I’d use the phrase “Throw >> under the bus” at least once in every post for the rest of the month.

    And it would have worked beautifully in this post!

  2. kbird: wow you are on fire (I hope that is how the expression goes) 🙂

  3. riverdaughter warned me this would happen. She says that once you start, you can’t stop. I think she’s right.

    I’m even inspired again for my own blog ….

  4. Is his campaign planning on imploding in one day? Lordy.

  5. Obama came from the factory (or maybe artisanal workshop, given its low production run ) of non-threatening black candidates. The workshop really hit upon a winning formula this time, or so it seemed for a while. Make him half-white, and as for the black half, root it in post-slavery Africa so he wouldn’t have any of this historical or cultural baggage of the African-American experience as commonly understood. Freakin’ brilliant. Of course, the danger was that he wouldn’t appeal to African-Americans, what with the whole not-especially-black thing, not to mention severe inattention to the economic concerns of many in that community. That’s when the workshop called in the consultants, and they worked overtime in South Carolina to give him black bona fides by accusing his opponent of white racism. Game, set, match, or so you’d think. But someone was asleep at the switch several years ago…that awkward period in which Obama himself had already formed the intention of running for president, but hadn’t yet brought in the consultants. That’s always a problematic moment–ambition unaccompanied by sage advice. Of course, even with that advice Obama might have fallen in with Wright anyway, because he had to take care of near-term business before he could turn his attentions to the longer term.

    Bottom line, he’s still quite a specimen and I wouldn’t count him out. But as we learned from Star Wars, you only need to find a teensy little vulnerability in these awesome creations.

  6. Seems someone breached his passport records (or something) at the State Department.

    Breaking news so I am unsure what it is all about.

  7. “But someone was asleep at the switch several years ago…that awkward period in which Obama himself had already formed the intention of running for president, but hadn’t yet brought in the consultants. That’s always a problematic moment–ambition unaccompanied by sage advice.”

    You’re right. As soon as he had any thoughts of running for president, he should have thrown Wright under the bus 🙂

    As you say, “he’s still quite a specimen” — what I can’t figure is why Kerry & McCaskill still want him to get the nomination.

    I wonder if McCaskill watched the tapes with her daughter?

  8. Marco — What? Obama’s Passport records?

  9. Marco – Big Tent Democrat has the story:

    Keith Olbermann is reporting that there has been a “security breach” of Senator Barack Obama’s “passport information.” The State Department has confirmed that 2 contract employees of the Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs have been terminated for accessing the Obama passport file. This occurred in January apparently.

    Sounds like two dopes to me. I must ask, is there something secret about where Obama has traveled? I am surprised no one has asked Obama to release all his passport information actually. Check that, actually I am not surprised.

    Howard Fineman is acting the fool as usual. (Yes, he is insinuating that Clinton is involved. I kid you not.)

  10. This is like accessing the Brittany Spears records, as otherwise sensible but momentarily voyeuristic and stupid people did at UCLA recently. Nobody could imagine that those records would have anything genuinely interesting–just the thrill of seeing something pertaining to someone famous. If the government stored our dirty socks, someone would be trying to sniff Obama’s without a doubt.

  11. So typical. So white. So stupid!

  12. “The first black leader to not come to the American people as a victim?”

    How about Barbara Jordan, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, John Conyers, Muhammed Ali, Jackie Robinson?

    God, the list of black non-victims is really long.

  13. Apparently three low level employees looked at Obama’s passport in January. They have been fired. BTD reported that this also happened to Bill Clinton in 1992.

    Now Claire McCaskill is calling Obama a “black leader?” That doesn’t sound good at all. Obama is rapidly being transformed from the post-partisan candidate who transcends race into Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

    Furthermore, is McCaskill saying that black leaders like Martin Luther King and John Lewis acted as victims?!

  14. Not to veer the topic off course, but as katiebird posted in her clipping from Talk Left, Olbermann reported this story, for I’d say, 45 minutes of his show as if a terrorist attack had happened.

    Not saying it’s not important. Totally was and is. But of course, at Huffpo and seemingly the cast of characters at MSNBC, Hillary is to blame.

    These people are paranoid and delusional. I hate to be so very negative, but do they remind anyone else of the 31% who love GWB in some ways?

    Besides the fact that “Blame Clinton First” has been GOP strategy for over 16 years?

  15. Claire McCaskill should thank her lucky stars that she isn’t running in 2008. I very much doubt that Obama can carry Mo. at this point.

  16. As Jeralyn notes at TalkLeft, this happened to WJC in 1992. Bureaucrats (possibly partisan) snooping without need to know.

  17. You guys are going to love this. I don’t even want to comment:


  18. especially older black Americans who lived through some of those times where they were told that drinking fountain isn’t good enough for them.”

    ummm, I know what’s she trying to say. it has less impact when you get it backwards though.

  19. Oh God! Hillary is going to have to make a speech…I don’t know what the topic will have to be, but she will surely have to take responsibility for Bill shaking hands in a big room with Rev. Wrong.

    Hillary, you racist!


    “Progressive” bloggers are soooo funny. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Hillary’s Secret Plan
    by John Aravosis

    1. Destroy Obama so that the Superdelegates overthrow him and give her the nomination.

    2. Destroy Obama so that, even if he wins the nomination, he will be so severely damaged that he loses the election, and the day after the election the Clinton people say “see, we told you that you should have picked us,” and four years later, Hillary will be able to run again and get the nomination, if because of nothing else, because the party will feel sorry for “cheating” her out of of it this time.

    If we lose the election in the fall, it will be all Hillary’s fault. It’s time for Howard Dean and the party leaders to step in and stop Hillary before she starts a civil war (and one is coming) and destroys our party.

    I remember Lambert having anticipating the story of story of November. I think it was something like this:

    If Barack Obama is the nominee and loses in the General, it will be Hillary Clinton’s fault.
    If Hillary Clinton is the nominee but loses in the General, it will be Hillary Clinton’s fault.

    Is there any doubt left that “progressive” bloggers are working very hard to obliterate irony?

  21. Ana,

    Thank you for that. Too funny.

    I can smell the desperation on David Axelrod from my office.

  22. I have never really understood McCaskill. Certainly she’s a far better senator than that Republican poop-head she defeated, but I’ve never seen or heard anything to suggest that she’s the best Missouri democrats could do for that high position. Maybe she’s got something uniquely attractive to Missouri sensibilities, I don’t know.

  23. Ana,

    Unless someone can show that Bill or Hillary Clinton had a 20-year close relationship with Rev. Wright and attended his church in Chicago regularly, this is about as significant as the picture of the Clintons with Rezko. I guess we can be absolutely clear at this point that even though the NYT endorsed Hillary on the editorial page, the news department is pushing for Obama.

  24. Must be Obama’s new “kitchen sink” policy.

  25. It is all Hillary’s fault. Oh really?

    Do you remember how even years after Bush had taken over the WH, the Repbs. kept blaming Bill for everything? it was an unhealthy fixation.

    Obama’s is just following the same strategy with Hillary.

    The man needs to change the narrative desperately. Since his appeal among Inds. and Repbs. has all but evaporated (and it is not coming back), his campaign is trying to keep his Dem. support from eroding any further.

    One way to achieve that is by rallying them and unfairly blaming the latest series of “disasters” on the most-hateful-person-in-the-word: Hillary.

  26. Ana:

    I have a letter signed by George V. Bush that Welcomes me “to the joy, responsibility, and freedom of American citinzeship. He even adds: “God bless you, and God bless America.”

    It carries his signature but I am sure that if he saw me he wouldn’t know me from a bag of as*h*l*s

  27. GVB=GWB 🙂

  28. Just to clear the air in case someone got it wrong: I am as amused as you guys – or actually, wondering how low he will go.

  29. Obama supporters have totally embraced the right wing talking points regarding the Clintons. they sound scarily like Free Republic back in the 90s.

  30. Ana, i got that for sure.

    Also, I’ve been popping around some of the websites I simply cannot stand anymore for the rabid Hate Hill First mentality (americablog, huffpo, Kos) and of course, there’s plenty of speculation Hilary is to blame.

    Yes, makes perfect sense considering Bill in 1992.

    I swear. I don’t want the rabid Obama fans near the White House should he win.

  31. That Hillary is to blame for what? The Passport thing? Or Wright?

    Either is absurd.

    But the Passport thing… Doesn’t that happen every election year?

  32. The general gist I’ve picked up is that since the first breach was in January, it was Hillary somehow planting people in this contract jobs to dig up dirt on Obama. I kid you not.

    Here’s a comment from Huffpo:

    “This is just too much! This is horrible. If they find out that Hillary or any of her supporters did this, she should drop out.”

    Seriously. Nuts.

  33. Ana:

    Lately, the media narrative is not going that well for Obama so I am sure that he/his campaign will go as low as “necessary”. Sad but true.

  34. Mrs Clinton has doubled her lead over her opponent with more than four weeks to go before the Pennsylvania vote, but her hopes of becoming a presidential contender largely depend on her opponent self-destructing between now and the end of the primary season in June. For the first time in weeks Mrs Clinton has also taken a significant lead in a national Gallup poll, reflecting voters’ worries about Mr Obama’s close links to his controversial spiritual mentor, the Rev Jeremiah Wright. The infighting among Democrats and the recent negative tone of their campaign has meanwhile benefited the Republicans, with a Reuters/Zogby poll showing John McCain leading Mrs Clinton by three (a statistical tie) and Mr Obama by six points.

    Mrs Clinton’s strong showing in the Pennsylvania polls gives her a 51 to 35 per cent lead among likely Democratic voters. Last February, the same Franklin poll put the gap at 44 to 37 per cent, less than half what it is today. Yet another poll gave Mrs Clinton a larger 56-30 lead and saw her attracting 27 per cent of the state’s important black vote.

  35. Marco: you got it. Huffpo=Nuts

  36. A senior State department official said that “curious” officials opened the file and that there was no malicious political intent involved. The Democrats dismissed this explanation as improbable.

    In 1991 a similar security breach occurred when Bill Clinton’s passport details were improperly obtained at the time he was challenging George Bush’s father for the presidency. That was accompanied by a request for assistance from Britain’s Conservative government for details about Mr Clinton’s time at Oxford. The security breach also has echoes of the Watergate break-in during the Nixon administration.

  37. you would think that if obama was standing on the shoulders of giants, he’d at least wipe his feet first. but noooooo.

    seriously, can you see obama looking across the edmund pettus bridge, seeing all those state troopers with sticks, and marching forward, like john lewis did? i can’t.

  38. campskunk: He would have been unavoidably detained in another state in which no flights were avalable.

  39. I have it on good authority that Hillary actually crouched under that podium telling Rev Wright what to say.

    she will do anything to win.

  40. rd: he, he

  41. “A senior State department official said that “curious” officials opened the file and that there was no malicious political intent involved. The Democrats dismissed this explanation as improbable.”

    Anyone who’s ever tried to keep clerks out of library records knows this is a totally likely explanation. I mean if people will peak at library records, imagine how tempting passport records are.

  42. chris: I would not want to have been crouched under the podium when Rev. Wright was “girating” his hips. No way….. sorry, 😦 that image is too disurbing.

  43. UpstateNY, {{{shudder}}}

  44. I just remembered a couple of things:

    – The Rezko story breaks wide open and voilà: Matt Lauer ambushes Hillary Clinton with a picture of her and Bill with Rezko

    – NAFTAgate breaks and Keith Olbermann makes a whole segment angrily telling the public that the person involved in NAFTAgate is Hillary Clinton.

    – Rev destroys Obama’s chances and… Ok you know the rest.

    Is there any correlation here? Just askin’

  45. Keith Olbermann sand David Schuster are on the road to tying it to Hillary. Ironically, I was using the bathroom when I overhead it on Countdown’s rebroadcast, but Keith eagerly reported that the woman who runs that department (this is if I am getting it right) was made Ambassador to Paraguay in 1997 by Bill Clinton. Therefore, logically, Hillary is tied to the passport breach and is under suspicion, although the same thing happened to her husband and the last breach happened after she retired.

    Amazed? Not me. Smearing the Clintons is the media’s fave pass time. No need to prove anything is true before it’s reported.

  46. Upstate – lol!!! she will do ‘anything’ to win 🙂

    (to paraphrase Meatloaf – but she won’t do that)

  47. Marco: silly season instead.

  48. Someone said KO spent 45 minutes on the passport security breach–I think it was the entire hour.

    And KO&Co were in high drama queen mode.

    Boyz in the Locker Room going all Gossip Girl.

    It was beyond ridiculous. Even Eagleburger suggested they calm down and wait for actual information. He thought he was dealing with journalists….

  49. instead=indeed. Sorry, still “shoked” by chris’s comment 😉

  50. Seriously. Olbermann acted like he never covered Joe Wilson getting smeared long after Bush 1 praised him. Or Richard Clark.

  51. I meant to add to the above – “He covered the “coonection” to Hillary with such glee.

  52. Damn me. “Connection.”

  53. Who needs The Daily Show when the campaign is so bizarre!

    (From The PAge)

    New York Times says Obama campaign circulated the picture; there is also a “thank you” note.

    Clinton campaign Wolfson’s reaction to the New York Times: “Urgent indeed — a picture — oooooooo!”

    Wolfson reaction to The Page: “The Obama campaign put this out? How pathetic.

    Clinton’s Singer to the NY Times: “In the course of his two terms in office, Bill Clinton met with, corresponded with and took pictures with literally tens of thousands of people.”

    I thought Obama was The Clean One, The New-Kind-of-Politics guy.

  54. as for the passport breach, I would bet the farm that people in a position to do so look at that stuff all the time. it breaks the monotony of the job, and if it’s someone famous, even more so.

    I’ve worked for years at real estate title and closing companies, and I can guarantee you that whenever you have a real estate closing, the first thing the closers do is pull out the loan application and look at it. they’re curious about what you do for a living and what you make doing it. is it any of their business? no. is it a perk of an otherwise boring job? yeah, I guess. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “omg, this guy makes $25,000 a month! I don’t make that in a year!!”

    it’s human nature. it’s just nosiness. no one remembers your loan application two days later, because they’ve seen ten more.

    (here’s a hint if this bothers you – if you’re going to have a real estate closing and you don’t want people seeing your loan application, insist on signing it before closing and tel your lender you don’t want it there. you have that right)

    but my point was, I imagine people with access look at passport information all the time. is it that big a deal? what does it tell you? where someone’s traveled? so what? I’m trying to figure out what secret information is there. I think famous people like Barack Obama actually have lots more safeguards against identity theft than regular people like us, simply because it would be harder to pass yourself off as Obama than as you or me.

    I’m not getting the issue here – maybe someone could explain?

  55. Someone posted this at TM

    “I’m sure that Latinos and Asians must be feeling real good that they are being remembered in this black and white debate”

    he, he.

  56. “Wolfson reaction to The Page: “The Obama campaign put this out? How pathetic.””

    Wildly laughing!

  57. chris, that reminds me of my experience filing tax returns. Now I wasn’t exactly peeking because I filed the actual form and it was right there. But every now and then a famous name caught my eye (Elvis was one — the year he died)

    As you say, the details were too boring to remember.

  58. John Edwards is going to be on The Tonight show tonight.

  59. I am late to the post, but I must say with regard to Claire M, I am speechless.

  60. Also, their superiors were alerted immediately when his file was breached, they workers were questioned and then fired. Seems on par with the super secrecy this administration runs under and nothing about who Bill made Ambassador to Paraguay ten years ago.

    But logic and reason never rained on an Obamanite’s parade especially if they’re in the media.

  61. Hi abycat! I share the speechlessness.

    I’m still waiting to find out if Carolyn Kennedy watched the videos with her kids who talked her into supporting BO

  62. Marco — your summary is perfect. And perfectly explains why it’s a non-issue.

    The only thing left is to quiz Hillary about it until she accidentally says something silly about it.

  63. Conflucians it has been fun but I must go to bed now. Have a good one.

  64. Sweet Dreams UpstateNY!

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