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Other Tasty Sites Like Ours

In the Tom Watson tradition, I’d like to point to some other Clinton or neutral bloggers who deserve recognition for keeping their heads when all around are losing theirs:

  • First up is Anglachel, Progressive blogosphere 2.0’s newest Digbyesque blogger. She’s full of poli sci stuff and her posts are very analytical and informative. In today’s post, she tells us about the fun we can have with the electoral college map when we leave out MI and FL. Try it yourself in Fun With the Electoral College.
  • NYCweboy has a delicious blog with a gay political twist. His Morning Morsels is full of interesting links and his Waiting, For the World To Change post is a sentiment that many of us share. Enough with the distraction. Let’s get on with actually practicing what we preach.

  • Valentine Bonnaire questions whether the Obamas are as committed to progressivism as they claim in today’s post, A Mink Coated Michelle Isn’t Right for Blue Green Democratic Liberals. Or is Valentine suggesting that the pretentious class who support Obama wear their progressivism like a status symbol?
  • The Reclusive Leftist channels the ghost of Dr. Violet Socks who rides the currents of the ether and filters signal from noise. Pick a post, any post. They’re all enlightening.
  • The true blue Democratic Daily has a retrospective on what five years of war has done to the American psyche of a blogger with a family member in Iraq on deployment. Their other stuff is pretty good too.
  • Red Hot Sugar ‘n Spice brings us a black woman’s point of view on this primary season. Always entertaining with plenty of wit, snap and sizzle, Sugar discusses John Murtha’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.
  • Southern feminists get into is at Tennessee Guerilla Women with ambushes of intelligence and sabotages of sense. Today they do a double-half-caf-jujitsu-triple-toe-loop-axel on the idea that A Vote for Hillary is a Vote Against Femininity. (LOVE your T’s and graphics!)
  • The Redstar Perspective and I share a similar background. I am the first in my family to graduate from college and my parents were both from a working class environment. I hear ya’, Redstar. But I realized recently that the misunderstanding goes both ways. You get your values from your family but sometimes they don’t recognize themselves in you. You’ve just taken it to a different level.

So, there you have it, folks. Perfectly cogent, lucid, intelligent people who are not succumbing to mob rule. It’s a feast. Bon Apetite!

One more thing 1.0: Redstar pointed me to this hillarious site, I have a dream of… about dreams real people have about our candidates. I actually *have* one involving Hillary and her purse that I should add.

One more thing 1.1: There are many other sites that deserve mention. I know you’re out there and watching. You all deserve recognition for hanging in there and staying sane. Consider this just part one. 😉

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  1. The bloglove is mutual, Riverdaughter. 🙂

  2. And give props to Taylor Marsh for her courage. She has put up with a lot and still does.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! It has been so terrific finding all these new allies in the ‘sphere! You have been a major broker in bringing us all together!

  4. LOL I love your silliness!

    “cogent, lucid, intelligent people who are not succumbing to mob rule.”

    U said that not me. Hehe.
    Ok I’m lucid and instead of mobs I prefer a gaggle of Women (and MEN) for Hillary!!

    Thanks for your nice wrap up of sites. Very generous of you.

    Peace 🙂

  5. Shouldn’t there be a cocktail hour to celebrate the 100,000th hit?

    Or maybe champagne? riverdaughter, I don’t know how you find the time to do this, but thank goodness you do.

  6. Checked out the dream site–I’m jealous.

    I never remember my dreams–and would love to.

    Oh, well.


    Thanks for these!

  8. Why can’t I get the image of Barbara Eden in her genie outfit out of my head?

  9. Riverdaughter, you are my blog comfort food. Thank you!

  10. Barack Obama and his supporters willing to destroy the Democratic Party


    1. The simple idea of a carefully planned re-vote in MI has Obama’s campaign lawyer threatening mayhem:

    In the short time available, I have reviewed the proposed legislation to establish the June 3, 2008 primary, considering primarily those issues that bear on the central question of whether this election can be conducted successfully without undue risk of legal challenges, including those challenges arising out of errors or other breakdown induced by the schedule the State has proposed.

    2- The DNC actually agrees to the re-vote plan presented by MI Democrats

    We have recently been asked whether the legislation as proposed by Michigan would fit within the framework of the National Party’s Delegate Selection Rules. Our review of this legislation indicates that it would, in fact, fit within the framework of the Rules if, it were, passed by the state legislature and used by the Michigan State Democratic Party as the basis of drafting a formal Delegate Selection Plan. If a formal Delegate Selection Plan is received we will convene a meeting of the RBC to consider such a Plan.

    The Detroit Free Press let us know who was sabotaging any effort towards counting MI:

    Earlier Tuesday, legislative leaders said the proposal, drafted by a team of top state Democrats in an attempt to resolve the impasse over Michigan’s role in picking the party’s nominee, won’t go anywhere until Obama embraces it.

    Neither Obama nor his Michigan supporters gave any indication Tuesday that was likely. In fact, his most vocal supporters in the Legislature panned the draft proposal for the June primary.

    As of now the Obama campaign seems to have succeeded in disenfranchising the state of MI:

    :State Sen. Tupac Hunter, an Obama supporter, confirms the outcome of today’s meeting.

    “The caucus has expressed again today that there is concern about the proposal and a great deal of unreadiness,” he said, saying that sentiment is still “overwhelming.”


    Although the Obama Campaign and the DNC are doing their darndest to disenfranchise them, Democrats in FL keep screaming on top of their lungs that they want to be counted.

    They scream…

    Florida Democrats overwhelmingly say they should get to help pick the presidential nominee, with one in four voters warning in a new Miami Herald poll that they’re less likely to support the party in November if the state is shut out.

    Eighty-nine percent of Democratic voters say it is important that Florida’s delegates count. The national Democratic Party stripped Florida and Michigan of delegates to the nominating convention because they held unauthorized early primaries. A record-setting number of Florida Democrats — more than 1.7 million — went to the polls on Jan. 29 anyway.

    And scream…

    Howard Dean and Barack Obama may insist Florida’s Democratic presidential primary was meaningless, but a new poll shows Florida Democrats aren’t buying it, and one in four may not back their party’s nominee in November if Florida winds up with no voice in the nomination.

    Not only do Florida Democrats say that the Democratic presidential contenders’ boycott of their primary had little effect, but an overwhelming plurality want the officially meaningless results to count, a new St. Petersburg Times/Bay News 9 poll finds.

    A record 1.75-million Florida Democrats voted in the Jan. 29 primary, which Hillary Rodham Clinton won by 17 percentage points, but as punishment for holding the primary earlier than allowed by the national party, no delegates were at stake.

    To all those Obama supporters who condone pissing on MI & FL because His Awesomeness is so awesome he will put AK, WY, ND, ID in play, I’ll thus give you this little game Anglachel has been playing lately. Lambert summarizes her findings:

    Now that Lord Kos’s surge to a 48-state strategy is fully operational, try playing with this map, and seeing how easy, or hard, it is for a Democrat to win by losing both FL and MI. Anglachel did, and this was her conclusion:

    I gave a short-hand explanation of the importance of four states in the general election: Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Have fun with the map trying to construct a win for the Democrats that has only two of those states in the blue column. If the two you pick are Ohio and Florida, the win is pretty easy. Take one of those two away, and the win gets harder. You have to win Pennsylvania if you lose Florida, and you are going to risk it if you lose Pennsylvania and Ohio, but manage to hold Florida and Michigan.

    What is important is what other states you have to line up if you lose Florida. Even with Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, it is possible to lose the national election. And those scenarios presume you hold the west coast and every New England state, plus West Virginia and most of the upper midwest. Dems have to hold all of the upper midwest and win New Mexico if they don’t get Florida.

    Her bottom line:

    In short, Obama wins the same states as John Kerry in 2004, plus New Mexico, while Hillary wins all of those states, plus most of what Bill won in his two elections.

    Seems plausible to me.

    Of course, I’m a racist old guy, and Anglachel’s just a woman. So who are we to question the shiny happy Boyz?

  11. A couple of Obama supporters at Talkleft are very cavalier about losing MI an FLA. “Obama can win without them.” There is also “They should blame their party leaders, not Obama.”

    I wonder if any of these people lived through the 2000 election debacle. Didn’t that teach us not to take any state for granted — even the ones we win?

  12. LM: I tried the map thingy and I’ve got remind people that NJ is NOT a reliably blue state. I know, I know, people always assume that it is because that’s how we’ve voted in the past two presidential elections but that’s just because we had an destructive idiot like Bush on the ticket. With a more moderate McCain, who does NOT seem to be a destructive idiot, it could be a completely different story. See, the thing that NJ will be looking at is TAXES. And we have had two moderate Republican governors since I’ve lived here, each of which served two terms. I think they actually made the tax problem worse but I digress. When I play the electoral map and Obama is the nominee, I change NJ from Blue to Red. It could very easily happen here.

  13. I don’t know if Lambert will show up, but I’m wondering why he/she doesn’t like me…

    Hope you all are having a grrrrrrreat day like Tony the Tiger.

  14. riverdaughter – I love the iceskating scoring imagery – I used the rating system last night on Digby – we must like the same sports!!! 🙂

    Love Tom Watson, too.

    and I have family in NJ who have bucks and they could vote Mccain I suppose, but I doubt it

  15. http://www.correntewire.com/speaking_of_eloquence

    Lambert has posted at Corrente the video of the Barakc Obama Uh Count from Letterman last night.

    Yup–30 uh’s in his interview with KO.

  16. My “bookmarks” list hasn’t seen this much rearranging, adding, and deleting in years. Thanks for all the links.
    You know what? Apart from all the anti-Hillary hate and the loss of credibility, Daily Kos and the blogger boyz are just so damn BORING.

  17. Litigatormom — sometimes I get a sneaking suspicion most of these Obama screamers are too young to understand the lessons of 2000, or the 1990s for that matter.

  18. A dissertation committee member of mine uses a lot of “uhs” and “ums”. As someone mentioned somewhere, it’s not a problem until you recognize it–then it is the only thing you can think about.

    The best show on TV had a great episode on this, Spoiler Alert.

  19. this is the only thing I have read so far about the release of Hillary’s paper stuff from the WH – can’t believe it’s on the front page of this paper and the top story …

    Where Hillary Clinton was at key moments in Bill’s presidency

    and to me the content seems small

  20. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/03/kos-clinton-doe.html#comments

    THis has probably been covered, but I had missed this, but Jake Tapper covers Kos saying Hillary is underserving of “fairness” on his site.

    Oh, my.

  21. WNYC.org has asked listeners to go through Hillary’s schedules to point out to station reporter interesting/important items.

    I haven’t checked the website yet, but might be way to highlight good stuff.

    1000’s of pages.

  22. Thanks for the new links, riverdaughter. They include a couple of wonderful blogs I didn’t know about but have now bookmarked. It is so great to know that there really are a few people out there who haven’t taken leave of their senses.

  23. NEED A MEMORY JOG HERE! Does anyone remember reading late last week a posting (somewhere!) that said that Ferraro’s statement was the same thing Obama had said about himself a few years before? If you do…do you remember where you saw it?


  24. jawbone: Yeah, that Tapper post was, um, interesting. I’m sure he could have included a lot more of Kos’s word salad but he gave us just enough to get the flavor. Too funny.

  25. Shainzona-his statement is at his senate website
    obama.senate.gov? not sure where on there. We must
    have read the same thing. That’s where whoever said it
    was from.
    Sorry about those broken sentences.

  26. The “Uhhh” clip spoken of above: Now that his poll numbers are down, this may be the new framing of Obama.

    You know how many people get their news from Dave Letterman and Jay Leno…

  27. Thank you, Joan!!

  28. gqmartinez: What makes you think I like anybody? [snarl]

    I’m not sure whether Obama’s speech was merely the greatest ever by a Presidential candidate, or the greatest ever by any sentient being in the known universe. Opinion in the Obama Fan Base was split, but shifting toward the second alternative. Anyhow, my take on it: Obama to Philly: “Honey, I’ve changed!”. Leaving out the detail, the summary:

    As soon as you start judging Obama and his campaign tactics by the standards that he himself sets up in his own speech — whether pouncing on “gaffes”, pushing putatively “divisive” narratives in the press, or ginning up examples or “racial bias” that aren’t really there — you’ll find Obama’s operatives — or Obama himself — in the thick of the action, doing themselves exactly what they decry in the name of Unity.

    Personally, I think Ashley deserves a President who finds eloquence in words that match actions, not just words. Don’t you?

  29. Thanks for the link, river daughter. Good company to be in! I’m discovering several new bloggers to read.

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