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Crowdsourcing the Docs

WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show is giving listeners an opportunity to go through Hillary’s schedule and analyse the data.  What the heck, why not?

Here is the link to the docs.  Have at it, guys: First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Daily Schedules

34 Responses

  1. Anyone wanna go through my data and analyze it for me? That would be sweet.

    I think a game is in order: See who can come up with the most spurious anti-Hillary allegation from her daily schedules.

  2. gqm: I did check April 19, 1995, the day of the OKC bombing. Her schedule was pretty full and the next day, the president of Brazil was in town for a state visit. She wasn’t able to get to OK until the 23rd. But JAYsus, she was one busy person. Lots of meetings with Maggie Williams.

  3. While my analysis computer was resolving problems I found out that on the day of my 21st birthday Hillary was in Poland. She met with the president, PM and FM and participated in a Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable…amongst other things.

    Five bucks if someone can figure out my b-day/year from that info by the end of the day.

    Also, I think that proves that Hillary is the cause of global warming.

  4. Riverdaughter, I’m not sure what a crowd source is, but does that mean a mention like you did for me? Because, behind the scenes my friend the Democratic Underground is… and the numbers at my place just went through the roof.

    So, I’ll try to do that with the above!

    tossing you lucky shamrocks and I bet she worked so hard…
    (everyone knows that, or they should)…
    Valentine Bonnaire

  5. gqmartinez:

    Also, I think that proves that Hillary is the cause of global warming.

    he, he.

  6. The WH obsession with documenting the movements and utterances of the POTUS and First Whatever down to the minute is more appropriate to a monarchy and should be re-thought. I remember being in Mexico City and passing a lovely building housing (translated more or less) the department of presidential chronicling, and I thought, “how un-republican” with a small-r. We don’t have such a thing, but the WH itself takes care of the task.

    As far as the records themselves are concerned, I only read a couple of pages, and apart from the celebration of Hitler’s birthday I didn’t see anything potentially problematical.

  7. gqmartinez: “See who can come up with the most spurious anti-Hillary allegation from her daily schedules.”

    gq: I cheated on the game. I went straight to Sludge, Puffpost and Dailykooks, all important parts of the Obama Campaign oppo research dump.

    Here is what they got:

    Hillary’s First Lady Schedule Shows She Was Home When Bill Had Initial Encounter With Monica Lewinsky

    NYT: Clinton Documents debunk “experience” claims

    BREAKING: Hillary’s Schedule proves she Worked On NAFTA!!!

    So lemme make it short: THEY GOT NUTHIN’!

    PS: I checked a couple of things in 1993 and one thing jumps out: It’s amazing how many people have stuck with Caligula Hillary to this day, in such highly intense and demanding environment. Any corporation would kill to have such a low turnover. Who knows, maybe they’re all monsters or they are too scared to leave

  8. Hi Riverdaughter, I’ve been in meetings all day (whew — home at last!)

    I wrote a note for you and saved it as a draft. Can you look at my Caucus Delegate draft?

  9. http://campaignstops.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/03/17/drawing-the-candidates/index.html

    Commenter Ugh at reclusiveleftist found this NYTimes piece on three cartoonists caricatures of the three remaining candidates.

    So far, I hate the third guy– a lot.

    We need some women cartoonists….

  10. http://www.reclusiveleftist.com/

    Link for Reclusive Leftist mentioned above.

  11. Rich in PA
    Hitler’s birthday. Funny!.

  12. The NAFTA thing on Kos doesn’t amount to much; Broder in the NYT mostly complains that items are redacted and a lot of stuff is marked “private meeting” with no other info. And he says, the schedules don’t tell you what Mrs. Clinton was thinking or feeling and are “very dry” – gee, that would make them… schedules.

    I downloaded 1997 – for no particular reason – and they seemed to reflect, to me anyway, that she had more of a role in than I would have thought – there are briefings most days with the President, and her private meetings in her West Wing office suggest policy matters, not dinner plans. Having been an Executive assistant I admired both the level of detail, and the deliberate vagueness at points. Amazing that she could get home from a State dept. reception and dress for a state dinner in 45 minutes. 🙂

  13. I was watching Fox “News” for a few minutes and they were talking about the first lady papers. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they showed Hillary getting off an airplane somewhere with a bunch of military officers. She looked really pretty. It was when her hair was shoulder length. I guess I’ll have to go see why the NYT thinks the experience claims have been debunked.


  14. According to this article, Hillary is supposed to have played a role in NAFTA. I am not sure in what capacity. They seem to be more interested in Bill’s sexual exploits, of course.


  15. BB: That’s a no-win game. If she was in the thick of policy discussions, they’ll slam her for illegitimate exercise of power. If she wasn’t, they’ll say she has no experience after all.

  16. From the link above:

    “The former first lady’s records showed first lady Clinton worked on behalf of the accord.

    Among the thousands of details of daily life for Clinton, there was a November 10, 1993, entry — a “NAFTA Briefing drop-by,” in Room 450 of the executive office building next door to the White House, closed to the news media.

    Approximately 120 people were expected to attend the briefing, and Clinton was to be introduced by White House aide Alexis Herman for brief remarks concluding the program.”

    That is it?

  17. Rich in PA

    How true. The heck with them! I just can’t wait until Hillary is President. “They” will hate it so much.

  18. Keith Olbermann mentioned the DKos writers’ strike. Not sure but I think he’s going to talk about it after Worst Persons.

  19. why haven’t the obama folks demanded cheney’s energy meeting papers, or all those missing emails….you get where i’m going here.

    re: KO’ll probably blame the strike on hillary. i don’t watch him these days, he’s been having one long raging temper tantrum against clinton ever since his good bud schuster got a time out over the chelsea slam.

  20. He never actually said anything about the DK situation.

    There have been so many things I’ve had to give up recently — DK, KO, Frank Rich — that every once in a while I backslide.

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

  21. The useless, useless, useless US Media slowly but surely sliding down a greasy pole to oblivion:

    An initial review by ABC News of the 17,481 pages of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s schedule as first lady, released today by the National Archives, also finds significant gaps in time and many days containing only “private meetings” at the White House with unnamed individuals.

    The public schedule for Sen. Clinton on Feb. 28, 1997, the day on which Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress would become stained by the president, shows the first lady spent the morning and the night in the White House.

    The Feb. 28 schedule lists her as attending four “drop-by” events, closed to the press, between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and then records her as staying in the White House overnight that fateful day.

    The schedule lists three different events occurring that evening at Washington theaters and the Kennedy Center but does not indicate if she attended.

    According to the Starr report, President Clinton took Lewinsky into an Oval Office bathroom in the early evening, after recording a radio address. Forensic tests later “conclusively” showed that the blue dress she was wearing “was stained with the President’s semen,” according to the Starr report.



  22. MA: Obviously Hillary should deliver a nuanced, impassioned, and brave speech on the gender divide in our society. That seems to be how you deal with annoying revelations nowadays!

    Now I have to get back to work on my speech about the history and future of alcoholic beverage consumption in the United States…you know, just in case I’m outed as a mean drunk.

  23. I think it is so interesting that Hillary has been rising in the polls and Obama is imploding. Meanwhile Hillary has had no media attention until now. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of voters are going to be really turned off by this kind of coverage. I just heard that Hillary is only a couple of points behind Obama in NC!

  24. I meant no media attention recently. I haven’t heard anything about her foreign policy speech.

  25. He never actually said anything about the DK situation.

    There have been so many things I’ve had to give up recently — DK, KO, Frank Rich — that every once in a while I backslide.

    I know exactly what you mean, litigatormom, and I do confess to peeking in on KO every once in a fortnight, hoping he will have come to his senses AND also apologized for allowing the worst-person-in-the-world power he abuses his viewers with so regularly to go to his head.

    But then there’s that first snort of faux outrage and I’m gone. I’m very familiar with Animal Planet and HGTV these days, and the house is either silent during the day or the iPod’s miraculously doing its thing and reacquainting this self-professed political news junkie with music. Thanks, BTW, CNN & MSNBC, now you can go f….OOPS, er, heh…you know, find another viewer as dedicated as I was.

  26. This is from the latest CBSNews poll (at realclearpolitics). Short version: Hillary is a meany.

    “Most Democratic primary voters now say their party’s nomination fight includes unfair attacks between the two candidates. Many see attacks originating from both sides, though Clinton is more often seen as making them against Obama.
    (Among Democratic primary voters)
    Both attacked each other 35%
    Clinton attacked Obama 23
    Obama attacked Clinton 1
    No, no unfair attacks 35”

  27. Upstate NY–

    I guess the voters like meanies then, because Hillary is surging in the polls.

  28. The ever-unhelpful Adam Nagourney just posted an article about how much more difficult Hillary’s path to the nomination is, [here. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/20/us/politics/20memo.html?hp%5D Apparently, Hillary can only win by going negative on Rev. Wright.

    Thanks, Adam. I finally agree with Dick Cheney about something. You are an asshole, big time.

  29. Do we only have PDF copies available? I tried opening in Acrobat reader and running a text search but no luck, however, I’m sure there’s a way with Acrobat Pro to recognize the text and save it that way, or there should be. Don’t have Acrobat Pro available at home but might d/l a trial copy to see if this works. If I can convert to plain text that’d be much easier to search.

  30. Katiebird: I left you a message in your draft. You sly dog. 😉

  31. Hillary Clinton missed key presidential moments
    · Papers cast doubt on claim of first-hand experience
    · First lady was often far from scene of negotiations
    * Daniel Nasaw in Washington
    * The Guardian,
    * Thursday March 20 2008

    On the day that dozens of US cruise missiles rained down on Serbia in an attempt to punish Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic for the country’s onslaught against ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo, first lady Hillary Clinton was far from the White House war room: she was touring ancient Egyptian ruins.

    In her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination Hillary Clinton has touted her experience in the White House as preparation to lead in a time of crisis. “Ready on Day One,” has been her slogan.

    But an initial reading of some of the more than 11,000 pages of Clinton’s schedules from her days as first lady, released yesterday by the National Archives and the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library, shows that often she was far from the site of decision making during some of the most pivotal events of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

  32. http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2008/03/18/hyde_park/print.html

    The crazy uncles in Obama’s attic: Will the black nationalists and white lefties who pushed Obama up the political ladder in Chicago prove to be a liability to his White House run?
    By Edward McClelland Mar. 18, 2008 |

  33. litigatormom — FYI, Cheney’s “major league asshole” was NYT’s Adam Clymer, as very fine political reporter now with the Annenberg Center.

    daria-g look for the little binaoculars – probably at the left hand side of the text.

  34. Oh. I assumed it was Nagourney, because, well, he IS an asshole.
    But now that I think about it, someone I think is an asshole would be one of The Dick’s favorite reporters.

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