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Yeah! What *(s)he* said!

Sometimes, a Conflucian can summarize the state of the nation in a few succinct, pithy sentences. Here is a candidate for “comment of the day”:

WS says:

I can’t believe we’re going to have a primary where the 4th and 8th largest states in the Union don’t have a say as to who the nominee will be. On the other hand, Wyoming with its 8000 voters (ok 8500 voters) has more of a say than Florida or Michigan (combined total 2.5 million – likely more had there been revotes or the DNC been competent).

As for Obama’s speech, he threw Ferraro (again) and his own grandmother under the bus. I’ve always been taught to never air out dirty laundry, and Obama did just that.


36 Responses

  1. Conflucians are clueless!

    They clearly fail to see the Red states Obama is bringing into the (Blue) fold: Alaska (*another* 8,000), North Dakota (20,000.. gasp!), Idaho (another 20,000).

    So take that FL & MI!

  2. 400 people voted in Alaska, and they’re getting at least 20 delegates, right? That’s at least 5% of the total number of voters. Even if FL and MI were seated, they wouldn’t recieve anything close to 125,000 delegates, or 5% of their total voters, correct? They’d recive what, maybe 10 times more delegates than FL and MI at best? States where people actually live are already grossly unrepresented in comparison to small states without taking further measures to disenfranchise them completely.

    So glad you said that about Grandma! God, is she even alive to defend herself? What the hell kind of person disses his grandmother on TV, especially being someone whose words haven’t exactly proved trustworthy. He could have just said “I have had experiences with family members” without singling her out.

  3. (nodding) And getting out the popcorn. It seems like we’re getting ready to throw the whole election under the bus.

    I just wish I understood why?

  4. Well. grandma and Gerry are racist, after all. Wright, not so much?

  5. I just did a search on Obama Grandmother. It seems she IS alive. But, the sites that are talking about it aren’t the sorts of places I’m proud of visiting….

  6. Maybe the Democrats want to lose because they don’t want to own the rest of the war. Let the Repubs own it for awhile longer.

  7. Teresa2: well, if that is their goal, they seem to be getting closer to it 😉

  8. Teresa 2,

    And while we are letting the Rethugs own the war a little longer, they will also be owning the Supreme Court.

    If there are Democrats who really are trying to lose this election, I’d really like to know where and how they are so that I can go apply some emergency slap therapy.

  9. lmom: slap therapy, ha, ha.

  10. Sorry I have to give you this, but it’s spot on:

    Re: Closer to Wright? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
    The more I think about this speech, the more I think Obama said: Damn straight, Rev. Wright is angry. That’s how I wound up at his church. That’s why I stay there. I’m mad too, I just control it better. Now let’s get electing me president so we can all feel good.

  11. Teresa & Litigatormom, also, our entire economy is tanking and everyone I KNOW is dreaming of another FDR. How can we be doing this?

    In a year when every vote matters, we’re not going to count every vote.

  12. MABlue: that is funny.

  13. katiebird: we’re not going to count every vote.

    It does not benefit Barack to have the votes of those two states count, hence I do not expect it happening to the satisfaction of the voters. I will be very happy if proven wrong.

  14. The only thing Sen. Obama’s speech did was solidify his base behind him, and solidify everybody else against him. If he ends up winning this nomination, we might as well just skip right to President McCain’s inaguration and, ladies, we can kiss the right to chose goodbye. I am so, so , so, so sad. And furious. And repulsed. And worried. And sick to my stomach at the idea of another four years of GOP rule.

  15. Flashback: Sen. Obama on Don Imus

    “I understand MSNBC has suspended Mr. Imus,” Obama told ABC News, “but I would also say that there’s nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group. And I would hope that NBC ends up having that same attitude.”

    His hypocracy is stunning.


  16. Katiebird:

    Yes. We need another FDR. I have more confidence in Hillary’s ability to fill that role than Obama’s. She’s been thinking about economics on the national level for a lot longer than he has.

    The only good news is that John McSame is going to be running on the Bush record of tax cuts for the wealthy fix everything, plus his admission that he doesn’t understand much about economics. Insisting on staying in Iraq for a 100 years while our economy heads south is not going to be an attractive platform.

    So Obama might be able to beat him anyway, even with all the Rev. Wright baggage.

    That makes me feel better about the Supreme Court. On national security and the economy, not so much. We’ll all be practicing the politics of hope then, won’t we?

  17. Maybe his lies will catch up with him. But I have a sinking feeling that a secret decision was made many months ago.

  18. OMG.

    I just heard Tweety refer to Obama’s speech as “worthy of Lincoln.” And then he said the speech was, in his view, the best speech ever given in this country about race. A step beyond the MLK speech.


  19. Ms. Independent: I remember that. He had gone on his show previously and refused to after the controversy. The part that will kill him in the GE is his hypocrisy, not Wright’s inflammatory rhetoric. His whole campaign is based on him being authentic, trustworthy, judgment, and moral courage. Most people absolutely believe he has all these qualities but will feel betrayed once the media finally looks behind the curtain during the GE.

  20. You’re kidding. This has gone too far. The Obamatrons want to rewrite history. And these people thought it was insulting when Hillary said that LBJ had something to do with passing the Civil Rights Bill? I’m sorry, but Barack Obama is no Martin Luther King, he’s no Lincoln, and He’s no John F. Kennedy either.

  21. To all Conflucians.

    I hate to break the news to you but it’s official: We live in the Twilight Zone.

    Just check this from uber-“progressive” blogger Ezra Klein:

    To think through the political implications of the speech for a second, the real loser here looks to be Clinton. Now that Obama’s candidacy is, in part, a referendum on the party’s willingness to confront the issue of race and forge a cross-ethnic alliance in search of economic justice, it’s hard to see how the supers can side with Clinton.

    Of course everything is bad for Clinton and good for Obama. Heck, even the weather is bad for her and only make the case as to why Obama must receive the Democratic nomination.

    If only Hillary Clinton could go back in time and not be born. Life would be so much easier.

  22. Towards the end of SusanUnPc(sp.)’s post she prints the opinion of some blogger on today’s speech. I find it interesting how s/he links the concept of guilt with the grandma/Ferraro/Clinton reference


  23. More Tweety:

    “Obama’s speech was one of the great speeches in American history, and we’ve seen a lot of them on this show.”


  24. More Tweety:

    He believes Obama’s speech is “historic.”

  25. Friends, the speech _was_ courageous. Your fingers have to be planted pretty firmly in your ears not to notice that for yourselves (stop that, it just looks silly).

    Furthermore, he pulled Ferraro and grandma _out_ from under the bus. He offers a reconciling hand.

    Take a deep breath, everyone. Obama is not satanic, he’s just the opponent. He does not need to be crucified to be beaten.

  26. Eric:

    You have the feeling we need a lecture from you?

    If you’re so great, lecture the vicious people running the Obama campaign and their supporters. Maybe there could be some wisdom left for the rest of us.

  27. Wow, I just got home and noticed I got the comment of the day! Thanks!

    And Eric, why are Obama supporters in Michigan blocking a revote there and why did he badmouth the Florida primary or a redo? Shouldn’t all the states get to decide who the nominee is? We only ask for fairness (this is the Democratic Party after all).

  28. Eric,

    No one thinks Obama is “satanic” or that he needs to be “crucified” (to you he’s christ and the devil?). And I don’t need his “reconciling hand” either.

  29. The only thing Sen. Obama’s speech did was solidify his base behind him, and solidify everybody else against him. If he ends up winning this nomination, we might as well just skip right to President McCain’s inaguration and, ladies, we can kiss the right to chose goodbye. I am so, so , so, so sad. And furious. And repulsed. And worried. And sick to my stomach at the idea of another four years of GOP rule.

    This is what terrifies me, and I think what terrifies a lot of Hillary supporters, especially now.

    I don’t like or trust Obama, but I know he would be a million times better than McCaca. Heck, I’m so liberal that I don’t even have a problem with some of Wright’s remarks. (NOT the ones about women, he is clueless on that issue!)

    The question is, will Obama be able to get enough support in the general population to combat McCaca and his full-on media lurv?

    After Wright, I just do not see it happening. I hope that I am wrong, wrong. wrong about this.

  30. Define “:courageous,” Eric. Do you seriously think there’s any possibility that, regardless of what he’d said or hadn’t said, the media would have done anything but compared him to MLK or JFK? Then you’ve been living on Neptune with no access to news media for a year. (Well, okay, there’s a possibility they wouldn’t have screamed “O MLK,” but only because even odds support “O Messiah”). I will grant you that if were anybody else but Mighty Saint Obama, and any time but this election year, merely saying that African Americans are justifiably angry *would* have been courageous, and whoever said it would have been torn apart by Matthews et. al, the very same people who now froth and keen for this message 9and that’ll last until, oh I’d say the day teh nomination is decided). But apart from that all he said was blagh blagh, try to keep everyone happy and avoid saying anything. I love him, but iIdon’t. As usual, he’s sick of “divisiveness,” since formenting it is not working so well for it anymore, and it ain’t fun to be on the wrong side of it. As usual, he takes cheap little shots at everyone else. As usual, he talks about the horrible conditions Wright’s reacting to and doesn’t feel the need to explain why he never bothered to try to do anything about it when he got elected, or at least why he preferred to share tender looks with Rezko instead of trying to shut him down. Blagh blagh blagh blagh nothing.

  31. To think through the political implications of the speech for a second, the real loser here looks to be Clinton.

    What the shit, Ezra? Wow. Was the party in need of a referendum on race before Obama’s campaign started charging the Clintons with race baiting?

  32. I’m laughing my arse off. You really think his speech was courageous. His campaign was sinking and he had to do something to save it. Eric, can you explain to me why you felt his speech was courageous. Or, is that one of the talking points being spewed by the Obama campaign.

  33. katebird, if you search Grandma’s name (which you can find by searching Obama grandmother), you get a bunch of newspaper articles. She seems pretty press shy, and as of last march was telling reporters she couldn’ talk to them because she wasn’t well. I sincerely hope he dropped a dime and told her to expect 19 million reporters to show up at her doorstep and harass her.

  34. It is a very well written speech.

    What still burns me about it, though, is.. what produces a teachable moment? what produces a historic moment? Nobody would have thought at the beginning of this campaign that we’d be looking to have, or someone able to claim, a speech that marks a “historic” moment in race relations in this country. But creating it required creating that bogus race baiting narrative against the Clinton campaign, which he and his surrogates only played up until now. And I halfway expect they’ll still be at it soon enough.

    Maybe I’m going too far. But setting up these moments and rhetorical excesses require someone to play them against (Ferraro, some ambiguous “we,” maybe even his own grandmother), or some set of polar opposites or personas if you don’t have an immediate situation at hand. We move on from such and such a division, sure – but first you need to play up that division for all it’s worth, maybe even make it worse, before you can claim the moment to make it change. Is that OK? hmm.

  35. yeah,

    why did harold ickes agree to that plan of not allowing michigan and florida to count?
    didn’t he know that clinton would need those later on?
    what was he thinking?!

  36. The agreement was to not campaign in MI or FL, and all the candidates save the Precious adhered to the agreement (no harm on the Precious, rules are for everyone else). That agreement never included okaying the stripping of the delegates, which , btw, violates party rules.

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