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Kosmic Justice: Markos screws Obama in Michigan

This is too funny and will fill you with delicious schadenfreude for Obama. The Michigan revote primary proposal is in part being held up by a protest by the Obama campaign because it would disallow people who registered to vote as Republicans in the January primary from voting in the do-over Democratic one. And the reason why Obama wants the primary to be open to Republicans is because Markos urged a lot of Michigan Kossacks to register as Republicans so they would vote for Romney. Now, those voters will have already had their say and wouldn’t be allowed to cross back over:

According to exit polls, 7 percent of GOP primary voters said they were Democrats and 25 percent said they were independents or something else. That means nearly 61,000 people who voted in the GOP primary were Democrats, while more than 217,000 were independents…

(Michigan Democratic Party Chair) Brewer said he regrets that some Democrats won’t be able to vote in the second Democratic primary if one’s held, but says there’s nothing he can do about it.

“I regret that that might be the case, but it’s a national party rule and we have no choice but to follow it,” he said.*

Even if more than 278,000 Democrats and independents would be barred from voting in a do-over primary, Brewer estimated that a June 3 election could still pull in at least 1 million and possibly 1.5 million people.

*(note the application of a new and different set of RULZ by Brewer)

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

27 Responses

  1. Hmm. Obama took his name off the ballot in part o to make it more difficult for the DNC to count the MI primary vote later on. Perhaps kos’ recommendation that Democrats vote for Romney was part the second-stage of that plan: to ensure that there would never be a Michigan re-vote, either.

  2. ha ha, (like in the bully boy in the Simpson’s).

  3. Riverdaughter:
    Sorry for the typos in the above post. Maybe we need a preview button….

  4. riverdaughter, don’t give it another thought. Someone said on one of your other threads that Ezra thinks it’s all over. I’m guessing these do-overs won’t matter a bit.

    It turns out The Boyz loved BO’s speech and we’re being told to go home.

    (snort) That may be true (this is after all a very weird election) but I’m thinking that pretty speeches can’t paper over the Wright’s words. And BO’s $20,000 contributions paid for those words.

    And (as SusanHu asks) Just how many $20,000 contributions WERE there?

    He didn’t answer any questions. AND did that thing to his grandmother. Can it really be over?

    I’m sorry, every post leads back to that speech today…

  5. It only bites them in the ass if it disadvantages Obama. Obama is advantaged by the current state of play: January 29 vote doesn’t count, no re-vote.

  6. I don’t think those who ‘crossed over’ and voted for Romney had to register as Republican. Didn’t they just ask for a Republican ballot? Are you saying that those who are registered as Dems had to re-register as Reps to vote for Romney and now they are ineligible to re-vote?

    Several contributors at DKos didn’t like the idea of cross balloting. The Republicans did it in Texas (or was it Ohio?) to try to change the outcome. Rush put them up to that. Now, the tactic that was advocated in Michigan was being used against the Dems in Texas.

    Morale of the story? Vote for the candidate you like regardless of the outcome. That was Nader’s message in ’04 and should be everyone’s policy.

  7. Ken: I believe that what Michigan is saying is that if you signed your name on the voter’s registration that you were voting in the Republican primary back in January, you have disqualified yourself from voting in the Democratic primary now. And in a way, it’s only fair. One man, one vote. You aren’t entitled to multiple votes on multiple ballots. Would that be fair to all of the democrats in Michigan who have just had their votes thrown away to be replaced by a new vote? Those Democrats and Independents who gave their one vote to Romney have forfeited the opportunity to cast one for Obama.

  8. LM: None of this favors Obama. He may think he can get away with it but he won’t in the end. There are too many millions of people who will object. As long as Hillary doesn’t back down, Obama is on thin ice.

  9. Republicans have had too much say in the Democratic primaries already. If Kos causes a few Democrats who were looking to game the Republicans to lose their voice in Michigan, well shame on him and them. He has acted like this was just a lark. Let’s mess up the Republicans, since you don’t matter anyway.

    Selecting a presidential candidate is serious to me and I really believe all primaries should be closed. All of this crossover voting is really messing up the entire nomination. No one knows whether the eventual nominee will really represent the will of the Democratic voters and there will be resentment everywhere, because of interference with votes by republicans and by the DNC.

    I’ve been furious for months over Republicans voting in Democratic Primaries because of Obama begging them to vote for him. That is the primary reason I will never vote for him.

    Does Kos (or Obama) really think those Republicans who cross over aren’t playing the same game he was? So if Obama gets screwed over in Michigan, well he earned it. But he has gamed the Democratic Party out of winning the election, and that is a shame.

  10. riverdaughter: from your mouth to God’s ear…..

  11. Oh for god’s sake, why does he regret it? That’s what happens every single time. You get ONE VOTE ONLY, and you choose which primary you want to vote in. I’d love to be allowed to vote two or three thousand times, I’ve got lots of free time, or at least get to vote in every primary for every single party on the ballot, but that only works in caucuses where you can get away with oh, signing in multiple times, signing in under different names, as long as there’s no verification, like in Texas.

  12. Coming tonight on Tweety!

    Are Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton because they think she will be easier to beat?

    Why is it that when Republicans vote for Obama, it’s cross-over appeal, but when they vote for Clinton, its sabotage?

  13. LM: Clinton Rules. This has been another example of simple answers to simple questions.

  14. More Tweety:

    “A speech worthy of Lincoln.”
    “The best speech given on race in this country.”

    Really? Lincoln? That must have been some tingle in Tweety’s leg.

  15. LM: What?! Is Tweety saying that Obama’s speech was better than Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Wow! That’s amazing to me. I thought MLK’s speech was without parallel. Seriously. It doesn’t get any better than that. And MLK was doing it because he was a leader accomplishing great things for African-Americans. Obama was doing it to save his own ass. There’s no comparison.
    I hope someone calls Tweety on it.

  16. No, it hasn’t been a good week for Lord Kos. First, he forgot to read his own FAQ when he turned his site into an Obama 527; the he congratulated FL and MI on taking one for the team. I’m sure both states will be enthusiastic about that. The Department of Schadenfreude is working overtime this week.

  17. Kos..never read him, but when I heard about the Romney stunt I thought he was a punk. That was just idiotic stunt. The Dems from Michigan were telling people to vote. Sophistry.

  18. He not only said it was the best speech on race ever, he said that the speech went BEYOND the MLK speech.

    Now, I guess you could say that Obama’s speech did go “beyond” MLK’s because MLK was making the case for full civil rights, and Obama was trying to address something intangible: the racial attitudes of both whites and blacks. But I still don’t see how that made the speech the best speech on race ever.

  19. News flash:

    Talkleft reports that Rep. John Murtha has endorsed Clinton.

  20. LM: I’d heard that John Edwards will be endorsing soon as well and that it looks like it will be Clinton. I think Mark Halperin is spreading that rumor.
    On the other hand, Murtha’s endorsement is very welcome news but kinda odd considering that he was Pelosi’s pick for Majority Leader and now she’s going hard for Obama.
    Anyway, it is welcome news. He has a lot of respect in PA. 🙂

  21. And he’s got anti-war cred.

  22. Ya know, Goldberry, Kos would have headed that post “Hahahahahaha.” (Of course had it been about someone else.)

  23. this is the week from hell for markos. the poor thing kicked his own story yesterday with his rant about “hillary doesn’t deserve fair treatment”, and now bill o’reilly is beating him up with it.

    across the airwaves goes the message calculated to make hillary look like the sympathetic figure to all the reagan democrats out there. those mean lefties are persecuting her. hey, maybe she’s not that bad after all!

    oh, markos. laryngitis would be a blessing for you.

  24. I have posted a long time at daily kos: since about the time that Kerry won the New Hampshire primary. I largely ignored Markos. I ignored him because he is a hothead. I ignored him because he was incapable of admitting he was wrong. I ignored him because he insulted people and wouldn’t apologize. I ignored him because he often just adopted the easy position at daily kos (like being for Obama.) But now I get to ignore him because I don’t give his web site any hits. Getting Obama Michiganders to vote for Romney and hurt Obama in the process is just his speed.

  25. Howdy DCDem — I’m gone from Daily Kos too. Sick of the bullshit.

    This is going to hurt not just Kos, but all of us.

  26. Wow. That’s pretty funny. Markos’ joke just put his own candidate down 7% at least in the revote. You’d think that someone so involved in politics would have the decency to not play around with people’s votes.

  27. “As a progressive liberal, the adherence to principles is important. The Democratic process is sanctified. You do not mess with other people’s electoral process”

    Agreed, especially after Rove’s two step with the national elections in 2000, and 2004, I found it appalling simplistic for a so called progressive to suggest election tampering, however indirect.

    I wish there were a way to prosecute this type of suggested gaming, deliberately disenfranchising democratic voters who do not wish to violate the spirit of the law.

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