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      Doug Mastriano has repeatedly used "prophet" Julie Green to campaign. In one prophecy, Green claims Pelosi "loves to drink the little children’s blood," "was part of sacrificing the children to Baal," and "will pay the ultimate price with her life." https://t.co/2yCArEQfky pic.twitter.com/SCk9zaeDXS — Eric Hananoki (@e […]
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      Terrible things are happening all time. Right now, as you read it, people are suffering in monstrous, awful ways. Many, many people. That’s how it is. That’s how it has always been, and as long as there is life of the type there is on Earth, that’s the way it will be. Human and many animal bodies are built for pain and suffering, and not only are we often as […]
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Sunday: Solidarity

Welcome new readers of The Confluence. We are a merry band of bloggers, exiles by our own choice or our own words, standing on the brink of a new progressive blogosphere. Make yourself at home and join us in solidarity.

  • If you haven’t read ronkseattle’s summary of the DailyKos writer’s strike so far, please do. At the heart of this strike is the idea that free speech really should be free. It should not be held hostage to the proprietors of large web sites. As dissenting voices are chased from the marketplace, so are the ideas that go with them. We do not know what the future holds for the political blogosphere but there are hundreds of voices that go unrecognized because their sites do not reach the threshhold level of size. Stay with us as we brainstorm on how to change this model.
  • Tom Watson puts his finger on the problem in his post on The Left Splits: Writer’s Flee DailyKos over Clinton Bashing. Here’s the money quote:

    The resentment among non-Obama backers is growing rapidly – you can see it in the comments here, and I can see it in my emails. There’s a real split among party activists, and it’s getting wider. Some of it is motivated by the media’s love affair with one candidate – and hatred for the other; Keith Olbermann’s embarassment drove many over the edge. But much of it comes from boorish, Stalinist behavior online – the kind of “you’re either with us or against us” attitude we saw so much of when the Bush crowd was flying high. It’s disturbing, particularly because so many of the targets are women. This is not the Democratic Party many of us have worked for; this is not the progressive blogosphere we’ve supported. Without blaming the worthy candidacy of Senator Obama in any way, this is not a progressive movement – it’s a harsh, echo-filled politburo bathed in faux post-racial hosannas and the gauzy camera lens of “hope.”

    This is also the time to note the lack of leadership in the party.

  • A funny thing happened on the way out of Macy’s yesterday. I was on the way to my car when I passed two retail assistants talking to one another while on a smoking break. One turned to the other and said, “Yeah, but what about Michigan and Florida?” *ping!* Did I hear that right? Just two average NJ Joe’s standing on the sidewalk in front of Macy’s, dragging on their Camels and talking about delegate counts? Yes, my droogs, they knew the frickin’ delegate counts and they knew which states were important and they knew what was going on. So, as I passed them, I updated them that Michigan was headed for tha do-over but I didn’t think that Florida needed one. One of them burst into howls of laughter while the other just smiled and nodded his head. The laughing one stopped and asked, “So, didn’t Hillary win Florida?” and I told him, “Yes, 1.75 people can’t be wrong. They certainly voted like they knew what they were doing.” He started laughing again and he and his friend went on talking as I went to my car. Now, I don’t know about you, but it is my humble opinion that when the average cashier at Macy’s knows what the score is and who is ahead, it is going to be very difficult to spin the Florida controversy as a win for Obama. This experience is not atypical for what is going on all around me in NJ. When people spot my Hillary button in Starbucks, they start to talk politics like it is second nature. My asian colleagues hash it out with me at lunch. My *sister* who is not a politico, sucks up information like a sponge on this stuff. People are tuned in and are following this like a real horserace. And I think they know what is going on, who is pulling the strings and just how much they can trust the media. Thank you SNL. So, if I may make a recommendation: wear your Hillary button (or Obama button, if you must *sigh*) on your jacket or your backpack or your sleeve when you’re out in public. And don’t be afraid to engage people in political talk. You know what’s going on and can fill in the missing pieces. Listen to what people are saying. Hold back the emotional aspect and just listen. The public is waking up and using its mind. And that is a powerful thing that we need to encourage.
  • Oh, give me a BREAK, Josh! How the hell do *you* know Hillary unleashed the Jeremiah Wright stories in the news? Do you have proof? Have you seen the secret drop site somewhere in the DC metropolitan area where an operative from Hillary’s campaign stands, slouched up against a park bench with a package full of already publicly available videos of Wright going off on a tangent? Oo, Oo, maybe there is a balcony somewhere where a geranium is changing position on a daily basis. Will you get real? Anyone could have dragged that stuff out. The Republicans have picked their candidate. The primary season is over for them. They can spend all of the rest of the year picking off our candidates. And it’s not like Obama didn’t share some culpability for his situation. After all, Hillary didn’t force him to associate with Wright for 20 years or include him on his spiritual advisory panel. But so what if Hillary’s campaign *did* whip up this frenzy? Politics is not a tea party. Are you going to come to Obama’s defense every time something negative comes out about him? Can’t he fight his own battles? This is just silly and unworthy of a Polk Award winner. It’s just another example of the Clinton Rules/Obama Rules. Put up or shut up, Josh.

44 Responses

  1. Sad day when the average worker at Macy’s has more sense than Donna Brazile and Nancy Pelosi. Did you see them on the morning political shows? Brazile will do anything to put a black man into the White House. She even said that Rev. Wright was “mild” compared to other churches she’s been to. That guy is anything but mild. The church is racist and Obama should’ve known better if he had plans to run for president to leave that church a long time ago.

  2. DV: the answer is apparently, “yes”. The jig is up.

  3. Riverdaughter,

    Any movement in PA to reigster republicans and independents for Hillary? I hope that Hillary’s campaign is leaving no stone unturned.

    I hope you checked Alegre’s new update. The strike has been picked up all around.

    Third, Hillary is getting swiftboated. She is smeared in the issue she is strongest, civil rights. And she cannot believe that it’s happening. (like Kerry couldn’t believe anyone would question his military records.)

    What should she do? It’s so amorphous, and of course, we have the fecking MSM who is a multi-billion dollar megaphone against her. She should really hit this head on. It’s absurd.

    Apparently, Josh blamed Wright on Hillary!! Via the Dailyhowler: http://www.dailyhowler.com/dh031408.shtml

    STEPFORDIZATION NEARING COMPLETION: Then there’s Josh, saying this (without explanation) about ABC’s report on Jeremiah Wright. The Stepfordization continues:

    MARSHALL (3/13/08): If Obama’s the nominee, we will see no end of this kind of stuff. And there’s probably some small benefit of getting a preview. But the simple fact is that we wouldn’t be seeing this stuff now if it weren’t for the fact that this is the kind of campaign Hillary Clinton’s campaign has decided to wage— often directly and at other times indirectly by not reining it in in her supporters when it crops up on its own. Wright is news today because Ferraro’s been news yesterday.

    Have you seen anything more absurd?

  4. Re; Building the power of the many great voices in the left blogosphere–It would be great if Big Bloggers would pay more attention to the good things smaller blogs bring to light or write about. More linking, with reason for clicking there–and–if it’s a small, small site, but print most of the important post for the small blogger (with permission and urging BIg Blog’s readers to go there when traffice slows down).

    Not being a blogger, I could be wrong on the latter part. But I’ve seen my share of small blogs laid low by sudden influxes of traffic.

    It is hard to get around the blogospere, given the time contraints for most people. The aggregators, or those who give blog and posts recommendations are a godsend.

  5. I sometimes just go to comments, try to avoid getting into the to and fro, just look for links commenters have found which they think others would find interesting.

    I atried to get Atrios to set up a Good Links list on a side panel, where some of the great finds could be posted. It’s impossible to keep up with everything!

    I appreciate what you do here to bring things to your readers’ attention, what Avedon does, and so many others.

    I have a pattern of blogs I go to (and I do so miss Billmon!), but if things get busy, it’s impossible to read everything.

  6. Billmon was the best blogger ever. He was funny as heck, passionate, a great writer, and very sharp. I still have a saved link to his LA Times article, appropriately titled, “Blogging sells, and sells out”.

  7. Jawbone: I would love it if someone would scour the comments for good links and do a separate post with them. Would you like to do that?

  8. Eeeek! I just clicked around the site for an email contact for you–and lost my finely wrought (not) comment.

    Briefly, I’ll try to collect good links from commenters–but that kind of thing benefits from many eyes getting to a wide range of sites. How can that be done?

    Also, I am a web/internet/PC doofus.

    Do you have an email contact? I don’t want to blow any anonymity.

  9. WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it would be damaging to the Democratic party for its leaders to buck the will of national convention delegates picked in primaries and caucuses, a declaration that gives a boost to Sen. Barack Obama.

    “If the votes of the superdelegates overturn what’s happened in the elections, it would be harmful to the Democratic party,” Pelosi said in an interview taped Friday for broadcast Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”
    The California Democrat did not mention either Obama or his rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, by name. But her remarks seemed to suggest she was prepared to cast her ballot at the convention in favor of the candidate who emerges from the primary season with the most pledged delegates. Obama leads Clinton by 142 pledged delegates — those delegates picked in nomination contests to date, in The Associated Press’ count.

  10. Positive coverage??


  11. Roger that, Jawbone. I will send you an invitation shortly.

  12. Meanwhile, a spot-on analysis from the Obama campaign, courtesy of… Sorry to say it… Andrew Ferguson of The Weekly Standard:

    “What is unmistakable is the creepy kind of solipsism and the air of self-congratulation that clings to his campaign. “There is something happening,” he says in stump speeches. And what’s happening? “Change is happening.” How so? “The reason our campaign has been different is about what you, the people who love this country, can do to change it.” And the way to change it is to join the campaign, which, once you join it, will change America. Because this is our moment. The time is now. Now is the time. Yes, we can. We bring change to the campaign because the campaign is about change. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Obama and his followers are perfecting postmodern reflexivity. It’s a campaign that’s about itself. The point of the campaign is the campaign…

    On his website the videos of his most acclaimed speeches have proved much more popular than the transcripts. As a candidate he fits a public that prefers the sensation of words to the words themselves. His speeches are meant to be succumbed to rather than thought about.”

    *The vanity, the hero worship of the press and his followers (pardon the redundancy), and the level of vacuousness have always been my the candidate Obama.

  13. MABlue, I always thought that too.. been arguing all the while there’s no there there.. and at the kickoff of the campaigns over a year ago, well, I liked Edwards’ ideas, was skeptical about Hillary, and thought Obama’s candidacy was about itself. some kind of zen thing I guess. 🙂 Funny to hear it echoed in the Weekly Standard of all places but still. they are OTM far as I’m concerned.

    Also.. this is DC so probably less surprising but I was at a bar on 14th street last night and when walking out passed a conversation about superdelegates..

  14. Apparently Nancy Pelosi and the other “we’re better than the hoi polloi” Democratic “leaders” do not yet understand that Obama cannot win the general election. Or could it be that they do not want to win the general election? Do they want to stick McCain with the mess? What all this makes clear to me is that we either need new and better Democratic leaders or we need a new party that will actually respond to grassroots Democrats.

  15. Good Morning riverdaughter and my Confluence Buddies!

    I just got back from breakfast with my folks (Hillary Supporters) and found out that one of my beloved sisters has swallowed gallons of Obama Koolaid. She called while I was there and I could here her through the cell phone. It was like listening to Marcos. I had to leave.

    There’s a wonderful history of The Rise and Fall of Barack Obama by markjay, Here’s a teaser:

    The skinny kid with the funny name from Hawaii had a great run. By forcing all four other candidates off the ballot, including the woman who had reached out to help him, he maneuvered his way into the Illinois State Legislature. There, he found a found an extortionist and money launderer who channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions his way, while helping land a plum real estate deal. Then, in spite of an undistinguished career in the state legislature where he repeatedly pushed the wrong button on votes, he found another backer in the Illinois Senate who funneled dozens of bills his way to sponsor — even though others had done the groundwork for years and were thus robbed of the recognition they deserved — thus padding Obama’s credentials for a national Senate run, in exchange for Obama later pushing through $300 million of earmarks in return.

    Once in the Senate, he found a couple of other prominent supporters who were anxious to tear down the Clintons and, lo and behold, the first term Senator was running for president, in spite of earlier promising he would complete his first term and admitting he was too inexperienced to seek national office.

    And, the funny thing is, he came so close.

    Read the rest, it’s great!

  16. riverdaughter and everyone–

    What do you think of the idea of compiling a list of superdelegates who currently support Hillary, and writing to them to demand that something be done about Pelosi’s biased statement and especially to argue that FL delegates should be seated as is?

    It doesn’t look like a revote in FL is possible at this point. I mentioned on the previous thread that I heard the majority leader of the FL senate on C-SPAN this morning, and he is disgusted with Dean and DNC. There has to be a way to influence them. After all, Hillary currently still has the greater share of committed superdelegates.

    Does anyone know if there is a list of them somewhere? I’m going to look and also start writing down the names of the one I know of for sure, like Ed Rendell, Bill Nelson, and Robert Menendez. Is this a good idea or not?

    I also hope that maybe Hillary and her people are working behind the scenes to make this happen.

  17. freakybeaky below in comments under katiebird’s delightful post about an article about Bill Clinton calling Hillary a “sticker” noted this Ryan Lizza piece:


    The Iron Lady
    The Clinton campaign returns from the dead, again.
    by Ryan Lizza, March 17, 2008

    To watch Hillary Clinton during the final two weeks of the Ohio and Texas primary campaigns, as she defiantly ignored the pronouncements of her political demise and pounded away at her opponent in one more interview, at one more rally, was to bring to mind Jason or Freddy Krueger or the sitting governor of California, those Hollywood cyborgs and zombies who, despite bullets and stakes and explosions, will not under any circumstances be vanquished.

    Gee, I guess the “monster” theme has spread or is widespread among the MCMers and the Obama followers–maybe Samantha Powers did’t just come up with that image on her own.

    Hhhmmm, brings to mind that Republican woman’s question to St. McBush: “How do we stop the bitch?” But there’s no sexism in coverage by our wondrous MCM!

    In this longish piece (4 screen pages), Lizza damns with faint praise, but also manages to get in the current MCM talking points (yes, Josh, that includes you):

    Clinton’s victories and her rhetorical tactics have challenged Obama’s principled refusal to play the rough-and-ready game which he brands “old politics.” Her disingenuous remark on “60 Minutes” that Obama was not a Muslim “as far as I know” was especially galling.

    Good grief–what does it mean to say immediately “Of course not” in response to Steve Kroft’s question about whether Obama was a Christian or not? Not enough for the MCMers who want to nitpick and destroy Hillary Clinton. Confirms for me Kroft was setting up the interview to be a hit piece on Clinton.

    Now, will the italics and bolding show up? This is a test….

  18. Yesssss! (Even if WordPress thinks I posted too quickly.)

  19. jawbone– How did you do that with the bold and italics? I’ve been wondering if there is a way to indent?

  20. Argrrrrrrrrrrr@##$%&^#@:

    “Clinton’s victories and her rhetorical tactics have challenged Obama’s principled refusal to play the rough-and-ready game which he brands “old politics.” Her disingenuous remark on “60 Minutes” that Obama was not a Muslim “as far as I know” was especially galling.”

    Somebody please kill me now. I can’t take it anymore. What do I even begin with that tripe?


  21. MABlue,

    Don’t get mad, get even! Hillary can win this thing.

  22. with a copy to Bob Somerby at The Daily Howler, I sent this to Josh [talk@talkingpointsmemo.com] yesterday:

    When you have to quoteth Lincoln to cover your ass for quotingeth the bible to all us sinners — you might wondereth if you’re in trouble.

    Guy, you really are-eth in trouble. Rule #1 then applies — quit lyingeth to your own rancid self & your readers, because at this point you’re the only one who still believeths you.

    It’s only thanks to Bob Somerby that I gave your blog a hit today, because I no longer arrive there on my own anymore ever since you lost your religion. Good luck with that, BTW….May God be merciful for the stones you’ve thrown.

  23. riverdaughter–try email connected with this comment.

  24. I just used the Haloscan stuff:
    stuff to be italicized
    stuff to be bolded

    But no spaces between the characters in the tags (right term?)

    Don’t know block directions, but it can be googled.

  25. Well that didn’t work! Italicize with , end with No spaces

    For bolding, use b instead of i.

  26. @ Boston Boomer who asked: How did you do that with the bold and italics?:

    these work here and pretty much anywhere that accepts them [like here at The Confluence]: http://www.pageresource.com/html/textags.htm

    here’s some info about how to use blockquote [indent] and paragragh tags…i never personally used these and don’t know if they work everywhere, or here even:


    good luck and have fun!

  27. Boston Boomer, found this post about using HTML tags which apparently work on several different comment systems.

    Now, I know I’ve seen something at Haloscan which tells how to do all. I have problems using the embedding code bcz I tend toward typos, and the more characters in a tag, the more I can come up typos.


  28. Her disingenuous remark on “60 Minutes” that Obama was not a Muslim “as far as I know” was especially galling.

    I can’t believe media are repeating this. Did they watch the video??? Maybe someone should email Ryan Lizza and ask him, personally – did you watch the video? she only said “as far as I know” out of bewilderment after being asked repeatedly to answer questions about someone else’s religion. I can’t understand what planet they’re living on. It was the rhetorical equivalent of “WTF??!!” I don’t know why they repeat a lie like that, over and over and over. I know they do it, but I can’t fathom why.

    Given the “gotcha” tactics the press are constantly using on Hillary in particular, as far as she knew the next question coming up was “Well, how do you explain THIS?” and then the interviewer reading some quote from Obama about being proud to have relatives who are Muslim or something, and then the interviewer says “GOTCHA” and all the Obamaphiles online take this as proof that Hillary’s a bigot, of course. Can’t win for losing.

  29. daria-g–the MCMers (members of the mainstream corporate media and their wannabees) are living on Planet Please Your Corporate Masters To Get Ahead.

    There’s also a kind of mind worm that gets into those who hang out together (or want to get into an in group) or want to emulate the people who have made it in their field. I don’t watch Howard Fineman much any more but I used to notice how he would present his opinions and analysis in one way when on, say, the Diane Rheme (sp?) Show on NPR, then a very different way on Imus or Tweety’s show. Very much tending toward the manner and opinion of the host. He would probably never go on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, however.

    It’s a now an ingrained attitude in the MCM that Hillary is bad and must be destroyed. As Dana Milbank said in a moment of candor, at some stage of the campaign, it wouldn’t matter what Hillary said or did–she would be attacked either way. It’s what they do.

    I don’

  30. HTML:

    I use {blockquote} Text {/blockquote} for blockquote (just replace {} with ), like this:


  31. I meant replace {} by ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’ chracters.

  32. There’s also a kind of mind worm that gets into those who hang out together (or want to get into an in group) or want to emulate the people who have made it in their field.

    I don’t doubt it. there was an NYT Style section piece last week about DC bloggers all living together in the “Flophouse” on U Street.. I think E Klein, Yglesias, a couple others – no wonder they consider the talk “around town” to be what it is – they all talk to each other all day and those with similar views. I’ll be in the same orbit professionally in the near future (not as a content writer though).. should be interesting to say the least.

  33. From last night’s SNL… I guess they had to go for balance, with Traci Morgan:
    “MORGAN: Yeah, but I go for the girls, not because my friend is going. I have integrity. Barack is qualified. Personally, I want to know what qualifies Hillary Clinton to be the next president. Is it because she was married to the president? If that were the case then Robin Givens would be the heavyweight champion of the world. If Hillary’s last name wasn’t Clinton, she’d be some crazy white lady with too much money and not enough lovin’. That’s where I come in. I know women like that, you do not want them on the phone at 3 in the morning. In conclusion, three weeks ago, my girl Tina Fey went on the show, she declared that “bitch is the new black”. You know I love you, Tina. You know you’re my girl. But I have something to say. Bitch may be the new black, but black is the new president, bitch.”

    I’m gonna puke.

  34. SocProf: Wake me up when Traci Morgan starts to be funny.

  35. It’s not just unfunny… you can count the sexist stereotypes lined up in one short paragraph. It’s disgusting. I mean “crazy white lady with too much money and not enough lovin’”?? WTF?

    Tina Fey’s skit did NOT attack Obama, it promoted HRC. There’s a world of difference… and it was funny.

  36. daria-g: Given the “gotcha” tactics the press are constantly using on Hillary in particular, as far as she knew the next question coming up was “Well, how do you explain THIS?” and then the interviewer reading some quote from Obama about being proud to have relatives who are Muslim or something, and then the interviewer says “GOTCHA” and all the Obamaphiles online take this as proof that Hillary’s a bigot, of course. Can’t win for losing.

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou, daria-g. I thought I was the only one who thought that. Hillary’s reaction to me seemed like a hedge against Kroft suddenly wheeling to say, “We’ve been informed that Senator Obama did attend a mosque in his youth. What do you make of that?” or, even if nothing that specific, some version of “So what’s wrong with being a Muslim?”

    I’ll tell you, I had an experience I think might be similar to Hillary’s when I ran into a professor of mine in the Gay Studies section of Borders bookstore. We had a nice chat about literary and theoretical topics, and eventually he asked, “Are you gay?” I’m not, but, in that moment, it was _really_ hard to figure out how best to say that. If I was very hasty, it could come across as extremely insulting.

    Hillary’s reaction to Kroft seemed to me like she was trying very carefully not to suggest that there was something wrong with being Muslim — the Seinfeldian “not that there’s anything wrong with that” dilemma — while at the same time saying that she did believe that Obama wasn’t hiding anything, and simultaneously being truthful that religious beliefs are personal, and one person knows effectively nothing about the details of another’s beliefs.

  37. You know, [Tribune editor] Anne Marie [Lipinski] asked what it is that I’ve learned, learning the relationship with the press in a national campaign is a challenge. I mean, I mean, I will say this, that there’s no experience similar to this in terms of living in the fish bowl. And there are times where very legitimate and fair questions are raised about my inconsistencies, contradictions or foibles.

    There are times where, you know, folks are just picking at you, you know, because they need some copy. And so what it can induce is a mentality of let’s be very protective of information for interviews and access so we can control the narrative a little more, that’s something we have to be careful of, not just as a candidate but presumably even more so as a president ’cause what you want to do is balance, not responding to every reporter out there, maintaining a sense of openness and accessibility and a willingness to engage and engaging the criticisms that are made and that’s something that we’re still learning as a team.

    Long, tedious interview of BO by Chicago Tribune, where his wronged piety all hangs out.

  38. At one extreme there was the bald outrage of Geraldine Ferraro, who complained that Barack Obama would not have come as far as he had if he were a white man or a woman of any race — comments that led her to resign from the Clinton campaign last week. Ms. Ferraro tripped right into the race minefield in her big rush to make her point about the gender minefield. But all along, many women who fought the first wave of battles for gender equality have seen a bias against Mrs. Clinton — which helps explain why older women form the core of her support.

    Younger women, for their part, are starting to have what Ms. Goldberg calls “the aha moment” — even if it doesn’t put them in Mrs. Clinton’s column, as some of the welter of commentary last week found. “Like lots of other twentysomething women, I’ve been an unswerving Obama girl from the get-go,” wrote Noreen Malone on The XX Factor, the Slate magazine blog written by women. “Oddly enough it’s taken Spitzergate — not Hillary’s tears, not her scolding — to make me less dismissive of the feminist ‘obligation’ to vote for a woman.” It reminded her of a depressing bit of wisdom passed on by a friend’s father: “The most powerful people in the world are old white men and pretty young women.”

  39. “Barack is qualified. Personally, I want to know what qualifies Hillary Clinton to be the next president.”

    Ummm…the fact that she’s a Senator, actually shows up, casts votes, does committee work, and knows a lot about policy? I hate to say that Obama reminds me of Bush, but what the hell qualifies a first term Senator who hasn’t done a damn thing and is really incurious when it comes to policy becides, uh, the shape of his genetalia?

  40. Yep, agreed. If anyone had uttered that same level of bigoted crap about AA’s that Morgan said about white women in general and Hillary in particular, the show would be off the air.

    The Bigoted Blogger Boyz have hit Saturday Night Live too. Yet another show I won’t watch anymore.

    I can’t believe anyone thinks that garbage was funny. Of course, the ones who do think it’s funny are typically men.

  41. I did something with music over at my place today for those of us who are the tail end baby boom. I hope you can pass it as far and wide as you can. (Thanks Riverdaughter, your cocktail posts and help inspired me.) I hope we remember, and if you listen to the songs in my last two blog posts you will remember who we are, and who Hillary Clinton is, in her heart.

    The propaganda being spread anti-Hillary is not correct. She has spent her life working for civil rights and women’s rights as well.


    We are the generation who grew up just under Hillary’s. As children we saw the assassinations of Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
    In Junior High I protested the Vietnam War with the older members of the Baby Boom. Hillary was 23 at that time.

    We ended that war. As Hillary will find a peaceful way out of this one for us. She is the only candidate who can. And it is my belief that we will face WWIII and a nuclear holocaust if we don’t elect her.

    The war is my biggest issue, and our economy second.

    Obama has said he is anti-war but would target Pakistan.

    McCain has said “there will be other wars.”

    Men will always go to war.

    Women will always end war, because we believe “War is not Healthy for Children or Other Living Things.”

    That was a slogan born of activism then, when Hillary was very young. I believe that statement lives on in her heart. You cannot be a Democrat and think otherwise.

    War is now like Corporate America. Obama allowed this to happen to his own people. What would he have happen to our country?

    Please watch this video above, and please listen to my songs on the day after the Ides of March with Saint Patrick’s coming up.

    For feminists, “the personal is the political” — our earliest sisters were suffragettes of all colors.

  42. Good video!

  43. Anyone who reads the New Yorker will also note in this week’s issue that Hedndrik Hertzberg, who is suggests that John McCain pick (wait for it) Condoleeza Rice as his running mate, instead of someone, you know, politically expedient, has taken leave of his senses.

    It’s sad, I tell you …

  44. Speaking of solidarity, Riverdaughter and Confluencians (kind of like Confucians, but with our own brand of wisdom!!), check out the meme we’re starting at The Hillary 1000, which began with Red Queen over at Elizabitches. “I am Hillary Clinton,” photoshopping HRC’s face on our bodies in protest of the sexism and misogyny in this campaign. Spread the word!


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