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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Why Not Take Five?

Riverdaughter is taking an evening off, so the BFF is sitting in as guest host. I’m not much of a politician, but I do understand a cocktail hour. So why not take five from your busy schedule, taste some wine (I’m drinking a 2003 Medoc, Chateau Greysac) or order a cocktail — try the St. Andrew’s from Rendezvous in Cambridge: Benromach scotch, Maker’s Mark, lemon, amarene cherries, & a blood orange twist. Then relax and listen to the sound of Dave, Paul, Gene, & Joe.  Enjoy the evening, chat with friends, and please drink (and vote) responsibly.

39 Responses

  1. Cool shades, Joe!

  2. Joe may be wearing cool shades but the rest of them are wearing “birth control” glasses, as they say in the Navy.
    Well, I burned through some cash. It felt pretty good. I snagged the walnut pedastal table for 1/2 off and bagged the chairs too and they gave me another 10% to get them out of the store by Wednesday. Not bad. Couldn’t find any decent down pillows. Must order online.
    I’m having a Baker’s OTR. But I prefer the Basil-Hayden’s *hint-hint*. So, how was the Rendezvous scotch thingy? Sounds potent.

  3. I understand so little of this…what’s wrong with me?

  4. Ok, to recap, BFF was subbing for me for the Cocktail hour while I went shopping to buy a dining room table at a store that is going out of business. Then I did some other shopping but couldn’t find any decent down pillows. If you have a source, point me to the right url.
    The BFF is drinking a Medoc because wine is his secret vice and while he probably thinks I’m crazy for spending money on satellite TV, he thinks nothing of spending $$$ on his wine cellar, which he replenishes from time to time (weekly?). He is recommending a cocktail from a retaurant in Cambridge, MA called Rendesvous. He doesn;t live in MA. He lives in NY and Hillary is his senator and he likes her and thinks she’s doing a good job. But he’s relatively apolitical and can’t commit to a party, so he remains unaffiliated. Politics is not his thing but he DOES know cocktails. Meanwhile, back in NJ, I just got home and am having a bourbon called Baker’s that I picked up at the local well-stocked liquor store. But I prefer a different bourbon called Basil-Haydens. The only reason I’m drinking the Bakers is because I had to try it and check it off my list. But in the future, if Macallans is too expensive, Basil-Haydens would make a good substitute.
    Birth control glasses are big, ugly standard issue glasses that military personnel used to have to wear. The glasses on Burbeck et al are Birth Control, except for the drummer Joe who for some unknown reason is wearing shades.

  5. It’s the 5/4 time signature — always confusing the first time you hear it, but soo good!

  6. (raising my glass) Well, I’ve had a long day and I’m ready to take off my shoes, drag my toes through the carpet and stretch out on the couch with a glass of Merlot and the latest Jill Mansell. Mister’s watching Laurel & Hardy — so I’m sort of doing that too.

    riverdaughter, If you find a good online source for decent down pillows, I’d love to know about it. I’m looking for new bedding.

    (waving at Rich in PA) I liked what you said in the other thread, I’ve never thought of it they way you described.

  7. Oh, and the BFF never says anything mean about anyone. So, if you try to wheadle his candidate preference or ask him who is better, he will give you an answer which you may interpret as either positive or negative but which he assumes you understand perfectly. So, I am going to guess that he prefers Hillary over Obama but he leans independent so maybe not. Also, if Hillary wants his vote, he would appreciate a personal request. He wants someone to ask him for it so he can say something like, “What’s it worth to you?” , which I find funny but others may just find puzzling.
    He does a great phony phrench accent and is a very good cook, Ladies, this man is very date-able. 😉

  8. How do you doooo, BFF — I’m probably not going to talk about politics tonight. After a full afternoon of play-blogging, I’m pretty tired. 🙂

    riverdaughter, maybe one night soon we could have a special evening when we all talk in phony accents? Wouldn’t that be fun?

  9. Ahh, but of course. But phrench doesn’t adapt well to the screen so I vil haf to switch to cherman.
    Or we could all talk like pirates altho’ it’s not really the season.
    But seriously, have you seen the blog radio thingy? I can’t remember where I saw it. but if it is like one big literal chat room, that could be so cool, provided we could stream it to our iphones. Then we wouldn’t be tethered to a keyboard and could actually get some work done.
    You know, I think the thing that attracts some people to blogging is that there just aren’t that many people like us in our day to day environment and the only way we find kindred spirits is online.
    BTW, I think Markos needs an intervention. If he thinks we can’t create an online community without him, he’s got another thing coming. Now, what should the next generation (sorry BFF) of The Confluence look like?

  10. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it, I won’t have to fake the accent….;)

  11. BTW, thank you, Kbird for doing an awesome job this afternoon. *Raising my glass* I hope you will do more. Your post was very uplifting.

  12. Upstate: Spanish?

  13. hear, hear Kbird.

  14. [Bowing deeply] Yezz, zees vould be most very vonderful, I can assure you. Veddy charmed to have made your acquaintance, katiebird.

  15. Yes, where I come form we speak both Spanish and Catalan. My wife says I do not sound “too” Spanish, but I think she is being kind 🙂

  16. Upstate: und vare are you frum? Answer qvickly! Vee haf vays uff meking you talk.

  17. rd: it took me a while to decipher your spelling… I am from Spain, a city called Valencia, by the Mediterranean (about four hour drive south of Barcelona. I went to grad school in Canada and then moved to the States.

  18. Pshwa, I spit on Marcos. Mister won’t let me say his name anymore. And it’s no sacrifice.

    Of course we can create an online community without him!

    The blog-radio thing, No I haven’t seen that but it sounds like a cool idea. I’ll look it up.

    Next generation of Confluence? I actually like the look quite a lot. Have you thought anymore about the platform? Which comes first? The platform or the look?

    Are you inclined to be totally open about authors — the diary model?

  19. kbird: “Pshwa, I spit on Marcos” 🙂

  20. (waving cheerily)

    I’m sorry to say, UpstateNY — it doesn’t count if it isn’t a FAKE accent. You must try something new. Portuguese, perhaps?

  21. No, kbird, I will try faking French, oui?

  22. That’s much better! Me, I’m speaking with a fake American accent — normally I speak gibberish.

    I’m kidding, just kidding. Is tonight the fake accent party? I don’t know if I’m up to it after my grueling afternoon

    riverdaughter how DO you make it look so easy?

  23. Kbird: I don’t know. It happened back in November on DKos. Something just went *click* in my brain. It’s like having one of those combination locks on a safe. Turn it a little here, then there, then suddenly, all the tumblers fell into place. I found I was able to snark at will. And this is really strange to me because if you had asked me to write essays in college, I could do it, but usually the tumblers wouldn’t fall into place until the night before the damn paper was due. But now, the stuff just flows out with ease. I swear, if it takes more than 20 minutes to write a post, I don’t usually bother. The scary thing is that I can usually do it in the 20 minutes without breaking a sweat. I looked on the blog stats today and found that I had 235 posts since I started this place. *235!* Unbelievable. It’s like I;m possessed. I can’t remember my pin number sometimes because I have another post swimming around in my head as I;m checking out at the grocery store. I see connections and patterns like a big spider web where one strand vibrates and several others join in harmonically. I’m sure it’s not normal, for me anyway, but I have to let it take its course. I wonder if professional writers are like this,

  24. It’s a great skill. Maybe the more you write, the more you write. I’ve gone in bursts at my blog. But never more than 1 or 2 substantial posts a day. And I don’t often get very many comments there….

  25. You all are looking at me weird, aren’t you?
    Vere iss mine viskey?

  26. (staring) 235? Really?

  27. Wow! Are we in sync, or what?

    Here’s the bottle….

  28. Kbird: I’m so sorry, I never asked you about your blog before. Can you give us a link?
    And yes, I think that the more you write, the easier it gets. The neurons get to know each other in a more friendly way. And don’t fight your natural style. I think you’ll know what it is when everything just *sounds* right in your own head. When that happens, the floodgates will open and you will be at the mercy of that *thing*, whatever it is.

  29. I *know*. I was gobstopped. How did that happen??? 235 posts. I hope that some of them were edits. But even so, it’s ridiculous.

  30. rd: You all are looking at me weird, aren’t you?

    Yes, at least I am 🙂 but weird in good way. I wish I would have your facility/ability with words.

    Ok, my son looks overtired (we normally stay up a little bit longer on weekends). Time for me to go.

    Buenas noches/Bona nit/Good night.

  31. Au revoir, adios, auf wiedersehn! Good night!

  32. Goodnight, Upstate — it was fun!

    riverdaughter, it’s not a political blog — it’s a Diet/Health/Support Group Blog eat4today.com

    I’m not really good at keeping politics out of it though….

  33. Here in Seattle it’s St Patrick’s Day already — had the big parade today, pipers are piping, wolfhounds are slobbering, and dancers are bobbing up and down, hailing from here to Fargo to Galway to Dublin.

    A St. Andrews doesn’t put me on the green, but it is a fair drive in the right direction. Set one up.

    btw, I’ve posted “Strike News” above.

  34. Que lastima! No sabia que habia una fiesta de vino.

    Mi esposo y yo miramos el filme, “Lost in Translation” esta noche. Me gusto mucho. Bebimos much vino, entonces estoy borracho.

    Estoy cansada. Me voy a dormir. Viva el union!

  35. Since we’re on the Spanish thing, I’ll only note that Obama should be re-conjugated as “Obamo,” not just for the masculinity of it all, but (relatedly) because he’s the most first-person candidacy in recent history. The idea that “it’s his world, and we’re just living in it” seems bizarrely appropriate.

  36. lgm: OMG! The BFF *loves* Lost in Translation. It’s so subtle and nuancey and grows on you every time you see it.
    So, from my HS spanish, I understand this much of what you said:
    What a pity, I didn’t know that it was having a wine festival. My husband and I are watching the movie, Lost In Translation tonight. I like it very much (the reflexive thing always was a killer for me) We are drinking a lot of wine, someing we are something (are you drunk?)
    I am something. (the use of the verb estar here indicates a temporary state of being unlike ser, which seems to me to be more intrinsic but what do I know?) I am going to sleep, Long live the union!

    Ok, how much did I get right?

  37. FWIW, “Lost in Translation” is one of Riverdaughter’s favorites.

  38. Lip mah stockings. Lip them!

  39. “And fwow him to the fwoor. Stwike him, centurion, vewey woughwy”

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