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She’s a sticker, thank God

Back in the dark days of February, I wandered over to the BoomanTribune just as Booman posted an anti-Hillary rant. Booman was totally shocked by a story he’d just read in the Seattle Times. But where he was shocked – disgusted by it – in a weird way I was charmed. And I’ve thought about the story often in the nearly two months since:

Hillary Clinton: front and center
By John F. Harris

As she ran for Senate as a sitting first lady in 2000, Hillary Rodham Clinton was facing an obstacle that her advisers found a bit awkward to discuss in her presence.

Her husband’s impeachment and the sexual affair that precipitated it were still recent memories. Now, that scandal was causing a headwind for the candidate as she found her own values questioned by a key segment of New York voters. This was the delicate subject on the table one evening at a White House strategy meeting, several participants recalled. The president gazed intently at poll data and then turned to his wife. “Women,” he announced, “want to know why you stayed with me.”

There was an awkward pause. But Hillary Clinton did not seem embarrassed. Instead, a half-smile crossed her face. “Yes,” she responded, “I’ve been wondering that myself.”

Jabbing the air for emphasis, Bill Clinton gave his answer: “Because you’re a sticker! That’s what people need to know — you’re a sticker. You stick at the things you care about.”

Five years later, Hillary Clinton’s tenacity in her personal and political life has left her the most formidable figure by far in Democratic politics — and in position to make history as the first woman to become president if she runs and wins in 2008.

In the months since I first read this quote Hillary’s campaign has seen some of the darkest days a surviving candidate could face. In some quarters, her campaign was written off months ago. But Bill’s right – Hillary’s a sticker. And where would we be if she wasn’t?

It always seemed obvious to me that Obama’s campaign was built on sand. That his lack of obvious negatives wasn’t enough to propel him all the way to the White House. And having powerful friends isn’t enough to convince Mom & Pop Voters to take a chance on a totally unknown and inexperienced candidate as we face the frighteningly critical issues we’re bound to be facing in November.

Whatever you think of the issues, you must admit that the Obama story has taken a dramatic turn. The Rezko story is expanding and the videos of Pastor Wright’s audacious rants are going viral (and isn’t there something about earmarks?)  Riverdaughter has been writing about Obama’s “Terrible, Horrble, No-Good, Very Bad Week” for a while now as his campaign spirals out of control.

But, I’m not panicking.  We’re still getting through the vetting process and my candidate is a sticker.  Thank God.

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  1. Nice. 😉

  2. (wiping brow) Whew. Thanks, boss!

  3. Yikes, can you edit that tag?

  4. What’s wrong with the tag?

  5. I thought I left the end off the italics. But it’s not breaking anything, so it’s OK.

    The first post is always the hardest, isn’t it?

    I’m so glad I had a chance to share that story — I love the romance of long-time marriages.

  6. katiebird: It gets easier the more you do. Pretty soon, you’ll be in stream-of-consciousness mode like me and you won’t be able to stop.

  7. I’ve always admired Hillary’s tenacity. The woman just does not give up and its something that should be admired.

    I looked at North Carolina demographic data (over at Yahoo political Dashboard) and they are a lot like Virginia and Tennessee. According to polling data from PPP (PPP is NC based) and SUSA, African Americans will amount to 30-32% of the vote (29% of the vote in TN and 30% of the vote in Virginia), whites will be in the 60% something range. There is a slightly bigger Hispanic population in NC than Virginia (7% of the population in NC and 6% of the population in Virginia) and SUSA, in their last poll, said Hispanics will be 4% of the vote in NC.

    There are two big questions for NC:

    Will their be high Hispanic turnout in NC?

    Will whites in NC vote like TN and SC or will they vote like whites in Virginia?

    There’s also regional aspect to this. In Virginia, Hillary won the western most counties along that thin sliver of the state. Also, what about the Research Triangle area? Is it similar to NOVA (which went to Obama) in Virginia or is it different?

  8. what a great story, really brought a smile to my day. i’m a sticker too, go hillary!

  9. WS, when is the NC primary? I can’t remember? And do you think these Obama issues will have an effect on it?

  10. Welcome aboard, katiebird!

  11. Thanks! ronkseattle — it’s fun. Scary, but fun!

  12. I’m watching the news about a collapsed crane in NYC. It’s horrible. 3 or more people dead and two buildings wrecked.


    Yesterday, I posted this comment re: Rev Wright:

    “MABlue, on March 14th, 2008 at 7:07 pm Said:
    I am certain you all know this is Hillary Clinton’s fault. (W)Right?
    Jeremiah Wright never existed until he was made up by the Clinton campaign. According to Keith Olbermann, this all happened during Hillary’s participation at the last KKK convention.
    She would do anything and put all types of youtube videos out.
    What a monster!”

    Just opened my computer to stumble on this nugget from Eriposte:

    “Ezra Klein at The American Prospect:

    The sense around town seems to be that the odd emergence of this old video of Wright was part of a Clinton oppo dump, and that’s likely correct. But it doesn’t matter. Wright is a public figure, and these sorts of things will come out. It won’t even help Clinton, as the last thing the superdelegates can do is give her the nomination because she was able to paint Obama as a Scary Black Man. But it can hurt Obama nevertheless.”

    Should I laugh or cry because that’s all the strength I could muster.


  14. You called it, MABlue — it’s all Her fault (and isn’t that one of The Clinton Rules in another Eriposte post?)

  15. MAblue: I remember. No, comedy is not dead. I read it to my wife and we both laughed.

  16. Kbird: nice post!

  17. Thanks for that story. It’s TRUE, too. She’s a sticker, a fighter, and a loyal, smart woman.

    BTW: Josh Marshall (at that site I unbookmarked) is worrying about a dramatic drop in Obama’s poll numbers over the last couple of days.

  18. Thanks, UpstateNY & PMS — I’m glad you like it. And I appreciate your kind thoughts.

    PMS, I just copied that Josh Marshall post about the polls and sent it to my sister. She seems to think Obama can survive all this — but I don’t think so. I keep having nightmare visions of the ads this fall.

  19. Mickey Kaus has discovered another Obama rule. Very interesting:

    “If it offends you I condemn it!

    “All of the statements that have been the subject of controversy are ones that I vehemently condemn.” –Barack Obama (*In his post on HIS non-official blog The PuffPost)

    This seems to be the General Rule of Obama–if it’s going to damage him, he condemns it! And rejects and denounces. Vehemently! The Rule would seem to apply to all past and future controversial statements–his campaign could get that sentence printed up on little laminated cards and hand them out to reporters, or include them after the statements of all Obama surrogates, like those fine-print ‘void where prohibited’ waivers. “Condemned if controversial.”

    *Precision added by me.

  20. ** Yes! Thanks for sharing that, MABlue.

  21. Katiebird– That’s a wonderful story. I never heard that before. It makes me like Hillary more than ever. Thank you.

  22. MABlue,

    That piece by eriposte was great, wasn’t it? I couldn’t believe it when I read it. I did think of what you had said “jokingly.”

  23. (smiling) Thanks Boston Boomer!

    I read that eriposte piece aloud to mister & dear-daughter– we all loved it.

  24. katiebird, the NC primary is May 6th along with Indiana. I don’t really know if the Wright stuff will have an effect but those videos are harsh sounding. We could find out in the next NC polling. I also wonder if there are any Rezko bombshells or mini bombshells too.

  25. Wow, so we’ve got weeks and weeks to go. For some reason, I thought those primaries were earlier. I’m guessing we’ve got some bombshells coming. It’s just a feeling.

  26. Katiebird: you’re doing great!

  27. Thanks, riverdaughter, it’s Fun!

  28. Yeah, we’ve got a lot of time until the NC primary and also, will there be a momentum effect from a Hillary victory in PA? I’m hoping Hillary improves her African American numbers in PA and that should trigger news stories about it if she does improve her AA numbers in PA.

    I kinda left off on one aspect. Are those westernmost counties in Virginia similar to North Carolina? Does someone here live or know anyone that lives in NC and tell us about the state?

  29. Katiebird, that is a great story. Yeah, she’s a sticker.

    I’ve been reading Jacob Weisberg’s bio of Dubya, “The Bush Tragedy.” It’s an intelligent analysis of why Dubya is the way he is, and it’s not entirely unsympathetic, although it is brutally honest about the consequences of Bush’s presidential decisions.

    One of the things that struck me as I read it was how skillfully Bush made himself a blank page on which voters could project their own images. He chose certain “code” words that would have specific meanings to evangelicals, but would sound merely like pleasant rhetorical flourishes to mainstream voters.

    It made me wonder. One of Obama’s supposed strengths is his “ability to inspire.” But how much of that “inspiration” is just more proection on a blank page. And it also made me wonder how much of what Obama says is in code, and what kind of code it is

  30. The “tell,” as Josh Marshall might say, that much of the opposition to HRC is based on flat-out sexism (not to mention class bias against those ambitious, grasping Clintons) is that this characteristic:

    Five years later, Hillary Clinton’s tenacity in her personal and political life has left her the most formidable figure by far in Democratic politics — and in position to make history as the first woman to become president if she runs and wins in 2008.

    is viewed as a *negative* one. Anyone read Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker this week, where he likens being a sticker to being Jason or Freddy Kreuger? How about the comparison to Rasputin (forgot where it appeared)? Sheesh.

  31. litigatormom, I’ve wondered about that same “blank page” issue myself. It’s astonishing to me the range of people who support BO — it’s like they’re looking in a mirror instead of at a candidate.

    Not everyone — heaven knows. But an awful lot of his support is just weird.

  32. “Anyone read Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker this week, where he likens being a sticker to being Jason or Freddy Kreuger?”

    No — That’s horrible! The “monster” thing. A lot of people wondered if that was an isolated opinion.

  33. Wow! The dKos Writer’s Strike made Fox news! They showed the diary — blown up big enough to read.

    Congratulations to all the Strikers!

  34. we made fox? Amazing. They must be thrilled that they broke KOs. Im sure tv GOP sent in operatives

  35. (nodding) Now my only questions is, WHY were we watching Fox? When did that happen?

  36. Shorter Ryan Lizza: God Damn it, why can’t she be intimidated and beaten down, like a real woman? How many times do we have to kill her?

    Of course, if she were a man, she’d be lauded as a heroic figure. The proof: the undead John McCain.

  37. litigatormom, Yeh — and 4 years ago Kerry had a horrible time for months on end before he clinched the race.

    But, unlike Kerry (don’t know anyone who likes McCain that much), once people start to like her, they fall in love. Mister and I are living proof.

  38. The strike made a NYT blog too.


    And Bob Johnson has a diary up on My DD threatening a boycott. Jerome posted in the diary that he hopes Bob follows through!

  39. (sniff) I’m caught watching FOX news, and you’re off reading the NY Times. (crawling off)

  40. “Shorter Ryan Lizza: God Damn it, why can’t she be intimidated and beaten down, like a real woman? How many times do we have to kill her?”

    That’s funny, litigatormom. When I read that I had a vision of the end of Fatal Attraction where Glen Close keeps coming back up out of the bathtub no matter how many times you think she’s finally dead.

    I am going to be so happy when Hillary is President and all these morons have to deal with their feelings about it.

  41. Katiebird– Don’t feel bad. I wasn’t reading the NYT. I stole the link from campskunk on the Hillary yahoo list.

  42. (eyes glistening, nose bubbling) Really? (hic) REALLY? I feel MUCH better. Thanks.

    The Hillary Yahoo List? I need to hunt that up….

  43. yay, a sticker! I like that.

    I’ll admit I’m not a sticker. I actually wished that Hillary wouldn’t run, way back before she declared, because I like her and I didn’t want everyone being mean to her. I’ve learned a lot about her character and her dedication and her toughness. I liked her before but now I have even more admiration and respect for her – she’s so strong. they just can’t beat her down. she’s a sticker.

  44. Hi chris — And now I want a button!

  45. how about bumper stickers that say “she’s a sticker”

  46. I think that’s perfect, Maybe

    She’s a sticker

    I wonder if they take suggestions at the Hillary store?


  47. Katiebird,

    The list is called “Hillary’s Voice.” I think riverdaughter has a link for it on the blogroll.

    It’s really amazing how Hillary grows on you when you give her a chance. She really is very likeable. OTOH, Barry grows on you like a fungus and you just wish you could get rid of him after awhile, lol!

  48. (snort) She’s a sticker & he’s a fungus. I guess I know which one I’d rather know….

  49. …she was known for her zeal for combat. Her instinct was to regard political opponents with deep personal antagonism

    God, I sure hope so! Now more than ever I want her in the White House. The woman has a gladiator spirit. Obama can brawl, too, but only if the game is rigged so his opponent can’t fight back (see: “Clinton is race baiting” narrative).

  50. Davidson, is that from the full-story? I missed it.

    It’s funny (thinking about the rigged game) how those Clinton Rules have worked through the years. And how Regular People don’t seem to notice them much….

  51. That was most excellent, Katiebird. As infidelities go, Bill’s was the most innocuous in that it was purely for sexual gratification. He didn’t run off with anyone, and he didn’t ditch his wife. If McCain even tries to raise that issue, he’s even more of a Dead Man Walking than he is now, which is saying something. More broadly, Hillary Clinton is what those of us who don’t have those qualities want in the presidency–I want to feel that my president has more persistence, more conviction, and more attention to detail than I do. NOT that s/he has some “vision of the future” that only exists in the context of her/his own presidency. The best thing about the Clinton candidacy is that the things she offers could conceivably come from another Democrat (Dodd, for instance), which assures me that they’re real. The worst thing about the Obama candidacy is that the things he offers have no meaning except in the context of an Obama presidency…which suggests, to me at least, that they’re bullshit.

  52. There’s also regional aspect to this. In Virginia, Hillary won the western most counties along that thin sliver of the state. Also, what about the Research Triangle area? Is it similar to NOVA (which went to Obama) in Virginia or is it different?

    I live in the Triangle (in Raleigh) and have since 1978, moving down here from NoVA right after high school. The state is a very mixed bag.

    The Triangle refers to the cities of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill (RTP, Research Triangle Park is basically a huge business park; almost no one actually lives there, which makes for hellacious traffic during rush hour).

    Chapel Hill will almost certainly go big for Obama. It’s a college town, built around UNC, and is sometimes referred to as the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill (like Berkeley CA is). Durham will also go for Obama, though I expect some split there. About half of Durham’s population is black and about half white, with a long history of tension, though nothing really bitter that I’ve seen. More simmering than boiling, if you know what I mean. The black community is well-organized and politically active; I expect a big turnout there, and most will go for Obama. Durham whites don’t seem nearly as organized and while many of them will probably vote for Hillary, many others will also go for Obama. (Durham’s also the location of Duke University, where the “Duke Lacrosse Rape Case” is still of moderately recent, unhappy memory. I don’t know how, if at all, that will affect things.)

    Raleigh’s a lot more mixed. There’s a good-sized black population here (25-30%), a growing number of Hispanics including a lot of recent immigrants (5-10%), and almost all of the rest are white (60-65%). The city has grown hugely in the 30 years I’ve been here, mostly due to Northerners moving down. A bunch of us came from NoVA; there’s a whole area of Raleigh where many of the street names are the same as major streets in NoVA. The original people were conservative and religious, and more than a few of the newcomers are as well. It’s a lot more liberal now than it was, fortunately. I think Hillary will get a lot more votes here than elsewhere in the Triangle, but I don’t know how many. We’re so late in the primary season (May) that everything’s usually settled before it gets to us. I see pretty much no sign of organization for Hillary down here yet, though I haven’t seen any for Obama, either, so it’s probably just that they both have other fish to fry at the moment.

    The western and eastern parts of the state are more rural and blue-collar. I know the western side better, since I have a lot of relatives there. It’s always struck me as a fairly racist area, unfortunately; that will probably hurt Obama. It’s fairly sexist as well, but if I had to guess which way the area will go, I’d guess with Hillary. The population isn’t high in the rural areas, though, so I don’t know how many delegates that will translate into.

    There’s a few other big cities down here, too. Greensboro reminds me a lot of Durham, and Charlotte of Raleigh, both in demographics and in general tone. Winston-Salem and Fayetteville, I don’t know. Fayetteville’s a military town; I could see them going either way.

  53. @katiebird,

    Yes, it is. The quote goes on to say she’s certain her opponents hate her as well.

    Has anyone else read the NYT article about superdelegates? The article basically states that superdelegates want to express the popular will and are, thus, leaning towards Obama. I kept asking myself, “Why doesn’t the article mention anything about what happens if there’s one candidate who’s the popular vote leader and the other’s the pledged delegate leader?” The whole article seemed a bit slanted.

  54. You know, sometimes it isn’t just the female that is the sticker.

    Great post katiebird.

    I’m happy to have found this site a few weeks ago, and now it only gets better.

  55. Hi Nadai, that’s an impressive survey of NC — I’m totally not capable of talking about it now. Maybe tomorrow sometime? I’ve already taken off my blogging shoes and I’m just not focused right now.

    Rich, Nadai, Davidson & Coldblue Streak — the party has moved up to a new post. There’s good music and phony accents — it’s a pretty good time.

    And we’d love the company!

  56. WTH? Booman objected to this because why? Don’t tell me, staying with Bill was racist because if they’d gotten divorced she might have ended up remarrying a MOC?

  57. katiebird…great post! I always love your posts on TL (I’m Teresa there). Maybe I should change my name?

    I’ve noticed Bob Johnson and Adam B and a few others taking their big egos over to MyDD. They’ve run off all the people to taunt and they are looking for new blood.

  58. mimc — I can’t imagine what Booman was thinking. He said something in the comments that it’s humiliating to stay with someone who “cheats” — and heaven knows, it’s not what any of us want. But, a lifelong marriage is going to have all sorts of ups and downs — and some of them are just as bad as infidelity. (of course not many are as bad as THAT experience)

    I just snuck off without saying anything. But, I remembered the story….

    tabbycat, I love you as Teresa, but whatever name you want to use is fine with us. And thanks for your VERY kind words. I’ve had a good time learning to comment in the approved style over there. Sometimes, it’s a challenge. 🙂

    Have you two seen the party up above?

  59. I saw the party above. I’ve already had my limit while watching basketball. 🙂

    I always love goldberry’s cocktail hours and I’m glad the tradition is continuing.

    I really did love your post. Hillary does stick to her beliefs. I thought the Edwards’ supporters did too and I’m so disappointed in some of them in Iowa. I think everyone loves a bandwagon but I swear I can feel a momentum swing.

  60. I am glad Hillary Clinton is sticking with it. Thanks for this post. The Obama fanaticism is a little spooky. It’s as if the guy is a spiritual leader. He is running for president on a vapid platform, has no discernible values (he’s bipartisan, so presumably he agrees with Bush and Cheney some of the time) and his major claim to fame is that he was on the Harvard Law Review, a publication that once made fun of a murder victim married to a professor at the law school. Oh, I so admire Harvard Law, where all humanity seems to be sucked out those who attend it.

  61. huntingdonpost, I worked in a Law School Library for 7 years, so I’ve seen Law Review types up close for extended periods of time. I didn’t much like them as a group. It’s actually one of the reasons that I moved to Public Libraries.

    I never heard the story of the Law Review and the Murder victim, though. That’s just disgusting.

  62. Well, it may be humiliating to stay with a cheater, but besides being none of his business, why would anyone be angry at someone who’s humiliated? His venom is so totally misplaced.

    Frankly, I think that story is sweet. Not that it matters a damn in terms of politics, but in human terms it suggests a real level of comfort and openness they have with each other.

    As for being a sticker, I read somewhere earlier someone was exchanging emails with Brazille, and she basically said the DNC will go to the mat against her and for The Precious. They better thank her for sticking around and giving them someone viable to go to when their guy completely implodes after everything they tried to do to sandbag her.

  63. someone was exchanging emails with Brazille, and she basically said the DNC will go to the mat against her
    ok, I know 3rd parties aren’t viable, but it seems to me that if there was ever a time in history that one could take off, this is that moment. women who have supported the dems all their lives are being pushed aside, and they aren’t happy about it. the clintons, who have done more for the party than anybody in modern times, are being pushed aside. the DNC is throwing their weight behind a divisive candidate and choosing youth over loyalty.

    I think it’s time to think about a new party. maybe not for november, for the future. right now so many democrats feel unwelcome, hurrt and angry. this could be the time.

  64. And they’re dumb about it, too. There are plenty of young people (me!) who support Hillary, they’re the young coming party activists who make the calls and walk the precincts, you know? Every year we do youth registration drives, and those voters never show up. We’re throwing aside COMMITTED young voters for young voters who aren’t coming. It’s not just frustrating, it’s offensive that they think they can write us off, tell us we’re only here to make the coffee and wash the floor or something, then expect us to show up and save them on election day. How about no?

  65. I wrote to Democracy for America and the DNC to tell them how I felt. I have been a loyal Democrat and I vote for Democrats at the local level. I have voted across party lines very few times. Maybe it is time for a third party. It does seem to be a three way race. Obama is not an in-the-trenches Democrat and I don’t think the young voters who will vote for him are necessarily going to bring congressional and Senate candidates along with them, whereas Clinton will. I have a site on Facebook and I read what students write about–their political activity is online. They don’t go to the polls. They did come out to caucus because it is a big party. It’s a rally. I don’t think they should be ignored at all, but the DNC is miscalculating if it believes Obama will strengthen and not weaken the Democratic party.

  66. katiebird and litigatormom, I’ve been calling Obama the Mirror of Erised for some time now … it’s freaky.and the only reason a mirror can reflect your own hopes and wishes back to you so well is because it’s empty.

  67. Still thinking about this “sticker” stuff … You know, I remember how I felt when Hillary first tossed her hat in the ring.

    I was angry at her. Honestly angry. Christ, what the hell did she think she was doing?! How much easier it would have been to just keep up the fiction, vote for a pro-choice man, and pretend we mattered. Keep our heads down, don’t come to the attention of Mr. Sir who doesn’t like when girls stick their heads up too far. Just keep your damned head down, woman! I remember thinking. Christ, she’s gonna lose and then we’re all gonna pay at the hands of an electorate of sexist males drunk to the gills on having beaten the crap out of one of the most powerful women in politics. Couldn’t she just keep herself to herself and not upset things when they were so delicately balanced already?!

    Thank dawg she didn’t feel the same way. Oh, I still don’t know what’s going to happen — no one does. But this woman just doesn’t quit. “Sticker” doesn’t even begin to approach it. It’s humbling and awee-inspiring the way she just keeps on going. She just doesn’t stop — she embodies the old saw that what it takes to win is simply to get up one more time than you’re knocked down.

    I still think that’s a large part of why a lot of so-called “feminists” are actively campaigning against her. They fear she will lose anyway, and they think that if they can kid themselves that they meant for it to happen, it’ll hurt less, or Mr. Angry Sir will treat them more kindly than he will the loud, brassy ones like her (and like me) who didn’t stay in our places. Or they’re barracudas who are so used to the sexist game that pits woman against woman that they have grown to enjoy eviscerating The Competition.

    Or they can’t get behind a woman who isn’t perfect — while they whine to high heaven at the exact same time about how awful it is that girls in this country feel they have to be perfect and kill themselves to achieve it, because the least little flaw will cause them to be destroyed. While they piss and moan endlessly about how judges will award custody to men who simply drink slightly less than usual while punishing women who have one hair out of place by taking her kids away. And they turn around and piss and whine over imagined feminist lacks ont he part of Hillary Clinton. It’s a goddamned obscenity.

    NO ONE in the history of this country has been better qualified. I fear that even when/if she wins and puts things right that, muhc like her husband, she’ll end up hated and reviled anyway.

  68. The more I hear, the more I like her. The more she is criticized, the more I keep my resolve to send her whatever contribution I can, to blog for her, to root for her. The more I hear Obama’s media champions go to the mat for him no matter what, the more of a sham his whole political campaign seems. He gave a decent speech today, and I agreed with a lot of it, but the upshot was he tried to pass off his problem of his association with Rev. Wright on to Americans at large. Yes we need to understand context. Hillary’s response was right, there is a lot to be said about race and GENDER. She has taken the high ground on this.

  69. […] Last week when riverdaughter invited me to post here at Confluence, I dived right in with a story that had been brewing in the back of my mind for a week or so. And it never occurred to me that I […]

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