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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Saturday Morning in March

Seriously, guys, I have to break out the vacuum and the Clorox cleanup today and start pitching stuff out. But before I get to that, and I suspect I will procrastinate quite a bit, here are some interesting things for your perusal and reflection:

  • Let’s start with Mawm, the comedic genius I found at Taylor Marsh’s site in the comments. First, let me back up to a passage in Obama’s letter on the Huffington Post where he throws his pastor and member of his campaign’s spiritual advisory board under a bus:

    The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation. When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign.

    We’ll get back to Obama’s declaration in a sec. But for now, here’s Mawm’s suggestion for a skit:

    I’d love to see a skit where Obama is watching a Wright sermon that is nothing but love and peace talk. He has to get up to go to the bathroom. As soon as he leaves, Wright launches into one of his tirades. When Obama comes back Wright starts talking nice again. This could go on for 20 years in the skit. Have you noticed Obama is never around when he might have to take a stand?

    Why, yes, Mawm, I *have* noticed that. And as I have said before, I don’t want to dwell too much on a few examples of Wright’s psychogenic fugues that have been taken out of context and blown up to monumental proportions. Yeah, it’s not pretty but we all occasionally reveal a darker side to our natures. However, I do find it interesting that Obama states that he knew about the Reverend’s offensive language at the time he began his presidential campaign, which would make that over a year ago. What does it say about his judgment that he let the thing fester to this point? The thing that jumps out at me over the past couple of weeks during the Samantha Power kerfuffle, the piling on of Geraldine Ferraro (and how much Obama’s campaign enjoyed it) and this latest turmoil over Wright is how Obama and his camp seem to think their feet don’t get dirty in all of this. They’re still floating above it all, at least in their own minds. It’s annoying to them that the rest of us don’t see them as simply too young, beautiful and creative to be dragged into the mud. No doubt they are sighing with exasperation and impatiently glancing at their watches, wondering when it will all be over so they can get back to disenfranchising those pesky voters in Florida who are standing in their way. Little do they know that this is just the beginning. But I wonder who has been giving them assurances that this too shall pass, it’s all in the bag?

  • Florida might need to rethink its mail-in primary. Actually, it was my impression that they had studied it for more than a year. In any case, an expert from Washington state says he doesn’t think that fraud or coercion will be big problems but that logistics for the state of Florida will make it very challenging to distribute ballots to everyone who needs one. Let’s hope the Florida Democratic Party has mindmapped and Gant charted this adventure. Of course, probably the best solution would be for Obama to wave the rules and have the delegates seated as is. It would save him the humiliation of losing a second time.
  • Congratulations American Federation of Concerned Bloggers! You have been cited on many blogs as of this morning including MyDD, Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic, and Taylor Marsh. I seem to recall there were others. When I find more, I’ll update. People are taking notice. Good work!
  • Jamison Foser at Media Matters highlights journalistic inconsistency between reporting on Democrats vs Republicans. (Well, that ought to be an easy job) Specifically, he is referring to the issue of the Villager’s harping on Hillary’s tax returns but *not* harping on John McCain’s, who also hasn’t handed it over for us to examine in minute detail. If the Clintons have planned this well, there will be a big lead up to the PA primary in April, then they will release the returns and the media will discover… nothing.
  • Geordie reminded me of this scene from The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Yes, we are sanctuary.

29 Responses

  1. Good Morning, riverdaughter! You’ve inspired me to go clean my bedroom. But first, I want to ask how you think Super Delegates are going to react to this Minister-Gate (Wright-Gate?) issue? Can Governors, Senators, Congressman and other elected officials stand firmly for Obama with these videos going viral?

    Here in Kansas, our Governor Sebelius endorsed him & over the line in Missour, McCaskill did too. I wonder just how staunch they are?

  2. Hi Katiebird! I would expect that the superdelegates will monitor this event carefully. The ones that are uncommitted would be the ones most likely to be swayed by this, I think.
    Check you email account. I sent you an invitation.

  3. I saw! (katiebird’s taken so I’m thinking….)

  4. !! I’m in! I forgot that I already had an account. Can I send you a draft of a post?

  5. What type of games is the “neutral” Pelosi playing here?


    “If the votes of the superdelegates overturn what’s happened in the elections,” said Pelosi, “it would be harmful to the Democratic Party.”

    Although Pelosi offered her assessment without directly referencing Barack Obama, her comments lend considerable support to the Illinois Democrat.


    Why do we have Superdelegates?

  6. Katiebird: I trust you. Go ahead and post.

  7. MABlue: I agree. If I were the SDs, I would be careful not to piss off voters who elected Clinton in NY, NJ, CA, AZ, MA, FL, OH and MI. Add PA to that mix and you have a powerful group of voters who really don’t give a flying f$%^ what Nancy wants. We will not be patronized or stifled. She’d better deal with it.

  8. River daughter, you are so cool. Keep me in the loop.

  9. Bilia: I have never been cool in all of my life. Please don’t scare me like that so that I have to live up to expectations of cool behavior. 😉

  10. “But I wonder who has been giving them assurances that this too shall pass, it’s all in the bag? ”

    Me too.

    oh and..riverdaughter, you are very cool. Deal with it.

  11. Ack! performance anxiety!

  12. riverdaughter,

    You are so cool you don’t have to be cool. Just be yourself.

    I heard there was a reference to the writer’s strike on raw story, but I couldn’t find it.

    The Obamatrons at the Cheetos place are mystified as to why Allegre posted that diary yesterday. They have never seen anyone be mean to Hillary supporters and yet Hillary supporters have said such awful things about THE ONE that it’s beyond shocking! They can’t understand why anyone in the blogosphere would be laughing at them.

    One of them noticed that some people seem to think that THE PRECIOUS is crashing and burning! How silly. How could that be? They think it will all blow over soon and, as you said, they can get back to crowning THE ONE king.

  13. I can’t help but shake the feeling that no matter what Obama will be the nominee. The utter blackout by the rest of the major networks (exception: ABC) and even the major papers on this Wright story–waiting a full day to report it and even then it was completely biased from Obama’s POV (Headline: “Obama renounces pastor” rather than “Obama’s inflammatory church”)–stands in complete contrast to how they treated Clinton. Ferraro’s controversial remarks were blared across the papers, TV, radio on the same day and tied to Clinton.

    Now with Pelosi’s disturbing remarks that the popular vote count doesn’t matter (and apparently so don’t the wishes of voters in battleground states), I don’t see how the system isn’t totally rigged for Obama.

    This is bad: Obama cannot win the GE. And we’re set to throw away our chances of reclaiming the White House just to knock Clinton? Unbelievable.

  14. This is like some kind of wonderful dream. I just came back from a week’s vacation, and the first bit of news I get is that I’m on strike! And a virtual one: no picket lines, no lost income, no problem!

    I see that I missed something about an Afrocentric minister. How crazy is that? Turning the European colonial export of Christianity into a vehicle of Afrocentrism may be delicious irony, but more likely it’s a confession of historical defeat. The really delicious irony (and yes, all this talk of delicious ironies is making me hungry!) is that the most tenuously African-American of all conceivable African-American candidates should be hoisted on the petard of Afrocentrism.

  15. Seems to me Pelosi forgets that the caucus state delegates are some sort of weird mini-super-delegates.

    She is risking her credibility.

  16. Is riverdaughter cool?

    Just got off my brunch and got hold of the definitive encyclopedia “On Being Cool” and here are some of the criteria one has to fulfill:

    Within a week:

    a)- Make the top of Hillaryhub. We are talking here about being recommended by the smartest and most knowledgeable person running for POTUS.

    b)- Be prominently featured in the Tom Watson blog about “The Few, The Proud, The Clinton Bloggers”. This is THE most coveted spot out there.

    c)- Be one of the go-to refuges for real progressives. These are the brilliant people who care so much about the progressive agenda that they have to quit place where the agenda was being abandoned to the benefit of hero worship.

    My conclusion after careful analysis:

    Uh ooooh!!!

    Everyone in favor of my conclusion say AYE.

    Not all once, thank you.

  17. MABlue: Is THAT what HillaryHub is??? OMG, I had no idea. I hope I didn’t write anything stupid.

  18. “It’s annoying to them that the rest of us don’t see them as simply too young, beautiful and creative to be dragged into the mud.” <– This is *exactly* the message I’ve received from square one. Why these annoying… questions? Can’t they see how beautiful and terribly creative we are? Must we waste our time on these annoyances? Now give us the crown!

    As well, I understand Davidson’s point. I also can’t shake the feeling that no matter what, Obama will be the nominee. It won’t matter what it takes. The corporate media are helping to see to it. I would like very much to be rid of this feeling, but Pelosi’s remarks are not helping.

  19. Quit with the modesty. You have a great site.

    More importantly you have the best taste and ability to find video clips. That alone would be worth the trip.

    Try and enjoy your cleaning.

    As for those worried about Obama having it in the bag. It might appear he has the nomination but only in the minds of people who have proven themselves not relevant (Kerry (04, enough said); Pelosi (not even willing to fight if a loss follows); and Teddy (nice enough guy but only gets by on an inherited seat; plus remember what he did to Carter).

    Now BTD has me worried over at Talk Left about why Hillary doesn’t appear to be fighting for the Florida re-vote. Back to comment “wars.”

  20. Rich! Long time, no see. Yeah, the whole pastor thing is getting Obama’s knickers in a twist. he made a gesture of reconciliation on the floor of the senate yesterday as if to ask Hillary to call off her dogs. Butcha know what? I don’t think Hillary has much to do with this. I think it was always out there and now that the Republicans have picked McCain, they are wasting no time slashing and burning. Dean has ruined the party. He Pelosi, Brazile and Kennedy, who shall from this point on be known as The Gang of Four, are trying very hard to shove Obama down our throat even if, and this point is key, he flips Florida to McCain and is so damaged by Rezko and Wright that he is no longer viable when we get to Denver. Whaddaya think about that?
    So, how was your vacation? Where did you go?

  21. Cdalygo: I’m not being modest. I’m being honest. When people start to pay attention, it’s a lot of responsibility and I never feel comfortable with that. It’s very scary.
    Anyway, feel free to recommend video clips. I can always use some new ideas.

  22. Fair enough. I should have added a smile :>

    It doesn’t really apply to the situation. But I was trying to think of an unmasking movie theme. Only Dorian Gray came to mind and that doesn’t apply.

  23. Disney World! But I think I missed more Goofy here than I found there.

  24. Oh, and as to what I think about that, honestly I am pretty certain that either Clinton or Obama would chop McCain up into little pieces in November…which is why they’re fighting so hard now. This ain’t no decorative ornament, this Democratic nomination. This is the general election.

  25. Riverdaughter and everyone:

    The NYTimes blog, The Caucus, has picked up on Alegre’s diary and the striking bloggers!


  26. BTW, kos’s comment that this is a boycott, not a strike, is hypocritical in the extreme. Long time members would remember that he’d say to those that complain about the tone, “this is a community blog”, “I am a nobody”, “you can write you own diary”, etc. So, he was saying then that YOU, the writers and the readers of the blog made it what it is.

    Now, by calling it a boycott, he is saying that he is providing a product and he is just fine if you don’t buy it.

    Animal Farm, indeed.

    The strike will leave daily kos to fringe elements, will deprive it of the legitimacy that sane voice such as Alegre and other Hillary supporters provide, and will expose kos for the shill he is.

  27. from Tapper at ABC, Markos speaks:

    His response: “First, these people should read up on the definition of ‘strike.’ What they’re doing is a ‘boycott.’ But whatever they call it, I think it’s great. It’s a big Internet, so I hope they find what they’re looking for.”

    Well, first, kos’s cramped definition of ‘strike’ speaks to his lack of grounding in activist tradition. Many things can be struck — among them are class attendance, sexual relations, prison routine, rent, and provision of nonprofit services.

    Second-first, dailykos diarists don’t get paid, but they do turn their own valuable hours and ideasand storehouses of knowledge into items of economic value to the site and its proprietor. Diarists are content providers. (That’s the Web 2.0 business model, right?) Their contributions — appreciated or otherwise — are essential to the site, compensated or not. (I’ve been on a “soft strike” for years now).

    And third-first, kos’s “hope they find what they are looking for” translates as “don’t let the screen door hit ya”, indicative of his attitude toward openness of his community to robust controversy within the Democratic mainstream.

    We should take markos up on his kind invitation. Go find what we are looking for — or create it — and the world will beat a path to our portal.

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