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    Propertius on Once they’re in, you can’t vot…
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    riverdaughter on Once they’re in, you can’t vot…
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      The FBI gathered a huge file on Kavanaugh through its tip line & handed it with a bow to Don McGahn at the White House. It then became an oppo file to control Kavanaugh. Who has that file today? Surely Donald Trump has a copy. McGahn likely too. https://t.co/0kfJBOsveh — Wouter van der Horst (@DerWouter) … Continue reading Of course they do
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      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – October 2, 2022 by Tony Wikrent   Global power shift as USA and west commit suicide by neoliberalism The U.S. Is Winning Its War On Europe’s Industries And People  [Moon of Alabama, via Naked Capitalism 9-27-2022]   The epidemic “‘Other Places in the Country Didn’t Do This’: How One California Town Survived Covid Better Th […]
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Nightcap- New Old Friends

Joe’sIt’s getting late. But some of us aren’t ready to call it a night yet. So much going on and our minds are working overtime to take it all in and make sense of it. But we need to wind it down, kick back, relax, feed our cells (that means you gqmartinez)

So, we’re hanging out at Joe’s. It’s always cool and dark here. The bar is a long gleaming wood affair that Joe keeps in tip top shape with daily doses of lemon cream polish like the kind my grandmother used to use.

There are small tables and chairs and dark secluded corners. That blonde singer is back. She does the blues so well, like she feels it deep down. “The eagle flies on Friday…Lord have mercy on me”

Set’em up Joe. I’ll have a Baker’s bourbon OTR.

27 Responses

  1. Ahhh, nice. But I think I like the Basil-Haydens a bit more. It’s lighter and smoother.

  2. It’s nice hanging out in a virtual bar. I’m in recovery, so I never go to the real ones anymore. This one’s very pleasant and relaxing.

  3. Bottoms up ! – see you tomorrow.. 😉

  4. BB: we serve a mean iced chai

  5. And a nicer Merlot fresh from the box….

  6. Katiebird: LOL! I used to be a snob but now when I buy a bottle of wine, I pray for a screwcap instead of a cork.

  7. iced chai sounds great!

  8. The blond singer is sensational, the band is fantastic.

    This ended up being a grrrrrrrrrrrr8 week.

    Rico Cognac Coupling please
    (pssst: it’s with Anis… Hmmmmmmmm)

  9. (giggle) It just stays fresher this way. And I’ve got less of an excuse for guzzling it. 🙂 (not that I would)

    (Am I bad for dreaming that this will all be over a lot quicker than we thought?)

  10. MABlue: Hmmm, I’ll bet the BFF would like that. 😉

  11. Katiebird: The BFF would look at me disapprovingly if I said I wished bad things on another person. So, I won’t say I hope this brings him down. I truly *do* want him to lose legitimately.

    Is the box O Merlot any good?

  12. I’ll post this here on the most recent post so tusconlynn (and others) can see it.

    Ace Smith will head Hillary’s North Carolina operation. Obama is using the same person who ran his South Carolina operation (as well as Erskine Bowles’s Senate campaign).


  13. http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/3/12/175034/732

    From susiemadrak.com

    A link to this extensive defense of Hillary’s work in Northern Ireland–with comments in Gaelic!

    Any translators?

  14. WS: Hmmm, so Ace did Texas and GullEEfornia, right? Pretty good. But how does he plan to circumvent the conditioning that Obama has planted wrt Clinton and race?
    BTW, if I were him, I’d spend some effort turning out the vote in the Research Triangle.

    Hey, Joe, can I get a refill, please?

  15. http://susiemadrak.com/2008/03/14/15/52/swiftboating/

    And, from Susie herself, a piece on the Swiftboating of Hillary Clinton–in which she refutes two attacks on Hillary, SCHIP and Northern Ireland.

    How can anyone trust Orrin Hatch? I’ve detested him ever since the Clarence Thomas hearings. I don’t think he has much respect for women.

  16. OO links — just in time!

    riverdaughter, my palate isn’t refined at all — I like it (the wine) just fine. But it might not be for everyone.

    I’m not exactly wishing harm on anyone. I just would really like it if the primaries could melt away leaving Hillary standing as our candidate: a complicated dream, I admit.

    (mister just found a reference to the possibility that Oprah used to go to Wright’s church. According to Wright’s secretary, she hasn’t attended in twelve years. It’s just a page, don’t know about how valid it is.)

  17. rd, yes, Ace Smith was in charge of her California and Texas operations.

  18. Actually, the Obama guy only played a “lead role” in Obama’s South Carolina operationv according to the article. .

  19. Somehow I have the feeling HRC can carry NC. I want her campaign to seriously compete there.

    Lots will depend on PA. A big win there (10%+) will carry a lot of weight.

    (Back to my drink).

  20. Some of my cells overreact with a little calcium, some don’t *wink*.

    Missing out on a good friend’s 30th b/c I’m tired and just got home. A Manhattan on the rocks and I’ll be on my way to meet the sandman. Glad to be with friends.

  21. Ladies and gents, I’m fading. Stay as long as you like but I’m going to jump into the arms of morpheus. See you tomorrow on the flip when there will be much planning to do. Nitey-nite.

  22. Hi Riverdaughter,

    I didn’t see an email link so thought I’d communicate through comments. I have a post you might like:


    pax, jp

  23. A toast — to Solidarność

    … and to bed.

  24. As the papers are saying, I agree that Obama did the right thing politically by dumping everything tonight. I’m really interested in seeing if/what SNL will do with this, if anything AND if it lasts until the Sunday morning talk shows. If its talked about on Sunday then I think that Obama is going to have a rough week next week. If not, then he’s dodged a huge bullet.

    Anyway, off for a small glass of wine then to bed.

  25. solidarity!

  26. Thank You, John. I hope you don’t mind if I read it tomorrow. I love the New Testament, BTW, especially the parables. Jesus was a rationailist.

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