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“Wishing doesn’t make it so”

My Dad used to say that to me when I would go off on a tangent and spin a fantasy of what would happen if something I divinely wished would come true. I guess these days we would say he was “harshing my mellow”.

Regretfully, Kos’s mellow is unharshable. He is still daydreaming:

At this point we know that 1) Obama will end the contest with the most pledged delegates, 2) Obama will likely end the contest with the popular vote tally, 3) Obama will end the contest with the most money and greatest fundraising potential, 4) Obama will end the contest with the most states, 5) Obama will end the contest with the best poll numbers against McCain, and 6) Obama will end the contest with the most primary state victories and caucus state victories….

Clinton is in a bad place. She is behind in every metric that matters, and has been relegated to trashing our likely nominee and entire Democratic Party constituencies and states in order to make the case that she’s somehow “more electable” despite all evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately for her, the super delegates aren’t all cloistered in New York or in DC.

and later on…

And as Democrats around the country see Clinton insulting their states and constituencies, don’t think they’re not taking that into consideration as they mull their own votes.

Ok, that last sentence is just laughable in the wake of Obama putting his foot down on seating FL and MI delegations AND revotes.

I don’t know what planet Kos is on. I think he might have signed onto something without carefully considering the damage to his reputation and brand name. But what’s done is done. It’s just that there is no point going on like this when The Math isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans at the end. Neither candidate has enough delegates to win the nomination outright. And since the DNC does have superdelegates *for just this eventuality*, they are going to play a role in deciding this whether Kos likes it or not. Not only that, but the delegates have to consider strategy and other intangibles that go beyond counting and proclaiming one the winner based on numbers alone.

Kos would very much like it if the inconvenient voters of NY, NJ, MA, CA, OH, AZ, FL and MI would just acknowledge the intellectual superiority and rights of the young, college educated and creative classes. To Kos, they just know what’s better for us. After all, we’re just Archie Bunker-type, working stiff, uneducated, old females. That’s all. More than half of the Democratic electorate are just like Edith Bunker and Kos is shouting “Stifle!”. At some point, Hillary Clinton is going to look out over her millions and millions of middle aged dumpy, invisible women and say to herself, “They’re right. Why am I fighting so hard for these people? They’re just the gamma and delta classes of the Brave New World. I should just accept Obama’s higher tally and fade into obscurity.”

I’ll tell you why it won’t happen. It’s because those voters have finally woken up and decided to vote for their own self-interests. It’s because they might be uneducated but they’re not dumb and they know quality when they see it. They may be working stiffs but that just means they can appreciate hard work. And as for creative class, there are plenty of people in Hillary’s camp that get creative everyday to pay the bills and make things run. And these people have a right to express their opinions and be counted. And they are represented by superdelegates. And they live in big populous states where Democrats are needed like FL, MI, OH, NJ, and PA, states that Hillary has won- decisively.

Kos might want to wish them away, but wishing doesn’t make it so. So, Obama is going to have to continue to prove he’s better. He has to earn their votes. He has to persuade them. And stiffling FL and MI, which ends up disenfranchising all of the other Clinton states is a losing proposition. Throwing a diva fit about racism and accusing a lifelong advocate for civil rights starts to look rude and desperate after awhile and people notice. Winning caucuses instead of primaries *in spite of outspending your opponent” tends to make voters wonder why you can’t close the deal.

I hate to harsh Kos’ mellow, but the perception game has turned against his candidate. Hillary has become a more legitimate candidate. She’s had to confront obstacles from both sides and she is winning. She’s not backing down. She’s getting better and I think that is earning her a lot of respect. Voters are noticing even as the news media, Obama and the Republicans beat her up. She stays above the fray. She takes the high road. She risks her own gains so that the disenfranchised have an opportunity to vote for her opponent. She is earning it. If she wins this, she really *will* have made history.

The daydream is almost over. A new reality is taking hold.

37 Responses

  1. Awww, poor Kos. And he’s wondering why is revenue is going down. 😦

    I wonder what they are all gonna do if Barry is the nominee for the G.E. and McCain strolls into the White House. These pundits are gonna look at each other and say “Wha happened?”

  2. Riverdaughter,
    I don’t know if wasting time on kos is a good idea. It may be. But he has no honesty and integrity anymore. sorry to be harsh. This is the guy that called Iowa caucuses undemocratic, and said that they are stupid, as only 6% participate when there is a record turnout. Guess what? Now, he is bashing Hillary Clinton’s camp for even suggesting the same.

    But the last straw for me was his floating of the 50/50 plan for MI and FL, on some pretext that if it’s not so, everyone will break the rules.

    HELLO? democracy=will of voters=right to vote and for that vote to be counted? What part of that equation does he not understand?

    I wrote this comment at TALKLEFT and got a bit a flak for it. I said that certain things are far more important and fundamental that the party you belong to, and the right to vote is one of them. (don’t you think that should be f&^ing OBVIOUS?). I said that anyone, anyone who advocates a 50/50 plan is a Dick Cheney in democratic cloth. To put it bluntly:

    Chris Dodd= kos= Dick Cheney = anyone who supports disenfrachising voters

    and I stand by that.

  3. Both can realistically win the total popular vote. For Hillary, it depends on her victories in PA, FL, MI, and Puerto Rico. Either way it will be close.

    But we do know who will get the most votes from self identified Democrats and thats Hillary. Shouldn’t Democrats have a larger say than Independents and Republicans?

  4. ghost2: Unfortunately, memes get started at DailyKos and they get propagated by Kossacks all over the web. It’s time we addressed the guy at the top of the food chain and pointed out what a load of crap he’s been sending out. Yes, he is drinking kool-ade but it’s the minions that I’m thinking about. If you have only one side of the argument out there and no counter argument, people might think there isn’t one.

  5. All this creative class bullshit is really annoying me. Orlando Patterson is a prime example of such people. He proves the point that the ordinary, hard working, grounded people have said for a long time: that the self-identified creative class cannot distinguish its head from its ass.

    Let me be honest. There are journalists, writers, bloggers, and countless others who consider themselves members of the new elite . They still think that having coffee at some shop in Paris is the height of cultural sophistication, and they love to blabb and repeat some smart-sounding talking points that they have borrowed from somewhere. They usually are in love with their own voice or writings, as the case may be. Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens are other members of this so-called class. Whenever I read any of their ramblings, I bitterly remember that they have good jobs and are well-known. I am reminded of still-strong affirmative action for white male who gets around by well, being a white male.

    If you have been in contact with proud members of the working class, you note their intelligence and that many of them are in touch with what really matters in life, which the members of the ivory towers are trying to decipher by reading desperately from approved texts.

  6. Is ANYBODY in the Clinton Campaign ready to accept this daylight robbery?


    I can’t write any more right now because I am about to walk up the wall. That’s how much the suggestion alone infuriates me.

  7. This all feels like deja vu. The more the Republicans and the media piled on Bill Clinton, the higher his approval ratings during the 90’s. DKos, Keith O and all the other hateful misogynists are becoming irrelevant. People are beginning to wake up and see all the BS that has been said and done in this primary process and I am hopeful that sanity will prevail.

  8. How I love to see that word Democrat! Obama is not one. He is a Bipartisan. He ought to join that party. If you count up Democrat voters, they are mostly for Hillary Clinton. Those are the hardcore faithful, not in the “red” states, but the “blue” ones.

  9. “Kos would very much like it if the inconvenient voters of NY, NJ, MA, CA, OH, AZ, FL and MI would just acknowledge the intellectual superiority and rights of the young, college educated and creative classes. To Kos, they just know what’s better for us. After all, we’re just Archie Bunker-type, working stiff, uneducated, old females. That’s all. More than half of the Democratic electorate are just like Edith Bunker and Kos is shouting “Stifle!”.

    Perfect analogy – except at this age, this “old” female will do anything except stifle herself. It comes with the age and there’s no getting around it. Sorry boys, get used to it ’cause it ain’t disappearing anytime soon, if ever.

  10. MA Blue,

    That is nasty. So Obama got his name off the ballot in Michigan to avoid a loss and bad press, and then he gets to split the delegates?

    Clinton should really go nuclear at this stage and stop playing along with this assholes. This is Bush vs. Gore all over again. Gore was putting his country first, not realizing that what state this bandits would bring his country to.

    Hillary, it’s about the right to vote. Never give up on people’s right to vote. Hillary, you can’t bargain voters’ fundamental right away. You just can’t.

  11. You are right. Obama has to persuade me in the GE or else I might vote for Nader (protest vote) or not vote at all. Even if McCain wins.

  12. Off topic:
    Check out these links:

    http://blog.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2008/03/13/a_military_earmarks_ties_to_th.html (read the comments)


    http://www.mndaily.com/articles/2008/03/12/72166140 , quote:

    Every time Obama delivers a sermon from a soapbox about change – while Tony Rezko sits in front of a grand jury facing federal charges of attempted extortion, money laundering, and fraud, and answers questions about financial ties to Obama – is a textbook exercise in Orwellian doublespeak.

    It’s even more difficult to reconcile Obama’s notion of change with the donations to his campaign from securities and investment firms, the commercial banking industry, big pharma, and hedge-fund companies.




  13. what happened to the comment I just submitted, with about half a dozen link? 😦
    [FYI – Multiple links get the moderation and spam filters excited — RonK]

  14. couple things:

    1. Kos track record in predicting outcomes? Probably wrong 90+ percent of the time, no joke.

    2. That site has been more dedicated to trashing Democrats than Republicans for quite some time so I don’t take too seriously this newfound concern about damage to the party.

  15. ghost2, LOL, you know, I am part of “creative class” and have had many a coffee at shops in Paris (je plaisante pas). And the ivory tower stereotypes? Well.. from experience, more true than not.

    Someone ask Orlando Patterson if his graduate students make a living wage and have health insurance, and does he care? What has he done to fight for more job opportunities and better pay for the non-tenured lecturers, part timers, and TAs who teach all the lower level classes and make a pathetic salary with no benefits? That is what happens in the ivory tower and I wish the tenured professors who run the place would take a look at injustice in their own departments.

  16. Unfortunately, I see nothing but denial of reality from most Obamans.

    They really thought that Barack Hussein Obama was not going to be attacked by the Republics because he is a person of color. He was untouchable and unstoppable. (Yes, I’ve heard many people arguing that they were voting for Obama because they didn’t want to be dragged through the slime of the rightwing attack machine.)

    I couldn’t believe how naive they were being by arguing this way. The rightwing is proud to be racist. The rightwing is proud to lie about their opponents. The rightwing is going to slime any Democrat no matter who he/she is.

    In my opinion, although I will vote for Obama if he is nominated, Hillary is by far the more electable candidate. She has fought the scream machine for many years, and won. She has the experience and the stature to stand up to McCaca’s positive image in the media, and her debating skills are undeniably more impressive than Obama’s. In addition, she has won the big states and the swing states, and will certainly cream Obama in Pennsylvania.

    But please, Kos, don’t let reality interrupt your fantasizing about a world where the lions lie down with the lambs.

    I used to go to his site every day. Now I just wonder when the “liberal” blogosphere became Little Green Footballs.

  17. daria’s right – kos’s reputation does not rest on being right (which he almost never is). He rarely admits he’s wrong. His reputation rests on reliably receiving acclaim from folks who seek his approval.

    kos is a website designer. If he had built a website for cancer-affected families, he’d probably start pontificating on oncology — with just as much good effect.

  18. I have more degrees than I care to count, including a J.D. from Duke and a Ph.D. from Yale, but I still know what it’s like to have no money in the bank, a mortgage payment that is too high, young men and women I care about going off to war–not to mention the environmental, health care, and economic problems that plague us all. (I missed why Orlando Patterson is so bad. I liked Slavery and Social Death, the book that is.)

    I am also not sure I can vote for Obama in the GE if he is the candidate. I would not vote for Nader, not after what happened to Gore. Nader knew he could be a spoiler in that but his ego was too big. In that election for the good of us all, he ought to have stepped aside and I hold it against him.

    Clinton can take this. We have to keep donating and doing all we can to get her elected.

  19. I think I will have to refuse to vote for Obama as well. That may change by November. But right now, I think he’s a racebaiting sexist asshole. Who’s a corporate whore as well. Note the disconnect between his campaign promises from 2004 and his record in the US Senate. And that’s as a one term Senator!


  20. Also, you should not be conceding the popular vote. Despite the dirty tricks of late, I predict that Clinton will have won the popular vote by the end of this all.

  21. Have you seen the caucus and primary numbers that indicate the Obama’s victory percentages are increasing at an increasing rate? Thus, Clinton’s percentages are decreasing at an increasing rate. Wishing otherwise does not make it so. And, while nobodys is reporting this, Obama has won more delegates in Texas than Clinton overall. Wishing she had won won’t make it so.

  22. Aaron,
    what’s the deal about you folks continously saying he won more delegates in Texas? As much as I have looked, the caucus results are stuck at 40% and not certified. I know that was the spin you guys were desperately trying to give, but how could you blow smoke out of nothing?

  23. you know, I really think the Giants should have just conceded the Super Bowl in the 3rd quarter, because the Patriots’ fans really really wanted them to win. or maybe they should have taken all the points scored and split them them 50-50.

    what the hell????

    I am so tired of hearing that Hillary should drop out. in what universe would that be fair to all the people, half or maybe more than half of democrats, who have voted for her, campaigned for her, donated to her?

    I never thought that at age 54 I would suddenly feel like a woman without a party, but I do. what seemed so exciting (so many good candidates!) at the beginning has turned so ugly. websites I used to enjoy (Buzzflash, HuffPo) don’t want my kind around.

    and the Clintons are suddenly akin to grand dragons or whatever they’re called in the KKK. that character assassination might just be the saddest thing of all.

  24. Nothing and nobody has been more divisive than KOS and the other A list bloggers.

    No, even if Hillary wasn’t tied with Obama I’d want her to stay in. I don’t want the hideousness that these A-listers practice to be rewarded with a presidential win. What they’re doing is wrong (and is likely for profit). I’m willing to sacrifice one presidential election to make it stop. With any luck they’ll then be ruined.

  25. Oh, and I forgot to mention the other ugliness that is Olbermann and Matthews.

  26. It seems 9th grade boys have taken over a previous “A list” blog. There needed to be adult supervision, but it was lacking. The best way to indicate disdain is not to visit, not to feed the revenue stream with our clicks. Let one rotten comment fester after another, deeper in the cesspool. MSNBC was hurting, especially that Bu$h supporter Chris Matthews until they could capitalize on spewing slime on Hillary. Chris Matthews loved nothing better than giving “truth” to the lie that Gore said he invented the internet. It was so appalling to watch these clowns pretend that Bu$h had any business being President when he “debated” Gore or wore his transceiver to spout some figures when “debating” Kerry (rule of Gore team: no rear camera shots).

    Can we judge people by the company they keep? Mr. Rezko was Obama’s patron and Rev. Wright his spiritual leader. Obama gravitated towards Teddy when he came to the Senate, who must remind him of his grandfather/father plus would be a good person to fawn over in the interest of jumping up the ladder. Obama consulted with Teddy regarding this jump after one year of boredom in the Senate to campaign for the most difficult job in the world.

    Teddy claimed he endorsed Obama because of his bi-partisan work on the immigration bill, although the recent NYT cover story on Obama’s thin Senate record indicated that Obama cut and ran (“folded like a cheap suit” was Senator Graham’s assessment). Sad to say, but I can’t imagine Teddy supporting a woman as an equal, much less a Commander-in-Chief; and imagine if there were two Clinton presidents to one Kennedy! The Clintons achieved it through their own merit, not inherited wealth.

    If there is one thing that will do Obama in, it will be the trashy way his campaign has treated the Clintons. There are a lot of loyal Dems who contribute money to campaigns who are disgusted with Obama. There might be some out there bringing in another hundred thousand who has felt trashed by being called a racist.

    As for portraying Hill supporters as all uneducated women, the most fervent Hillary supporter I know is a male Ph.D professor. All of the people I know who are supporters have college or advanced degrees. They tend to roll their eyes at the mass hysteria and the simplistic rhetoric of Bama: “We are not the Red states. We are not the Blue states. We are the United States of America.” This is geared to suck in the unsophisticated.

    When I first started evaluating the candidates, I thought I was going to be an Obama fan based on the hype in the blogs I was following. Started watching a few of his campaign events and was astounded at how inane they were–reminded me of high school. Then I tuned in to Hillary and was amazed at how she could take questions from the crowd, think on her feet, and come back with answers that make a lot of sense to me. My brother and mother–both very political–felt the same way. I went to a liberal enclave in the South and held my tongue, until some women lawyers and Ph.D candidates sat down at the table and started telling us all that we need a woman (Hillary) to be President of the United States.

    Inspite of the right-wing media’s hysteria with all things Clinton, decent people know when there is someone who has a higher calling, one based on a deep faith in improving the lot of people, not egoism.

    Hillary lives by this Wesley quote, which she keeps close–“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, as long as ever your can.”

    Sadly, I think the Clintons might just be too good for this country.

  27. Teresa, you’re right. I’d be willing to sacrifice an election too. but the dumb thing is, they could ‘win’ this election and they’ll still lose because their candidate won’t/can’t deliver whatever it is they think they’re gonna get. then they’ll be all disillusioned and swear off politics, leaving a political party in tatters. it wasn’t a great party but it wasn’t like we had a lot of choices.

    Karl Rove couldn’t have planned this better. I don’t think he did, and I’m not gonna give him credit. the democrats imploding from within is a tragedy but I think one of our own making.

  28. If these clowns think that a 50/50 split is going to be seen as legitimate, and, pragmatically, as legitimate by the voters of FL and MI, then they should think again.

    Carville’s $15 million is still on the table. I can see how Hillary needs to be above the fray on this one, but I would really like to see somebody like Carville pounding on the issue.

    Because 50/50 is straight up vote theft. No question about it.

  29. “And, while nobodys is reporting this, Obama has won more delegates in Texas than Clinton overall.”

    That’s a fantastic argument, we can’t get actual voters, but we can game undemocratic systems. unfortunately for you, Donna isn’t in charge of teh rules committee for the general, so disenfranchising states and switching to a caucus system seems unlikely.

  30. Hi riverdaughter ,

    I’m new here, having just found you via Corrente.

    I think this post is absolutely spot on, and I’ve added you to my reader.

    The point you make here in the comments that

    memes get started at DailyKos and they get propagated by Kossacks all over the web. It’s time we addressed the guy at the top of the food chain and pointed out what a load of crap he’s been sending out. Yes, he is drinking kool-ade but it’s the minions that I’m thinking about. If you have only one side of the argument out there and no counter argument, people might think there isn’t one.

    is an excellent one. I feel sorry for kos, angry at his sycophants, and depressed at what this means for the party down the road.

  31. Charles,

    Kos would have done better not to start the Geraldine Ferraro feeding frenzy. He’s the one who found the obsure story and spread it around. Jeremiah Wright has hit the corporate media now, and I don’t think Obama can survive. This guy is his “spiritual advisor.” Joseph Cannon makes this argument very well here:


    The spiritual advisor, along with Obama’s earmarks and the Rezko mess are going to sink him–either in the primary or the general. If Howard Dean and Donna Brazile push through the nom for Obama the Democrats will lose big in November. Let’s hope that Hillary’s backers can prevail, or we are doomed to four more years of wingnut rule.

  32. From a poster at Crooks and Liars:

    The following information gathered from the Library of Congress on the Legislative experience Junior Senator Hillary Clinton and Junior Senator Barack Obama. Please Feel free to check these records for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

    Senator Clinton, who has served only one full term, which is 6 years and another year campaigning, has authored and passed 20 twenty pieces of legislation in her term of six years into law. These bills can be found at (wwwhomas.loc.gov). Senator Clinton has passed.

    (1) Establish the Kate Mullany National Historic Site.
    (2) Support the goals and ideals of Better Hearing and Speech Month.
    (3) Recognize the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.
    (4) Name courthouse after Thurgood Marshall.
    (5) Name courthouse after James L. Watson.
    (6) Name post office after Jonn A. O’Shea.
    (7) Designate Aug. 7, 2003, as National Purple Heart Recognition Day.
    (8) Support the goals and ideals of National Purple Heart Recognition Day.
    (9) Honor the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton on the bicentennial of his death.
    (10) Congratulate the Syracuse Univ. Orange Men’s Lacrosse Team on winning the championship.
    (11) Congratulate the Le Moyne College Dolphins Men’s Lacrosse Team on winning the championship.
    (12) Establish the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution Commemorative Program.
    (13) Name post office after Sergeant Riayan A. Tejeda.
    (14) Honor Shirley Chisholm for her service to the nation and express condolences on her death.
    (15) Honor John J. Downing, Brian Fahey, and Harry Ford, firefighters who lost their lives on duty.

    Only five of Clinton’s bills are, more substantive.
    (16) Extend period of unemployment assistance to victims of 9/11.
    (17) Pay for city projects in response to 9/11
    (18) Assist landmine victims in other countries.
    (19) Assist family caregivers in accessing affordable respite care.
    (20) Designate part of the National Forest System in Puerto Rico as protected in the wilderness preservation system.

    She has a nice list, but note that these are The Fact’s straight from the Senate Record; Therefore, it is not made up.

    Now, It is time to post Senator Obama’s record from the Library of Congress.I have to mention that Senator Obama’s list is too substantive, one is coalesced to categorize. Since its alot, remember you can go to the Library of Congress website, and check it out yourself, but I am just summarizing his first 8 months.

    During Senator Obama’s first 8 eight months of elected service he sponsored over 820 bills.

    He introduced 233 bills regarding healthcare reform,
    125 bills on poverty and public assistance,
    112 bills on crime fighting,
    97 economic bills,
    60 human rights and anti-discrimination bills,
    21 ethics reform bills,
    15 gun control,
    6 veterans affairs and many others.
    In his first year in the U.S. Senate, he authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427. These included:
    (1)the Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 that became LAW,
    (2)The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act that became LAW, (3)The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act that passed the Senate,
    (4)The 2007 Government Ethics Bill that became LAW,
    (5)The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill that is in committee just to name a few.

    In all since he entered the U.S. Senate, Senator Obama has written 890 bills and co-sponsored another 1096. An impressive record, for someone who supposedly has no legislative record. Read the facts and not emotion.

  33. Woo hoo, RiverDaughter! You’re now bookmarked!

    Love the blog…keep it uP!

  34. Steve, nice try:

    “This misleading blog piece has been proliferated throughout the internet. First of all, it compares apples to oranges. It attempts to understate Clinton’s accomplishments by citing the number of bills she authored and passed into law. And then it attempts to over-inflate Obama’s record by citing the total number of bills he sponsored (BOTH in state and federal congress).

    If you look up the information for yourself (http://thomas.loc.gov/bss/110search.html) you can compare apples to apples:

    – In the 109th Congress Obama sponsored 152 bills (26 were signed into law) and co-sponsored 427 (12 were signed into law). Clinton sponsored 177 (21 were signed into law) and co-sponsored 720 (19 were signed into law).

    – In the 110th Congress Obama sponsored 113 (0 signed into law) and co-sponsored 375 (3 signed into law). Clinton sponsored 150 (0 signed into law) and co-sponsored 477 (4 signed into law).

    – Grand Total Authored – Clinton 327 sponsored / 1197 co-sponsored vs. Obama 265 sponsored / 802 co-sponsored

    – Grand Total Passed – Clinton 44 vs. Obama 41

    THE FACT – During the time that Obama and Clinton were in Senate together, Clinton authored 23% more bills and co-sponsored 49% more bills. Clinton helped to pass 7% more bills than Obama. In addition, Clinton sponsored 299 bills and co-sponsored 1183 from 2001-2004 while Obama was not involved in national politics. ”

    Further, there’s a huge difference between a “state” senator, and a national senator.

  35. New here myself, and I’m likin’ it. What’s gotten me so aggravated over the course of this election season is the STEEP decline in reading comprehension by people I had been sure were part of the reality-based community.

    Josh’s response to Steve is a valiant effort to turn the tide, but as RiverDaughter pointed out upstream, “memes get started at DailyKos and they get propagated by Kossacks all over the web.” It’s obvious to anyone who reads the Steve-cited piece that the first list is “passed” and the second list is “introduced,” beyond any other omissions or assorted skulduggery. But too many of us stopped reading carefully when we made up our minds about a candidate.

    From there, it’s viral. Kos readers revel in, then approvingly cite, posts like Steve’s. Hey, it must be true! It certainly feels true, and that dastardly Clinton campaign is capable of anything, based on all the paraphrases and rewritings and misunderstandings I’ve read on Kos! She doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, now, because of all those other things she did! What things? The racist ones, that prove she’s a racist! Did she say them? No, her surrogates did! What makes them surrogates and not loose cannons? Don’t be naive, it’s all planned out, they’re all surrogates!

    We’re the side that’s supposed to be attentive to verbal nuance. We know when the Bush administration says that there are “links” between “Iraq” and Al Qaeda they mean that something in the territorial space of Iraq had something to do with Al Qaeda, but they’re trying to make it _sound like_ Saddam and bin Laden were in cahoots. We know that when the Bush administration says the British government found out about uranium from Africa, they’re trying to obfuscate why it’s not _our_ government and why they’re not naming a specific country in Africa. We know better than to fall for their tricksiness–you can’t fool us!

    But the Obama legions are just as cagey with their talk of associations and relations and surrogacy, so that they can nail The Clinton Campaign for the deeds of an affiliated individual. Bill Clinton links Obama to Jesse Jackson? An insult, an act of pure belittlement! Ferraro pops off? Aha, she must be a Clinton “surrogate,” told what to say by the Queen of the Harpies herself! This proves that it’s always been a racist campaign! What will they do next?!

    It’s the same weak and innuendo-packed premise of _connections_ being taken for _direction_. And WAY too many of us keep falling for it, including influential mouthpieces like Kos, Josh Marshall, etc.

  36. Re MSNBC:

    They have “reassigned” Tucker Carlson and now David Gregory will have a political show.

    I said to myself…”David Gregory – that Bush suck-up, and frat-boy Clinton hater, will have his own show? I have to write them a letter.”

    So I did.


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