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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Thursday- Jeremiah’s Right

DisenfranchisedVoter pointed me to this very interesting segment of a Jeremiah Wright sermon. Wright is Obama’s pastor at the UCC church he attends. The word that comes to mind when I see this is “blinders”:

I’ll betcha Barack never had:

  • The guy sitting next to him at a business meeting put his hand on his thigh under the table.
  • The guy walking him home from a party force himself on him.
  • The chemistry professor spend twice as much time with the pompous but mediocre male student than him.
  • The boss who habitually praises the men in the group at his expense- all the F%^&ing time.
  • The men in other departments who complain that he’s difficult to work with because he’s so “demanding” and “abrasive”
  • The guy who calls him a “bitch” when he’s powerful and a “c^&t” when he’s not.
  • The guys from other departments who stare at his tits.
  • The rental agencies who won’t rent to him because he’s a single parent.
  • The self-righteous religious types who want to control his body.
  • The self-righteous religious types who tell him all the time how he has to be subservient because God wants it that way.
  • The guys who tell him he slept his way to the top.
  • Anyone tell him that “women writers, chefs, fill in the blank would never be as good as male writers, chefs, fill in the blank”

I could go on, but you get the point. Jeremiah thinks 15% of the population has had it bad and still does and he’s right. He just forgot about the 50+ % of the population that it is perfectly OK to *continue* to treat like second class citizens. But I can tell him with a high degree of certainty that if his female parishioners woke up this morning with lighter skin, their lives wouldn’t improve all that much.

Come, come, now, Pastor Wright. We are all brothers and sisters here.

In other news: Hillary was on NPR this morning and thought it was laughable that Steve Inskeep thought there was any valid comparison between her foreign policy record and Obama’s completely non-existent one. (Jeremiah Wright, take note) Oh, and she stuck up for Florida and Michigan. You know, the states with all of the disenfranchised, second-class voters that Obama would like to conveniently forget didn’t vote for him? Yeah, those guys. Solidarity!

Anglachel makes a good point about Hillary’s proposals for a revote in Florida and Michigan:

She is willing to risk losing the gains she has already accrued to ensure that the voters have participated and will view the outcome as legitimate.

I never thought about it that way but isn’t it interesting that Hillary is willing to let her own voters and Edwards voters reject her than risk losing these two states in the fall, but Barry is not. There’s a good possibility that Barry could *win* delegates but he’s not willing to risk it.

Contribution from MABlue: From the WSJ Op/Ed page is a piece entitled, Obama and the Race Card. These truths should be self-evident but apparently some explanation is in order.

62 Responses

  1. Wow! He’s talking about Barack and Hillary from the pulpit? No wonder the IRS is looking into his church. I stopped going to church when I was 16, but before that I never recall the priest giving sermons about politics. I guess times have changed.

    Meanwhile, BTD reports that Obama got no net gain from his “huge” primary victory in Mississippi. Too bad. Must be racism, right?


  2. It’s Ok, I think, as long as he doesn’t tell them who to vote for. I think he was talking about societal and cultural views in the context of a sermon. Of course, it *does* skirt pretty close to the edge. But then, my brother’s pastor is probably just as bad.

  3. What is so sad is that the Clintons have done so much for AA in this country and for so many blacks around the world. I hope some AA come out and speak out against this hate speech. The Obama campaign has set this country back at least 20 years and when Obama says Hillary will say and do anything to win, it appears that it is Obama who is now willing to disenfranchise voters in FL and MI because it benefits him. Screw the people!

  4. riverdaughter–

    Thanks for another great post. My English teacher during my senior year in h.s said women writers would never be as good as male writers. I was the best writer in the class, but he let me know I could never be good enough. And I idolize that teacher. It really hurt when he said that. But that wasn’t like racism, was it? To Barack and his fans, that was probably just “the truth.”

    Sarah over at Corrente wrote a great post along similar lines:


  5. Something is not Wright with this guy’s message.

  6. Correction to my first comment: it was Jerelyn who wrote about the delegate counts at Talk Left. Sorry about that.

  7. Thank God other people have begin to see through these race-baiting games from the Obama campaign.

    Princeton historian Sean Wilentz wrote about it and todays here is a great article from the Wall Street Journal: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120536677319031953.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

    PS: *Before lurkers start writing how The Confluence, is the refuge of KKK members, this poster here is Black and proud of it.

  8. MABlue: Thanks for your support. I hope you know that I harbor no latent racism. It’s just not part of my makeup. Besides, everyone looks black to me on the web. But we should not just people by the color of their pixels but the content of their commentary.

  9. I think Wright undercuts his own message of black strength when he focuses so much on victimization. There is a fine line between preparing people to face real-world injustice and promoting a victim mentality. It is a well-known fact that this mindset is very damaging to people. It actually promotes “learned helplessness” and disempowers people. (That kind of thinking is associated with a hose of problems and is what cognitive therapy is designed to overcome.)
    Michelle O seems to have internalized this world view:

    Everyone needs to read this article!
    [link repaired — RonK]

    How bizarre is it that she actually complained to working class women about how hard she and Barack have it? How they spend $10,000 on her children’s ballet, piano, sports, etc. I did not realize those activities were mandatory…..

  10. ‘Jesus was a black man”? Huh? I guess history is being revised everywhere. Obama he says was raised by a single mom, no, he was raised by his rich white grandparents. Sort of hard to create the binary from this perspective.

  11. Stellaa: As they said in Life of Brian. “I don’t think we’re meant to take it literally” His point is a very good one. Jesus was not a citizen of Rome. He was a citizen of a Roman client state. When a people becomes wholly dependent and subordinate to another, what is created is a sort of slave class. And slavery is something we Americans associate with the African-American experience. Besides, Jesus is personal and universal. He is any color you want him to be and wears those colors well. He is the embodiment of eniightenment and lifting up of the downtrodden and giving every human being worth. So, black suits him fine.
    I don’t question Obama’s background. He should be commended for overcoming some very significant cultural barriers. Let’s celebrate that. But let us also remember that Hillary has had to overcome as well and her barriers are in some ways much tougher to surmount. We have plenty of black priests, pastors etc but not all religions allow female leaders. Black men got the vote before white women. There are many such examples. It would be better for Pastor Wright and other Obama supporters to look beyond the color of the skin or even gender and concentrate on qualifications and diligence. That is where the truth lies. And that is why I am a Hillary supporter.

  12. riverdaughter: My disclosure wasn’t meant for but really for lurkers. I have seen what happens on blogs where commenters dare to be critical to His Awesomeness. Those blogs become known as racists infested nests.

    Check the comments on the Puffpost, Dailykooks, and others about Taylor Marsh, although there are many of us AA commenting there and never letting anything racist go unchallenged.

    As for PA (location of our next Cocktail Event), Hillary seem to leave no stone unturned and has learned from the disastrous IA campaign. Here is a very good article from the WSJ: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120527716957628571.html?mod=mostpop


    RD: The WSJ piece IS NOT from Sean Wilentz. I mentioned him because he wrote a piece about the Obama campaign playing the race card and blaming others.

    His piece is the TNR.

    Please correct I see that I have a bad formulation. The sentence should have been “Princeton historian Sean Wilentz wrote about it and here is a great article from today’s the Wall Street Journal”

    Sorry for the confusion I was a little distracted while writing.

  14. I’ll bet Barack never had a colleague call him a “shrill bitch” during a business meeting and then post-meeting follow him out to the parking lot and beg to f&&k him.

  15. There is a little more to this video. Go to Fox news online and check out the Fox news video section. Watch “Obamas Pastor gives salty sermon”. He talks about Bill and Monica Lewinsky. Pure gutter trash talk. And this is Obama’s spiritual advisor?

  16. Ahhh, the Clinton/AA community =Bill/Monica analogy in the segment of his sermon (towards the middle of the video) is “precious”, specially when accompanied with the *humpin’* motion.


  17. NC4Hillary: we must be psychic.

  18. ufa: Whoa! That happened to someone you know?
    MABlue: corrected.
    NC4Hillary: Yeah, like I said, Wright’s got blinders on.

  19. stellaa: I don’t know if it is accurate to say that Obama’s maternal grandparents were rich. I believe they did help support Obama and his mother while his mother pursued a PhD, and they both lived with them for a while. But lots of people who are not rich help their children and grandchildren in this way. My impression, and I could be wrong, is that Obama’s maternal grandparents were middle class.

    I can also tell you from personal experience that growing up in a middle class rather than poor family doesn’t necessarily eliminate the problems faced by persons of color. Although my parents had nothing when they married and when I was born, by the time I was eight years old my dad had finally gotten his college degree after going to night school and working a full-time job, and my parents were able to buy a modest house in a middle-class suburb. The rest of my childhood was pretty typically middle class, although money was always tight. I had a house, a backyard, and I went to decent although not great suburban public schools. But a single African American boy and I were the only students in the our middle school and high school who weren’t WASPS, Dutch, German, Italian or Jewish — and there weren’t even many Jews. I had to listen to, and decide how to respond to, the casually racist comments of my friends about blacks and Hispanics, and then listen to their patronizing responses, which were typically along the lines of “Oh, but you are one of the good ones,” or “But you don’t look Puerto Rican, you look Castilian (i.e., European and white).” As if these statements were compliments.

    Obama must have faced these kinds of things much more, because his mixed background was physically obvious, in a way that my Hispanic background was apparently not (although my name certainly is). So however comfortable his grandparents were, I would not discount the difficulties he faced as a young boy in a largely white world.

  20. Hmmmm!!! Speaking of race card.

    Didn’t one of Obama’s biggest worshipper pretty much make Geraldine Ferraro’s point in this hagiography?


    PS. Vomit bucket alert: The piece is from the deranged Andrew Sullivan

  21. Where does it go from here? Black folk have never been shy about disagreeing openly with black folk — except possibly in the presence of white folk.

    This’ll be an interesting test of social dynamics.

  22. wow. just wow. I wasn’t going to watch the video but after reading these comments and those at TM, I did.
    Now I need a drink for cryin out loud.

    We are seriously in trouble, no matter who wins
    It will take years to heal what will happen.

  23. riverdaughter: yup

  24. Riverdaughter, thank you for this post. and thanks to all your commenters for the intelligent discussion of the issues here. I think I can understand feelings of being patronized by sombody like Bill Clinton with his claims to be the first black president and all. But I do hate to see the Clintons so vilified by a man of God who says Jesus teaches him to love the hell out of his enemies in a way that implies more hell than love.Comparisons abound of Obama to MKL, Jr but this looks more like Malcolm X than MLK.

    The winks toward Malcolm are a little disturbing in the campaign.

    BTW, I am an old white woman. My son, who is in graduate school, is currently reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X, and he says it’s the hardest book he’s ever tried to read, not because of Malcolm’s anger and hatred of the white man, which is understandable, but because of his misogyny.

  25. riverdaughter – doesn’t his inclusion of Hillary (e.g., Hillary bashing) take Rev. Wrong over the line relative to the IRS? He’s not just talking up Barry, he’s talking down the other candidate.

  26. Maybe Gerry Ferraro didn’t express herself artfully but Ferraro is a now a racist? I am shocked how easily the Obama campaign characterizes their (former) friends as racists.
    It’s clear that these guys saw this as a major opportunity to bludgeon Hillary Clinton.

    Kevin Drum, himself member of the Hillary feeding frenzy has an excellent account of the Ferraro incident:


    Here’s the key passage:

    “Torrance is a faceless little bedroom community most famous for having a big shopping mall, and the Torrance Daily Breeze is a faceless little local newspaper with a circulation of about 60,000. Nobody outside the South Bay reads it, Ferraro’s comment was buried near the end of the original article, California has already voted, and no one in the Obama campaign cared about it. In fact, nobody would ever have noticed her remarks in the first place if Kos hadn’t highlighted them three days after they appeared. Ferraro’s moment in the national press didn’t start until after the blogosphere erupted.

    If Ferraro was trying to do some dog whistling, she sure picked an unusually ineffective forum for it. It’s way more likely that she just blurted out something dumb to a local reporter, and then got her dander up when people started piling on about it.”

  27. We had hopes for better from a self-designated “transformational” candidate, although anyone claiming to be a “uniter” is now suspect in my book.

    I haven’t read Mr. Obama’s autobiographies but did read in a U.K. paper that he ascribed the failure of his parents marriage to race when in fact, his father had a family back in Kenya before he came to Hawaii as an exchange student.

    The racial crescendo seems to rise just before an election in a state with predominately black voters. What is the plan for North Carolina? In some peoples’ minds if you aren’t part of the Obama choir, it is because you harbor racists tendencies.

    The race card won’t play well in a General Election. Is the Obama campaign going to issue “Birth of the Nation” ratings to McCain’s ads? I can imagine how an ad that shows an interior scene with a white curtain moving in the breeze is rated a Birth of the Nation 2 star for its implied association to the KKK (white robes, get it?).

    If we have the first multi-racial President, will the racial sensitivity be omni-present in the White House? Must the honeymoon between the press and the candidate continue throughout the term or charges of racism be hurled? It could get kind of like McCarthyism.

    What if a visiting head of state accidentally failed to follow the correct protocol? Is that racism? Whereas Shrub’s inexperience led many to question his abilities, can anyone do so with Obama and not be called a racist? A campaign concerned with making positive change would have risen above any racial divide, not played its card.

  28. Meanwhile over at TPM, Josh has figured out that this is Hillary’s fault.

    Link omitted.

  29. Obama’s incessant accusations of racism do not result from feeling patronized by “somebody like Bill Clinton.” After his loss in New Hampshire, and well before Bill Clinton’s remarks, Obama made a calculated decision that the only way he could win the nomination was to separate Hillary from her support in the AA community. He then chalked up his loss to racism on the part of New Hampshire voters, is now willing to cry racism at every opportunity, and has been remarkably adept at creating his own opportunities by twisting and spinning and taking out of context the words of anyone even tangentially connected to Hillary Clinton. He does not care if he tears the Democratic Party, or even the country, apart.

    And as far as Bill Clinton’s “claims to be the first black president and all,” Toni Morrison was the one who originated this. I’m sure Clinton felt honored to be so designated, but let’s keep in mind he didn’t just one day wake up and decide to start calling himself this.

  30. http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0308/Wright_on_film.html

    Listen to what Obama has heard every Sunday about Zionists.

  31. ronk:

    You’re not really surprised are you?
    Everything is Hillary’s fault and anything she does only shows how conniving, vile and vicious she is. That has been the story of this campaign.

    One thing this primary season achieved already is the obliteration of comedy. The best summary from this election comes to us from Lambert for Corrente:

    “Breaking: Hillary Clinton sneezes.

    An unnamed source from the Obama campaign suggests that the sneeze may have been on purpose, perhaps to curry favor with the pharmaceutical lobby. The source also observed: “She mentioned Martin Luther King last week. Perhaps she thinks his legacy is something to sneeze at.”

    News of the event is right now being fed into the Obama Outrage Machine, which will generate several hundred Democratic Underground and DailyKos posts by the end of the day.”

    That was supposed to be a joke but now…

  32. MessyMarcy — Just for the record, Bill was tagged “The FIrst Black President” many years before Morrison’s article (as she points out, in the article).

    The Congressional Black Caucus even gave Bill a testimonial dinner, honoring him as such.

    But you’re correct, Obama’s winning strategy (accusing Hillary of race-baiting) emerged with a vengeance January 8-14 as a counter to Clinton’s unexpected turnaround in the New Hampshire primary. I’m still working on a play-by-play timeline. (This work was disrupted by the untimely death of a dear friend, but I’m getting back into it.)

  33. riverdaughter:

    after screwing up this morning, I forget to provide the link of the Sean Wilentz piece in TNR. Here it is:

    “Obama supporters cry wolf on race again.”


  34. tucsonlynn: We’ve all seen instances of remarks taken out of context. There is much about Jeremiah’s statements that are correct as there are that are scurrilous. I don’t want to get down on the man for what he says. I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong about activism from him either. He has a unique perspective on the black experience that I could never hope to acquire. I just want to point out the areas he might have overlooked.
    To be honest, both of Obama’s parents were confessed atheists or agnostics and he didn’t grow up in a religious environment. He’s a Christian but maybe he feels he has to be. I don’t know much about Wright’s church except that UCC is very inclusive. So, where I think that Reverend Wright might have gotten it wrong is that he is failing to put Jesus’ teachings before his activism. He is seeking to stand apart instead of in community.
    In this regard, he is hardly an exception. White evangelical churches do this all of the time and relegate women and gays as less than full members of the church. So, let’s not try to single him out for special treatment and condemnation. It’s just better if we point out to Rev. Wright that discrimination happens to many people for different reasons and is not relegated to one particular skin color.

  35. the Obama Outrage Machine – lol.

    I think it’s just sad that the Clintons are being portrayed as racist. they have always been champions for African Americans. for the Obama campaign to actively work to erase that history and tarnish their names is immoral.

  36. From TM
    “Supporting Clinton while white is dangerous these days, thanks to the Obama campaign”

    This is really pissing me off.
    This country had a wonderful opportunity in these two candidates and it is being ruined …or maybe it is being engineered, who knows, ….

  37. This “pastor” guy is SCARY

    And to think the O’s have been following his lead for 20 yrs to the tune of 20 grand?????


    no wonder MO is not proud of her country with people like that telling her all the time to HATE!!


  38. More on Brian York……lots more….

    Byron York, whose columns in The National Review and The Hill have made him a “voice-of-reason” conservative on Fox News and elsewhere, has traveled full circle on Obama. Last July, he analyzed Obama’s debate performances beginning in April of 2007 and concluded that “one major candidate is unquestionably unprepared to be president.” The author of a book called The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, York then abruptly enlisted in the apparent pro-Obama right-wing conspiracy, hailing him as “electrifying” and praising him for “one of the best political performances anyone has seen this year” after attending a rally in South Carolina in January. Obama, York wrote, was “relentlessly mocking his rivals while making himself the only sane, honest and reasonable person in the race.” York concluded that Obama represented “a mortal threat” to the Clinton candidacy and said it would be hard for Bill Clinton “to cut his legs out from under him without appearing racist.” A couple of days after the article appeared, York praised the Obama campaign’s “high-mindedness”—on Fox News, no less—and said the Clintons “needed to knock Obama down from that plane.” (continued)

  39. Tucsonlynn: Yes, I suspect there was a lot of engineering going on, especially at first, when Edwards was the candidate of choice. But it seems to have benefitted Obama instead. Nevertheless, engineering is still rigging the game and taking choice away from the voters.
    But an odd thing resulted from the engineering. I think Hillary has become a more legitimate candidate. She’s had to confront obstacles from both sides and she is winning. She’s not backing down. She’s getting better and I think that is earning her a lot of respect. Voters are noticing even as the news media, Obama and the Republicans beat her up. If she wins this, she really *will* have made history.

  40. MessyMarcy, I got it wrong about Bill Clinton, but I didn’t mean to speak ill of him. I guess I was just trying to understand what might have spurred the “riding dirty” routine other than pure spite.

  41. riverdaughter,
    I agree, however I always knew she was a legitimate
    candidate. I regret that I once considered Obama to be my stong second choice. Bad judgement on my part, although all of my former friends think my choice of Hillary is bad judgement. Hah!
    Edwards is probably sitting there just scratching his head wondering what the hell happened. I actually heard someone say the other day that they hope it goes to a brokered convention and then Edwards would win. My mind is reeling from this race.

  42. Well glory be, they’re covering this on ABC!! This may just hurt Mr. perfect after all. It’s a beautiful thing.

  43. Obama, his supporters, and the media think Hillary Clinton’s politics are “dirty?” By the time McCain, Swiftboat Vets for “Truth”, and Rove’s spin machine are done with him, he’ll be pegged as a “Jihadist sleeper agent second cousin to Osama bin Laden and co-founder of the Nation of Islam.” Did anyone else notice the spinning FOX News logo in the corner of that video? Oh no, here we go…

    Unfortunately, the MSM can’t focus on the issues because they know Sen. Clinton’s qualifications far outstrip those of Sen Obama. Can someone please explain to me the Obama appeal? He’s lacks political experience; his legislative history is meager; his foreign experience is laughable – majored in international relations? passed legislation on ethics reform?

    BTW, where have I seen these tactics before? Let’s see: Misrepresentation of an opponent’s words; twisting the truth about a candidate’s past accomplishments; glossing over your own questionable record; personal attacks; using the church to justify your own positions and to attack your opponent…


  44. RonK, I’m so sorry about the death of your friend.

    Thank you for the correction, though. I don’t believe I had ever read the actual article by Toni Morrison — I was just relying on all the news items “Toni Morrison calls Bill Clinton first Black President,” which demonstrates once again the importance of going to the original source rather than relying on second-hand versions.

    And the actual statement is so much better and still proves the point I was trying to make: Bill Clinton didn’t get up one morning and egotistically proclaim himself the First Black President. People in the AA community affixed this label because of his background, affinity with, work in behalf of and fair treatment of this community.

    The accusation of racism is probably the one slander that saddens both Clintons to their very core. I know they are both mature enough and magnanimous enough that they will not let it affect their future attitude toward or work in behalf of the AA community. However, it is certainly a reflection of either the cowardice or lack of integrity of those running the national party organization that no one has had the decency to intervene and attempt to put an end to this false and divisive campaigning by Obama that is tearing this party apart. Not to disparage Kucinich or Richardson, but we started this thing with three really promising candidates and were virtually assured of winning the GE. Now Edwards is gone, Obama’s gone nuclear with charges of racism, and two states with many electoral votes that might actually have gone blue have been pissed off to high heaven. Thanks for the leadership, Howard.

  45. So to kinda quote Michelle Obama…”White people better wake up!”

  46. thank you for the links to npr and to wsj. Good stuff.

    These extemist accusations of racism is going to put Obama right out of the running if he makes to the GE. Baaad. Reminds me of the Saelm witch tirals – once the loons accused a judge it was game over. But in the meantime, so much damage was done.

  47. Judith: Ooo, that’s a great analogy. And who traditionally gets accused of witchcraft? Uppity women.

  48. I can’t tell you how profoundly that Wright guy affectted me.
    Just to think of Obama’s kids sitting through that Sunday after Sunday! Haven’t been able to eat anything all day.
    And the other rant about Zionists.
    How can he not disown, reject, denounce, and protect his kids from hate like this?
    How can he have the incredible arrogance to run for president praising this bile?????????

  49. rd — Yes – “witches” were frequently women who asserted their rights in disputes with men – often disputes over property, which conveniently became undisputed when the witches were disposed of.

    One Rachel Clinton was an original New England “witch”. Interesting googling awaits.

  50. Rachel Clinton? hehehe! Now THIS is the first time today I’ve had a real GOOD chuckle!!

    The GOOD Witch! 😉

    Sorry to keep butting in but I just have been as CRAZED as the next woman today (any that are following politics that is)

    It’s freaking me out to think that OnLY a FEW weeks ago I considered myself a “bleeding heart, yellow dog, progressive liberal”

    and today – I am not. What the HECK happened?

    sigh, I always hated being slotted – but I mean how do I call myself a progressive if the other progressives (mostly at the dnc blog) that I’ve ranted with since 2003 are all under the same MISTY eyed influence of BHO?

    Am I a traitor? I like Hillary. I am NOT a Democrat. They say I am a “centralist” what EVER that is………………

    I’m 52
    I’m not a novice at being who I am
    YET they continue to try to slot me OUT of my hive.

    They’re gonna slot me right out of the PARTY pretty soon.
    I have had to quit listening to Air America, quit listening to Ed Schultz, quit going to the Huffington Post and the Nation. It’s beyond crazy!

    And now I’m strangely attracted to the “Joker”
    when did THAT happen? lol

  51. Josh Marshall thinks Hillary wrote Wright’s sermon…..
    It’s the racism, stupid! Yours and those whose racism you condone, facilitate….

    For myself, when watching something like this, it is often difficult to distinguish between what I actually find offensive myself and what it is ingrained in me to believe others will find offensive. He’s certainly not doing Obama any favors by talking like this about Obama in the midst of this campaign. Particulars aside, the political relevance is to show Wright as angry black man; and to tie him to Obama.
    If Obama’s the nominee, we will see no end of this kind of stuff. And there’s probably some small benefit of getting a preview. But the simple fact is that we wouldn’t be seeing this stuff now if it weren’t for the fact that this is the kind of campaign Hillary Clinton’s campaign has decided to wage — often directly and at other times indirectly by not reining it in her supporters when it crops up on its own.

    [blockquoted for clarity — RonK]

  52. She’s running for OFFICE

    It’s not her job to rein in anything imo.

    She should be fighting to WIN

    and she’s doing an excellent job of it imo.

    and btw to quote you prohillary person
    “if it weren’t for the fact that this is the kind of campaign Hillary Clinton’s campaign has decided to wage —”

    show me some PROOF that it’s a FACT that her campaign is doing what EVER? do you work for them? otherwise you are only surmising

  53. …we wouldn’t be seeing this stuff now if it weren’t for the fact that this is the kind of campaign Hillary Clinton’s campaign has decided to wage

    What?! Reverend Wright sells copies of his sermons (i.e. he makes them available). Josh Marshall is confusing assumption with “fact.” Does he not realize that the right-wing and corporate media always goes after the Democratic nominee and, for the time being, Obama seems the most likely choice?

    I’m at a complete loss how Josh can spew such utter nonsense. I can only imagine how bad it is on Air America and amongst Obama supporters (apparently this proves Hillary Clinton and FOX News are in bed together). Good Lord! Anything that ever dares reflect badly on Obama–regardless whether it’s true or legitimate–could only be the result of a Clinton conspiracy.

    Basically, they are charging her with witchcraft.

  54. Context, context, context.

    What we may be seeing in this clip is a Barack Obama trick shot ricocheting and smashing his kneecap.

    This was Wright’s sermon January 13, 2008. That’ no ordinary date.

    January 13 was the peak of BO08’s ramp-up (starting January 7) of the theme that The Clinton’s were race-baiting their way into contention. The move did its job. It consolidated the black vote, made him a winner in South Carolina and several other states, and played well with the holier-than-thou youth and elites … and by January 15 they were playing kiss and make up. (“Some of my staff were overzealous”, etc, etc.)

    But the designed pyrotechnics set Obama’s spiritual mentor and adoptive father-by-proxy off on an unfortunate fiery rant.

  55. ladydawnelle sent me this video clip, this morning.

    It was very difficult to watch this video for me. I understand what the pastor is saying to Black America, and he is correct in some of the things he says, we all know that.

    What I didn’t realize though, after doing a lot of extensive research this morning is that there is a huge movement afoot of hatred as racist backlash against the very same white America in the election.

    Conditions in the inner city must be very bad in the North. Very bad, in order to spawn a movement that speaks like this. It bears more looking into, truly before I can make a post about it.

    I think one of the problems right now is the extreme regionalism in our country, and poverty across the board. Those kind of things build movements, much like they did across the sea, twice.

    Also, I feel very strongly about the separation of church and state. The twain should not meet, in Washington. That is what historically has kept us a free people.

    I think that economic conditions here are causing a Nationalistic movement right now. Except it is split into so many different camps.

  56. Claims that the Clinton campaign released the tapes are false. According to the ABC clip on You-Tube posted on Taylor Marsh, Obama’s Church sells these tapes. After the IRS investigation, there has been more interest in finding out about Obama’s self-described “spiritual leader.

  57. The Obama campaign’s response is not good enough. You don’t go to a church for 20 years and listen to these sermons of hate from Rev. Wright every Sunday and not believe or feel comfortable with these views. It’s such B.S.


  58. Dems need to stick together against the GOP. Have you seen the pastors that John McCain calls his spiritual guides? Check out these videos!


  59. riverdaughter,
    Thank you for this post, esp. your list of things that Barack has (probably) not experienced.

  60. chiro: unfortunately, it wasn’t difficult to assemble a list. *sigh*

  61. […] Topic:  Obama’s pastor and ignoring misogyny, Blog:  The Confluence, Post:  Thursday – Jeremiah’s Right […]

  62. Thank you so much- you are eloquent and articulate. I hope you don’t mind but I posted a link to this on my blog- you say it so much better than I ever could.
    Keep writing the truth!

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