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Meanwhile, Obama says no redo in MI either

For those of you joining the story late, it appears that Obama is playing Florida: No seating of primary delegates, no redo of primary by mail and if they try it, he’s going to tattle on them to the Bush Administration’s DOJ, you know, the one that tried to load the voting rights division with lawyers who thought that white voters in Mississippi were being oppressed.

Now, he’s decided that there shouldn’t be a do-over in Michigan either. That’s right, he’d be happier if the DNC would just split the votes in Florida and Michigan 50/50 even though Clinton decisively won Florida and won by default in Michigan.

So, how do the good people of Michigan feel about that? Well, why don’t we drop in on some of them and see for oursleves? See this from Michigan Liberal. It’s not looking good for Barry.

(Isn’t Michigan called the Wolverine State? And aren’t they vicious and carniverous when taunted?)

One other thing:  If today’s events leave you somehow unsatisfied, make success the best revenge and donate to Hillary’s campaign.  Even $5 or $10 bucks can do a lot of work when combined with thousands of others.  Click here.

27 Responses

  1. Amazingly, a few of those commenters think that Michigan should just “move on.” Would they think that if Obama had won the January primaries?

  2. Yes Nagul35 is particularly offensive in that area, but then, it’s probably not his fault, what with that whole wraith thing going on.

  3. Riverdaughter you better watch it.

    You are reporting facts putting Obama in a bad light. You racist you.
    Before I too get condemned by KeithO for not “repudiating” your entire, I a leaving The Confluence.

  4. I noted in an earlier thread that there’s a case made to the effect that the DNC Charter defines and unconditionally seats all “automatic” delegates (23 FL, 26 MI) … the DNC Rules are subordinate to the Charter, and thus the 2007 Rules action impermissibly violates the Charter.

  5. MABlue: tell me you’re kidding.

  6. Why do the Obama people hate democracy?

  7. rd:

    With this primary season comedy has been obliterated. Exhibit A, KeithO’s train wreck of a commentary today.

    I just watched it online and I actually felt sorry for him. How can anyone fall so tief?

  8. Yo, Obama’s a scaredy-cat.

    ( I was going to say “girlie-man” . . . .)

  9. Obama doesn’t want any more primaries.

    Obama doesn’t want any more debates.

    Obama doesn’t want any more criticism.

    Obama wants the opposition to fold, like they have in all his other races.

  10. Speaking of KO’s “special comment,” a diary by KO, which states that he made his special comment today “more in sorry than in anger” — yes, KO and teacherken are twins separated at birth! — is at the top of the Orange rec list with over a 1000 comments.

    I have not read the actual KO diary because I need to go to work tomorrow morning and I don’t have the time for my head to explode. It’s so messy and I frighten people when I come to work the day after a head explosion.

  11. LOL! Too Funny. Maybe he’ll get the Wolcott treatment. Hey! That’s the ticket! Don’t write MSNBC, write to Wolcott.

  12. …I used the address given above. One can hope inspiredly that he has been flung off stage. It always seems such self-righteous prigs have some odd behaviors that run counter to their professed values. Does KO have a wife who will stand by her man?

  13. To make sense of my above post….I sent an email to KO that bounced….

  14. good God will the nation finally pull its head out of its arse and toss this guy out on his???? He chose to take his name off of that ballot in MI and got his butt whooped in FL!!!

  15. CNN commentator, maxed-out John McCain donor, and professional moralist Bill Bennett—whose brother Bob represented McCain in the flap over The New York Times’s recent attempt at exposing a McCain sex scandal—became an Obama booster as soon as the primaries started. “Obama never brings race into it,” Bennett said in early January. “He taught the black community you don’t have to act like Jesse Jackson; you don’t have to act like Al Sharpton. You can talk about the issues.” Undeterred by the race flap over his own assertion on his syndicated talk-radio show in 2005 that “you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down,” Bennett deplored “the bitterness of the Clinton campaign” and the “unfair hits” they’d taken at Obama. He declared that “all the magic is with Obama” and saluted his “great dignity.”

    During the TV coverage on the night of the New Hampshire primary, Bennett twice counted the Clintons out before the results came in, flatly contradicting his Democratic counterpart, Donna Brazile. He predicted that the Clintons would “come in like George McGovern and go out like Richard Nixon.” When Hillary won, Bennett described himself as “an almost lifelong critic of the Clintons,” adding that “there’s a lot of things you can say about them that are uncomplimentary and that are true.”

  16. A 50/50 split of delegates is as much a disenfranchisement as not seating the delegates is. A 50/50 split of delegates is the DNC picking delegates, not the voters.

  17. Just had to share this:

  18. From the link Ronk gave:

    Howard Dean rewrites and updates his MOST FAMOUS SPEECH.

    “Now we’re going on to New Hampshire, Tom Harkin, then we’re GOING TO IGNORE AND DISMISS MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA, then we’re going on to Oklahoma and South Carolina, and ……..YEAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!”

    Posted by robert ethan | March 12, 2008 6:37 PM

  19. Litigatormom,

    Well, I had to open up dk and take a peek. I didn’t read anything, but KO’s diary has well over 1,000 comments. I looked at the titles in the diary lists and that place really has completed the transformation to Free Republic. Maybe that’s what they mean when they call Obama a “transformational” candidate?

    The WSJ has an editorial today on Obama and the Race Card.


    They seem to think that Barack is maybe just a wee bit too sensitive and too quick to accuse others of racism. Ya think?

  20. I finally got my Hillary Buttons and it got people at work (in Downtown Kansas City, Kansas) talking. I think we were all afraid to discover that the other was an Obama supporter.

    Two women wanted to talk about “What’s happening in the Democratic Party” and NOT in a good way. If these women are an indication of a growing mood then an Obama candidacy is in DEEP trouble. So far, it’s just me and a couple of people I work with, so I guess we can be blown off by The Boys — but I think they’ve got something to worry about.

    Those women, like me, grew up watching Democratic Conventions. And listening to the wonderful Roll Calls, with the elaborate introductions to the votes. And they (like me) are picturing a convention without 2 states. One woman asked if the chairs would be there, but empty (and I think they should be if it comes to that.)

    We keep looking at it from Obama’s perspective (that he must be so down in the polls that he doesn’t think he can absorb a loss in those states) — but at this point it almost doesn’t matter. People who vote/participate in primaries are a small but highly-educated number and those people are noticing that Obama doesn’t want anything to do with FL & MI.

    This is a problem entirely of his doing: I can’t help but think that if he had absorbed them a month or two ago, he’d have the nomination wrapped up by now. Here’s why:

    Nominations are not decided by complex examination of delegates OR popular-votes OR No. of States Won OR Size of Population of States Won OR Speeches OR Momentum. The decisions are made sort of like a stampede. Some combination of all those elements triggers movement toward one candidate.

    If he had absorbed those losses immediately then those February wins would be all powerful. And he’d have the power over Hillary: He could have been the Bigger Person by accepting the (possibly) tainted delegations. Sure the race would be a little tighter on paper (for some of us it has always been tight) — but the narrative would have moved WAY past them by now.

    Instead Obama, by reminding us everyday for weeks now that he can’t absorb a loss in FL & MI is NOT moving us toward his campaign. We (the Big We) might not be moving to Hillary yet, but the movement toward Obama has stopped while We (the Big We) watch events in FL & MI.

    I have to shake my head at the lost opportunity — he could have been a contender.

  21. riverdaughter, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how long & carried-away that got. Feel free to delete it.

  22. Keith O.: “more in sorrow than in anger … but more in sanctimoniousness than in sorrow … but more in pomposity than in sanctimoniousness … but more in self-absorption than in pomposity … but more in superciliousness than in self-absorption … but more in feigned indignation than in superciliousness … … …”

  23. As an Obama supporter, this issue greatly concerns me. When I click the link, the press release and quote attributed to an obama supporter has no source. Where did this come from? Do you have another source?

  24. I did a google search. I still can’t find an original source, but it does appear that Buzz Thomas is behind it, or at least there isn’t anyone out there saying, “Nuh-uh.”


  25. I am curious, however.

    For those that think Michigan and Florida’s delegates should be seated as is….what is to stop the next state from doing the same thing next time and making MY vote meaningless unless the states keep moving them earlier and earlier?

  26. Excuse me: My vote in NJ is already meaningless wtthout FL and MI. As for Florida, the punishment did not fit the crime. It was harshly punitive and the DNC knew it. It is my belief they did it deliberately to keep a sure Clinton state from counting. The DNC could have been more sympathetic to the plight that the GOP legislature was putting the party in. It chose not to and it went overboard and then some.
    Howard Dean should be fired for the way this primary season has turned out. There is simply no excuse for it. And Obama can not win the nomination this way. It will backfire on him spectacularly.

  27. riverdaughter, it’s already backfiring — you should hear some of the things people I work with are saying. They DON’T like it.

    Now, they don’t read blogs, so you could call them “low information voters” and “women of a certain age” — but they’ve watched every convention for 50+ years and they’re starting to wonder what it would look like without MI & FL.

    And they’re not blaming Hillary.

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