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Clinton Cocktail Party- Fools Rush In

woman-with-cocktail-glass-and-rose-is611-019.jpgOk, all you brave and fearless Clinton bloggers, stand down for awhile. We are the ones keeping our heads when all around are losing theirs, we run interference for the underdog, we’re exhausted.

The frenzy and fury stirred up by the other guy is reaching a degree sufficient to push it over into the realm of absurdity. If you act like a diva once too often, people start to notice. And we rush in when the heat starts to blister to douse the screamers with ice cold reality. Well, someone’s gotta do it.

But we need a break. So, kick back and relax. Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Party. Everybody is welcome. Say hellow to Rico at the bar to the left of the door. He’s got flair! Tonight his feature drink is Blue Angel #2, for all you angels out there. But you can order anything you like.

Tonight’s pianist is new to me. Oh, I’ve probably got Bill Evans somewhere on my iPod but I’ve never heard him do this version of My Foolish Heart. It’s just the thing:

We’ve gotten a lot more visitors from the other campaign here lately and we’re happy to see them checking us out. Let’s hope they’ll find us a friendly and forgiving crowd. Even so, everyone’s been a little trigger happy around here lately so please feel free to check your trigger words with Florence, our lovely check room attendant.

The waiter will be circulating soon with smoked salmon, herbed bean dip and crudities and a number of other munchables. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

And now, I’d like to solicit suggestions for taking the Clinton Cocktail Hour live to Harrisburg, PA in the lead up to the primary. Should we stream it live? Go to a bar? Commandeer my sister’s house and throw one there?

Don’t read this if you are relaxed and having fun.

21 Responses

  1. Rico, I’ll have a Kir Royale, por favor. So, how’s life treating you? Where did you take Florence for Valentine’s day?

  2. Stream it live? Yes!
    Go to a bar? Yes!
    Commandeer your sister’s house? Yes!

    T&T to treat my swamp fever, Rico.

  3. Speaking of V.D., this thot for the day, for the Spitzers”

    Purchasing power corrupts; ginormous purchasing power corrupts ginormously.

  4. I’ll have a double Americano to keep me going for the next few hours of work.

  5. Hi everybody,

    I’ll have a seltzer with lime and maybe just a couple of ounces of tonic water mixed in. I gave up drinking in 1982, but I can get a contact high from everyone else.

    I think a streaming cocktail party from PA would be fantastic, although I have no idea about the logistics.

  6. BB: Maybe Taylor would be able to help me out. Or the BFF, he’s got a brandy new Macbook Pro with a faster cpu and harddrive and nicer graphics card (arrggggh! He can’t have nicer toys than me. It isn’t allowed.)

  7. Would you have video and audio? I don’t really understand how it works. I have one of those videocam thingies on my laptop, but I have no idea how it works. I haven’t even figured out the one on my cell phone.

  8. Yeah, I can figure out how to do the videocam thingy and there is a vodpod widget for the blog that is supposed to allow for streaming but the wireless connection might be a problem.

  9. That’s very nice piano music. It’s relaxing. I let myself get really mad today. But that makes me feel mellow.

    Maybe you could live blog and have someone take some video at the party to put up on the blog later. It will be exciting if you can give use live updates from PA.

  10. It was about time.

    We haven’t had one of these for a while and I need those cocktail badly, lest I become a Zen meister.

    On the music, I’ll add one thing.

    This campaign has opened my eyes how widely accepted the worst type of misogyny still is.

    As a Black man , I have to be happy that people don’t want to be caught in open acts of racism, but I can not thoroughly enjoy that.
    The rampant sexism I have seen in this campaign has transformed this Black man, proud dad of a princess into a feminist.

    Therefore, my choice for music today is Marian McPartland, great woman jazz pianist. Coincidentally, she is playing here her rendition of “In A Mist”:

    Champagne Hemingway, if you would Rico

    Simply fill a flute halfway with Pernod, and then top off with the Champagne.

    Sit back with some Marian McPartland, and enjoy!

  11. I’ll have my favorite tension breaker, a mojito.

    Left a copy of my e-mail to Countdown on the thread above. Seventeen year old insisted that i watch it with her, because she thought it was important to hear.
    She was as disappointed in KO as I am.

    I’ll be back. Seventeen year old wants me to proofread her history paper on the Iraq War.

  12. In the humor department — in an atmosphere of pomp and circumstance, nine flag officers today announced their endorsements of Barack Obama for President.

    The funny part is, all but three of these generals and admirals had already announced their endorsements – long ago in most cases.

    Of the remaining three, one is a former procurement officer turned high-echelon (trans-Atlantic) defense industry lobbyist; another fronts for a group of Iraq War “reconstruction” profiteers; and the third is a garden-variety desk-bound DC defense contract marketeer.

    I’ll bet they’re all “ready on Day One”, alright.

  13. MABlue, this whole campaign thing, which in many ways ought to be a happy time for lots of us, has become so emotionally wrought and painful that it’s awful. right in the middle of it, I see you call yourself the proud dad of a princess, and suddenly my eyes welled up and I really smiled. the future isn’t as bleak as it seems as long as there are people not buying the MSM version, people thinking for themselves. we don’t all have to feel exactly the same about everything, but the time we spend tearing each other down is time we don’t spend building for all of us.

  14. I’ll have a Kentucky Kilt: scotch, maker’s mark, amarene cherries, & blood orange twist. Long day. Changes in NY happened way too fast (I just stepped out for a NY minute!)

  15. chris:

    Thanks. Hillary herself give us so much strength because she is the one at receiving end of most of this.

  16. A snippet of remembered conversation:

    “Let’s get moving, Princess, it’s 2:30 and we’ve only explored one park today.”

    “I’m NOT a Princess!”

    “You’re not?! Are you sure?? How can you tell???”

    Princesses don’t wear pants.”

    She’s now of an age where she’s starting to hold my generation responsible for everything in her world we haven’t managed to fix … and treating us like we must have wanted it that way.

    She’ll learn, in her time, in her turn.

    And do it goes.

  17. BFF: See, if you hadn’t left the state, Spitzer would still be governor. By the way, you aren’t ordering any NY cheesecake up there in MA are you?

  18. Cheesecake is not on my diet! Eliot, we hardly knew ya!
    Spent the evening talking to #1 chef. 🙂 Good to catch up and plan.

  19. BFF: does she have any dining suggestions? Do I have to book the Ritz?

  20. Ronk, you have a grown daughter?

    I am never good at guessing lives of people behind the keyboard.

  21. ghost2 — Not exactly what I said … and I’m very careful identifying young persons on the internet.

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