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Read it and weep, kiddies. Keith Olbermann pretty much accused Hillary Clinton of being a racist. A RACIST. Here’s the money quote:

It sounds as if those advisors want their campaign to be associated with those words, and the cheap… ignorant… vile… racism that underlies every syllable.
And that Geraldine Ferraro has just gone free-lance.
Senator Clinton:
This is not a campaign strategy.
This is a suicide pact.

What words are you referring to, Keith? How close in proximity do the unconnected words have to be before you read something into them? As I mentioned before, we’re not fooled into thinking that you really have any interest in race relations. It’s not the African-American population you are sticking up for. They have nothing to fear and everything to gain from a Hillary Clinton presidency. She has been committed to healing the racial divide her entire life. And you have just crapped all over her accomplishments in this area just so you and Obama and his droogs can keep the old boy’s club exclusive.

No doubt, MSNBC consulted its lawyers before it allowed you to read this piece of pulp fiction on the air because, in my humble opinion, it comes very close to being slander and libelous. Of course, I am not a lawyer. I am not a journalist. I am simply a researcher in the deep, dark suburbs of NJ and not all that far away from you. And I feel like rushing up to Rockefeller Center and giving you a piece of my mind. But I think you aptly described exactly the words I would say to you, “Your accusations are cheap, ignorant and vile.” As for showing up to give you a piece of my mind, I’ll leave that to someone like Bill. You have crossed the line and karma is a bitch.

36 Responses

  1. Ha. Keith just said he doesn’t endorse Obama. Is he kidding himself? I hate the way this dude speaks as if he was the most moral journalist ever born. Keith is proof that Ferraro’s underlying premise was correct: he is too caught up in Obama’s presidency to even think straight. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Keith so angry over any Republican. He disgusts me.

  2. Keith O has become Bill O, only without the ratings.

    How said to discover that all these days he just wanted to be like his “nemesis”.


  3. And when will KO call for Obama to declare that he stands for enfranchising the voters of FLA and MI?

  4. Wow. Who knew I’d have more respect for Pat Buchanan than anyone else on cable news these days. He speaks the truth! He needs to get his own show on MSNBC. He’s the only reason to watch that network anymore.

  5. DV: Yeah, how weird is that? I have given up on anyone in the media being professional. Now they are more like curiosities and novelties. It is very refreshing when one of them seems sincere and realistic. But I have to remind myself that it’s only temporary and the person will be batshit crazy when the the revenue stream starts to slacken.
    I believe this feeling is called cynicism or something like that. I resent it.

  6. KretinO

  7. My letter to Countdown:

    Well, it has finally happened. Keith Olbermann has jumped the shark. His special comment was supposed to address Geraldine Ferraro’s unfortunate comments and Clinton’s response.

    But instead, much of the special comment was directed to other problems Olbermann apparently has with Clinton and her campaign, including her credentials, her experience and other matters completely unrelated to Ferraro’s statements, for which Ferraro had resigned by the time the Special Comment aired. He then insisted that Ferraro’s resignation was inadequate, because Ferraro was now free to speak for herself,” and demanded that Clinton “stop her from doing so.”

    What is Keith smoking? Gerry Ferraro, for all her faults (and these statements are among them), is an adult woman who happens to have iconic status for many American women. Clinton cannot kick her out of her campaign AND stop her from speaking for herself. If she has to disavow statements made by Ferraro as a private citizen, she will, but how dare Keith suggest that it is Clinton’s obligation to shut her up?

    When is Keith going to tell Obama that he has to shut up the members of his campaign who are refusing to accept a re-vote in Michigan and Florida? When is Keith going to tell Obama to tell the members of his campaign, including the otherwise admirable Chris Dodd, to shut up instead of saying that splitting the Michigan and Florida delegations 50/50 — without regard to what the voters in those states actually want — is fair or equitable? When is Keith going to tell members of Obama’s campaign to shut up instead of citing the moronic op-ed of Orlando Patterson claiming the 3am ad was racist as proof that the Clinton campaign is racist?

    Maybe if I hear he has done those things, I will start watching again. Until then, sayonara.

  8. I didn’t watch it. I don’t think I’m going to, at least for tonight. It sounds awful. What on earth gives these people the right to actually get involved in the campaigns and still have the ability to pontificate on TV?

  9. Strange bedfellows–I’m also with Dis-Voter in that my 2 new favorite panelists (or at least ones I can stomach) are Pat Buchanon and Joe Scarborough.


    Did anyone catch Chris Matthews 3/11 agreeing with Orlando Patterson’s Op-Ed piece in NYT about how the “Red Phone Ad” was really racist, bringing up images of “Birth of a Nation” and other absolutely INSANE readings?

    “MATTHEWS: And I wonder why we’re seeing an ad like that. That’s how it struck me, a mother tucking the kids in because she heard a noise outside, not that she got a call. It was a 911 message, not a 9/11 message.

    BUCHANAN: Suppose that’s true, Chris. What would be wrong with it? What would be wrong with it, if that were true?

    MATTHEWS: It would be racist.”

    Looks like proof our drinking water really is swimming in drugs.

  10. I wrote a very simple letter, essentially telling him in the bloviatingly large words he uses himself, that he sucks as a human being.

    It was a 2-liner and took exactly 2 minutes to write. I figured none of my letter would be read anyway, so why bother expending my energy on much more than that.

    However, I wanted to make sure there were letters, stacks and stacks of letters, about how we, especially WE WOMEN feel about this misogynistic piece of garbage they have working at their network.

    Anyway in case anyone else feels the way I do: KOlbermann@msnbc.com

  11. rockystripes: That was a complete non-sequitor. Are you sure you copied that down right?

  12. My bad–I watched it live, but I can’t find a link on MSNBC to an archive of the whole 3/11 Hardball transcript but on a quick search, B. Wilmouth of “NewsBusters” has most of it–if you can hold your nose.


    (I’m not supporting the blog or anything THEY support, BTW…)

  13. Rico, my good man … as I start to unwind a little more, I find I’m in the mood for a pour of something a little less pretentious, for a toast to good old Keith. Got anything cheap … ignorant … and vile back there?

  14. Ronk: may I recommend a Desperado? It is a drink I invented myself. You may have heard me mention it before.


    Lowest shelf tequila
    1 Kid’s lunchbox juice, any flavor

    Pour tequila into dirty glass, add enough lunchbox juice to mask taste. Stir lethargically with finger. Add ice if you can get up enough energy to forage through the freezer for some. Sit on floor in darkened room listening to Dark Side of the Moon. Sip and enjoy.

  15. That’s the final straw! My husband and I are tired of writing letters to the DNC and so many others. In NOvember, we would never vote McCain but we have decided to stay home and not vote. They will pay attention, then! I do not recognize my party anymore, therefore, I want no part in it.

  16. rd — Doesn’t sound quite emetic enough … but I’m sure Rico will know what to do.

  17. What a dick.

    (oh sorry).

    Anyone have an email for him?

    What’s wrong with these Faux-Liberal Manicheans, anyway?

  18. Sorry, I just read the above comment.

    I will be very happy to tell KO that he’s dead wrong.


  19. riverdaughter – you are so funny. That drink sounds just the ticket when your eyes are almost stuck shut but ya can just get enough light in to make it to the fridge without tripping over something.

    Hang in everybody – ya cant control the goobers dripping from somebody else’s nose…but you CAN point and laugh.


  20. Olbermann just doesn’t like anybody with a vagina.

  21. He just likes vaginas. The anybody that is attached is superfluous.

  22. It appears that democrats arguing about race isn’t new.

    I was looking for a definition of race-baiting, and stumbled over this pothole.

  23. Applause, Applause!!!!!!!! As I have already said in a few places already, my world is turning topsy-turvey. I love Pat Buchanan. I hate Keith Olbermann. Please don’t tell me I am going to start liking Bill O’Reilly…. That is a little too far down the path into insanity.

  24. karma truly is a bitch and as Tina Fey said best, “Bitches get stuff done!” so KO has it coming!

  25. i guess keith doesn’t believe anybody’s really paying full attention, but he did throw this slur in tonight too:


  26. Hi everyone! I’ve been following for a while, here via H1K.

    I have to say in light of his behavior over the last few months, Keith Olbermann calling anyone cheap, ignorant, and vile is painful. Good job waiting for the twofer, too – Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro! Cute that he leaked it the day before to plan for ratings, too. What a jerk. Thanks for watching, I sure as hell wasn’t going to.

  27. I don’t have cable tv so I can’t watch MSNBC, a loss I can’t really regret. However, I’ve seen some Olbermann commentaries on the web and really, he’s always given me the creeps. I tend to feel that hatemongering is wrong, whether it comes from the left or the right. Olbermann’scurrilous attack on Hillary convinces me I was right to be leery of him.

    Which sounds like an “I told you so” as I write it and I don’t mean it that way. Just that I’ve never thought the way to defeat Limbaugh/O’Reilly is to stoop to their level.

  28. Olbermann’s remarks are clearly hyperbole. While Ferraro’s remarks were not a wise choice from a political standpoint, they hardly seem to cross over into vile, ignorant racism.

  29. His comments were right on the mark. I watched it and clapped. This is not the first time Furorro has made those same exact comments, word for word. 20 years ago she made the exact same statement about Jesse Jackson, and the only this Jackson and Obama have in common is party affiliation and skin color. Their campaigns are very different as are their platforms and overall personal styles.

    I once supported Hillary Clinton, supported her 100%. Then I opened my eyes and started to really dig deep into researching the candidates, making sure that I wasn’t being swayed by anything that doesn’t have to do with the real issues this country faces. And Obama is the right person for the job. He has shown leadership and success in Illinois by getting over 20,000 children health care; as a Jr. Senator his voting record has been solid with his beliefs–unlike Clinton’s voting record as a Jr. Senator. After doing research in places that are non-partisan and not affiliated with either candidate, reading instead of just listening, it is clear that our country will not be better off with Hillary Clinton in office. She is not Bill Clinton, her campaign style and own personal record makes that clear.

    Did you know that she is quoted as saying that she urged her husband to bomb Kosovo even though he thought it was not a good idea? Did you know that when the Rwandan genocide was going on she ignored the human rights activists that begged for her help because she was supposedly such a human rights “enforcer”? Did you know that Furorro, her close friend and former financial contributor for her campaign, owned sweat shops with dozens of abused illegal Chinese immigrants? Did you know that in her book Hillary Clinton says, in her own words, that she believes NAFTA is one of the great successes of the Clinton years?

    Hillary Clinton has consistently made choices in the way she tries to get things done that lead to failure on her part; yet she never takes responsibility for her failures, she always blames someone else. When New York lost over 30,000 jobs after she promised that she would increase jobs, it was not her fault. When her health care plans failed over and over again, she said it was not her fault. Whenever something goes wrong, according to her, it is not her fault. Yet she takes credit for the hard work that others do when their work succeeds. That sounds just like the GW administration to me. As a woman, it disappoints me greatly that this female candidate is not the right choice for president. But it is better to vote for the right candidate than to give women everywhere a bad name by having the disaster and emotionally unstable rollercoster that is Hillary Clinton be the first female in that office. Hillary and McCain, first of all, need lessons in controlling their emotional outbursts before they can really lead in the position of Commander in Chief.

    Is Hillary Clinton a racist? I don’t know. I doubt it. The shameful thing, the thing that makes it so bad, is not whether or not she is a racist, it is that she and her camp would use well-known coded messages and phrases that many racists use to justify their hatred. The Clinton camp has used these to appeal to a voting block whose vote is better left unsought. The idea that black people get ahead based on Affirmative Action rather than skill is a long held racist belief (an erroneous belief and shows the lack of intelligence of such base feelings. Affirmative Action is in place to help all “minority” groups, including women AND whites when they are underrepresented in universities or companies as well!). The code for that has always been “if he/she wasn’t black they wouldn’t be in such a high position.”

    Hillary Clinton and her camp have tried to discount the black vote, though it was considered important when Bill ran for office. They have discounted anyone that votes for Obama, insulting our beliefs, our lifestyles whatever they may be, and our intelligence. Obama and his camp has done none of that to Hillary Clinton supporters. What Hillary forgets is that if she is the nominee, she will need those that support Obama. She can not win the general election without us. After her negative campaign, which will get even worse as it goes on, I won’t be at all surprised if she loses to McCain if she somehow comes out of last place and gets that nod.

    I never believed the things spewed at the Clintons when Bill was in office. Now I see that while they may or may not have been wrong about Bill Clinton, they were on the mark with Hillary. She is a disappointment. Her tactics are hypocritical–especially being that they are the same tactics Karl Rove employed for the GW campaigns in 2000 and 2004, and the same tactics commonly used by the Republicans. If she wins, it will be the end of the Democratic party, and the continuing downfall of this nation. The first female president should be better than that, as a president should always publicly embody the best, not the worst, of the country.

    As for MI and FL, Hillary was for the DNC rules until it looked like she would win the elections there. As for it being fair, not a chance in hell. Most of the candidates weren’t even on the ballot in MI. Obama’s camp IS trying to work out something with the DNC. They are taking action instead of making speeches. And they will abide by whatever the DNC decides because if they don’t it won’t matter anyway. Hillary Clinton is making a show of caring because it suits her now. Her song and dance was different before the polls showed her as a possible favorite, before the elections were actually held. Ultimately, the DNC will have to do what is fair, and they will not leave MI and FL out. This is just to distract from the real issues this country faces, to get people up in arms about one more thing (not unlike the issue of Gay marriage in the 2004 elections) as no state will ever have their citizens’ votes discounted because it is unconstitutional and illegal.

    It can’t work that way and the DNC knows that it will hurt them in November if nothing is done. As for the candidates, they can make any speeches or take any actions they like for seating MI and FL. In the end, they have no say in the final decision and if Dean doesn’t agree with them, then it is on him and his faulty decision making, not on any candidate or pundit no matter what they’ve done or said.

  30. whaleshaman — That’s not a pothole … that’s a goldmine! Working on it . . . .

  31. yup – keep advertising for Ko and I am sure he will change his ways. Not.

  32. KO, even when he speaks against Bush, it feels contrived. He has created a character, the “anti establishment” semi cool dude new guy. This character, is sort of the brother of the “articulate sportscaster”–he threads a few big words together and throws in some trivial and banal political facts. The audience, the infantilized male sports junky, loves that kind of talk. They feel like they have joined a band of brothers. KO, feels superior to O’Reily, but he is a branch of the O”Reily format. Each of his shows, he gives, O”Reily, free advertising and creates this whole faux competition, which again, appeals to his target audience.

  33. Poor KO – I had no idea how very fragile males can be having been around strong men. I used to go to DK – for five years, then the primaries came and being a John Edwards supporter, the atmosphere was caustic and became disgusting and I stopped posting. I used to watch KO too but he morphed or just became his real self. I never could get excited about BO or MO and, of course, did not know enough to support him and said so. I am a Hillary supporter now 100%.

    Does anyone else find it ironic that less than 24 hours after KO’s spittle driven attack on two honorable females who have served this country and the black community in so many ways – calling them racists – we how have tapes of BO’s pastor, his spiritual guide if you will, spewing hate and racial slurs? I mean the pastor was/is an equal opportunity hater – whites, Jews, people with money. KO’s timing has never been good.

    I go back to DK to get screen shots – tonite KO was back preening – of course the droids are fawning all over him – to read the comments was just so funny at first, but really really sad and sick when you realize they absolutely do not recognize they have been whipped up into a hate frenzy and have choosen to not hear or see the tapes of the pastor. Kos and KO apparently need a lot of adulation and will trade out any sense of fairness or decency or truth to get it – even from people who apparently are addlebrained, gobsmacked, nitwits. I used to think it was something in the water – now I realize there are very few people who put their honor and integrity above being in the public eye, having just a modicum of fame, power instead of being honest and truthful. These two aforementioned people are being told they are kingmakers and they are so powerful – I kid you not – the posters actually say this. Do you suppose KO and Kos actually think this is true? I bet they do – bless their hearts! A blog that has been turned into a snake pit of hate and a “pundit” who is a race baiter. Heil! But you know something, I noticed there was not even a quarter of the number of people that were there just one day ago and there were several diaries saying good bye and telling them that BO had a big big problem with the pastors tapes being shown on MSM. Imagine that. Karma?

    It really makes me grateful for the honorable service and integrity shown by HRC and GF over the years.

  34. Boo Radley:

    Yup Keith’s got egg on his face. The timing was perfect. I guess this calls for a special special comment.

  35. hey yo wassup

  36. brunick: Do I know you? Are your initials CH?

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