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Tuesday Follow-up

We left a few things hanging recently, so here’s a little more to chew on:

  • Regarding Linda Hirshman’s pink slip from TalkingPointsMemo, I don’t think it is a coincidence that there are at least two Obama ads on the frontpage at TPM at all times. They swap places, sometimes showing up in the banner, the sidepanel or body. Now, what does it say about TPM that it would deliberately smother any discussion of female voting patterns? And better yet, what does it say about the Obama campaign that it would associate itself with a blog that takes an action that appears to further drown out women’s voices in the left blogosphere? Hmmm, if I were an ambitious internet director for an up and coming post-racial, post-gender transcendent candidate and I wanted to make my voice LOUDER, what would be the harm of trying to purge my opponent’s supporters off the biggest billboards. So, I have a few conference calls with my blogger boyz, (let’s call them Bos and Posh) throw some big ad money around and indirectly suggest that if they are going to be included in future calls and ad revenue, they *might* want to be a little more proactive about my candidate. When does a little pruning turns into a gender cleansing? So, they got a little carried away, irrationally exuberant, so what. It’s not like there are “any women out there”. (“But *why* can’t women go to a stonin’, Mum? ” “It is WRITTEN!”) We really need to address the Obama campaign about this. Either he stops his people from encouraging the anti-female pogrom or he perpetuates the idea that women have no place or power in the public sphere. Shouldn’t the rest of the primary state voters know where he stands on the matter?  Update: Interesting, Josh has pulled the Obama ads from his site.  They were all over the frontpage yesterday but today?  Nada.  Curiouser and Curiouser.
  • How conveeeeenient. So, Senator Chris Dodd, now a fervent Obama supporter, thinks it would be all ticketyboo to just split the Florida and Michigan delegates 50/50 and then they wouldn’t have to have a redo! That would be like giving Obama unearned delegates! Isn’t that cool?? JAYsus, how much of a handicap do we need to give Obama for him to actually win this thing?! (Whoo-boy, you REALLY don’t want to go there, Chris. When the GOP 527’s get through with the whole notion of a quota and affirmative action, Obama will be the least electable pol on the planet. And I’m not being racist here. I’m being *clairvoyant* based on experience.) And what about the Floridians who voted in overwhelming numbers for Clinton? Don’t they count, Chris? You guys just don’t get it. Anything less than self-determination on Florida’s part is going to earn you their unending ire. Now, Jennifer Granholm might want to contemplate just giving all the “uncommitted” votes to Obama but first your guy has to be willing to accept the outcome and seat both delegations as is or be willing to do the whole thing over. And I haven’t heard it.
  • Taylor Marsh has an excellent piece about why powerful men turn to prostitution. She’s done her research. Don’t miss it.
  • Little Hillary Rodham was a cutey in a video dug up by the NYTimes. She looks to be about three and is running around in the film on the day of her brother Hugh’s christening. Hillary’s grandparents lived in Scranton, PA in the upper northeast corner of Pennsylvania. Check it out.
  • I’ve always been fascinated by Scandinavian culture. Some of my favorite books on the oddly emotional yet stoic warlike Norwegians are by Nobel prize winning author Sigrid Undset. Her book, The Axe, from the Master of Hestviken series, brought me to tears. And the Kristen Lavransdatter series is one that women of any age and time can relate to. The Norwegians, Swedes and Danes have been hashing it out for centuries and even though they are virtually indistinguishable to us, they seem inscrutable to one another. (Rent Kitchen Stories for a an example of what happens when you take a Swedish statistician and put him in a high chair to observe the kitchen patterns of a Norwegian bachelor farmer. LOL! Ok, it’s funnier than it sounds, trust me.) But it turns out that they are not done yet. No, they are still fighting over some ill-gotten booty that the Swedes swiped from the Danes 350 years ago and the Danish are still sensitive over it. The line about the doormat names at Ikea is hillarious. Ok, sorry guys, just give the stuff back and there will be no raiding parties.

Not done yet but publishing anyway…

26 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter,

    Have you checked the amazing video titled “polished like gold” on Hillary’s youtube page? It’s simply amazing, especially the second woman is very eloquent and lucid, and she is 91 years old.

    pass it around.

  2. Morning. I enjoyed the video. Yes, she was cute and all that (what child isn’t?) but what I found most interesting was how the major (?) at the end of the film, thought she was tough. He sounded like a very down to earth kind of guy and I just cannot believe that there are not many more like him ready to support Hillary.

    I honestly do not think that this is just about “middle aged” women as HC main supporters anymore. I believe that the longer this goes on, the more male support she will get as well, specially when the economy becomes, more and more a factor to decide our next president.

    But, what do I know, right?

  3. riverdaughter – please read and comment on Orlando Patterson’s piece of crap OpEd in today’s NY Times.

    They will do/say/conjur up anything to make Hillary Clinton a racist of outrageous proportions.

  4. Maybe I am being picky, but the phrase “prim little blond” was a put down. Check out definitions of prim and you get things like “straight-laced, prudish”, “priggish, exaggeratedly proper”. An exuberant little girl is prudish, too proper? Journalists cannot control themselves!

  5. riverdaughter–

    The Scandinavians have great food too. My sister-in-law is Danish and her mom came here from Denmark. Once at a family gathering, my SIL made us all eat breakfast Danish style. There is a Danish bakery near here, and the bread and rolls wer to die for. We all had to use real butter and make open-faced sandwiches with cheese and meat. All delicious though high fat.

    Have you seen the film “Insomnia”–the original version that takes place in Norway during the time of year when it stays light all the time? Good movie.

  6. riverdaughter,

    Very interesting speculation on the motives of Jos and Bosh or whatever their names are. I’m fascinated. Do you have inside information on this? You are obviously far more sophisticated in the ways of blogs and politics than I am. If that were true, and it got around, it might not look so good for those sites. They might have to be treated like political action committees or something.

  7. BB: I am only speculating based on the ads on Josh’s site (and used to be on DailyKos) and the degree to which they have heavily promoted him at the expense of other candidates. Now that Hirshman has been given the boot at TPMcafe, we have to wonder if there was a motive to protect advertising dollars. From what I understand, she was making a lot of noise about the class differences between female supporters of Clinton vs Obama. That’s not exactly the kind of thing Obama probably wants to get into. AND, TPM is interested in cultivating the Obama supporters so Linda just wasn’t a good fit anymore. Who cares what women think? They’re not the ones who are clicking the site accoriding to the ad surveys.
    I’m sure there is a thesis in what happened to the blogosphere this year. Maybe Hirshman herself will document it.

  8. Good morning, folks. Please see my e-mail exchange with Josh Marshall below. My e-mail is first, his reply follows.


    On 3/10/08 8:42 PM, “[xxxxx]” wrote:
    “I’m not sure the accusation of bias is particularly helpful. For now, like I said, we’re focusing on getting our long-standing regulars and folks covering things we don’t on the blog. I recognize that you think female voters should be one of those things, we disagree.”

    Does that mean that TPM doesn’t need the traffic of female voters?

    [JMM]: No, we very much do. And if we lose your readership it will be our loss. What it means is that Hirschman has been deeply dishonest about what happened here. And she took the email completely out of context. Linda came to us late last year and asked if she could post at TPMCafe. We said yes. TPMCafe has a core group of longterm contributors. And we fairly frequently sign on new people. Sometimes we keep those people in the group of people who can post at will on the site and others we decide to put in a category of people who have to pitch individual posts. We do this frequently. The only difference here is that Linda has tried to take this and make something into what it is clearly not. The passage below is easy to misconstrue. But if Linda had included the entire exchange the meaning would be more clear. What Andrew was saying was that we were trying to focus our coverage of political matters — campaigns and elections to our campaign site and leave TPMCafe to focus on policy, cultural issues, etc. I have no interest in bad-mouthing Linda. But she’s misleading people about what happened. If we lose your readership because of that it’s our loss. But it will be because of Linda’s actions not ours. Best, Josh Marshall

  9. Thanks for the links.. as a part-Swede.. it is pretty funny that nobody else can tell Scandinavians apart but AFAIK back in Minnesota where my family is from, the different groups are still sniping at each other. I’m not wild about the cooking though, I like food with actual spices instead of just salt and dill 🙂 at least I never had to eat lutefisk

  10. Litigatormom: Isn’t is a cultural issue to discuss female voting patterns? TPM Election Central is very topical and newsy but the concerns of women and POLICIES that affect them are very much long standing and deserve a different kind of treatment. I understand where Josh is coming from and I don’t think Hirshman belongs on the Election Central section.
    Plus, I do think that in general, TPM has slanted its coverage to be more pro-Obama and the ads were definitely there yesterday. You couldn’t miss it. Money *DOES* change everything. Whether it was intentional or not, it is hard to resist giving your public what it wants.
    And Josh has. A LOT.

  11. riverdaughter: I agree. I thought Josh’s explanation of why it would be Linda’s fault if TPM lost my readership was extremely lame. That kind of dismissive attitude about womens’ concerns — which are political, economic and cultural, and not necessarily election-specific — is never acknowledged to be sexist by the men who have them; indeed, they are affronted when it is raised with them. Women who are offended by sexism are supposed to ignore it or excuse it, for fear of offending the sexists.

  12. riverdaughter: I also think Josh was saying, “if you are the kind of person who would take the word of someone like Linda over mine, then we really DON’T need your traffic.”

  13. Litigatormom,

    What is your reaction to what Josh said? I certainly think TPM is biased in favor of Obama, and that is why I no longer go there. It seems to me that gender and class issues are cultural issues. I haven’t yet read Hirshman’s articles that were published in the corporate media, but I plan when I can find time.

  14. Litigatormom,

    I posted my question before i saw your follow-up. Thanks.

  15. I also don’t understand what josh meant when he said the passage in question was “easy to misconstrue.” How can it be misconstrued? Andrew very clearly said that women’s voting behavior is not considered relevant to the election coverage at TPM.

  16. On TPM right now, the headline “HOUSE DEMS GROW A PAIR” appears over the story about the rejection of retroactive telecom immunity. Next to a picture of Nancy Pelosi. Click!
    It’s a phrase that gets tossed around a lot in the blogosphere, so I don’t think TPM is more liable than a lot of other folks, and I think Josh has done great work. But please. Could people associating other people’s “toughness” or lack of it with testicles?

  17. I meant “stop associating” in the last sentence, sorry.

  18. Good point, Eloise. Or maybe they were referring to Nancy growing a pair of ovaries?

  19. Until yesterday, TPM was still someplace I would visit because of its coverage of the DOJ scandals, the FISA issues, and the Miers/Bolton contempt of Congress. It’s coverage of those issues has really been excellent. I got turned off to its election coverage a while back when I realized that it was not only pro-Obama but anti-Hillary. Still, I thought that TPM was keeping that stuff separate from the other issues I was interested in, so I kept visiting.

    But that e-mail from Josh was sufficient dismissive that I think I won’t be going back. I’ll have to get my Unitary Executive scandals info from other sources.

  20. TPM just changed the headline to “Let The Fireworks Begin”!
    Oh, riverdaughter, two thumbs up on Sigrid Undset. I have both the translations of Kristin Lavransdatter — a truly great writer.

  21. Eloise that phrase gets tossed around in the blogosphere a LOT, you are right. There is so much of this macho attitude going on.

    I don’t know how they resolve the cognitive dissonance between the prevailing blog attitude of “Democrats have to be tough and FIGHT the GOP!” and add to that “Obama Obama Obama unity unity hope!”

    Oh, wait, I do know how they resolve it –> whenever confronted on the facts, they lash out at Hillary for being evil.

  22. What is ironic, of course, about “growing a pair” is that Hillary has long been accused of “having a pair” herself.

  23. Of ovaries, that is. In fact, why would Pelost have to grow a pair? She’s got ovaries too.

  24. Speaking of ovaries or “brass ones,” Roger Simon at Politco says that Obama doesn’t seems to have the requisite intestinal fortitude to fight back against attacks. He said the primary campaign is “coming down to brain vs. brawn.”


    Of course think that Hillary surpasses Barack in brain power as well as guts, but Simon argues that all of Obama’s whining about the Clinton Campaign’s tactics is wasted, because Hillary wants Democratic voters to know that she will do “whatever it takes” to win. That is what will be needed in the general election campaign.
    Here’s Simon’s takeaway message:

    “The Clinton campaign accepts the notion that it will do whatever it takes to win. The Clinton campaign promotes it. It wants Democratic voters, especially the superdelegates, to know that Clinton is a winner, no matter how down-and-dirty the fight….
    Obama sees through the game of politics. He knows it is often dirty…. But seeing through the game is not the same as winning it.”

  25. As another part Swede, I know. 🙂 You should find a Scandinavian friend to have you over at Christmas for a Smorgasbord. Or, you can come to my house.

    Also, I always recommend the mysteries of Henning Mankell, which my Mom loves; I haven’t dived into them fully (I’m too hooked on Elizabeth George), but people seem to love them.

  26. As a three quarters Swede let me say that my grandmother made a very nice lutefisk. It had a cream sauce. For those who don’t know, lutefisk is cod filets that are soaked in lye then dried in the sun. It keeps forever.

    Yes Scandanavian food is rich. Which means the people have genetically selected for strong gall bladders. For a creamy gravy add butter. Use bacon fat for seasoning vegetables. The breads and pastries are fabulous. Does anyone know where in LA to get limpa bread? It is a sweet rye with anise, cardamon and dill.

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