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The Keystone State

I got a call from my sister today. She rarely calls me. I’m not a phone person and she’s Miss Popularity. We’re different. Anyway, the first thing she said when I answered the phone was “Go Hillary!”. I found this a little strange for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not certain what party she belongs to but it wouldn’t surprise me if she had voted for Bush at least once. Second, she works for a big, nasty health insurance company who I will not mention by name but let’s put it this way, her company is so despised that she works in a building with no signs on it that say what it is. It’s just a big blocky, unidentifiable building deliberately kept as inconspicuous as possible to keep people from going postal. But *she’s* a really decent person and the company she works for isn’t very nice to its employees either, from what I hear. So, I hope she never had to deny any claims for you guys out there. Third, she lives in that section of Pennsylvania that is closer to Alabama culturally. Lots and lots of wingers. My mom was one, my brother still is one. My sister loved the ones she was with.

AAAAANNNNYWAY, she calls and tells me that all of her friends are voting for Hillary. And she seems pretty stoked too. She’s planning to attend a Hillary event. The only thing I can’t convince her of is to change her party affiliation for the primary or she won’t be able to push Hillary over the edge. My mom is voting for Hillary and so is my aunt. In fact many of my Pittsburgh family members are Hillary fans. But I’m amazed at how many people in central PA are ready to vote for her. This would have been unheard of a year ago. I think the only thing I can attribute it to is Hillary’s perserverence in the midst of really bad press and relentless attacks. She’s held up well and she’s done very well in debate. And now my sister says she is a politico this year, sucking up information from any place she can and really paying attention. (Guess where I’ll be every spare weekend in April? Maybe I can set up a liveblog Clinton Cocktail Party)

So, let’s hear it for the newly energized Hillary base in PA! Cheer them on and tell my sister why she should run, don’t walk, to her county board of elections to change her party affiliation to Democrat this year. She didn’t know this blog existed until today but I’m hoping she’ll post and tell us what’s going on.

Do I hear any, “Hell Yeah!?

One more thing: Kindly Freep this poll if you feel so inclined. http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/larry.king.live/ Barry is currently ahead.

71 Responses

  1. Yay for riverdaughter’s sister and all her friends! Here’s hoping for a blowout for Hillary in PA!

  2. Thanks. Just frankly speaking, she needs to turn the table in PA. It’s not easy, the media will try all possible to make it a very close race and tip it the other way. But every vote in PA counts. Everyone.

  3. Do you read that, B? Every vote will count because the media has 7 weeks to turn PA into the horserace of the century. They want to make the polls as close as possible because it makes for good TV. But these are the same idiots who gave us George W. Bush. I don’t care who you vote for in the fall (actually, I *do* care but one thing at a time). All I’m asking is that you help MY party elect Hillary as the nominee. You can change your party back to Communists for Christ or whatever after the PA primary but give my party Hillary and I’ll tell you what happened to your Frustration Ball that you won on Bozo the Clown when we lived in Hawaii.

  4. voted for Hillary on cnn right now larry king –


    Barry is winning.

  5. Somebody please help me!

    What is it with this crock running all over the US media: “Will CLEAN Golden Boy Barack Obama finally get into the sewer the way VILE Hillary wants him to? Is he going to abandon his new type of campaign base purely on issues and get into the type of dirty politics created by that witch? Poor Barry, poor Barry…”

    Where is that coming from? Obama and his campaign have been throwing ALL kinds of stuff to Hillary since the summer when the press begged him to finally “take the gloves off”. They have mocked and insulted her at every turn. Obama himself didn’t hesitate to dip into old boy sexism.

    Has the US press decided to just ruin every minute of my life?

  6. Plus, Riverdaughter,

    Now that it’s possible to change affiliation before the primary, I am sure there is a huge drive in PA to get people to swtich to Dem to vote for Obama.

    I assure you, we may not know it, but Karl Rove and GOP has crunched every possible number, and they know who their toughest opponent is. My hunch is that it’s the person able to make Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and a few other states competitive (I think she would win Arkansas outright), and stop McCain from making NJ, and a few of other states competitive. A person who has the coalition of working class and women, which last I checked, were the most reliable bunch of voters.

    And you think with a woman on the ticket, the single women will not show up in storms to vote for the first woman president? Yes, they will.

    With all the talk of new voters that Barack brings, why is that still 58% of primary voters are women, and she just cleans the clock with them?

    For those who do favorability math and stuff like that, do me a favor, and do a back of an envelope calculation on how much a few percent increase in women’s vote and a few percent increase in democratic share will do in November.

    But that’s just my 2cents. Predicting polls in November is about as foolish as predicting who will win the Stanley Cup this year.

  7. Welcome, riverdaughter’s sister!

    Join the fun!

    And be proud…be very proud!!1

  8. Also, maybe NOW and others should just come out and run a “democrats for a day for Hillary” operation. I am sure there are many republican women who will be thrilled at having the first woman president.

  9. MABlue: Yep, they are pulling out all of the stops. They haven’t been able to stop her yet and it’s getting very frustrating. But if she has made it this far, it’s because voters are on to it and they are ignoring it. That is a very good thing and we need to encourage more of it. You’re not losing your mind. *THEY* are losing their power and isn’t that always when the bad guys screech the loudest in the movies?

  10. MABlue:

    Has the US press decided to just ruin every minute of my life?


    This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions.

    [borrowed from Atrios]


    You call Bo “Barry” (which is the name he went by in HS), but IF (a big IF) he’s electEd POTUS…will the oath be given to Barack Hussein Obama?

    I actually hope it would be IF (big IF) he were elected.

  12. It’s great to see so many Republican women voting for Hillary and they are voting because they really believe in her and not because they want to vote for the weakest Democratic candidate (Obama!) to make it easier for McCain in the general.

  13. BTW guys, today’s google news looks good for Hillary. (I do that to see where headlines are.)

    The news coverage may be turning. Be on the lookout and encourage it (don’t know how, but feel we should be doing it!!)

  14. riverdaughter– My sister is the same way. She has never had a political thought in her life, but she loves Hillary (I think she knows that Hillary is a fighter.) We did some stuff in Maryland (our fair but misinformed state), but she wants to take a road trip to PA and do some campaigning. I have to figure it out, but WV might need more help. PA seems to be well covered.

  15. MaBlue.


  16. ghost2, Shainzona:

    That was a good one.

    Although as a strong Hillary supporter and a… gasp… Black man, I should really know the answer to such a simple question by now.

  17. now another advisor in hot water

    Intel Adviser Breaks with Obama over FISA, Telecoms


  18. On another site, they are having a discussion of how to mend this stupid nominating system we have, and one of the issues discussed was a national primary. I had never really formed an opinion on this, but another posted pointed out how conducting a long campaign really shows what a candidate is made of. She convinced me. I think Hillary really has gained a lot of votes because of the way she has persevered and triumphed over so much vile, vindictive crap thrown at her by the press, her opponent and the Dem establishment. She dealt with losses professionally and maturely and just kept campaigning on the issues she considers important to the country. Obama has not held up so well.

  19. Me Again. Sorry to bug you again– but…Please VOLUNTEER if you would be willing to POST ONLINE COMMENTS in local papers FOR HILLARY. We are currently working on WY and MS– but need lots of people to cover PA. A small group of us started in OH and TX and had great success-SO PLEASE HELP US OUT if you can. Email me at spabeles@patriot.net for web addresses & to get started. Thanks guys.

  20. I don’t know if I could have stayed sane this year if I hadn’t had my sister to talk politics with. My husband is also a Hillary supporter, but isn’t as into discussing all the minutiae as we are. BTW, dear sister called first thing the other day to tell me about your “Neener, neener, neener” headline, which cracked her up.

  21. hey, you got a mention on jerome armstrong’s myDD frontpage post. congrats! one of your snarky comments about how obama doesn’t actually, you know, WIN elections.

    he won texas like bush won florida.


  22. I just saw that campskunk. Yay for goldberry!

  23. Isn’t that: “Hill, Yeah!!” ?

  24. Where are places that people can “borrow” store front campaign offices and go to Pennsylvania to help with the campaign. I remember that Harrisburg was quite beautiful when I went through Pennsylvania once when I was a child.

  25. Did anyone see the new Rasmussen Michigan poll with both tied at 41% and 18% undecided? Obama was able to tie that poll because Ras estimated that the Democrats vs. Republican/Independent ratio was 50/50 (well they said just slightly more than half so probably 51-53% were Dems). In contrast, in Ohio, Dems were 69% with the rest being Independents and Republicans.

    Its good that Gov. Granholm is a Hillary supporter so she can look out for her interests over in Michigan. I also think that she can win this state handily in a state similar to Ohio but I don’t want “Democrats for a Day” messing things up. It just irks me that Obama is only in the game because of the support of non-Democrats.

  26. campskunk: is that a good thing? And if so, what do you think contributed to it?

  27. Goldberry, you rock. I’m here in AZ recovering from 10 sleep-deprived days in El Paso. We killed there: 69% of the popular vote, and while we don’t have a caucus count yet, in large part due to rampant fraud, I’m sure we killed there, too. They played dirty in El Paso and lost.

    You guys are going to rock PA. We won TX because of a wave of volunteerism that started Feb 6. That wave is still building, and will drown the Obama campaign.

    Great to hear this. I’m glad you’re there.


  28. riverdaughter, Jerome is a very respected well-known blogger (even though they hate him at DKos now because he supports Hillary). I think it means you’re on your way! It’s a good thing. Jeralyn also listed your blog on the main page the other day in a post about Hillary friendly blogs.

  29. Great work, Pacific John! I hope to outdo you and I’m sure you won’t mind. 😉
    Tabby: Well, it’s very nice to have a link from Jerome. I know him from his book and occasional trips to MyDD. But all the ego feeding gives me performance anxiety.

  30. Gloria Borger on AC 360 said she wondered if Michigan and Florida could be winner take all. Hmmm, I don’t know if its even possible, but Borger called the two states could be “sudden death” for the nomination.

  31. You can handle it. You are one of the best writers around. I visit a lot of blogs but very very few hold my interest long enough to stay. Daily Kos is disgusting to me so I post at Talkleft (Teresa, the regular one, not the snow one) and read here and the front page of MyDD. And Turkana anywhere. I don’t remember how, but I found your blog during it’s first week. I think maybe RonK mentioned it on Kos or maybe you did on FDL or somewhere.

    Most blogs are boring and you are never that so I predict great things for you. I am so glad you started this. I was ready to give up on Hillary and you didn’t. I now have hope!

  32. Oh my god, Cindy McCain keeps a grudge list (a physical list or one in her head? – they didn’t say) according to AC 360 (been watching it all night). I bet Michelle Obama is on the list after her “proud” comments.

  33. When did Keith Olberman become such a jackass?

  34. KO wasn’t an Obamacan at the start of the primary. During the New Hampshire primary, he sounded fair towards both sides. I think he started going pro-Obama when he had his 11 state winning streak.

  35. “When did Keith Olberman become such a jackass?”

    When he drank the Kool-Aid or saw the light or whatever it is that happens. He started out somewhat fair but now he just loves hating on Hillary. He ridicules her and laughs at her. I have written him off. My viewing list is getting really small.

  36. The following article from the WaPo is proof that if you left a baboon long enough on a word processor, he could end up spelling a word correctly:


  37. I… Drink.. Your.. Kool-Aid!

    I Drink It Up!!!

  38. Hi Tabbycat, aka Teresa

    from TeresaInSnow2

  39. Hi other Teresa. Every time I see you post, I think it’s me.

  40. […] who are similarly energized by the competition.  I’ve experienced first hand the amazing passion of Clinton supporters, who allegedly pale in comparison to Obama supporters.  The truth is that Clinton and Obama are […]

  41. WS: Cindy McCain is a tough woman and Michelle Obama better watch her back. I think Cindy McCain will be a huge asset to her husband’s campaign in the general election. You can tell from her eyes she’s tough, smart, and ready to lash out at anyone but her exterior is that of a calm, level headed, and attractive woman. People like that scare me more than someone like Hillary who is outwardly aggressive and tough but seems to have a softer side. She doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. I can definitely see Cindy tearing Michelle up in the general and that would be the only good thing that can come of Obama being the nominee.

  42. The Soccer mom, I have been looking for her this entire election, remember her in the last election? Is your sister her? Why has the soccer mom been put back in the van pool without her own political block. Let us consider the soccer mom. Will she vote for McCain, I don’t think so, she learned. Bring back the soccer mom.

  43. Disenfranchised, I agree that Cindy seems like all sweetness and light but hides a tougher and/or a more vindictive side to her. And Michelle has a foot in mouth problem. In a New Yorker article, she said she wanted to “rip Bill’s eyes out” but was really only kidding. But comments like that can be easily manipulated and twisted by the right. They can easily paint her as an “unfit” first lady just like what the right did with Teresa Heinz.

  44. Olberman became an ass when he started blogging at DailyObama and got such rave reviews from the crowd over there he went over to the dark side.

    Seriously – look at a tmeline! His ego knows no bounds. He and BO should be BFF.

  45. riverdaughter,

    Offtopic, but when I open your blog, I have a little pop-up of “Samantha Power”, no kidding. About one and half page down, left hand side of the screen. It’s similar to those live links, except that there’s no way to close it or get rid of it. It’s driving me crazy!!

  46. ghost2: Yes, it’s driving me nuts too and I have been trying to get rid of it. If anyone out there knows why the sucker won’t go away, please let me know!

  47. Thank God– I was sure that I had done something stupid. Even my assistants (teen age daughters) could not remove the dark spot.

  48. Obama rejected the firehouse primary idea in Michigan.


    The plan would have barred those who voted in the Republican primary from voting in the Democratic primary. I bet he wants a caucus or a brand new full blown open primary. Hillary should press for closed or modified primary if there is a revote, but they should certainly block Republicans from voting.

  49. It is so nice to see Hillary comrades! I just discovered your blog and it is so great. Obama has been using sexism, but even the most innocuous comment about him gets labeled racism. She has to walk on eggshells. The media, all Republican owned, loves Obama. She gets trashed for having no values–show me a value he possesses! She is at least a Democrat not hawking that bipartisanship BS. Enough of Republicans and bipartisan, so-called Democrats. I want political revenge for the last 7 years of hell we have had to endure, and the only way to do that is to get Clinton in office, fix the economy, end the war, and take care of the environment.

  50. 1dumblonde- What do you think Hillary should do on her second day?

  51. We need open threads!!

    here is another article:

    According to federal authorities, Auchi wired $3.5 million to Rezko, “Mr. Obama’s bagman ,” as the London Times called him, approximately one month before the suspicious land transaction.


    (don’t know about source,but seems interesting)

    http://news.google.ca/news?hl=en&tab=wn&ned=ca&q=OBAMA+REZKO (about 3500 articles on Obama, Rezko). That’s a lot, just under the surface (without CNN, MSNBC, NYTIMES, WAPOST, covering it), but just ready to be there at a moment’s notice.


  53. Important info for PA voters:
    Only registered Democrats can vote for Hillary in PA and they must register by March 22.
    Everyone with friends and family in PA – get them to register as a Democrat if they are Republicans for Hillary!!!

  54. DV: Yep, I have to make a couple trips to Harrisburg to do what I can. I thought about having a live blog Cocktail party.

  55. I see that the TV media finally has started thinking that Clinton is the better candidate than Obama after bashing her since Jan 1. Also notice that all the Afro American commentators side with Obama all the time. How racist can you get ?CNN specially is anti Clinton. Donna Brazille, Kelli Goff , Roland Martin, Dan Lothian and Amy Holmes ( who is supposed to be representing the Republicans) always talk against Clinton. Similarly Gwen Ifill ( another Afro American) on PBS and Meet The Press always talks against Clinton. Shame on you all. 50% of the commentators on CNN are Afro Americans and are 100% of the time talking against Clinton.These are the same commentators who would not have any jobs if they were not Afro Americans. Obama should not be made President because he has only 14 months experience in US senate out of which he spent 14 months running for presidencyExecutive Level experience is what is needed. and to be president national level experience is what is important.. Obama has none.. Hillary was Governor’s wife in Arkansas for 8 years and later for 8 years’ President’s wife. She was not just a housewife. Being an attorney herself and a smart politician she was constantly advising Clinton and was his right hand person. Bill was named the best Governor and he was the best President with no deficits and strong economy under his administration and you have to give a lot of credit to her as well.

  56. It’s a shame that American political decisions are so subjective and emotional—because by any objective, logical standard, Clinton is far more qualified to be President than Barack Obama. Clinton is superior to Obama in terms of experience and intellect; she will be a Commander-in-Chief who commands immediate respect, something that is difficult to the point of impossibility to say about Obama.Dennis Kucinich is more qualified to be President than Obama. There’s no need to take shots at Obama’s middle name in order to defeat him: all one has to do is look at his limited accomplishments in the Senate, his undistinguished track record in the Illinois Legislature, his connection to a radical, race-baiting church and his link to scandal-scarred financier Antoin Rezko. Some politicians make good Presidents in theory. Obama doesn’t even pass that threshold. Obaman has skillfully exploited anti-Bush sentiment to become a political rock star—but has yet to truly appeal to those who will make their electoral decisions based on something besides Bush-loathing.

  57. Wake up Chairman Howard Dean !!! You are destroying the Democratic Party by not seating Florida & Michigan. Mr. Obama , you have been claiming that you can unite the country. This is the time for you to unite the Democratic party. If you cannot unite the democrats , how are you going to unite the country? To do great things , you have to make great sacrifices. You are not winning the big states and winning mostly red states. Democrats can never win without the big states. So please agree to be the vice presidential candidate and beat the Republicans with the Dream Ticket. After 8 years you will be ready to be the President

  58. First time reading this blog site, the postitive attitudes for Hillary are refreshing. It’s shameful when Republicans are allowed to determine who the democratic nominee will be and that is what is happening in this election.
    A Fl/MI revote is an unfair request, this way the DNC can say if BO wins in the revote that it was done legal;but, in my opinion if the rules were broken because of the date how can you schedule another date to revote seems like the rules would still be broken, Howard Dean is trying to keep everything in BO’s court because he supports BO.
    Go PA you were my home for many years, come through for Hillary.

  59. I live in PA, and I’ve managed to convince three of my co-workers (all of whom supported either Obama or McCain) to vote for Hillary. She’s gonna crush Obama here, have no doubt.

  60. “It’s shameful when Republicans are allowed to determine who the democratic nominee will be and that is what is happening in this election.”

    Must be April 1 already.

  61. “will the oath be given to Barack Hussein Obama?”

    No, to Biraq Whosane Osama.

  62. I’m flying in from Georgia to campaign for Hillary in PA. I’ve never been this involved in politics but I’m fed up with the kid glove treatment Obama has received over Hillary. Why is it that people prefer an inexperience male over a more experienced female. I’m bringing three of my Georgia friends with me. We could do much in Georgia but we hope to have a say in PA. See you in April:-)

  63. It is so good to come here and read the positives abut Hillary. I’m absolutely amazed at some of the vicious comments that are being made about her. I expect nastiness from the men, but from women – what is wrong with them? What is it that frightens them when they see such a strong, intelligent woman as Hillary holding her own against the male-dominated society? All I can think is that they are so downtrodden themselves by their men that they are afraid to have a point of view of their own for fear that they will be laughed at and ridiculed by the men in their lives. Maybe if we had Hillary as the first woman President that will change the way everyone looks at women. Loved the video up there – it is perfect! Go Hillary!

  64. Goooooo sister and change your party to vote for Hillary! I was a registered republican for 20 years, but after I heard Hillary talk about the REAL issues that concern me and many other Americans, I changed my party to vote for her. If she wins the nomination, she has my vote. If not, I will most definitely vote for McCain.

    Obama gives me the creeps! He is all talk and no action. Heck he went missing in action from the Senate in Illinois immediately after he got elected. He needs more experience, some accomplishments to back up his rhetoric, and credibility too! He has way too many ties to shady people, like Rezko the racqueteer/embezzler/fraud, Farrakhan, the racist Islamic leader, and Aires the terrorist who bombed the Pentagon!

    What are all the Obamites thinking?????

  65. wake up, we can’t just support hillary online, we need to MOBILIZE, she must win VERY BIG IN PA AND NORTH CAROLINA. GET everyone you know registered democrat ASAP. Even if you have to take your grandmom and her friends to the polls, visit retirement homes. Here is a great clip on TINA FEY ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SUPPORTING THE BIONIC CANDIDATE (hillary).



  66. It’s so great to see proHillary comments…I have seen and heard so many “liberal” blogs and comments on tv and npr against Hillary it is sickening. Fellow Democrats…so angry, and so “for Obama” that they say they will vote for McCain if Obama does not win the nomination. I’m gay, and to see such hatred and fighting within the Democratic party is going to be good only for the Rebublicans I fear. I stand proudly behind Hillary as do many of my friends. I respect others choice, but will try my best to get as many to vote in Pennsylvania’s primary for Hillary! Thanks River Daughter for a great shot in the arm!

  67. Pacificjohn I was in Lonview Texas…exhausted now…we won’t really know the caucus tallies until after the county conventions…do not count Hill out. I asked lots of questions about caucuses in Texas. Hill’s campaign office was in the same building as the Democratic Party. They were more tham willing to answer all my questions. I was hoping to make it to PA but our district convention is April 12th. I have to be there because I am a Clinton delegate. My hopes are Obama loses delegates here as he did in Colorado.

  68. wow! you’re on hillaryhub! congratulations!

  69. Obama The Patriot Blames The Military For His Decision Not To Visit Wounded Troops.

    Only two facts matter. First, Obama, as a U.S. Senator, can visit the troops any time he wants. Second, the only restriction was that he could not bring reporters. Obama didn’t want to do it without reporters, so he blamed the military for forcing the cancellation.


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