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Friday- Finally!

It’s a snark lover’s dream today in the left blogosphere. It’s hard to believe at times that some bloggers make a living spouting off nonsense and yet. Here are some of the prize winning idiocies from both bloggers and campaign surrogates from around the web:

  • Take Chris Bowers, Please! The man gets a tingle in his leg whenever there is the prospect of a caucus. Yes, we’re just so into the jostling, misinformation, deceptive practices and locking Clinton people out of the caucus sites by the Obama supporters, we can’t get enough of that special brand of democracy. Ooo, Ooo, why don’t we calculate when the Clinton shiftworkers will be most inconvenienced and hold one *then*? Chris doesn’t even bother to feign ignorance about the obvious advantage that Obama has in the low-hanging fruit of the caucus state. From his post yesterday, Michigan Needs to Hold a Caucus, he writes:

    For Clinton to narrowly eek out a victory by means of the current 80-1 Michigan delegation would be horrendous… I think seating Florida’s delegation as is (105 Clinton, 67 Obama, 13 Edwards) and holding a new Michigan caucus (with 128 pledged delegates at stake) would be an acceptable compromise (more on my Florida position here). Clinton’s advantages from the lack of campaigning in Florida would be cancelled out by Obama’s advantage in caucuses.

    Oh, yes, we must make everything Even Steven. We can’t let Clinton have any delegates that would push her over Obama. What really strikes me as absurd in the Bowers’ post was the notion that “Clinton advantages from a lack of campaigning in Florida” and somehow this must be “cancelled out”. Forget the cancelled out bit for a second and tell me how it is that Clinton benefitted in Florida by not campaigning? Does he mean that she saved herself the $1.4 M that she might have spent if she’d followed Obama’s example and bought lots of cable TV ads in Florida? She did no campaigning the first time and beat him by 17 points. Hmmm, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around that, as well as the acknowledgement by Chris that caucuses are undemocratic ways of choosing a candidate but it’s ok in this case because it levels Clinton’s advantage with Florida. Settling Florida and Michigan should not be seen as an opportunity to tweak the numbers so that it is beneficial to Obama, Chris. We’re interested in making sure the voters are not disenfranchised so they don’t take it out on the Democrats in November. If reinstating them ends up as a loss for Obama, get used to the concept. Surely, Barry can make up for it by running to the fainting couch over illusory “race-baiting” comments by the Clinton campaign just before the NC primary.

  • Apparently the Kossacks and Keith Olbermann (KO) are all in a tizzy about Hillary’s latest remarks about readiness to be commander in chief:

    “I think that since we now know Sen. (John) McCain will be the nominee for the Republican Party, national security will be front and center in this election. We all know that. And I think it’s imperative that each of us be able to demonstrate we can cross the commander-in-chief threshold,” the New York senator told reporters crowded into an infant’s bedroom-sized hotel conference room in Washington.

    “I believe that I’ve done that. Certainly, Sen. McCain has done that and you’ll have to ask Sen. Obama with respect to his candidacy,” she said.

    I don’t watch KO anymore so I can’t comment on the breathless, simmering outrage of his polemic on Clinton’s assertion. No doubt it was as orgasmic as the Kossacks report it to be. I hope it wasn’t over too soon. Maybe they can get Keith to do one nice and slow so they can roll with it. And no, I don’t think she’s said anything that will permanently damage Obama in the fall because there isn’t going to *be* an Obama leading the ticket in the fall. She is merely continuing to frame him as the junior partner in her upcoming joint ticket, just as she signalled on Wednesday that she was open to the idea of making him her VP. That along with the commander in chief remark is intended to condition the remaining voters to accept the battle in the fall as being between Hillary and McCain. It makes Obama look childlike and unready. It’s very clever as they start to campaign in PA and who knows, it might even make a difference in Wyoming. And she’s absolutely right about McCain going gung-ho on National Security issues. That’s his strong point and he and the media are going to milk his POW experience for all it’s worth. Obama is going to look like a soft, spoiled yuppy next to McCain. And if the lefty blogosphere is going nuts over the comment, hey, the truth hurts. Obama is NEVER going to win the national security argument against McCain. He’s going to have to win it on a different set of strengths like, oh, I don’t know. Think of something.

  • Oh my, oh my, oh my! Following up on the last point, one of Obama’s campaign surrogates really sticks her foot in her mouth. At least she is honest about her own boss: She and Samantha Power must be good friends or something. By the way, have we any idea what the Clinton campaign calls Obama?
  • Normally, I wouldn’t go near the Rezko thing. It just reminds me too much of Whitewater. But I do find it interesting that Obama might have been involved in getting patronage jobs for his staffers through Tony Rezko. It reminded me of something our commenter Lori found in Newsweek a few weeks ago about Michelle Obama interviewing for a job. The whole report of the job interview process was so atypical of any HR procedure I’m familiar with:

    One landed on the desk of Valerie Jarrett, deputy chief of staff to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. “I interviewed Michelle, and an introductory session turned into an hour and a half,” Jarrett tells NEWSWEEK. “I offered her a job at the end of the interview—which was totally inappropriate since it was the mayor’s decision. She was so confident and committed and extremely open.” Michelle was flattered by the quick offer. But though she came across as supremely confident to Jarrett, she had doubts about whether it was the right decision. She asked Barack to meet with Jarrett to discuss the job before she accepted.

    Jarrett, who is now a senior adviser to the Obama campaign, became Michelle’s mentor. She set Michelle to work with businesses caught in red tape between city departments. It wasn’t exciting work, and it paid far less than her law-firm salary, but Michelle saw it as a first step in her new career in public service.

    What the heck is going on here with Barack’s involvement?

  • So, Barry made $55M in February. Good for him! Of course, he’s lost every major state so far except Illinois and Georgia. I guess Money *Can’t* Buy You Love.
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30 Responses

  1. Stop it, you “monster”, stop it…. Leave Barry alone…..

  2. (smiling) riverdaughter, Fridays are good. I was celebrating at my place too. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Riverdaughter:

    What is wrong with you? You are expecting some sort logic from so called “progressives” when it comes to Hillary Clinton?

    You are talking here about the people who are complaining that Republicans and Independents didn’t vote in large proportions enough to tip the election to Obama in OH and TX

    You are talking about people who are against the candidate who keeps winning the votes from DEMOCRATS

    I could go on and on

    As for the caucus, please read this: It’s from Ann Althouse, yes that Ann Althouse, exhibit A of CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome):


    Anybody still believe in Caucus after reading this?

  4. I saw that article (TL, I think?). I also saw some video at youtube on some TX caucus with some major screaming and finger pointing…..No es bueno….

    I do not know what will happen with MI, somewhere I read they were proposing a “fire” caucus (do not remember exact name) that would allow voters to vote between 10 and 7, or something like that. In NY (at least in my county) they opened at 12 and went till 9. More extended hours would have been better, but I guess it could be worse. I do not see why taxpayers should pay for it. If I were a Rep. I would be pissed that I have to pay for a revote for Dems just because their party has f****d up

    Now to Puerto Rico: I belive, BTD at TL mentioned a while ago two important things, one that the governor there is not that important and that winner takes all. I do not know if p.ricans are inclined to vote for HC, but I got the feeling that BTD believes so. That could be a good thin.

    I have never been to PRico, maybe I should take the family and volunteer if things are still that close by then. We are already thinking of going to PA if we can.

  5. Upstate and MABlue: The caucus thing in MI might not be all bad. If it’s a firehouse caucus and there are plenty of hours in the day to be present and if they follow the New Mexico example of voting in private, it might turn out ok for Clinton. But I still prefer a primary and can’t understand why a mail-in primary hasn’t been discussed yet. Like I suggested before, the cost could be split between the campaigns.

  6. Regarding Texas caucus fun: My experience in Dallas was remindful of why I hate politics: Unsecured sign-in sheets floating around, no ID checks, people signing in without voter ID numbers, clear intent by some of the O-Folk to take control and intimidate the “opposition”.

    Anytime a way is engineered to deny the results of the popular vote, democracy loses.

  7. I want a primary in both Michigan and Florida and no caucuses ever. We have to make sure we have to pick the most convenient option for every voter and that is a primary.

    As for the money, does a primary fund have the same $2300 limit as campaigns do? I would guess not although I could be wrong, but if there is no limit, Clinton has rich friends like billionaires Haim Saban, major stakeholder in Univision, and Robert Johnson, founder of BET, to help pay for it. I’m sure Obama has rich friends to that can pay for it too.

  8. I see all of you Hillary supporters bellyaching about the fact that Samantha Powers, Obama top foreign policy advisor, the person more “in tune with Obama than any of his Washington advisors”, called Hillary Clinton “a monster” and said said other horrible things about her.

    Lemme ‘splain:

    This just goes to show you how DIVISIVE Hillary Clinton is. How can she make the Obama campaign to say such terrible things about her?

    This is the reason we need a “new kind of politics”, not type that make people throw the worst insults at you.

    This is why we need Barack Obama. He is the ONLY ONE who can heal us.

    Get it or do I have to be slow.

  9. Mablue – we may need a new kind of politics but Barry is not going to be the one to get it . or Hillary . This will take time and legislation, which neither of our candidates will have the time to pursue , once in office . The bushthugs have left us too big of a mess – changing the political climate simply will not happen .

    In truth it may get worse – of course I am talking about the battle with TeH neocons .

    I simply do not understand why you want to deny the voters their preference .

    Why does Barry always get a pass no matter what ?

  10. Samatha Powers leaving .. Barry’s campaign . Oh ?
    my goodness .

  11. Briana, MABlue is being ironic. Or are you being even more ironic about MABlue’s irony? And Ann Althouse’s son is a Hillary supporter? Must get more coffee.

    I keep asking who the #*& came up with this #%@ed-up system we are using to select our nominee — Howard Dean has surpassed even the highwater mark of Ken Blackwell in the 2004 Ohio election in denying people’s right to vote and have it count.

  12. I just got an email from the Clinton campaign about the “monster” comment from Samantha Powers. Good to see that they are letting Clinton’s millions of supporters know the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign. If anyone in Clinton’s campaign said that she’d be called a racist again. That is such an ugly word and I’ll put it right up there with calling a woman a b*tch, a witch, hag, etc. It’s just uncalled for – especially in a political contest.

  13. I think we need to start an online petition effort to stop any Michigan caucus.

  14. TGIF! I twisted my ankle last week and I’m pooped out. I rushed home to see what you would have to say today riverdaughter–thanks for another great post.

    I heard that Samantha Power resigned. Just goes to show, you can be really well educated and still have no sense whatsoever. I wonder how Obama feels about what Susan Rice had to say.

    I’m not thrilled with Hillary praising McCain, but what she has been saying is true–Obama is not qualified to be C-in-C and his campaign is based on one speech he gave in 2002. If the Obama Fan Base doesn’t want anyone to say it out loud, too bad. They are going to have to deal with it.

    I told my mother last night that I really think Hillary will win the nomination now. There has been a definite shift in the campaign, and I think actual voters are going to start to learn more about Obama and find out that he really isn’t ready for prime time. My mom, who is 82, is determined to vote for Hillary (in Indiana) even though some of her friends are going for The Precious. My mother’s older sister, a lifelong Republican, is also rooting for Hillary and has donated to her campaign. My mom and my aunt dream of seeing a woman POTUS in their lifetimes. I think that dream could come true!

    Go Hillary!!

  15. webby: As I understand it. the Michigan “caucus” would be a firehouse caucus. They have fewer voting sites than a primary or a caucus but the polls are open longer (from 10-7, is what I’ve heard) and the voting is done by secret ballot. I think this is a very fair solution that both candidates could sign onto . The other option is a mail-in primary, also very fair.
    If Clinton and Obama agree to share the cost of the Michigan do-over, I’m sure the voters would be grateful to have a chance to vote again and have a choice this time. And by the time the Michigan firehouse caucus rolls around, Hillary should have the edge perceptionally. So, why not?

  16. Thanks MessyMarcy – no I didn’t know Mablue was being ironic .. forgive me .

  17. Mablue forgive me please .. I must pay more attention ..

  18. Well, a “firehouse caucus” sounds like your basic primary to me (why not then just have a primary), so I suppose it’s fine; reading that Althouse stuff though (and having heard similar things in other states with caucuses) just makes me furious (and BTW, I do mean Nevada too, even though Clinton won).

  19. Wow!

    Could it be that calling Hillary Cinton “a monster” is the least of Samanthe Power’s problem.

    In addition to her BBC interview (Hardtalk), where she exposes BO’s phony Iraq withdrawal plans, you have this interview she gave to the Newstatesman:


    Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

    This is turning out to be a great book tour for her. (*That’s for you Briana)

  20. I was thinking that perhaps Samantha Power is out of her position with the Obama campaign due more to her frankness that no one can have a real plan for exiting Iraq until that person gets access to the real information and the military people who will have to execute such plans. The “monster” and looking at Hillary makes her go “eeeewwwwhh” is pretty bad, but undermining Obama’s raison d’etre for his campaign is quite another. It makes his stump speech another example of saying one thing to potential voters and another to the actual realms of power or within his campaign..

    Good post at No Quarter:

    Power can still advise Obama as while not in an official capacity, anyway.

  21. What is it with people who can’t learn to spell “eke”, anyway? Wot a bunch of loosers!

  22. Perhaps it’s time to recall something else Ms Power said about Hillary … something she should have apologized for, and didn’t, way back last summer.

  23. The gift that is Ted Kennedy keeps giving:


    Eleanor clift:

    We have the Ted Kennedy forces to thank for the freedom of choice that all delegates enjoy, not just the supers. In 1980, Kennedy argued for an open convention, while President Carter was determined to keep convention delegates bound. With a 600-delegate margin over Kennedy, Carter prevailed. As a result, any delegate voting against the candidate he or she was elected to represent could be replaced by an alternate and thrown off the convention floor. The rule was strict and enforceable. Kennedy couldn’t dislodge any of the Carter delegates. Two years later, after Carter lost the election, the phrase “in all good conscience” was inserted into the rule, belatedly giving delegates the latitude Kennedy had sought.

  24. Power was the only good part of his campaign.

  25. for your information:

    The Barack Obama campaign in not in favor of a do-over “firehouse” primary proposed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer told the Detroit News today.

    March 7, The Detroit News: “Obama opposes the redo as proposed by the governor and unless we can get the two campaigns (Illinois Sen. Obama and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton) to agree on something it’s not going to happen,” said party Chair Mark Brewer.

  26. Personally, I don’t know anybody who has someone “help” them buy property.

    Do you?

    How could Obama not know that was creepy?

  27. Some snark just writes itself. Case in point, comment section in Time/The Swamp:

    If the issue is really time and money it seems to me a caucus is best because it’s both cheapest and fastest.

    Who would primary by mail disenfrachise? Let’s see poor people. People barely scraping by, trying to make enough money to feed their family, who might not have the time and money to go buy stamps and an envelope while working 3 jobs.

    Apparently, poor people who work 3 jobs, and cannot afford the time and money to buy stamps, are able to attend a caucus with no problem!

    This is not a parody. Yeah, theonion has serious competition on its hand.

  28. Speaking of the onion, if you haven’t read this article, check it out:


    Hillary Clinton Is Too Ambitious To Be The First Female President

    Sounds like a dkos diary:

    Not to mention that she’s extremely self-promoting. She spends almost all her time these days going to fundraising events dedicated to raising money for—you guessed it—Hillary Clinton. She’s always popping up in the news with a new initiative she’s spearheading or some kind of complaint against the president. I don’t want to use the B word, but she seems awfully bossy to head an executive branch that employs 450,000 people.

  29. […] snagging this video from Jeralyn (but we’ve used it before ourselves to make the same point so we’re not complete copycats. […]

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