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Some Midday Notes

  • We’ve broken a new record today in hits to this blog!  Thanks for stopping by everyone.
  • Pay no attention to the exit polls.  Especially in Texas.  They’re meaningless and they just ruin your dinner.  There’s going to be a caucus in Texas anyway so just go about your business until all the votes are counted.  Nothing you can do about it anyway.  Recite serenity prayer.  Do the laundry.  Read a book to the kids.
  • I think this poll is saying that Democrats want a backup strategy in case Obama gets nominated and his magic bubble bursts and there is serious buyer’s remorse.  The convention isn’t until August.  There’s plenty of time.  Democrats seem to be thinking strategically.  Oh, and as for taking the VP spot, if I were Clinton, I’d turn it down.  She’d just be another woman doing her boss’ work for him and not getting any credit.  Let him find another sucker for that task.

17 Responses

  1. The primary is very very important. If Hillary were to win the primary but lose the caucus, I’d expect we can make a very strong case against the deliberately disenfranchising practices of caucuses. For delegates, the caucus is important. But we have evidence in WA state of the discrepancy of caucuses and primaries. (2x more participated in the primary than caucus!)

    But, yeah, early exit polls should always be ignored. They are almost always incorrect because there is usually a late rush to the polls at the end and that dramatically alters the final numbers. I was celebrating Kerry’s victory in 2004 based on early exit polls. And we all know how that turned out.

  2. Congratulations on breaking the record of hits today! You deserve it. Your blog is great and I visit it (more than once) each day.
    I’m glad that Democrats want Clinton to stay in this race. The only people who want her out are the Obamabots who sense his star falling and want him to seal this nomination asap. Too bad Clinton will probably still be in the race when Obama is called to testify in the Rezko trial 😉

  3. Congrats on new record!

  4. (ears perk-up) Exit Polls? What exit Polls? Ignore them? “Why, What have you heard?”

  5. Are we going to read and hear stories in the MSM about the Obama Campaign trying to intimidate voters and (so far) failing miserably?




  6. Your third point is dead on!!

    Yeah, he would take all the credit, while she does all the work. Further, he would screw up and blame her for it. Even further, she has to clean up his screw-ups and make him look good.

    As they say, been there, done that.

  7. I’ll have a hard time with Obama on the ticket, even if Hillary is at the top. He’s not ready now, has shown no interest in doing the work to ever be ready.

  8. I dislike Obama and don’t want Hillary to be associated with him at all. But I feel that if she won she would be forced to ask him or there would be a backlash from African Americans and a lot of his white supporters as well. If he wins the nomination I don’t want her to be VP. She’s too good for that and I still won’t want to vote for him even if she was his VP. I want this dude to flat out lose. Either he loses the nomination or he loses to McCain. I won’t vote for him.

  9. Can you believe this?

    How far will the “progressive” bloggers supporting Obama go?

    Now Clinton is making him blacker in an ad?

    I hope you are sitting before you open the link:


    Maybe the Right was right all along: White “liberals” are just playing us Blcks for suckers. They will not hesitate a minute to use us as a club to bludgeon their enemy, no matter who it happens to be.

  10. MABlue, I think there needs to be a serious review of what role the SCLB (so-called liberal blogosphere) should have in both the progressive movement and the Democratic party.

  11. Congrats on being a “hit”! Well-deserved!

  12. I’m one of those sappy people who went around at the beginning of this primary saying “how can we lose — we’ve got three great candidates running — any of them would make a great president . . . .”

    Now I still feel that way about Clinton and Edwards, but the more I find out about Obama the more he turns out to be just another George W. Bush — seriously (although I do concede he is probably somewhat smarter than Bush). He seems to have at every step of the way just gone from each position to a higher one without ever actually doing anything for anyone but himself and, as gqm pointed out above, has shown no interest in doing any of the hard work at which Clinton excels. I don’t want him as her VP because I can’t imagine that with his ego he would be anything but trouble; I don’t want her as his VP because I sincerely believe an Obama administration would be at least as disastrous as Bush’s, and this country in that case would be better served by her still being in the Senate. Let Obama’s charming brother-in-law be his running mate should he get the nomination.

    Having said that, I believe DisenfranchisedVoter unfortunately makes a good point. Obama’s tactics have split this party right in half; I don’t know if it will ever recover. Judging from his campaign’s actions in Texas and Ohio today, the only thing he has really united is Daley Machine politics with Rove dirty tricks.

  13. worth repeating:

    the only thing he has really united is Daley Machine politics with Rove dirty tricks.

  14. above quote from MessyMarcy.

  15. river daughter– congratulations on your success! I love your writing. I check in several times a day to see what’s happening here.

    I don’t think Clinton should accept the VP spot under Obama either. If she isn’t president, she’s much more valuable in the Senate. She might have to ask Obama if she wins, but that doesn’t mean she has to let him do anything as VP. She can just send him to attend funerals in obscure, far away countries.

  16. Just got in from the caucus in the Houston suburbs at 11:08pm and, of course, we caucused for HRC. Obama did have more supporters at our precinct; 10 delegates sent for him and 8 delagates for HRC. There was a black professional couple in our group who said since our country is in such an economic mess, they wanted the experience of HRC and Bill to try to get it straightened out.. It took a while to clean out all the voters that were still in line; they expected around 350, but received over 1,200, I understood one of the women to say. When we were finally to start the caucus, no one knew what they were doing and, had to keep checking a list of instructions. It was a long, drawn out affair and we wished we could vote on never having to do this particular type of Texas two-step again — primary in the am, caucus in the pm — bad idea. We were beginning to think we would be on the news because we were still trying to caucus at 1:00 a.m. From what I hear on the news, though, many precincts were just as slow as we were. I just hope Hillary got enough votes to stay in the race.

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