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      Ok, this place has mostly been about how fucked we are, and how we’ve fucked up. Blame is more on our leaders than us, but as a species we’re on the hook. But there is cause of hope because mostly we know what we have to do. We know we have to reduce CO2 and Methane emissions. We even know mostly how. We pretend we don’t, because the how will involve changin […]
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Jack’s Viral Video

Take a look, pass it around: 

19 Responses

  1. I have seen it all over today – great stuff!

  2. I’m not much of a movie person, I never realized that Jack was ever that young and that he ever had hair. I still thought it was a great spot and I loved the part about how sexy it is to have to salute her in the morning. Hey, I’m not military, but maybe I will start ‘ordering’ my husband to salute me in the morning!!

  3. WOW – it wasn’t a spoof! Absolutely great!

  4. Someone should do a spoof of the Black Eyed Peas Yes We Can video but this time, it should have Hillary’s policy substance in it with Hillary supporters famous and ordinary instead of creepy hero worship. This Nicholson video is also very cool.

    In polling news, the always odious Zogby poll has Hillary trending up.

  5. I have been posting constantly on how this video’s counts are stuck!! (for at least 4 hours, it’s been stuck at 9,689. )

    Now you see why. Here is a piece on NYtimes, and they always cite the count. The story says that even though the video has been up for 15 hours (when they wrote the piece) has a count of 518 views.

    This is crazy.

  6. I just posted my comment about counts being stuck on the piece at NYTimes. I am not sure if it’s up yet, as they have to approve comments.

    Anyhow, I saw this nice comment there by someone names Susan (posted at 4:20pm, comment number 15):


    What changed my mind was the more I listened to Obama the more I started to feel uncomfortable about his motivation, and intentions versus the messages I was hearing. As an environmental advocate I have heard many motivational speeches, and I started to sense that Obama lacked true sincerity. I like to listen closely to what people say and learn from their words, and hear a call to action that will motivate my own efforts to make the world a better place, and I wasn’t hearing that from Obama, more than anything his words of encouragement centered around supporting him and not what he would do for our country.

  7. ghost2…when I hear Obama, I hear the same waffling BS that Joe Lieberman slung for so long.

    Lieberman lied and pandered and used “political rhetoric” and it finally came home to roost. But then politicians like Obama – and Bill Clinton – refused to step up to the plate and call it bullshit and we lost.

    Everytime I hear the Big BO speak I am reminded of the lies that Leiberman slung. Hey, think Canadian NAFTA conversations…we’re just “saying this” because of politics…but we’re not really serious.”

    I’m very serious. This is the job of POTUS we’re talking about, not some ego-trip.

  8. I guess its the revenge of the crappy polls: ARG has the two tied in Texas with Hillary reversing Obama’s momentum in the state.


  9. I came here as soon as I saw this video on Talk Left — only to find you guys are way ahead of me.

    Great stuff, huh?

  10. Is Hillary going to be a surprise guest on Saturday Night Live?? CNN story:


  11. Hi- Any interest in posting my video or my comment on your page?

    Anyone notice that immediately after Hillary’s Children at 3:00 a.m. ad, Obama DENOUNCED AND REJECTED that type of fear-mongering ad only to turn around and release the same type of ad? He said, “We’ve seen these ads before. They’re the kind that play on people’s fears to try to scare up votes.” He even added he doesn’t think it will work.

    I fail to see how he is an example of the “new style of politics”. I guess he was against these type of ads, before he was for it. (Also, after being accused of copying other people’s speeches, one would think he would stay away from copying Hillary’s ads. This is even after stealing her economic plans. Doesn’t he have an original thought in his head?)

    In my view he’s just a talking head– here’s my youtube video:

    Obama Talks Too Much. He’s All Hat, No Cattle. Just Words.

    Frankly, at 3 a.m., I want a President who will PUSH THE RIGHT BUTTON

    (reference to the times he pressed the wrong button in voting.)

  12. Nicholson video is SO good.

    And yes, tonight on SNL the Senator made a brief appearance. It was great. The skit that preceded her was great, too.

    Thanks, smart people at SNL. (Perhaps you are making up for having foolishly savaged Gore?)

  13. video by a veteran. He’s pretty upset, but you can draw your own conclusions.

  14. now, it’s good.

    732,153 hits.

    I knew it had to be, since I by myself am probably responsible for about 731,999 of them.

  15. The first place I saw it was Hillary Speaks for me. I went to YouTube this morning and watched Hillary’s appearance on SNL.

  16. I thought the SNL cartoon (The Obama Files) was funny

  17. Most of Jack’s character’s in that video are EVIL characters. What is Jack trying to say, that if you’re EVIL you should vote for Hillary? 😉

    This is actually the first place I’ve seen that video. Cute. 🙂

  18. I don’t care… 😉

  19. […] 2, 2008  I watched the Jack Nicholson over at Riverdaughter’s yesterday –  (I wish I knew how to post it into my wordpress page but this is easier for […]

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