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    • Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – January 29, 2023
      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – January 29, 2023 by Tony Wikrent   Altercation: Goodbye and Thanks Eric Alterman, January 27, 2023 [The American Prospect] The key question I want to leave people with is this: Given the lack of guardrails, how far are these people willing to go? Trump is as popular as he was before January 6th and has been invited back on […]
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Hillary Speaks For Me!

Hi guys, if you haven’t seen this website yet, Hillary Speaks For Me, get thee hence and quickly! I plan to post my own video sometime today. If you have time, craft your own message and don’t let your voice be drowned out.

11 Responses

  1. the jack nicholson one is a SCREAM! He actually endorsed it:

  2. I posted an article from a reporter who covered Obama as an IL state senator for three years for a small paper in Chicago. When I read this paragraph, I had an immediate flash to the fake Texas accent Bush adopted for his political rise. It

    Then I thought about how BushBoy could give a decent speech, but was kind of hard to listen to when speaking extemporaneously–and that had been such a shock to me when I first watched Obama in the debates, then subsequently answering questions at his rallies–he spoke in brief phrases, lots of humming, breaks, etc. It was just so different from his speaking style (with the teleprompter). I do notice he’s now getting better, smoother, more listenable (for me at least).

    The accent change, the choppy speaking style lead to then think about how Obama tries to not be explicit, to leave himself as the clean slate his followers can write on with their desires and hopes. In some ways he’s a stealth candidate, reflecting back to those who have seen the light what they want to see and, like a Stealth plane, having a coating which makes it difficult to show up on one’s radar.

    I feel I know so little about him–and I don’t know what we’re getting with this presidential candidate. With BushBoy, we got an artificial moderate, a Compassionate Conservative, who governed far differently than he campaigned.

    What are we getting with Barack Obama?

    My view of Obama then wasn’t all that different from the image he projects now. He was smart, confident, charismatic and liberal. One thing I can say is, I never heard him launch into the preacher-man voice he now employs during speeches. He sounded vanilla, and activists in his mostly black district often chided him for it.

  3. Hi riverdaughter, thanks for sharing that link. My sister and I have both really enjoyed that site.

    Have you seen this, Hillary’s reaction to last Saturday’s SNL skits.

    She is SO cute and friendly with the press in this clip. It really makes me wonder who’s controlling those hateful images of he

  4. Did you all see Jack Nicholsons latest you tube for Hillary ?

    and Good Morning – have a great Sat.


  5. Thanks Katie,

    The video is just awesome too.

  6. Hi Briana, That’s a great video too. (mister kb says, “Ok, I don’t hate him anymore. Now he’s my favorite actor…)

    You’re welcome, ghost — I’ve gone back to it a couple of times, I like it so much.

    I’ve heard that she’s personable, but I’ve never seen her just being a person before. I really liked it.


    You may think I am crazy, but this video should go viral, and anytime I watch it, it’s at the same number. This happened with another very good and very popular Hillary video too.

    What’s going on with youtube?

    This is important, since everyone loves this video. And if it kicks serious ass in the videos, MSM may have to give it a prop, giving free media to Hillary.

  8. Katie,

    The video of Hillary in the plane is so good. It should be an ad. Especially in the Rhode Island.

  9. Ghost, I wonder if youtube only updates the counts on the hour or something? I’ve noticed before that the # doesn’t change — even if I switch browsers.

    And MSM Has picked it up. We saw the last bit (about sexy women) on CNN!

  10. But trust me, I have checked this now for more than an hour (at least couple of hours). I put a post to this effect on Taylor Marsh too, and can go and check the time on that.

    I absolutely know that the priorities are TEXAS, OHIO, RHODE ISLAND, and VERMONT.

    It sounds trite be worried about hits on youtube. However, in a culture that is cool-obsessed, the number of counts excites peoples and attracts more and more persons to the video. It results in free media for Hillary too.

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