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Some stuff from around the web:

  • It’s not OK to say anything that might even tangentially be distantly connected to a remark that might be deliberately misconstrued as racist. But apparently it is all ticketyboo to make women seem like childlike simpletons and airheads. From the Indianapolis Star, Deroy Murdock (any relation? Probably not) pens this ridiculous piece of faux journalism:

    Like a little girl whose Chief Executive Barbie is falling from her fingertips into the sea, Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions are slipping tragically from her gasp. This may explain her increasingly unhinged behavior, which would be bad enough were she winning. To lose the Democratic nomination this way, however, is particularly pathetic….
    “Shame on you, Barack Obama!” Clinton snapped. Like a diesel-powered dental drill, she squealed: “Enough with the speeches, and the big rallies, and then using tactics that are right out of Karl Rove’Shame on you, Barack Obama!” …Polls show Texas and Ohio voters cooling toward Clinton. They clearly see what now is beyond disguise: The big ideas fueling Hillary Clinton’s candidacy are blonde ambition, an unbecoming sense of entitlement, and a thirst for power that all the Gatorade in Gainesville could not quench.

    My, my, MY, my. Well, there’s no way you could misconstrue THAT column. Don’t these guys have editors? (Ladies, do not date this man)

  • TalkLeft is reporting that Hillary will be on the Daily Show on Monday. Hmm, well that should be interesting. I haven’t watched it since the WGA strike but I had heard that Jon had gone to the dark side. (Er, it’s just an expression and it predates Obama’s political career. Jeez) Here is the press release. I have trouble viewing it but you may have better luck.
  • Hillary signs onto a bill that may be the best way to end the war in Iraq. It was sponsored by Bernie Sanders in Vermont and it proposes to ban private contractors like Blackwater from operating in Iraq. Barry is still dithering on this one.

14 Responses

  1. Deroy Murdoch is a Right Wing hack. He writes for NRO and for some crazy RW “think” tank.

    He is another version of Williams Armstrong. Those are by the way the only 2 Black guys I always try to reach through the TV screen and strangle. I may disagree with other talking heads from my race but those 2 make me physically ill.

    Excuse me. While writing about these 2 pathetic creatures, my gag reflex just kicked in. Let me get the vomit bucket.

  2. Deroy Murdock no relation to our beloved Rupie Murdoch.

    After the very funny Samantha Bee skit about anit-Hillary media, I am sure she will have a great time with the Daily Show.

  3. New polls from Zogby, he of Obama +13 in California fame, ARG, also of dubious distinction, and Fox News all have Obama up with the Fox News poll in the margin of error.

    The Public Strategies tracking poll has Hillary up by 1 (and in the margin of error).

    Here’s a timely piece about polls by Big Tent Democrat from Talk Left:


    “Why Polling TX And OH Is Difficult

    Polls are all over the place in both Texas and Ohio and polling is NEVER an exact science. But I think extra caution is in order for Texas and Ohio. Why? Because of the demographic split. After Obama’s sweeping win in Wisconsin, where he truly eroded Clinton base for the first time, we seem to have settled back into the old breakdowns – Clinton winning whites, women, Latinos, seniors and lower earning voters. Obama winning African Americans overwhelmingly, young voters, men and upper income voters. The margins appears fairly static.

    This means the key issue now is who comes out to vote and in what numbers. Each pollster’s turnout model will dictate their results. Since predicting who will turnout – the likely voter screen – is always the most difficult part of polling, I think it is fair to say we, and THEY, are all guessing.

    At this point, no result will surprise me.”

  4. I’m at Petrock’s. Are you out campaigning?

  5. Like I said, WS, it’s all about Democratic turnout in TX. Ohio is probably easier for Hillary. I imagine she gets at 5-10 point win in OH. TX can be a lot like CA or MO depending on turnout.

  6. Why are you at Petrocks? I am at work trying to sort a list of structures.
    Arrrgggjhhhh! You were supposed to give me lead time to pick up.

  7. gqmartinez, I totally agree.

    I think Obama was especially helped by McCaskill’s aid in Missouri. He won the same way she did in that state when one candidate was leading the whole time and then suddenly switch once St. Louis and Kansas City came in.

    In Texas, I think she’ll put up more of a fight in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. I hope we see the California strategy play out in Texas.

  8. Must-see link. Just now from ABC:


    “We have a sick political culture,” said Jay Stewart, the executive director of the Chicago Better Government Association, “and that’s the environment that Barack Obama came from.”

  9. Wow! The more revelations we get about BHO, the more desperate his supporters become, spewing nastiness like fire hydrants!

  10. You’d love this video. It’s CBS looking at the candidates. Hillary’s profile is 7:54 and is mostly very positive.


  11. Hillary squeals, huh? I wonder Deroy (Deroy? What kind of name is that?) would have written something about Barack McMondukakerry squealing. As a gay guy, let me tell you what than conjures in my imagination.

  12. DCD: Now, now, let’s not get personal. I know they’ve been nasty and out of control but we can’t *completely* blame the candidate.

  13. Riverdaughter, I guess it was a little over the top, but I do recall Obama lecturing Hillary on a tarmac about the tone being set at the top.

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