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    • Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – April 20, 2019
      This post is by Tony Wikrent I have been looking at the work of Cornell University law professor Robert Hockett, who is serving as an economics adviser to Representative Alexandria Occasio-Cortez. I have been delighted to find that Hockett has been working the same angle I have: applying the classical republicanism that informed the creation of […]
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Know Your Predators: Aboma or Obama?

Boa aboma, South America
Above: The deadly South American ABOMA
(a.k.a. Boa aboma) engulfs an unfortunate old croc.
Below: The deadly North American OBAMA
(a.k.a. Barry Obama) engulfs an unfortunate old croc.
Teddy/Obama Hug

10 Responses

  1. Is this guy serious about anything we Dems truly care about?

    Universal Healthcare? NAFTA? Gay issues? Social Security? Blackwater and other mercenary armies? Creation of a viable and sustainable progressive movement and agenda? Home Foreclosure?

    Here is Earl Ofari Hutchinson examining how serious Obama could be about home foreclosure if his finance chair is Penny Pritzker:


  2. I ain’t saying there isn’t something reptilian about Obama’s campaign but is Kennedy really a victim? Or is he just someone who helped Obama become the nominee because he totally bought the idea that Hillary couldn’t win?

  3. MABlue: That is something I think we should ask Barry. Is he a proud Democrat and does he believe in core Democratic principles? Because I don’t really know and I want a Democrat in the White House.

  4. By the time Ted Kennedy wakes up to the rightward twist of Obama’s policy schemata, it’ll be too late. The dream will die, and Obama will be the executioner.

  5. ronk: But that’s just the thing. I think he’s plenty aware of Obama. Or rather, he and Obama are in on the secret. The goal was to put a candidate out there without a paper trail. A guy that has no past. And they’ve kept him deliberately indistinct except for the economic advisors who are really just advertisers. And they have been very clever about it. I don’t know how many people have said to me, “Well, everything will change when it gets to Congress” So, people are cool with it because they don’t think he means it. I have no idea *what* Obama stands for. That’s just the way they want it. As long as Barry remains a stealth candidate, appealing to everyone, he’s OK. The minute someone defines him as one thing or the other, he loses a constituency group. That’s why the Farrakhan moment made Obamaphiles so nervous. He had to publically announce his support for the Jewish community and Israel. Whoops! There go some of the black Muslims. He can’t afford to lose any african-americans.
    I think this was the key to taking Barry out and Clinton missed it by and large. She had something going with the core Democratic principles but didn’t develop it enough. I know it’s there but it might be too late to hit him with it. She just needs to make him state what he is. Is he a Democrat? If he is, why is he acting like wearing that label is akin to wearing jeans from Kmart?
    Kennedy’s been around too long to not know what’s up. But just like a lot of guys his age, a woman is just not as electable as a neophyte senator with three years under his belt. That goes for Kerry and other Dems who have been intimidated by the republicans and the press. It’s a really stupid move but completely expected from them.

  6. You mentioned “Africa” and “Obama” in the same post. By OFB logic, you must be racist.

    I’ve never been able to warm to Obama because I remember the dark days a couple years ago when, if you spoke out against the war, against taxes, against anything you were called unpatriotic or aiding the terrorists. The GOP slimed every single critic (i.e. Valerie Plame) and abused power in an unprecedented manner. Yet Obama comes in and blames Democrats in the same breath as Republicans. It ticked me off then and ticks me off now. No matter what happens Barack Obama has weakend the democratic Party and progressive politics. Progressive politics has turned into the politics of “capitulation for popularity”. Joe Lieberman ran a similar campaign as Obama but he was evicerated by progressives. Four years is a long time to forget. Amazing!

  7. rd — I believe Ted is an old man projecting his unfulfilled dreams onto Obama’s youthful image — “Obama as wish fulfillment” — and by my read of the tea leaves he’s off by about 179 degrees.

    But but’s worse than that. Opportunity cycles like this don’t grow on trees, and we’re about to do worse than waste one, putting conservative forces even better entrenched.

    But it’s worse than THAT. After the big progressive build-up, Obama’s bumbling conservative administration will leave us disillusioned and distrustful of politics, government, and HOPE.

    Trust in politics and government enables progressive change. Cynicism bolsters conservative resistance. We’re in for one hell of a hangover.

  8. it sint nice to make fun of people’s last names. I’M TELLING ON YOU!


  9. ronk: you are assuming he will win in November. If nominated, I think he will be shredded by the GOP.

  10. rd – Either is possible. Either will leave a generation powerfully cynical, embittered and vengeful.

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