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Keep it up Obamaphiles!

Oooo, Clinton is FEARMONGERING!

And Obama is running around saying this is about Iraq and his excellent judgment (that he was not expected to verify with a vote).

No, this is not about Iraq. This is about dealing with fear rationally. Bush captured the market on fearmongering but the terrorism problem hasn’t gone away. In fact Bush has made the problem worse and likely more explosive. And as Clinton has correctly pointed out before, acts of terrorism frequently occur during transitions in government. Just before or right after elections.

Now, if you feel comfortable putting a complete neophyte in the driver’s seat during a period of time when we haven’t gotten a handle on terrorism, then by all means, vote for Obama. But if you are the kind of person who keeps a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, smoke detectors in you ceilings, double locks on your doors, drives within the speed limit and has no need to panic in the event of a natural disaster because you’ve made preparations in advance, then this should be a no-brainer. Go with the person who has seen it from the inside and who has access to the best mentor in the world.

Obama has it wrong here. There are still plenty of people who are justifiably concerned about terrorism and they are not going to be comfortable with someone who doesn’t understand their concerns about the ongoing threat we face. I still get a little unnerved by the sudden and persistent whomp-whomp of low flying helicopters over my roof (it happened a lot after 9/11 so now I pay attention to the noise). I get concerned about terrorism, probably because of my location in the NYC megalopolis. But I am not panicking. And I know I will rest much easier if Hillary is in the White House because I know she’s not going to trivialize the advice of her counterterrorism experts and tell them there’s nothing to worry about.

In any case, when McCain runs scarier ads in the general, Hillary will have much better bona fides on national security than Obama. McCain will make him look like a nonchalant weakling.  Now THAT’S scary.

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  1. Now, now, riverdaughter, Barack McMondukakerry is the only Democrat (or Republican) in the race willing to bomb the territory of an ally. It’s hard to argue with such a sweeping vision of national security.

  2. RED ALERT (better late than never category!)

    A lot more of critism of Obama is going to come from Bush, Rove, McCain, etc. Obamaphiles will no doubt use it as proof for his democratic credentials.

    But in reality, as it was the case when Bush did that about 2-3 weeks ago, these remarks are meant to ELEVATE OBAMA’S STATURE. The first Bush comment was meant to give attention to Obama, and give him an easy punch line, which was sure to be reported all over the news.

    Expect more of that to come between now and Tuesday. It’s also a good warmup for the actual attacks that will follow. The transition will be so smooth that you’d hardly notice.

  3. ghost2: You’re so right. I just spent an hour arguing with a woman who didn’t want Hillary in the WH because she didn’t want a return to that media circus.
    Nearly choked on my salad.

  4. i cannot decide which is more sad or pathetique…

    this ad

    or WOMEN defending Hillary in spite of it.

  5. I read Taylor Marsh a moment ago, Riverdaughter! She has a fab post up about what Hillary is going to do. I can’t wait until she is back in the White House. Hillary Clinton will be diplomatic, and the war will eventually come to an end. God.

    I know how you feel because everytime I hear a helicopter overhead…

    In my whole life I’ve never felt afraid in my own country, ever.

    We need to feel protected and safe again here and she gets my vote on that. Obama scares me because of flip flopping on things.
    Wait til you read Taylor today.

  6. underdog: Well, it’s not the ad *I* would have made. But I understand her point and it is a valid one. I am completely missing your point about WOMEN defending it. That sounds like a non sequitor to me.

  7. file this under ‘cute points are scored’.

    Of course, there has never been any doubt that McCain could run for President, and because he was born on a military base, it has been a non issue.

    On the other hand, a comment on a blog (yeah, way to go for me) about two weeks ago, suggested that there is not solid evidence that Obama was actually born in Hawaii, and he may actually have been born outside US.

  8. OMG, John McCain is actually a Panamanian? I didn’t know that. (Of course, that would mean my niece is really a German because she was born in Germany when my brother was stationed there. Oh, and she’s a Brit too because her mother is and she has a British Passport)
    Actually, I had no idea that natural born citizen was not explicitly spelled out to include children of military personnel born overseas.
    Veddy interesting. So, the Republicans are on the verge of nominating a guy who may not technically qualify. Well that was smart.

  9. Note: Obama’s biggest foreign policy “get”, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is known for his scholarship on the crises international actors create to test their adversaries’ (and sometimes allies’) newly-elevated heads of state.

  10. Riverdaughter:

    My point is the exact opposite. In 2000, I read a snippet that b/c he was born on a military base, he was considered a natural-born citizen. I don’t think there was any need whatsoever for that amendment. I never heard any controversy about McCain’s place of birth. Note that McCaskill (a sycophant of Obama) proposes it and Obama agrees (looking magnanamous!)

    I put the second snippet there. Even though it’s just one blog comment, my dog nose thinks there may be something there (was Obama actually born on US soil?), but it may be hard to prove. Is there a birth certificate? Is this amendment a way for him to actually provide cover for himself later, if there’s not a way to prove he is a natural born citizen??

  11. ghost2: It seems unlikely that this would have surfaced now if he hadn’t been born in Hawaii. Where else would he have been born? I used to live there as a kid and there’s nothing else for thousands of miles that isn’t US territory. Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959 so I think he sneaks under the wire with that as well.
    It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma but maybe he signed onto this thingy for some other reason. Maybe legal resident in army has child on base at some foreign assignment. Is the child a natural citizen or not? It might be problematic getting a passport. I dunno. Just speculation.

  12. What is he never challanged on this?

    He and his surrogates keeps saying, he opposed this war from the start.

    That implies continuity of the opposition. Opposed is also a strong word that implies lots of courage.

    We always should say: He made a speech against the war at the start.

    Anyone (including Clinton camp) can use my contruction as a shorthand, and they don’t have to credit me!!

  13. Stick a fork in butt and turn her over–she’s done!

  14. Anyone notice that immediately after Hillary’s Children at 3:00 a.m. ad, Obama DENOUNCED AND REJECTED that type of fear-mongering ad only to turn around and release the same type of ad? He said, “We’ve seen these ads before. They’re the kind that play on people’s fears to try to scare up votes.” He even added he doesn’t think it will work.

    I fail to see how he is an example of the “new style of politics”. I guess he was against these type of ads, before he was for it. (Also, after being accused of copying other people’s speeches, one would think he would stay away from copying Hillary’s ads. This is even after stealing her economic plans. Doesn’t he have an original thought in his head?)

    In my view he’s just a talking head– here’s my youtube video:

    Obama Talks Too Much. He’s All Hat, No Cattle. Just Words.

    Frankly, at 3 a.m., I want a President who will PUSH THE RIGHT BUTTON

    (reference to the times he pressed the wrong button in voting.)

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