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Confluence Fingers BO’s Canadian Connection — and CTV Confirms

Obama hit an icy patch in Ohio Wednesday when Canadian TV reported leaks of diplomatic-level assurances from his campaign to Canadian government on NAFTA (that Obama will make populist noise about NAFTA in the campaign, but they needn’t worry that he’ll rock the boat once in office).

While his campaign leapt and spun through its compulsory series of non-denial denials, we pointedly pointed to the identity of the “senior member” on the Obama side of these backchannel conversations.

CTV now confirms our read with an in-your-face response to Obama08’s fatuous denials. Yes, fans, it’s dogwhistle prodigy Austan Goolsbee — rabid free-trader, DLC Senior Economist, Krugman nemesis, and Barack Obama’s chief domestic policy advisor.

“Oooohhh! Looks like Obama08 caught a bad edge on that last double-Axelrod, Scott. Will it erase the lead he had built up over the previous events? And can he make it up in the freestyle? … Let’s see what the judges have to say!”

Updates below the fold.

Non-denial denials continue:

  • NY Observer reports Goolsbee firmly denies [something].
  • ABC reports Goolsbee Rioux (Canadian Consulate General in Chicago Georges Rioux, his alleged contact and known acquaintance) neither confirm nor deny [anything].
  • Obama’s campaign firmly denies that he’s “backing away from his consistent position on trade” [which was what, again?].

7 Responses

  1. Holy F%^&! You scooped them!
    Cue the snoopy dance. 🙂

  2. Nothing sticks with the ‘anointed’ – it’s sorta like Bush , remember ? Qualifications – zip . Character – zero .
    Business acumen – failure, except with the ability to change tax laws & sell a baseball team.

  3. Briana: I’m not so sure this won’t stick. Ohio is just across the lake from Toronto and if people in that state get any broadcasts from CTV, it will be hard for them to miss. Just because it won’t make the CBS evening news doesn’t mean they won’t hear about it in Cleveland.

  4. I love your closing snark?

    “Double-Axelrod”–hysterical. And edgy.

  5. Political headline writing brought to you by American press:

    Clinton campaign: Obama must answer for Rezko

    Team Hillary: Canadian Story, If True, Is ‘Major Development’

    That’s how the American media frames the headline if it absolutely has to address a story. Then they follow by a he-said she-said writeup that makes it look Obama is being unfairly attacked!

  6. BREAKING: If Hillary Says Obama Must Answer, Then Obama Doesn’t Have To Answer

    I’m sure that will be the intro to Tweety’s Soft Balls tonight.

  7. Goooools-beeeeee! Gooools-beeeee!

    Good call. 🙂

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