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Clinton Cocktail Party- I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison

woman-with-cocktail-glass-and-rose-is611-019.jpg A funny thing happened to my iPod over the last couple of years. I was browsing through my music one day and realized that almost all of the stuff I had downloaded from iTunes was country music. I had Emmylou Harris and Lyle Lovett, Keith Urban and Lucinda Williams, Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline. I’m telling you it was weird. I always prided myself on being one of those snobby, erudite, post-pop-rock people whose tastes varied from The Hilliard Ensemble to Miles Davis to Cecilia Evora to Tellu. But country? How did that get in there?

I guess it all started with my favorite bluegrass CD from Ricky Skaggs and then I heard Heather Myles honky-tonk and the rest of them just started jumping on for good company. Hmmm, good company. Maybe that’s what country music is all about. The themes are all the same and universal. Heartbreak, lonesomeness, joyful fiddles at a country dance, flirting, partying a bit too much. No wonder it’s so much fun. People who like country are just straightforward, tell it like it is folks.

But country music is also about hard work, poverty, faith and pride in country. It captures the heart of rural America, Scots-Irish immigrants, our roots. This is the part of the country where Hillary should have no problem reaching out to people and yet we tend to see it as solidly Republican. But the valleys of Tennessee remembered the committment of FDR to the dam projects that brought power to the heart of Appalachia. Those voters remember Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty and Robert F. Kennedy’s commitment to feeding the poor and lifting the minds.

So, as we turn to Ohio, let’s remember that rural Ohio could use a little attention from the next president as well. As Hillary ushers in her economic stimulus plan with an emphasis on employment in the greening of America, there will be plenty to sing about in the years to come.

Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Party. This is the time when we sing each others praises instead of drowning each other out. Please say a friendly hello to the Obamaphile standing next to you. Everyone is a friend here.

To the right of the door is Rico, our bartender with flair! Take a minute to say hi and try his featured drink of the day, *Ohio Cocktail*. It’s got a little bit of everything in it. sort of like Ohio where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame meets country music roots. I’m going with what’s on tap, but, you can order anything you like.

Tonight’s singer *sounds* like he’s from Texas but he’s really from Ohio. Whoddathunkit? David Allen Coe knows all about “The Perfect Country and Western Song”. Actually, this is the cleanest one of his tracks that I can find on Youtube. For those of you who like your country a little bit on the raw side, well, David Allen Coe his your singer. But in any case, you don’t have to call him darlin’:

Ladies and gents, I know I can count on you to not start any barroom fights, so if you find your trigger words getting a little antzy, consider leaving them with Florence, our lovely check room attendent. Our waiters will be circulating soon with sausage stuffed peppadews. hummus and pita and some salty peanuts. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

And sing along if you want. Here are the words.

58 Responses

  1. Gimme a beer, Rico. This week from hell ain’t over yet.

  2. Hmm, is it okay if I have a mojito?

    I find that little bit of mint always calms me down.

  3. Yep, I wonder if you can make one of those suckers out of camomile and valerian?

  4. I don’t even know what valerian is!

    I like rum drinks. I guess its in the genes — my grandparents came from Puerto Rico and my dad grew up there too.

  5. Do you consider yourself latina or hispanic? I regret to say that I do not know the difference.

  6. Technically there isn’t a difference. It’s more of a matter of personal preference, i.e., what your family does. My family tends to think of itself as just plain old Puerto Rican. But I often describe myself as Hispanic when talking to male professionals — it sounds less “feminine.” But I belong to a professional association for “Latina Lawyers.”

  7. I’ve never been to Puerto Rico. Is it a place I want to visit?

  8. Sangria con Cointreau, por favor.

  9. Hey, UpstateNY, did you manage to dig yourself out? I don’t know if I mentioned this but when I was in middle school-high school, I lived in Ballston Spa, about 10 miles south of Saratoga. I know snow. The streets stayed in a state of permafrost from December to March and everyone used chains on their tires. I used to like the jingling sound it made as the cars drove past as I walked to school.

  10. Umm, I’d like to order a cold glass of … polls!!!

    A new Insider Advantage poll shows Hillary up over rival Obama:

    Clinton: 47

    Obama: 43


    Viva Hillary!!!

  11. WS: viva hillary, indeed.

    Riverdaughter: I lived in Saratoga Springs for a while. I now live near Lake Ontario… I guess I needed some lake effect…. Yes, I have survived my second day in arow of heavy snow 🙂

  12. That’s one mighty strange lookin’ cocktail … but I’ll tru one on if it’ll help the cause.

    Valerian – that’s the plant that the molecular model for valium came from, is it? Mother Nature, generously anticipating our needs, before we go out and whack her with a coal shovel.

  13. Haha. I love the whole “Hispanic” or “Latino” debate.

    My Clinton Cocktail Hour will be spent doing electrophysiology. WooHoo!

  14. WS: Yes!! Well, that’s welcome news, although I’d like to see that repeated in the SUSA poll before I feel more confident about our chances. One thing is for sure: you can’t say she didn’t earn it at the end of the primaries if she ends up winning. It was most certainly not a coronation. It was more like watching a gladiator fight lions, tigers and bears.
    Oh, My!

  15. gq: better you than me. It always looks like you guys are reading entrails when you present those graphs.
    Have an espresso?

  16. Some people call the e-phys raw data “chicken scratch”.

    I’ll be having a Snickers bar, but may have to get some coffee. I’m hoping today is my very last day collecting e-phys data. Will stay here all night if I have to.

  17. gq: I know how you feel. I was doing some data mining this afternoon and all I wanted to do was finish so I could move on to other things. But I ran out of time. So, It’s going to be there tomorrow when I go in. And the last time we data mined this project *someone* left out a dataset because we were rushing it. So, we must be extra careful this time, meaning extra time.

  18. rd: I’m trying to finish up my thesis so when I say “last”, I mean “last ever”. The frustrating thing is, I’m doing a dose response and have to normalize each cell to a certain dose value; I collected all the data I needed, but for aesthetic reasons I have to collect it all again normalizing to a different dose. Won’t change the results or interpretation so the motivation has been lacking.

    On that note, someone needs to have a drink for me. I generally prefer manhattans on the rocks.

  19. Just changed my dkos sig to today’s Thought For The Day.

    Now I have to decide if I’ll ever comment again.

    Meanwhile … who’s got a good image of a giant anaconda handy, in a setting that lends a sense of scale?

  20. Here’s one that reminds me of the python rock snake down by “the great, gray, green, greasy Limpopo river all set about with fever trees”.
    And here’s a bunch of stock photography. But what did they do at DKos to piss you off this time?

  21. Oo, Oo, I love this Lewis Carroll poem. The anaconda pic reminded me:

    How doth the little crocodile
    Improve his shining tail,
    And pour the waters of the Nile
    On every golden scale!

    How cheerfully he seems to grin,
    How neatly he spreads his claws,
    And welcomes little fishes in,
    With gently smiling jaws!

  22. Riverdaughter:

    Thanks for another great cocktail hour. This couldn’t come soon enough.

    As passionate HRC supporter, this was another trying week starting with that unbelievably outrageous sham of a debate.

    Either Clinton had to go first and answer “give the first 25,000 digits of pi”, thus allowing BO to say “I agree with what Hillary said”, or Pumpkin’ Head has to come with an absurd question such as this (from Sam Seder):

    “What happens if you withdraw from Iraq and Lex Luther has a super villian machine that will make a meteor crash in on the Iraqi Parliment, if you were President what would you do?

    And, as a follow up, Senator Clinton, you are white and so is Lex Luther, why have you not denounced him?”

    Then there were polls show BO ahead in TX.

    To all that, you add the constant betrayal of “progressives”.

    As for the music, I muss confess: With country music, I am sooo out any league.

    For the drink, it’s another story:

    The Ohio Cocktail is great and I think there are enough guests here enjoying it.

    However, I have a very good feeling about OH and in the same time I want TX soooo badly. I know, I know, as a typical man, I can’t be happy with what I have and I am always dying for (she) who plays hard to get.

    That is why tonight I am going for the:


    In a large punch bowl, mix

    2 large bottles Ruby Port

    1 liter Ginger Ale

    1 liter lemon-lime soda

    1 lemon, sliced

    1 orange, sliced

    Stir well. Add 1 large block of ice and garnish with the lemon and orange slices

    Everyone is welcome to join in.

    Come on TX, just tell me what you want!!!

  23. MABlue: Cool cocktail recipe for Texas. I plan to use that baby at the next cocktail party. I like your taste in music. Can you find a Texan for Saturday?

  24. Ah, most excellent. Anaconda with victim. Perfect!

  25. Blue – Somerby had a solid debate post yesterday – Obama didn’t get a real question, just “last word” on Clinton’s answers, until 12:27 or so.

  26. gq: good luck with your thesis…

    ronkseattle: I am sure things will get better at DK (or Daley Kos as I like to call it these days) . I used to visit often before political dissent became anathema to so many who post over there. In time things will change but for whatever it is worth it, I understand how you feel.

    All right, time for my eight year old to go to bed, and so I must take my last sip of sangria and say farewell for the night.

  27. someone should collect all the recipes and publish them (online or in book form). Proceeds going to the Hillary Clinton presidential library!

  28. Well, I commented on the Wilentz article yesterday at dkos, and I’m no longer a Trusted User.

    Thought I might pick up useful feedback, but not even.

  29. ronk: Sorry to hear that. I’d be pretty angry. But think of it this way, your posts here always get the most hits, we have an exponential growth curve and hit over 2000 hits yesterday. Sure, it’s not DKos, but we can write as many posts as we want and be on our own rec list everyday.
    I couldn’t do it without you. 😉

  30. Not mad at all – it happens every time I post something tough to chew.

    But my rec’s sure dropped off a cliff when I put the Clinton Cocktail Hour link in my sig. 😉

  31. , Riverdaughter! Rico, since I’m in an iron town, I’d like a Pig Iron Porter, please. (No extra charge for alliteration 🙂

  32. BFF: Hey! How are the PUs? Is your mom still wrapping her head around the concept?

  33. ronk: Er, sorry about that. I guess I have a lot of enemies there. Weird. I shared YearlyKos with those people. It was like one big lovefest. What the F%&* happened? It’s like finding out you’ve swapped spit with someone you barely know after an intense, philosophical connection you made through a thai stick. (I’m only speculating here)
    Anyway, thanks for directling traffic here through your sig line but if you want to be admired again, you can take it out.
    No biggy.

  34. I never knew that the creation of the “left” blogosphere was to add another layer of Hillary Clinton vilification along with the glorification of Obama; Puffpost, TPM, Dailykooks, Obsidian Wings and on and on.

    These people turned Obama into an empty vessel you pour the stuff you like and HRC is the empty vessel you pour all the vitriol you can get from Right Wing freaks.

    Btw, weren’t people like arianna and markos Rightwinger until like last week. And now the have to run the progressive movement?

    Can The Confluence get 5 gazillion hits a day by tomorrow. Maybe Riverdaughter will then run the “progressive” movement.


    Another round of TX BAR PUNCH if you would Rico!

  35. NewHampster’s got a
    hot one going, for any who still remember how to log on.

  36. hi riverdaughter…hi rico…could i get a scotch on the rocks? and,i’ll be at that table over in the corner,so keepem coming please…

  37. PS – MABlue – it’s about black folk sticking with Hillary, against pressure..

  38. Which reminded me of:

    How doth the VAX’s C compiler
    Improve its object code.
    And even as we speak does it
    Increase the system load.

    How patiently it seems to run
    And spit out error flags,
    While users, with frustration, all
    Tear their clothes to rags.


  39. Won’t see the PUs until after morning teleconfs. They will adapt to anything — it just takes some time.

  40. Funny story. When I was in High School, I was totally into punk rock. I dressed like a punk rocker, I wore punk rock t-shirts, and that’s all I listened to. One day a teacher of mine pulled me aside and said, “Michele one day you are going to love country music.” “No Way!” I yelled. Well it turned out a few years later, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Emmy Lou Harris etc. is all I listen to.

    Go Country! Go Hillary 08!

  41. ronkseattle:

    I know exactly what these people are going through. At this point am pretty much alone among my other Blacks around me who support HRC. We have actually moved from discussing the primaries rationally to just screaming at one another.

    All of them moved toward BO when the bunch of thugs running his campaign started to play the race card, along with the press.

    The people who have always hated the Clintons spent a good amount of time using us as a club to bludgeon them, and it has worked.

    I admire all the people who proudly stuck with HRC, especially people like Stephanie Tubb-Jones who have become even more vocal and feisty. I know it is not easy.

  42. boy oh girl, I am sure late to this party.

    The mix of country music, Ohio and Texas are all swirling around in my head…or perhaps that is all of the cocktails I just had at at friends birthday party.

    I have not been to Ohio since college in the early 70’s. ….not many good memories of that time, I got deadly ill, my roommates called for an ambulance, I got taken to a hospital,stripped, dunked in a sheep tank full of ice water to cool the fever.
    ( To their credit, they did in fact save my life! )
    I wish I could have the same easy way of fever cooling for the obamabots,…..

    Now, I am packing to go to Texas to help Hillary and having had nothing nice to say about Texas for the last 8 years, feel kind of hypocritical. Please send some good karma my way.

    Rico, a bottle of your best organic Lodi area old vine zin por favor!

  43. Well, I’m ready to go to bed–but just clicked past Letterman, only to catch him doing a Hillary joke. The buckskin pantsuit joke was OK, but the next was about the Many Faces Of Hillary (the MCM’s latest attack theme recycled from attacks on Al Gore (crazy. out of control, multiple personalities, etc.), and he said today Hillary was Brunhilde the Dominatrix.

    Ticked me right into clicking him off my TV.

    There aren’t going to be many people to watch pretty soon! Craig Ferguson turned me off with a joke about Ben and Jerry naming an ice cream after Obama: Barack Road or something–kinda cute. Then he said they couldn’t name one after Hillary bcz Pralines and Bitch was already taken. It wasn’t even remotely funny–all it did was put “bitch” and Hillary into play again.

    Click and gone. I’ may tune in sometime in the future, but not until after the election is over.

    Leno’s been banished from my TV for quite awhile now–can’t recall why.

    And right now I can’t tolerate KO’s treatment of Hillary, all the hatchet jobs recently, so…no KO.

    This might be a good time to give up TV!

    What are they thinking???

  44. http://www.houstonpress.com/2008-02-28/news/barack-obama-screamed-at-me

    Good article about IL reporter about Obama’s history in IL politics. Longish. Found at TalkLeft in comments.

    I know so little about him and this says quite a bit about how he got to where he is now–and what he’s actually done.

  45. http://www.illinoistimes.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A3015

    Brief article by the writer linked to above, but written during Obama’s US Senate campaign. Some of the same info, but written contemporaneously.

  46. John Lewis means a lot to me — and some young people I’ve bullied and badgered into learning a bit of his story.

    I’m sure he did what he thought was right. Still, I really thought he’d stick.

    I can affirm that there are uncommitted non-black superdelegates who find this whole Obamaramadingdong cult business downright creepy.

  47. I think if HRC wins OH and TX next Tuesday, those superdelegates will become more courageous and clowns like Jesse Jackson jr, with their thuggish behavior will become really irritating to some of those people.

  48. jawbone — Looks like great gritty material – have to finish it tomorrow

  49. the cult business IS awfully creepy
    check out his website background


  50. sorry, wrong link. this one

  51. bad link. this one, i meant –


  52. is there a spam filter on this? one more post (sorry if this shows up three times)


  53. RonK,

    BTW, it’s nice to see you here. As you probably know, I am a fan of your writings and truthfulness. BTD at talkleft is like that too.

    Good to stay away from that cesspool. It’s so disgusting. Your tanlents were wasted trying to reason with personalities acting like screaming teenagers. Whether that’s real, or their online schtick to intimitade others, I don’t know.

  54. Also, I made this comment over at the orange place, but thought to put some of it here as well:

    It’s really interesting that this site which could scream bloody murder when Hillary has an interview with Fox, stays quiet in the face of this blatant race-baiting.

    Even he started running, he started with Geffen and the 1984 ad. Let’s say he speaks truthfully, and didn’t know about it beforehand. His non-denial exactly reminded me of George Bush.

    Then running the D-Punjab memo, and blaming staffers (no staffers were fired, BTW, meaning there was tacit approval) added to this effect.

    Alegre had a diary at mydd, and she found that his website opening page had a subliminal message. It starts with campaign logo and it morphs into a likeness of the Seal of President of US, and then it loads the webpage. Isn’t that unethical? I still remember George Bush running the R.A.T.S. ad and then claiming someone else was in charge of it.

  55. daria,
    spam filter never bothers me!!
    Good links:

    (see the first comment, a refrerence to a letter by Donna Lawlor to NYTimes regarding MoDo’s colunm. 3rd letter here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/28/opinion/l28elect.html)

  56. Sorry about posting that like four times.

    his site’s not subtle at all and looks more evangelical than evangelical church sites. I was especially disturbed by the seal though. ugh.

  57. ghost2–thnx for the link to the NYTimes LTE.

    I noticed the writer left out MoDo’s use of the word “bitch,” used when she repeated a pathetic joke by Penn (of Penn and Teller).

    I do not know for sure, but I think this may be first time a sitting US senator and leading candidate for a major party was referred to as a “bitch” on the pages of the NYTImes.

    I assume it’s now part of their style book???

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