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      I woke up last night feeling like I was suffocating, because in my dream I was. It began in a church, or an old university lecture hall. Antique. And everyone in attendance was being asked to say little prayers honoring Jesus. Everyone was reciting little prayers that are common among the devout. But when it was my turn, I stood and exclaimed: Jesus was a ph […]
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Wednesday Morning Hangover

Aww, Jeez, did I do something stupid last night? No? Oh, yeah, now I remember, MSNBC was the one with the lampshade on its head singing “Louis, Louis” karaoke. Well, ladies and gents, it looks like despite my best efforts, I have made progress at work and some of my colleagues like what they see and want me to do it again (the bastards). So, I am going to be posting lightly today while I attend to their insatiable need for results. In the meantime, please enjoy the following fine products from around the web:

  • Digby finally has had enough of the traditional media’s stranglehold on our presidential elections system in general and Tim Russert in particular. She asks what can be done about it. Well, one thing comes to mind: nominate Hillary by voting for her in Ohio and Texas. Nothing will knock their power down more efficiently than doing exactly the opposite of what they want. But this is not the only thing we should do. Oh, no, my droogs. Tim Russert must go. He and Broder and their other friends in Peyton Place on the Potomac have held sway for much too long. I think the answer is in money because media outlets are businesses. Hit them where they hurt, and BADLY. Anyway, we will have to put our heads together to figure this out. Put your suggestions in the comments.
  • ghost2 sends this link and comments:

    Shame on the media. In terms of grace, proposed programs, energy and enthusiasm, knowledge and abilities, and executive demeanor, Hillary Clinton can hold her own among any of the candidates in both parties — and she does so in high heels.

    who said that?

    A republican. Read the whole article. It’s really a must read. And when you have done so, PLEASE forward the link.

    Media Has Shameful Double Standard on Coverage of Hillary Clinton

  • OMFG. When even conservative women at The Corner of National Review Online take notice (see here and here), it must have been really baaaad. M(axim on)S(teroids)N(0t)B(illary)C(linton) might just as well donated a 90 min, multimillion dollar ad to Clinton last night.
  • My favorite part of last night’s debate comes about 2/3 thru when they start discussing the endorsement of Louis Farrakhan (see here about 1/2 way down page to pick up question.) I think there is a good reason why this question makes Obama fans uneasy and it has nothing to do with Farrakhan. It was because, oddly enough, Hillary was being helpful to him, almost like a mentor, explaining why he must reject this man’s endorsement in the strongest possible terms. Perception is reality when it comes to anti-semitism and by passively accepting Farrakan’s support, Obama is giving him a subtle *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* that comes off looking insincere. And I think Obama had a flash, of either insight or that she was trapping him on national TV, and he quickly corrected himself. To me it demonstrated 2 things: he is very green and she is a much savvier politician than we gave her credit for. That was a moment that she could have easily passed on, leaving him to hang out there, some people getting it and others not. But she seized on it to point out the problem with his position and then making him acknowledge that she was better at dealing with it. That was the thing that stuck in Obamaphiles craw, I’m guessing. She taught him a couple of valuable political lessons right there before millions of people. Did everyone really have to see that? How embarrassing. So, sportsfans, if there is going to be a Clinton/Obama ticket, that moment right there showed me why she should be at the top. Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so. There’s another point that should be made, however, and that is that it is very difficult to pin Obama down on taking any political risks. It’s just not his style to be tied down on anything. That limits him. It’s the self-actualization, transcendence thing he keeps pushing. He’s post this and not the other thing. It lets him take advantage of a lot of projected dreams. And Hillary just told him he had to finally take a stand on something. It’s a small point that is actually much bigger. It pops his ethereal bubble.
  • It looks like the Rec List Hostage Crisis at DailyKos is having a temporary respite.  Only one rec diary mentions Obama specifically in the title.   There isn’t one overtly fawning Obama diary there.  It’s so unlike DailyKos these days.   Hmm, curiouser and curiouser.

It looks like the bias is clear and unmistakable. Hmmm, maybe she even *won* all of the previous debates. How much you wanna bet there are millions of women who weren’t previously Hill fans who are now ordering their own “Bitch is the new Black” T–shirts?

What else you got?

18 Responses

  1. Good morning:

    I do not have cable and what I saw on my computer was really choppy (terrible stream problems).

    Hillary had tougher questions but overall I think they both did what they were supposed to. In a couple of instances Obama did quite poorly : 1) He sounded disingenious with the whole Farrakan/Trinity Church question and 2) Hillary kiked ass with the Russia question. By comparison, Obama sounded like a ligthweight in foreign relations. I even laughed when he said something to the effect that “Hillary was quite right about that one” thinking, yeah, sure, like you could have given a half a good answer to that question all by yourself.

    For all his touted oratory prowess, I thougth the final statement was a rip off of Hillary’s in the last debate.

    We’ll see what happenes. I hope Hillary can make it. I like her as my Senator and would love to see her in the WH.

    OK, bye for now, I need to plow the dirveway.

  2. UpstateNY: I used to live in Ballston Spa. Tons of snow there. I feel your pain.

  3. Again – it was Obama the “trainee”. My question is – and has been for ALL of the debates – is there are echo in the room?

    Obama- “Yes, whatever she says” and then let me rehash it in double speak and repeat my self to let the clock run out.

    VOTE = OBAMA – McCain.

    Go Hillary and the time to back her is NOW.

  4. iloquim: Well, she finally called them on it last night. I think she could have been smoother about pointing it out (“Gee, Tim, you always make me go first, not that I mind, but maybe Barack would like a crack at this. Go ahead Senator, I’ll wait.”) but, oh well, too late now. At least she pointed it out in the last debate.
    People are smarter than Russert gives them credit for. He couldn’t control everything that went on last night and as a result, she whupped him good with a couple carefully landed blows.

  5. FWIW, Josh Marshall at TPM has identified Russert’s “Russert’s Lowest Moment (and that’s saying a lot)”.

    You WILL be disappointed.

  6. Ronk: Yes, the ladies doth protest too much, methinks. If they were smart, they wouldn’t say too much about. Therefore, they are dumber than a box of rocks.

  7. Cool! New substitution positions always good.

  8. Did everyone catch this wonderful op-ed in “The Orlando Sentinel”? It was written by a Republican who actually gets it.


    “Media has shameful double standard on coverage of Hillary Clinton”

  9. Wouldn’t you know. You already linked to it. My regrets about being so spacey. After Pumpkinhead flew across the table at Hillary last night screaming, “Die, die, DIE,” I didn’t sleep too well.

  10. New Insider Advantage Poll which has Obama +1 and in the margin of error


    Obama 47

    Clinton 46

    The main statistic that popped out in this poll is the gender breakdown:

    Women : 52%
    Men: 48%

    Women are definitely going to be higher than that on election day.

    In a tracking poll done by Public Strategies, Inc. of Austin, Texas,

    Clinton 46

    Obama 43


    They also stressed that it was a tie and in the margin of error. They also said 15% already voted and split evenly.

    It looks like no one is pulling ahead and the race will hinge on turnout just like gqmartinez said.

    Any thoughts?

  11. BFF: Too late! See if I invite YOU to come to Sweden with me. :-p

  12. DCDemocrat: He was pretty unhinged last night. I though he was going to have a coronary. I can understand how you were distracted.

  13. This is what you produce in your few spare moments? I am impressed, riverdaughter!

    But I have been since I found your site. Thank you for your time and efforts.

  14. riverdaughter: I thought it was kind of cool when his carotid artery exploded, and Hillary rushed over and applied pressure, magnanimously saving his useless life after he had stained her pants suit with his blood.

  15. DCD: not only is she presidential material but she would make a great paramedic. I’ll betcha she got all of the girl scout badges too.

  16. I suggest we form our own 527 or just paricipate as concerned citizens.

    Buy fullpage ads in the three biggest Ohio newspapers and print their questions or comments. Print the comments from some of the sites where they are so abusive.

    Ask the American people if this is the way you want to elect a President? Ask women particularly.

    As Obama if he agrees with his supporters? Make him answer and denounce both the media and the cagers.

  17. riverdaughter: I know as a fact she can turn one mean tourniquet.

  18. The article you linked to (in Orlando Sentinel) has the following comment from Fellow republican:

    Well said. But mall-minded America wants it simple, smooth, brand new. Even after JFK’s Bay of Pigs fiasco, Viet Nam and Bush’s blunders in post-war Iraq. Experience is denied in favor of instant wisdom. We have no one to blame but ourselves for our decadent simplicity.

    It’s too sad that these voices cannot be heard over the racuous noise of the frats with the megaphones, having their hell of a party.

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