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The Ultimate Power Trip

Greg Sargent at the Horses Mouth peels back the mask of the Villagers to let us see the ugly disfigurement that is DC political journalism.  They are not content just reporting the news.  No, they want to *make* it.  They are so close to killing off Hillary Clinton and dancing on her political grave.  Like serial murderers who get off on taking out their prey.  They are plateauing with breathless anticipation of the release they will feel when the object lays lifeless at their feet.

Gore and Kerry were like killing poor helpless animals.  It was just a warm up for the real thing.  Now, they are on the verge of ritual murder of the serious kind.  After that, there’ll be no stopping them.  They will control everything and pick your president for you.


11 Responses

  1. What will be really scary, Riverdaughter, is if the media gives Obama a pass, because that will mean he is in the pocket of the GOP……

  2. They’re not going to give him a pass. They are going to get all Robespierre on him. Chopping the heads off of Gore, Kerry and Clinton will not satisfy them. And we already know that Matthews has a man-crush on McCain. They all do. McCain is their favorite and their employer’s favorite. If a Democrat gets elected this fall, it won’t be for lack of the media trying to whack him.

  3. To me that was to expect, considering the way these people treated Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

    The most shocking thing was the behavior of the big “progressive” blog: Dailykooks, Puffpost, TPM, and others. They have ALL treated Hillary Clinton, a true and proud Democrat who has been fighting for our causes for 40 years, like someone who doesn’t belong in our midst.

    What annoys me to no end is that people like Markos and Arianna Huffington, who became Democrats like 2 days ago, are questioning Hillary’s Democratic credentials. They think they have to define who is a good Democrat and who isn’t (Obama is THE Democrat par excellence and Hillary Clinton is a fraud).

    I hope The Confluence becomes a highly visible blog. Maybe that will give you too the right to define who should even be considered a Democrat.

    I still can’t believe Hillary Clinton has to prove her progressive bona fides to some clowns just because they have blogs with lots of page views.

  4. MABlue: Natural selection will determine who stays and who goes. If by some weird miracle women turn out in droves in Texas next week, the big blog stores will have to reevaluate.
    If she loses, I’ll have to reevaluate my role in the American experience because the ceiling will have dropped on us- hard. When Chris Matthews has more power to take out a formidable woman than the candidate standing next to her, we are all diminished by that.

  5. While many women here like that harpy Maureen Dowd, that truly execrable Andrea Mitchell and the clueless Nora O’Donnell has been eager to show that they belong to the White Men Club (I know they have accepted Eugene Robinson to represent us), you have to go across the border to read this:


  6. and I have been here every day , many times a day . I never say anything .. lol . I find comfort here . This ‘Hillary Hate’ from so called democrats , liberals, progressives etc.. has totally defeated me . A few tears just dropped as I write this –

    I don’t know what I will do – in nov. – perhaps I will vote for Nader – I read this post this morning and it got me to thinking – or maybe I will write Edwards in – or maybe ….. what ? . here is the post


    It’s not a for Hillary or BO post – it’s about ‘some’ peoples outrage over Nader running .. again .

    anyway – Thanks for starting your blog Riverdaughter and giving me a refuge where my breathing calms down and I feel the touch of healing hands .

    Bach – Cello Suite No.1 i-Prelude

    this youtube reminds me always of YOUR place . Thank YOU all again.

  7. Briana: How thoughtful of you to give me a Bach clip. I love classical music.
    Try to hang in there. It’s almost over for good or ill. If ill, we will pick up the pieces and start over.
    And don’t write in Nader’s name. Hopefully, you won’t have to. Besides, there are so many other good people who deserve that honor,

  8. The cool kids hate looking bad. Hate. It.

    Throughout the 90’s their consternation grew as they used the incantations that should have stopped Bill Clinton’s political heartbeat — and against all they held true and holy he took a licking and kept on ticking. This only hardened their resolve.

    To refresh young memories, this retrospect from James Fallows, c 1994:

    Four months after Bill Clinton’s inauguration, the verdicts were in: He had failed disastrously as a leader and his administration was for all practical purposes at an end. In early June, Time published its cover story on “The Incredible Shrinking Presidency,” and Newsweek’s cover showed a picture of Clinton with the caption, “What’s Wrong?” The Washington Post ran a front page story presenting Clinton as a case study of what it means to use up your “political capital.” A New York Times editorial asked “Can the Democrats Govern?” and a Times columnist wrote, “Four months into a new presidency, people who voted for it are wondering if it can be saved.” The weekend talk shows rang with schadenfreude-edged dissections of “another failed presidency.” Even David Broder, usually the soul of sobriety, weighed in with a column calling Clinton’s performance a “calamity that reached beyond our borders.” This column ended, “That this is happening to a man who will remain as president for the next 43 months is an international disaster.”

    Later on, the talk show buzz topic was “Is the President still relevant?” (while Newt Gingrich prospectively discussed Newt Gingrich as the most important historical figure of the millennium).

    The NYT outlandishly misreported the Clintons’ Whitewater investment — launching a deade of inquisitions — and never fessed up.

    They were sure they had him when they found Monica, but The People weren’t having it.

    Even as he left office they piled on with pardon coverage, curiously inverting the norms of Presidential exits, and fictions about White House vandalism.

    They called Hillary “carpetbagger”, and licked their chops in anticipation as she went up against Tim Russert and the redoubtable – oh, now, what was his name, again?

    They may have their perverse satisfaction at last, and with the netroots that essayed to “crash the gates” casting the first stones of the new wall.

    And behind the shadowbox where this action plays out, the real puppeteers are laughing up their sleeves.

  9. […] Ultimate Power Trip February 26th, 2008 Undies Sided wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThey are so close to killing off […]

  10. ronkseattle, that was a very moving history lesson. I remember that time well. The villagers (not that we knew that term) were furious that a Democrat won — they weren’t going to give him an inch. Not even NPR…

  11. Ronkseattle thanks for the reminder – the ‘illusive they ‘ hate the Clintons because the Clintons win . Even under the most noxious circumstances !

    The Dem’s were not able to take the presidency since Jimmy Carter , before Clinton and have not been able to take it since . So that makes perfect sense (tongue in cheek – 😉 ) – for hating Hillary.

    and Riverdaughter , thank YOU again – YES !

    WE will pick up the pieces and start over .

    am breathing again .

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